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The Power of One (How George Soros wants to topple President Bush)
The Herald Sun ^ | 5 dec. 2003 | Andrew Bolt

Posted on 02/11/2004 6:46:39 PM PST by Eurotwit

IN many James Bond films, 007 must battle some megalomaniac tycoon who plots to dominate the world by toppling governments and triggering wars.

It's always some nasty Right-winger, of course. In Tomorrow Never Dies, for instance, the filmmakers thought it would be a hoot to cast my boss, Rupert Murdoch, in the black hat. How the Leftists who dominate Hollywood must have sniggered at the slur.

How odd, then, to find those same Hollywood liberals this week cosying up to the very billionaire who most resembles that Bond villain – currency speculator George Soros, fresh from toppling his latest president, this time in Georgia.

And how predictable – to those with an eye for history – to find that Soros is no Right-winger, but a preacher of the New Age Left.

You may remember Soros as the American financier who, in 1992, bet $20 billion that the British pound would fall, and made a $1.5 billion profit in one day.

Or you may remember how he made another fortune when Asia's financial markets crashed in 1997 – a disaster that Malaysia's then leader, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, accused Soros of having caused for cash.

Some Australians have a sweeter reason to remember Soros. Top drug experts such as Melbourne's Dr Nick Crofts and Sydney's Dr Alex Wodak have received grants from his Lindesmith Foundation, which aggressively promotes their brand of "harm minimisation".

Soros's Open Society Institute also organised a petition to the United Nations demanding an end to the "war on drugs", and had it signed here by Victorian Treasurer John Brumby, drug adviser Professor David Penington, High Court judge Michael Kirby and a gabble of our politicians.

OF course, Australia is only one of 50 countries in which Soros works. And his meddling here is nothing given what he's just done in Georgia.

Georgia has long been led by President Eduard Shevardnadze, the former Soviet Union's foreign minister under Mikhail Gorbachev.

Soros, who spends $1 billion a year to promote his vision of the "Open Society", was a Shevardnadze supporter, but fell out with him, calling him a crook.

He then backed Georgia's former justice minister, Mikhail Saakashvili, and spent some $4 million on a protest movement against the president. His organisations brought in experts in "non-violent revolution" from Serbia, gave $700,000 to an activist group that bussed in protesters, and financed an anti-government TV station and newspaper.

It worked. Last month, protesters smashed into Georgia's parliament, yelling – probably correctly – that Shevardnadze had stolen the elections a month ago and must quit. Shevardnadze fled, and Saakashvili looks set for leadership.

True, this may turn out to be a victory for democracy. But it also looks like a victory for a foreign tycoon and his sponsored mates.

Indeed, the editor-in-chief of the Georgian Messenger newspaper this week said: "It's generally accepted public opinion here that Mr Soros is the person who planned the Shevardnadze overthrow." Shevardnadze says he's certain of it.

NOR is this the first time Soros undermined a foreign government. From 1991, he spent up to $100 million on activists campaigning against the president of Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic.

He was also a huge donor to Human Rights Watch, and with six of his associates sat on its advisory committee on Europe.

In the early 1990s, the Kosovo Liberation Army began killing officials in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo. Its tactic was brutally simple: to provoke Serbian troops into retaliating so violently that the horrified West would intervene to give Kosovo independence.

It worked – not least because the HRW condemned Serbia's reprisals so noisily that it boasted it had helped to inspire NATO's bombing of Serbia.

After NATO's "victory", Soros gave money to the United Nations' new International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and paid for training for its judges and prosecutor. He also paid two American law faculties to help the prosecutor find evidence against Serbia's suspected war criminals – and Milosevic.

Yes, Milosevic is repulsive. But is it healthy for a billionaire like Soros to be so involved in triggering a war, creating a court and then helping to prosecute in it the leaders of the regime he's worked so hard to topple? Who elected him? Who holds him accountable?

And now, of course, we've signed up to the International Criminal Court that Soros spent millions lobbying for – a court which, under its rules, must consult groups of the kind Soros himself funds.

So far, you may argue, Soros has acted against only thugs and tyrants. But now he's moving against the leader of the world's greatest democracy, US President George W. Bush.

Last month, Soros declared that "America, under Bush, is a danger to the world", and defeating the president was now "the central focus of my life".

HE said he would give $13 million – the largest individual political donation in US history – to America Coming Together, a far-Left group of pro-Democrat activists, and up to $4 million for a Left-wing think tank. Another $6 million would go to the radical protest group.

"I've come to the conclusion that one can do a lot more about the issues I care about by changing the Government than by pushing the issues," Soros said.

Soros could say that without fussing many journalists because which of them fears the Left? Imagine the uproar if Rupert Murdoch had said it instead.

Still, I can understand why Soros isn't content with simply "pushing the issues", given what happened when one of his companies in 1986 bought Spectrum 7, an oil outfit owned by George Bush, whose father was the then US Vice-President.

"We were buying political influence," Soros said bluntly. Sadly, the Bushes didn't play ball with that bit of issue pushing, and "it didn't come to anything".

But this new tack already seems to be buying results.

JUST this week, the wife of Larry David, creator of Seinfeld, invited Hollywood's elite to a "Hate Bush" event for the Soros-sponsored Americans Coming Together (and never mind that mixed message).

And here we see the newest threats to democratic government in this globalised world – of celebrity activists, unaccountable "rights" groups and messianic tycoons from Soros to Ted Turner, all so terribly sure of their virtue.

Mix them up and who knows what the explosion will do. It could destroy a tyranny, or distort a democracy. There's no predicting which, because the targets are as idiosyncratic as the whims of George Soros, a man with far more dollars than sense, and fewer restraints than either.

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1 posted on 02/11/2004 6:46:40 PM PST by Eurotwit
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To: Eurotwit
Note to George:

Watch the Martha Stewart case.

Guess who's next?
2 posted on 02/11/2004 6:54:14 PM PST by AlbertWang
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To: Eurotwit
INTREP - SOROS and Election 2004
3 posted on 02/11/2004 7:32:27 PM PST by LiteKeeper
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To: Eurotwit
Soros reminds me of Ernst Stavro Blofeld.
4 posted on 02/11/2004 8:07:09 PM PST by COEXERJ145
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To: Eurotwit
Good article and thanks for posting it.
5 posted on 02/11/2004 10:41:41 PM PST by Grampa Dave (John F'onda Kerry is a Benedict Arnold with his anti America activities, post Nam.)
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To: PhiKapMom; onyx; Miss Marple; Howlin; BOBTHENAILER; Liz; Ernest_at_the_Beach; PhilDragoo
Excellent article on $oreA$$ and what he has done to countries and individual in recent years.
6 posted on 02/11/2004 10:43:00 PM PST by Grampa Dave (John F'onda Kerry is a Benedict Arnold with his anti America activities, post Nam.)
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To: Eurotwit
The man has so much money can't he hire a better barber? I think that should be his sole focus. Find a new barber.

On Topic
It must irk him that even with his new political group the Repubs still have more money in the coffers.
7 posted on 02/12/2004 12:31:18 AM PST by kuma
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To: Eurotwit; AlbertWang; LiteKeeper; COEXERJ145
Soros has already given $15 million dollars to defeat Bush. The millions George Soros is spending apparently come from his so-called foundations but none of Soros' foundations are US-based. While George Soros is a United States citizen (residing in suburban New York), Soros must comply with FEC campaign spending limits which are limited to $2000 a person........unless the donor is a corporate sponsor. However, George Soros does not own any American corporations.

We know that Soros is in league with Peter Lewis--a pro-drug liberal-- and John Sperling. Soros can usually persuade Warren Buffet to go along with him. Peter Lewis is the chairman of the Progressive Insurance company (auto). I wonder how many of Progressive's claims are disputed when they result from NY Russian organized crime rings who stage "accidents" that rip-offed auto insurers, and Medicaid, of an estimated $1 billion lat year.

Then there is Soros' good-buddies, Mort Halpern, former Clintonoid John D. Podesta, Jeremy Rosner, Robert Boorstin and Carl Pope who have all hung out at his Long Island residence for private little "think tanks".

Soros supports Steve Rosenthal and Ellen Malcolm, his puppets who are running the anti-Bush group---ACT (America Coming Together)-----and to whom he pledged $10 million. His friends also pledged money to ACT: Robert Glaser, of RealNetworks, $2 million; Robert McKay, on behalf of the McKay Family Foundation, $1 million; and Lewis and Dorothy B. Cullman gave $500,000.

No one has any doubts about his connections to Russian oil magnate and corrupt oligarch Khodorkovsky.

Some may know of Soros' joint venture involvement in Mustcom. He is aligned with Vladimir Potanin of Uneximbank; Boris Jordan of Renaissance Capital; Nicholas Jordan, Boris' brother of Deustche Bank's Russian Division of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, and the Morgan Stanley Investment Group.

Soros is chairman of the Open Society Institute (OSI) and the founder of a network of so-called philanthropic organizations that are active in more than 50 countries and which give Soros cover to launch his currency scams and government coups). Soros is based primarily in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union but also in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Soros foundations are autonomous institutions established in particular countries or regions to supposedly initiate and support Soros' Open Society activities. The priorities and specific activities of each Soros foundation are determined by a local board of directors and staff in consultation with George Soros and OSI boards and advisors. In addition to support from the Open Society Institute, many of the foundations receive funding from other sources.

Soros foundations consist of national foundations in 29 countries, foundations in Kosovo and Montenegro, and two regional foundations, the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) and the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA). OSISA and OSIWA, which are governed by their own boards of directors and staffs from the region, make grants in a total of 27 African countries.

Below are all of the Soros foundations, arranged alphabetically by country or area.

Albania: Open Society Foundation for Albania

Armenia: Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation?Armenia

Azerbaijan: Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation?Azerbaijan

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Open Society Fund?Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bulgaria: Open Society Foundation?Sofia

Croatia: Open Society Institute?Croatia

Czech Republic: Open Society Fund?Prague

Estonia: Open Estonia Foundation

Georgia: Open Society Georgia Foundation

Guatemala: Fundacion Soros?Guatemala

Haiti: Fondation Connaissance et Liberte

Hungary: Soros Foundation?Hungary

Kazakhstan: Soros Foundation?Kazakhstan

Kosovo: Kosova Foundation for Open Society

Kyrgyzstan: Soros Foundation? Kyrgyzstan

Latvia: Soros Foundation? Latvia

Lithuania: Open Society Fund? Lithuania

Macedonia: Foundation Open Society Institute? Macedonia

Moldova: Soros Foundation?Moldova

Mongolia: Mongolian Foundation for Open Society

Montenegro: Foundation Open Society Institute?Representative Office

Poland: Stefan Batory Foundation

Romania: Open Society Foundation?Romania

Russia: Open Society Institute?Russia

Serbia: Fund for an Open Society?Serbia

Slovakia: Open Society Foundation?Bratislava

South Africa: Open Society Foundation for South Africa

Southern Africa: Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa

Tajikistan: Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation?Tajikistan

Turkey: Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation?Turkey

Ukraine: International Renaissance Foundation

Uzbekistan: Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation?Uzbekistan

West Africa: Open Society Initiative for West Africa

8 posted on 02/12/2004 6:55:05 AM PST by Liz
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To: Eurotwit
thanks go to whomever pointed out the Citizens United website:
George Soros exposed
by David N. Bossie
November 24, 2003
While Mr. Soros seeks to portray himself as a mainstream philanthropist who cares deeply about people, the record reveals him as an arch-typical limousine liberal who lives according to standards far different than those he seeks to impose on others... Now that he's a billionaire, he says: "I consider the threat from the laissez-faire side more potent today than the threat from totalitarian ideologies."

When it comes to military intervention, Mr. Soros has been far from consistent. He praises Bill Clinton's decision to use military force to topple the regime of Slobodan Milosevic despite the absence of United Nations backing. But when it comes to the Bush presidency, he declares himself profoundly opposed to the Bush administration's policies, not only in Iraq but altogether...

But nowhere is Mr. Soros' hypocrisy more transparent than his recent double take on campaign finance reform. Beginning in the mid-1990s and continuing through the enactment of the so-called Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, Mr. Soros was one of the leading proponents of the campaign finance reform. According to a report published by the American Conservative Union Foundation, he funneled millions in contributions to the reform movement. In 1998, for example, Mr. Soros funneled more than $600,000 to an outfit called Arizonans for Clean Elections, which was the main organization behind a drive to create public financing for Arizona state candidates. Mr. Soros support accounted for more than 70 percent of the group's funding.

see Civ's favorites

9 posted on 03/13/2004 9:49:10 PM PST by SunkenCiv (George W. Bush will win reelection by a margin of at least ten per cent)
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