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To: Kay Soze
What Is The Truth?

I hear political pundits on the television talk shows asking where Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction are. They say that the President lied, that Saddam Hussein was no threat to us, there are no weapons of mass destruction, no nuclear development program and no chemical weapons. And that we should have approached the Iraqi problem through the United Nations.

I’ll ask a favor of you. Let’s put aside our political differences for just a minute.

Do you really believe that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction?

Do you believe that he would not have used them?

Do you really believe that he was not trying to develop nuclear weapons?

Do you really believe that the United Nations would have ever done anything about Saddam except have endless debates ?

You can’t talk a problem like this to death. Saddam defied resolution after resolution from the United Nations and would still be in power if we had waited on the United Nations to act.

Shortly after the capture of Hussein, Howard Dean made the statement that that America was not a safer place without him. Do you believe Dean?

Do you believe that Saddam was sponsoring terrorism? Do you believe that he harbored Al Qaida members?

If you don’t believe that Saddam was sponsoring terrorism, how about Muammar Khadaffi? Remember what happened over Lockerby, Scotland a few years ago?

As a result of the war on Iraq, Khaddafi is giving up his nuclear
weapons program. Do you believe that he would have done this
without America destroying Saddam’s military capabilities?

Do you think the world is a safer place without Khadaffi’s ongoing nuclear program?

Do you believe that the people of Iraq are not much better off
without Saddam? Did they deserve to be tortured, raped, murdered and deprived of the most fundamental human rights?

Do you believe that America and all the other freedom loving western countries are not in imminent danger from terrorists?

Do you doubt that the entire Middle East, including our so called friend Saudi Arabia, is not a breeding ground for suicide bombers and fanatical zealots who are willing to give their lives to strike a blow against America?

Do you not believe that Saddam Hussein's Iraq was one of these breeding grounds? Or do you agree with Howard Dean that America is not a safer place without Saddam?

We sat back and let Osama bin Ladin grow in strength until the Trade Towers came crashing down, another one of the Clinton Administration's failings. They had a chance to take him into custody on three different occasions.

And save your keyboard if you’re going to inform me that the U.S.A. helped to arm bin Ladin. I know that’s true but he was using those weapons fighting the Russians, an even bigger threat to America
at the time.

Have you never heard the old saying that, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Russia was very bold about arming others to fight against America, one such incident just 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

Where are the WMD? I personally believe that some of them were moved to Syria in the days before the Iraqi war and that others are still well hidden in Iraq.

Soon time will tell whether the American public believes that the war in Iraq was a good thing or a bad thing when we go to the polls in November.

However you feel about it, that’s the best place to express your feelings.

I’ll be voting, how about you?

Pray for our troops.

God Bless America

What do you think?

Charlie Daniels

16 posted on 01/27/2004 7:43:02 PM PST by mirkwood (If we stop voting, will they go away?)
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To: mirkwood
The problem with what you are saying is that those that hate Bush are NOT going to be swayed by the facts. All they want is him OUT so instead of arguing which is a waste of time, we just need to get OUT THE VOTE!!
19 posted on 01/27/2004 9:34:58 PM PST by whadizit
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