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To: Leroy S. Mort
Perhaps Kerry could get Pedro Martinez to stand up for him...but then he'd be in trouble with New Yorkers and also lose the old, chubby, senile, bald guy vote.

Ha! Great post!

35 posted on 01/21/2004 11:01:58 AM PST by NYCVirago
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To: NYCVirago
I was on Rush Limbaugh in October 2002 discussing Rush's inappropriate placement of Tom Daschle's head on Tom Brady's body in a graphic:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: … It’s just the latest political calculation that Daschle’s making. Thanks Rick, I appreciate that. Here is Adam in Rose Valley, Pennsylvania. Hello, sir, Nice to have you on the program.

“ADAM FROM ROSE VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA”: Nice to be on. Mega- Philadelphia Eagles 20, Tampa Bay Bucs 10 dittos. Now …

Rush: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hold it a second. Hold it. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, what is it with Jon Gruden? They score their first offensive points, a field goal, 42 minutes into the game. You got half your defense out, injured. I’m not taking away from the Eagles here. You’re a great team. You’ve already won the NFC East. The others may as well hang it up.

Adam: I’ve gone to three straight Eagles games, and they have not scored an offensive touchdown yet, Tampa Bay. Now, Rush, I usually agree with everything you say, but I gotta object strongly to something on your website …

Rush: ohhh, no …

Adam: … and I’m not a seminal, seminar caller, but you have up there, regarding “Democrats Praying for a Hail Mary Pass”, a very unfair and unnecessary cheap, cheap shot. You have Tommy Daschle’s face up there on Tom Brady’s body. That is not the least bit fair. I mean, why couldn’t you have used Doug Flutie? Is that a concession to Alex Spanos?

R: No-o-o-o! …

A: … I mean, Flutie’s 5 foot 4. He supports Hillary Clinton. Brady, among all NFL quarterbacks, is one of

R: He is?

A: Well, he lists that he’s a huge fan of the movie “Braveheart.” He didn’t say “American Beauty.” He’s not a Susan Sarandon, Ben Affleck Hollywood type. He lists, as “favorite actor,” Mel Gibson. I mean, he
said he wants to be a U.S. Senator, and he listed Gerald Ford as the most impressive person he’s ever met. I mean, the Patriots have struggled a bit lately. They’re not even one of my favorite teams; I like the Eagles. But, you know, you really should have put him on Flutie’s body.

R: Now, well, it would have worked with Flutie. You’re right. The reason we put him on there is because the whole Patriots’ season last year was a Hail Mary. Umm…

A: He does short passes most of the time, but [Rush laughs] I’m with you.

R: Now, we couldn’t find a South Dakota player in the NFL.

A: Uhh, Adam Vinatieri. South Dakota State.

R: Yeah, but he’s a kicker. That’s right. And he’salso from the Patriots, so that would have made you mad, if we had put him on Vinatieri’s …

A: Well, it would have been random. I don’t even like the Patriots, by the way, but, you know, Tom Brady,
look … he subtly hints that he’s … He’s probably even a listener of yours, to tell the truth.

R: If he is, he’s probably not any more. Or, if he was [laughter] …

A: Why? I’m sticking up for him here.

R: Well, because [Rush laughs], because of the Steelers last year and the Raiders, I mean, I ripped ‘em, I creamed ‘em. I said they’re in there cause of the officiating, not because of their success. I eventually came around of course, but only once. Most of the time, I ripped ‘em. Nah, we put Daschle’s face up there, to tell you the truth, this was, this is, this is just we grabbed, I don’t know why the webmaster did it. I wish I had an answer for you. I’m guessing because there’s some association with the headline “Hail Mary,” and the Patriots’ season was a Hail Mary. I’m not sure Coco knows a New England Patriots’ uniform from a San Diego [Adam laughs] Chargers’ uniform.

A: Well, all I know is …

Rush: … and I’m not passing the buck. I’m not passing the buck. [Likely addressing people in studio:] No I’m not. I am not passing it. You know I never pass the buck. I’m trying to explain this. I’m taking it on myself. I’m the one that took it on my---, I take everything on myself, whenever anybody screws up, nobody knows it. I take it, because I’m the one out there getting the credit for when it all goes right, so I take the heat when I’m wrong. And I did in this case. But I’m su---, I don’t, I don’t know why it’s up there. I’m just guessing because it’s a Hail Mary season, and here’s Daschle, maybe, it’s probably just the first graphic we found where the head matched the… Who knows?

Of all the things to be upset about! I can’t believe


Rush: OK, Coco the webmaster says since I call Daschle the illegitimate majority leader, it only fits since I called the Patriots illegitimate champs way back when, after the officiating call in that Raiders playoff game. So that’s why Daschle is on Tom Brady’s body on the website.


On” by Santana is playing.]

Rush: Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive unit.
37 posted on 01/21/2004 11:50:17 AM PST by Greg Luzinski
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