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To: XHogPilot
Clinton/Albright/Clark prosecuted a war that had not been sanctioned by Congress, or the UN, and had questionable national security interests ( "The CIA had warned the Clinton administration that if bombing was initiated, the Serbian army would greatly accelerate its efforts to expel ethnic Albanians. The White House disregarded this warning and feigned surprise when mass expulsions began." (

Prior to the war, in Clinton's March 24, 1999 address, he stated the following:

"At the time, many people believed nothing could be done to end the bloodshed in Bosnia. They said, ``Well, that's just the way those people in the Balkans are.'' But when we and our allies joined with courageous Bosnians to stand up to the aggressors, we helped to end the war. We learned that in the Balkans, inaction in the face of brutality, simply invites brutality. But firmness can stop armies and save lives.

"Do our interests in Kosovo justify the dangers to our armed forces? I thought long and hard about that question. I am convinced that the dangers of acting are far outweighed by the dangers of not acting - dangerous to defenseless people and to our national interests.

"If we and our allies were to allow this war to continue with no response, President Milosevic would read our hesitation as a license to kill. There would be many massacres, tens of thousands refugees, victims crying our for revenge. Right now, our firmness is the only hope the people of Kosovo have to be able to live in their own country, without having to fear for their own lives."

Two months later, May 13, 1999, Clinton addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars at Fort McNair, Washington, DC:

"There are those who say Europe and its North American allies have no business intervening in the ethnic conflicts of the Balkans. They are the inevitable result, these conflicts, according to some, of centuries-old animosity which were unleashed by the end of the Cold War restraints in Yugoslavia and elsewhere. I, myself, have been guilty of saying that on an occasion or two, and I regret it now more than I can say. For I have spent a great deal of time in these last 6 years reading the real history of the Balkans. And the truth is that a lot of what passes for common wisdom in this area is a gross oversimplification and misreading of history."

"The truth is that for centuries these people have lived together in the Balkans and southeastern Europe with greater or lesser degree of tension, but often without anything approaching the intolerable conditions and conflicts that exist today. And we do no favors to ourselves or to the rest of the world when we justify looking away from this kind of slaughter by oversimplifying and conveniently, in our own way, demonizing the whole Balkans by saying that these people are simply incapable of civilized behavior with one another."

"Second, there is -- people say, okay, maybe it's not inevitable, but look, there are a lot of ethnic problems in the world. Russia has dealt with Chechnya, and you've got Abkhazia and Ossetia on the borders of Russia. And you've got all these ethnic problems everywhere, and religious problems. That's what the Middle East is about. You've got Northern Ireland. You've got the horrible, horrible genocide in Rwanda. You've got the war, now, between Eritrea and Ethiopia. They say, 'Oh, we've got all these problems, and, therefore, why do you care about this?'

"I say to them, there is a huge difference between people who can't resolve their problems peacefully and fight about them and people who resort to systematic ethnic cleansing and slaughter of people because of their religious or ethnic background. There is a difference. There is a difference."

The column linked below represents the opposition opinion to the practicality of the goals at the time:

The Road To Hell,
Clinton, Kosovo and good intentions
by Charles Krauthammer
The Washington Post, Editorials
Friday, April 2, 1999; Page A29

Finally, on June 10, 1999, after 79 days of aerial bombardment of civilians and infrastructure - not in Kosovo, but in Serbia - Clinton addressed the nation again:

"When I ordered our armed forces into combat, we had three clear goals: to enable the Kosovar people, the victims of some of the most vicious atrocities in Europe since the Second World War, to return to their homes with safety and self-government; to require Serbian forces responsible for those atrocities to leave Kosovo; and to deploy and international security force, with NATO at its core, to protect all the people of that troubled land -- Serbs and Albanians, alike. Those goals will be achieved. Unnecessary conflict has been brought to a just and honorable conclusion."

"The result will be security and dignity for the people of Kosovo, achieved by an alliance that stood together in purpose and resolve, assisted by the diplomatic efforts of Russia. This victory brings a new hope that when a people are singled out for destruction because of their heritage and religious faith, and we can do something about it, the world will not look the other way."

"My fellow Americans, all these challenges are substantial, but they are far preferable to the challenges of war and continued instability in Europe. We have sent a message of determination and hope to all the world. Think of all the millions of innocent people who died in this bloody century because democracies reacted too late to evil and aggression. Because of our resolve, the 20th century is ending not with helpless indignation, but with a hopeful affirmation of human dignity and human rights for the 21st century."
30 posted on 01/25/2004 6:35:59 PM PST by optimistically_conservative (Currently doctor shopping for my FR addiction)
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To: optimistically_conservative
Hmmm, let us try again:

"When I ordered our armed forces into combat, we had three clear goals: to enable the Kosovar people, to ethnically exterminate all Christians and Jews from area, to run drugs and slaves to prime markets in Europe and America. To allow islamic foothold and insurgency in Makedonia and to later in Greece. To show Islamics we fellow travellers. To put Russia's Yeltsin firmly in pocket with wallet. To make me master of planet....

63 posted on 01/26/2004 7:50:01 AM PST by RussianConservative (Xristos: the Light of the World)
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