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"Explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach, Fl" ^ | REPOST - 09 November, 2000 | Robert A. Cook, PE

Posted on 01/09/2004 6:31:24 AM PST by yoe

"Explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach, Fl"

"Explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach, Fl"

Errors only Occurred in Presidential Races?

Editor's Note: The following statistical analysis was sent to me by Robert Cook, PE, a nuclear engineer, with an MS in statistical quality control, a software testing specialist and QA manager, who has a track record for analyzing and correcting trends, errors, and mistakes in heavy construction projects (ships, power plants, nuclear reactors, military and aerospace vehicles, etc. for more than twenty years.

Robert Cook presents here a remarkable statistical analysis of the Palm Beach presidential ballot controversy that deserves serious investigation. He says that the controversial 19,120 Presidential race ballots at issue there were "destroyed by deliberate double-punching ballots in Palm Beach County FL with a 'second punch' for Al Gore or Pat Buchanan. (In 1996, an additional 15,000 Dole and Perot ballots were destroyed by double-punching presidential ballots in Palm Beach County, FL. *)

"It uses simplified but wide-ranging statistical comparisons to establish beyond doubt that democratic operatives "stole" by double-punching ballots approximately 15,000 Bush votes in Palm Beach County; and approximately 3,400 additional Buchanan votes."


09 November, 2000

By: Robert A. Cook, PE

Ref: Statistical evidence establishes beyond reasonable doubt that 19,120 Presidential race ballots were destroyed by deliberate double-punching ballots in Palm Beach County FL with a "second punch" for Al Gore or Pat Buchanan. (In 1996, an additional 15,000 Dole and Perot ballots were destroyed by double-punching presidential ballots in Palm Beach County, FL. *)

The national error rate of double-punching ballots is less than 1/2 of one percent, or at most, 1800 ballots in all of Palm Beach County, with the errors between all races and all candidates.

19,120 double punched ballots -all in one race, with "errors" only occurring two Presidential races against Republican opposition - is 33,000 "too many" to be an accident.


(*9 Nov, 2000 CNN; Jim Smith, Former Florida Secretary of State; WSJ, 11-10-2000) (San Diego Union-Tribune, Nov 10, 2000, page A-12, Local Figure on Double Voting Only 0.3%; Haas Sees Red Flag in Florida Totals; by Caitlin Rother) (Los Vegas Sun, Nov 10, 2000. Statistics Point To More Than Random Error in Florida Vote; by Jace Radke)

The news media is utterly focused on the Democratic Party spin that voters were "confused" in Palm Beach, FL. They are ignoring the 15,000 Bush and 3,400 Buchanan votes that statistical evidence can show were stolen by fraud in these 19,120 ballots.

There is explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach FL. These ballots show Democratic voter fraud....NOT Republican fraud or "voter error" as publicized by the national media. Statistical evidence cannot prove any single ballot was tampered with, nor show which individual tampered with any single ballot. It can show specific places and times and methods where the fraud was done. (For example, if 15,000 dollars are missing from the register the day after your cashier left on a Los Vegas vacation, there is no direct evidence that the cashier stole the money. If, however, 19,120 dollars are missing from the register the next year when the cashier again leaves for vacation in Los Vegas, one has reason to investigate the cashier closely.)

Consider these "unusual" ballot problems in Palm Beach, FL - every one of them adds more Gore votes, and removed Republican and Reform party votes.

ONLY Palm Beach County Florida voters seem incapable of understanding and using this style of ballot.

Palm Beach County has an error rate TEN TIMES larger than reported in ANY other county in the nation using paper punch ballots! No information is available about the number of ballots invalidated for previous primary, state, and the 1998 Congressional votes. Unless an equal number (equal proportion of "invalid ballots" per primary voter) of ballots was double-punched in the 1996 primaries, the 1998 primaries, and the 1998 Congressional races ..... the Palm Beach election officials are specifically guilty of deliberate ballot tampering fraud in the year 2000 Presidential elections.)

ONLY in Palm Beach FL were 15,000 ballots "invalidated" (for double punched ballots) in the 1996 Presidential election. (This is almost unique among the entire nation! (Certain central city Democratic precincts in Chicago reported 120,000 double-punched ballots; and Duval County in Florida reported 22,000 double-punched ballots. Neither used the same arrangement of candidates as at Palm Beach. This shows that "lining up" buttons was NOT actually an issue at Palm Beach, but was created as an excuse to blame the symptoms of fraud at Palm Beach.)

One early excuse given to the national news media by Democratic "spokesmen" to explain the Palm Beach fraud was that people were 'exchanging" their double-punched ballots - and were given new ones...If so, over 26 people per minute "were confused" and voted twice for President! This many errors were supposedly made, detected, and corrected (by handing out new ballots) while no person made any "error" in any other race. This excuse would also mean that more voters were being handed new ballots per minute than new voters were being signed in. (19,120 "double punched" Democratic ballots divided by 12 hours, there are fewer than 100 precincts in Palm Beach County where the precinct level returns are suspect . Significantly, the massive number of errors occurred only in a few of the precincts, and all of those precincts were strongly Democratic. In precinct 144F, for example, there was only one "counted" republican voter for president.)

However, the "double-punched" ballots counted in the election were NOT exchanged, and were actually read by the voting machine. They are the symptom and the method of the fraud. There is no reason for this early Democratic Party statement other than that of beginning a cover-up for the double-punched ballots.

Not surprisingly, this early fable was not maintained, and has not be repeated. It also has not been retracted or contradicted by follow-up stories in the national news media.

ONLY in Palm Beach (and in ONLY the most heavily Democratic precincts) were 19,120 ballots rejected in 2000 for double punching....(This is a 4.4% error rate overall; in the rest of Florida there is less than 1/2 of ONE percent "double punch" error rate! (Unofficially, this error rate was 15% in predominately Afro-American precincts, and 10% in precincts with large numbers of Jewish retirees.) In strongly Republican precincts, the error rate was the "usual" 1/2 of one percent.) San Diego County has 800,000 voters, and (overall) has more senior, retired, minority, and new immigrants than does Palm Beach County. Since all of these were represented the 1992, 1996, and 2000 results in the San Diego double count totals, there can be no excuse for "innocent errors" in Palm Beach.

ONLY in Palm Beach did this "double punch" error happen ONLY in the Gore-Bush-Buchanan selections for President. (In a truly random "error," the mistakes happen in every race, all at about the same rate. In Palm Beach, the massive errors (over 19,000) ONLY happened in the Presidential race.)

ONLY in Palm Beach has the news media complained about "massive" ballot confusion. In the 43 counties in.......

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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KEYWORDS: 2000; ballottampering; chads; corruptfsc; democrats; dimpledchads; florida; fraud; pregnantchads; tampering; votefraud; votomatic
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To: cookcounty
Palm Beach county's ballot was set up differently than those in the rest of the state.

If you pulled ballots to overpunch with Al Gore, you would actually punch the Pat Buchanan spot on the ballot.

The whole idea is based on the observation that there were always a lot of ballots where the Presidential selection was left blank. So, if youcan get hold of those ballots you can overpunch them on behalf of your guy. The easiest way to do this is to simply overpunch all of the ballots. This also disqualifies any of the votes for the other guys. It's kind of like giving your candidate two votes!

The Democrats got caught red-handed trying to steal the election in Palm Beach county. Although they've done nothing to earn sepukku, there's no reason to stop them from expunging their shame by other means.

81 posted on 01/10/2004 6:03:27 PM PST by muawiyah
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To: DainBramage
Robert A. Cook, PE is a freeper. He posted a lot of this data on here during the recount. He's from Georgia, I believe. Check him out. OK, I just did. He's freeper "Robert A. Cook, PE"
82 posted on 01/10/2004 6:09:05 PM PST by Gracey (Clark/Clinton 2004... Could it happen??? YES. Be vigilant)
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To: muawiyah
One very telling, very important impromptu remark that a "non-politician" said that Wednesday still resonates.

"But they TOLD me to vote the number 2 spot. They TOLD me to vote number 2." This from a very distraught elderly woman who was talking about th driver who took her to the polls Tuesday.

First, she has no mind - she only does what "they" tell her to do.

Second she has no idea of "who" to vote for, only "number two" position.... That's all she's apparently capable of remembering.

And, the number two spot was Buchanan, NOT Gore. Which DOES explain some of the Buchanan-to-Gore confusion.! The democrat operators were telling their voters to vote for the wrong guy.

Third, if ONE democrat operator (the bus/van driver) got the WRONG information, then others are likely to have the wrong information. Thus, the illegal double-puncher, who can't see anything on the stack of ballots that he is punching, could easily have been punching the wrong holes all day.

And his boss, the democrat poll watcher/poll official, would never know it until after the job was done, and probably, until AFTER the botched up ballots were deposited.
83 posted on 01/10/2004 7:10:26 PM PST by Robert A Cook PE (I can only support FR by donating monthly, but ABBCNNBCBS continue to lie every day!)
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To: gitmo
Wrong. True you had to read the post but if you put any thought at all before reacting you or whoever could have figured out what he was saying. Not trying to offend, I am just saying.
84 posted on 01/10/2004 8:35:57 PM PST by normy (As for my people, children are their oppressors and women rule over them. Isaiah 3:12)
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To: yoe
south florida + richard daley = gangster rule.
85 posted on 01/10/2004 8:39:20 PM PST by the invisib1e hand (do not remove this tag under penalty of law.)
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To: tlb
I live in Broward and was scared to death Gore would succeed in his attempted judicial hijacking of the election results. I remember this guy and his portable voting machine. Something Ms. Oliphant seems to have missed.
86 posted on 01/10/2004 8:47:07 PM PST by wingnuts'nbolts
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To: Ichneumon; Tall_Texan
Speaking of which, does anyone have a copy?

Ah, found it. Praise Google.

Gloria Steinem's "one free grope rule" editorial can be found here.

One of the key passages:

The truth is that even if the [Willey] allegations are true, the President is not guilty of sexual harassment. He is accused of having made a gross, dumb and reckless pass at a supporter during a low point in her life. She pushed him away, she said, and it never happened again. In other words, President Clinton took "no" for an answer.

In her original story, Paula Jones essentially said the same thing. She went to then-Governor Clinton's hotel room, where she said he asked her to perform oral sex and even dropped his trousers. She refused, and even she claims that he said something like, "Well, I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do."

What Steinem "forgets" to mention is that Clinton said this while stroking his penis, and then he got up and met her at the door as she was trying to leave and with a stern look told her, "You are smart. Let's keep this between ourselves" -- a clear threat.
87 posted on 01/10/2004 9:51:39 PM PST by Ichneumon
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To: yoe

Never forget.

88 posted on 01/10/2004 10:04:54 PM PST by T. Buzzard Trueblood
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To: Robert A. Cook, PE
And, the number two spot was Buchanan, NOT Gore. Which DOES explain some of the Buchanan-to-Gore confusion.! The democrat operators were telling their voters to vote for the wrong guy.

Actually, you *can* see a number on the computer card that corresponds with a number listed next to each candidate on the ballot. My county used to use the same type of ballot, so I am sure of this.

George W. Bush was hole #3. Pat Buchanan (slightly below and across the page on the butterfly ballot) was hole #4. Al Gore was hole #5. While the names on the ballot are off-set from each other as you go down the page, the holes on the card are in a straight column so #4 is directly under #3 on the card and #5 is directly under #4.

Bush, as the candidate of the ruling party in the state (his brother) had the top spot on the ballot. Gore was supposed to come next and in the sample ballots first distributed by Theresa LePore, then a Democrat and a member of the PBC election board, Gore was indeed supposed to come next. At some point, however, the decision was made that Gore would be more easily found if his name was under Bush instead of across the page so they swapped Gore and Buchanan. Gore was moved from hole #4 to hole #5.

"Vote Number Two" becomes ambiguous, then, since there is no "#2" on the ballot and the voter isn't sure if Number Two would be the one below the first name or the one across the page from the first name.

For a more detailed explanation of my scenario, click here:

The fraud had already been committed before the grannies started voting and if somebody hadn't screwed up and made thousands of votes for Buchanan, there would have been no need to put the cover story into action. The fact that they used telemarketers and the willing media to plant the "butterfly ballot" story BEFORE the polls closed tells me that they realized their error AFTER stuffing the ballots but at a point that was too late to fix. A cover story needed to be hatched and so the "butterfly ballot" caper began.

My scenario differs from yours in one key point and that is that I don't think Buchanan attracted as many voters as you give him credit for and even Buchanan said so. It's one thing for Buchanan to get a lot of support in a Republican primary when he is part of a field of Republicans. It is another thing for him to get a lot of support when he is essentially a spoiler for the Republican most likely to win the White House. I think a lot of his support evaporates when voters know it will be a close vote between Bush and Gore. Even taking the official numbers into account, Buchanan received more votes in Palm Beach County than he did in practically the other 66 counties combined.

89 posted on 01/10/2004 10:59:43 PM PST by Tall_Texan (Happy 2004 - the year we put Republicanism into overdrive.)
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To: Robert A. Cook, PE
Sorry ~ in Palm Beach County ballots Buchanan had the #2 spot. In all other counties in Florida it was Gore who had the #2 position.

The fact the Democratic vote rigging operatives were focused on #2 throughout the state proves conclusively that the orders came from the very top of the heap!

Otherwise someone locally in Palm Beach County would have observed that if any cheating were to be done it would be necessary to focus on a different #.

This tends to absolve the local Dems who were running the vote count of blame in the matter although there is the question of that Dem who was running around with a Votamatic machie in the trunk of his car.

I think time has demonstrated that for the most part the local Dems were fairly honest folk although this cannot be said of the people who made up the Gore team at the state level. This moves me to inquire about how many of the local voting officials switched to the Republican party since 2000. (BTW, I am always startled to ever find an honest Dem.)

90 posted on 01/11/2004 4:23:11 AM PST by muawiyah
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To: jonno
91 posted on 01/11/2004 4:25:26 AM PST by The Wizard (Saddamocrats are enemies of America, treasonous everytime they speak)
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To: yoe
92 posted on 01/11/2004 6:28:18 AM PST by Matthew James (SPEARHEAD!)
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To: Tall_Texan
Oh, true - "Number two" IS on the separated ballot, after it is removed from the voting machine.

What I meant was, the "name" of the person who is "number two" is NOT on the separated ballot.

An operator told to double-punch "number two" in a stack of ballots, can't independently tell that he is punching a Buchanan ballot spot.


You seem rather sensitive about the "Bush brother" image ... Careful. Democrats use that as a false implication Jeb was influencing LOCAL election ballots, counts, and certification.


Likewise, the local democrat operator in those four counties Gore chose to re-re-re-recount WERE the source of the fraud. Palm Beach, Broward, Miami are ALL have individually and specifically well-earned reputations for fraud, bribery, and local scandals.

The fraud is perpetrated at the local level. And effective fraud doesn't need to be widespread to be effective in a close race. You need o cheat in only a relatively few precincts in each county to get 1500 votes across the state.

Palm Beach democrat election agents were seen crying, screaming, yelling in their jealous, hate-filled rage at failing to produce enough votes for Gore.

In the manual recounts in these democrat counties, every controversial ballot reviewed by two democrats and one republican was counted by that review 2-1 that it was a Gore vote.

The fraud IS local.

It was stopped in Miami when the poll watchers were denied their legal right to look at the counting method.
93 posted on 01/11/2004 8:56:46 AM PST by Robert A Cook PE (I can only support FR by donating monthly, but ABBCNNBCBS continue to lie every day!)
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To: Tall_Texan
I'll keep looking at this though.

More later.
94 posted on 01/11/2004 8:58:41 AM PST by Robert A Cook PE (I can only support FR by donating monthly, but ABBCNNBCBS continue to lie every day!)
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To: Robert A. Cook, PE

See the numbers adjacent to the holes? That's the number corresponding to the computer card ballot. Bush/Cheney is #3, Buchanan/Foster (I still enjoy calling them Bananas/Foster) is #4 and Gore/Lieberman is #5. #1 and #2 are on the card but they are not associated with *any* race on the ballot.

There is no #2 to punch on the machine and if the fraud specialists were jamming coathangers into the #2 hole on a stack of ballots, it would only prove to the world that these were all fraudulent ballots. If you don't pop the computer card into the machine well enough, the only result is that your intended vote would go to a candidate *lower* on the ballot, not higher. That means a vote for Gore where the voter didn't push their card in deep enough would have counted for the Socialist McReynolds, not Buchanan.

So telling the old ladies to "vote Number Two" would make no sense unless that was shorthand for voting for the second name on the ballot - a command that still would have confused someone who saw two names that might possibly be the second name (the one underneath Bush or the one to the right of Bush).

Maybe I'm belaboring a point that is not necessary but the fraud would have been to punch hole #4 when they meant to punch hole #5, both in the butterfly ballot and on the computer card.

95 posted on 01/11/2004 9:43:13 AM PST by Tall_Texan (Happy 2004 - the year we put Republicanism into overdrive.)
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To: Tall_Texan; Alamo-Girl
Right. We can't tell how people who were told to "vote for number two" interpreted that command. It probably explains some of the Buchanan-Gore double punches.

But we don't know exactly how many those were: the VERY FEW reports that supposedly hand-counted double-punched ballots were in a few carefully-selected groups from carefully-selected precincts in carefully-selected counties, analyzed by democrat agents and reported by democrat supporters.

To resolve the mess, you MUST re-run ALL the Palm Beach and Broward ballots by precinct, and then report ALL the double-punched ballots (not merely discard them, as is done automatically!). Further, you need to know how many blank ballots were sent for the president, for the Senate races, and how how many total voters came in.

Then, find out how many Senate votes were double-punched, compared to how many presidential ballots. Find out how many other random errors happened in other races across the ballot. Find out exactly which presidential ballots were duoble-punched for each candidate.

Unfortunately, we aren't permitted to re-run the ballots through the counting machines again to look explicitly for double-punched ballots, and report what positions were double-punched.

There are many tales that could be proved false.

But it would require re-running the ballots for Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade. Also to compare those with Orlando and Jacksonville, where no corruption has ever been discovered.

'Course, Orlando (Orange Cty) and Jacksonville (Duval Cty I believe) were NOT run by a corrupt democrat machine.
96 posted on 01/11/2004 12:07:41 PM PST by Robert A Cook PE (I can only support FR by donating monthly, but ABBCNNBCBS continue to lie every day!)
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To: Tall_Texan
no, fraud is a deliberate attempt to re-punch a ballot, or to remove a valid vote, or to "create" a counted vote where no previous vote existed.

A "mistake" happens when a confused (or mis-instructed!) voter punches the wrong place. Here, the "number two from the top", instead of the "number two spot on the first page" In the back room, the "number two" punched hole ..

Or "number four punched hole" as you indicate? How many Bush votes got cancelled when number 2 hole was punched? How many Gore votes got cancelled?

Mistakes are not fraud though.

'Course, it does indicate the stupidity of the average democrat voter if that's how the democrats gave instructions.

Why not tell them to "vote for Gore, or you'll lose Social Security and the republicans will starve your children and pollute the environment!"

(Oh wait. They did that too.)
97 posted on 01/11/2004 12:13:38 PM PST by Robert A Cook PE (I can only support FR by donating monthly, but ABBCNNBCBS continue to lie every day!)
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To: Robert A. Cook, PE; Alamo-Girl
I don't even care if they tried to cancel out votes. It's far easier to keep dead voters on the rolls, fill out absentee requests for them and then have a flunky vote on their behalf. Since the county also issues death certificates, it's very easy to identify which names to vote by proxy in advance. As long as key folks in the operation (county clerks, election judges) are Democrat, it's easy. Nobody will notice a discrepency and the vote totals will add up properly. There are no embarassing spoiled ballots to serve as evidence.

You keep those names on the rolls as registered voters for a decade or more (they keep showing up as "voting" too) and you easily have 1,000 or more votes for your favorite Democrat. It also explains why the Democrats become so mortified any time Republicans mention cleaning up the voter rolls and accuse the Republicans or racism, etc.

But, in Palm Beach County, the flunky voted for the wrong guy and that's what doomed their hijack attempt.
98 posted on 01/11/2004 4:00:26 PM PST by Tall_Texan (Happy 2004 - the year we put Republicanism into overdrive.)
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To: yoe
99 posted on 01/12/2004 12:23:54 AM PST by Bradís Gramma (Donate to Free Republic!! I have SEWING to do!!!!!)
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To: yoe
What the author does not include is a second fraud during the recount. On the second recount election night, Al Gore picked up several thousand votes. When dealing with a sample as large as Florida the errors in the original recount would cancel each other out for Gore and for Bush. When Al Gore picked up those several thousand votes there was no doubt that a second fraud had been committed. Anyone that knows anything about statistics will tell you the difference between the first electronic count and the second would be in the hundreds or less, not thousands. The DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.
100 posted on 01/12/2004 6:46:13 AM PST by cpdiii (RPH, and Oil Field Trash (an educated roughneck))
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