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What We Can Do To Help Defeat the "Gay" Agenda
self | February 11, 2004 | little jeremiah

Posted on 02/11/2004 9:00:13 PM PST by little jeremiah

What We Can Do To Defeat The "Gay" Agenda

Dear Fellow Freepers,

The following informal essay has two parts, the first consisting of ideas of what individuals or small groups can do to help thwart, roll back, defeat and otherwise throw a monkey wrench into the onslaught of the "gay" agenda and their stated goal to destroy the moral fabric of society. I am hoping that discussion will ensue, with theoretical ideas as well as accomplished plans. Information and knowledge are the key. Since most people just watch TV and read the establishment media, which are lapdogs of the "gay" elite, they just do not know the truth about homosexuality.

The second part is my analysis of the root cause of the homosexual movement, going a bit deeper than environment and molestation. It is "religious" or "spiritual" in aspect, so anyone who wishes to avoid that type of discussion can avoid it! This analysis is germane to the cure, not only of the homosexual agenda, but the untrammeled hedonism and libertinism of which homosexuality is the poster child.

[Note: I am not attempting to recap the immediate causes of homosexuality, or prove that it is not inborn, or give evidence as to why same sex acts are abnormal, unhealthy, or immoral, or to prove that homosexuals can change. FR already has hundreds of archived articles of this nature.]

Part One: Ideas on Promoting the Truth about Homosexuality

A friend of ours homeschools her children, so as to protect them from the horrible influence of public schools, instill her personal moral values, and give them the best education possible. She knew that homosexuality was unhealthy, immoral, and unnatural, but until I gave her books and booklets I purchased from Scott Lively's website ( she was not able to articulate her viewpoint. After studying the materials I provided, she became a one-woman task force, gave her elderly father books to read, and shared the books with the charter/homeschool teacher. The teacher, who also had not been very well-informed, had her mind blown (so to speak) and ordered more materials for herself, and placed a link to Lively's website on her personal website. Lively has a number of very informative booklets that can be purchased in bulk cheap, and they are great for distributing. So because I informed one friend, many others have been informed. This particular charter school is all for homeschooled children, and there are about 500 families involved.

By purchasing Lively's materials (or reprints from other groups such as NAARTH and the Family Research Council) and making them available at your church, synagogue or other house of worship, many people can become informed. Materials can be purchased and mailed or given to pastors at other churches, or any organization or club that you belong to.

I have found that if I talk to people in the line at the grocery store, or the cashier, often people are happy to find that others have the same viewpoint, but they are afraid to admit that they think same sex acts to be unhealthy or wrong. Just by speaking up in public, we can encourage others to think for themselves, and not be intimidated by social pressure.

Of course, letters can be written to newspapers (they've never printed one of mine!), legislators, and media people. We could try calling up local talk radio shows to tell the truth or attend school board meetings to protest the homosexual infiltration of the schools. Of course, by doing any of these things we will be "outing" ourselves as homophobes ;-) but that's the risk one takes by speaking the truth.

And then there are guerilla tactics: print up some fact sheets about the nature of and diseases spread by homosexual acts, statistics about molestation rates, etc - make them colorful and readable, and broadcast them about town. Laudromats, bulletin boards in stores, public facilities, rest stops, community college or other educational institutions, any place you can find. Good places would be where there is a lot of foot traffic, especially where high school kids can see them. High schools kids are really being targeted by homosexual activists, so the more they can see the truth, the better.

Another post-it tactic: make or obtain stickers with the names and phone numbers of organizations that help people overcome homosexuality, and stick them near high schools, colleges, downtowns, and so on. You never know whose life might change because of one phone call. Or, place ads in the classified ads section of local newspapers or weekly magazines with the same information.

Other promotional ideas are bumper stickers (make you own, or maybe someone knows where to order pro-family stickers). Ideas for slogans: Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve; Marriage=One Man+One Woman; Children Need a Mother and Father, Not Two of a Kind; Same Sex Acts Are Not Healthy For Living Things; Want to get AIDS? Be Gay!; Don't confuse "Exit" with "Entry"; Don't Mess With Marriage; "Gay" Sex Isn't Gay…. These could also be signs in car windows, yard signs, signs held at rallies.

Protest at "Gay Pride" Parades. If protesting at such public events, wear protective clothing and go in groups, carry antiseptic handwipes and have a camera and maybe tape recorder. No telling what might ensue. Here's an idea that someone freepmailed to me, and it sounds good:

"I have an idea I'd like to pass your way. I suggest that we get permits to set up tables in front of (or near) our respective churches/synagogues along the local "Pride" parade routes this coming June, with literature about reparative therapy. Each table should also have someone there to document all the juvenile insults and threats thrown our way on a videocam, and send copies of the films to the local tv news to include as part of their coverage."

These are just a few ideas. Let's hear yours!

Part Two: The Root Cause of Homosexuality

Everyone needs happiness, love and pleasure. These needs stem directly from the soul, and get interpreted through the body - think of how many people eat because they are lonely, depressed, or in anxiety. A healthy balanced person will eat when hungry, and when in need of companionship will turn to a relative, friend, or even pet for company. The need for love is really paramount, a deeper need than the bodily requirements. What hurts more, a broken heart, or a hungry stomach? Our culture has denied the fact - basic to all religions (probably a few exceptions, but this is not the debate here) - that human beings even have souls, what to speak of the needs of the soul. In fact, the accepted "scientifically based" theory is that humans are just machines, made of chemicals, evolved by accident, and the "self" doesn’t even really exist. In an atmosphere of such impersonal nihilism, it is natural that many people will be easily convinced that real love, real happiness, real heart to heart connection, don't exist.

What can take its place? Instant pleasure. Shopping. Drug and alcohol abuse. Or, most seductive of all, orgasms. And since the sexual organs have no conscience, a wide variety of options is available to people who have been convinced that God doesn't exist, there are no rules - or higher purpose - to life, and instant gratification is the only yardstick to measure happiness with.

There are two kinds of happiness - the kind that comes from the outside - eating, sex, comforts, and the devices or arrangements that facilitate such, as well as more intangible pleasures such as accomplishments, goals achieved, music, arts, learning, and so on. The second kind of happiness comes only from within the heart, and this happiness is our relationship with God. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within us, and the same truth is stated in Hindu scriptures (the Vedas) as well. A surrendered soul can experience the loving embrace of God anywhere, any time - if he truly desires and strives for this loving relationship. The experience that God is my best friend, my only refuge, my source of happiness, and indeed, the very foundation for and purpose of my existence - is the only real meaning of religion. Currently, in many religions, the concept that God is a real Person is left out, glossed over, He is described as an amorphous mystery, or that "we are God", or that He is just energy or a force. But according to Jesus, the teachings in the Old Testament, and the teachings of the Vedas, re-establishing a loving relationship with the Supreme Person is the only thing that will fill the emptiness in our hearts. If this knowledge is denied, as in most of our culture, people will seek to fill this void by any means at hand. And if the moral absolutes that are part of God's instructions to humanity are tossed out, then anything goes. If sexual pleasure is the goal of life, and there are no eternal moral truths, then there is no reason to not accept same sex acts, or, for that matter, any kind of sexual activity.

Therefore, the real antidote to the "gay" agenda, as well as the breakdown of civilization it heralds, is the spiritual awakening of many individuals, and the understanding that such an awakening is not only important but essential.

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To: little jeremiah
This thread seems to have been turned into a "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin" discussion (only different because the points being discussed are important). But not relevant to what WE can do to subvert, stall, turn around and bollux the homo-fascists' plan to turn the US, and indeed, the world, into a homo-friendly stalking ground.

I am hoping that people may post some more ideas that may inspire people to do something - many small acts do have an effect.
41 posted on 02/12/2004 7:40:57 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: Askel5
And you reject Him when you exclude Him from the act of conjugal union.

Scripture? I can find in the bible anything that even hints at this. Prove it to me in scripture.

God is a part of everything we do in life. He is always there in our home and in our marriage. So since He is always there how are we excluding Him. His word says that He is with us always, even to the end of the age. He'll never leave us nor forsake us. So how (scripturally based please) could we be excluding Him?

42 posted on 02/13/2004 4:48:02 AM PST by John O (God Save America (Please))
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To: little jeremiah
My apoolgies. I let myself be drawn off topic. If the conversation continues I'll take it off line
43 posted on 02/13/2004 4:49:13 AM PST by John O (God Save America (Please))
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To: John O
Legally execute a few of these 'doctors' and the whole problem goes away.

That's like saying you only execute the hitman and not the person who hired him. The women who choose to hire abortionists have to be walked to the gurney, too, no?
44 posted on 02/13/2004 4:56:15 AM PST by BikerNYC
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To: John O
=== So how (scripturally based please) could we be excluding Him?

What is this "scripturally based" nonsense?

Absent some "scripturally based" indication that God wills us to render the sex act sterile with the use of contraceptives, I see no reason for you to believe you are allowing God full reign in your life.

Is there anything about contraception in the Scripture? Onanism (the most natural contraception of all) appears to be grounds for condemnation. What in the world makes you think your manmade means for contraverting the potency of the male and fecundity of the female -- as designed by their Creator -- is legitimate?

I'm truly curious how you rationalize this.
45 posted on 02/13/2004 8:33:17 AM PST by Askel5
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To: little jeremiah
Gays' great game plan leads to political correctness gone amok

Rebecca Hagelin: The beginning of the end for America? (the gay agenda)

Nuances of gay identities reflected in new language 'Homosexual' is passé in a 'boi's' life

46 posted on 02/13/2004 9:24:26 AM PST by EdReform (Support Free Republic - All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!)
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To: Askel5
I appreciate that you have views that you want to discuss that are germane to the topic of the fact that in many ways our cultuer is in the handbasket heading south with the temperature getting hot, but this particular thread was started to exchange ideas about what people can DO to thwart, hamper, and defeat the homosexual onslaught. Maybe your discussion could go elsewhere?
47 posted on 02/13/2004 11:19:23 AM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: little jeremiah
=== what people can DO to thwart, hamper, and defeat the homosexual onslaught. Maybe your discussion could go elsewhere?

How is rejecting THEMSELVES the homosexual model of sex not a witness to the moral heterosexual lifestyle you wish to uphold?
48 posted on 02/13/2004 11:24:20 AM PST by Askel5
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To: EdReform; All
Here another ideas/thoughts about being pro-activist on the side of truth:

If we want to sit in our houses, knowing that the homosexual agenda means destruction and death, but we don't do anything about it, the situation will only get worse and worse. What's ahead? Hatespeech laws, fines, imprisonment, loss of control over our own children, teaching children the evils of homosexaulity will equal "child abuse" and kids will be removed from homes where traditional morality is taught, maybe forced re-education is mental hospitals? Who knows.

Some people might consider these fears far-fetched, but face it - would you have thought 15, 10 or even 5 years ago that things would get to the sorry pass they are at now?

So, things have gotten to the sorry pass now BECAUSE people who know the truth didn't stand up for it! We LET the homo-activists have their way for the same reason Neville Chamberlain said there would be "peace in our time" - APPEASEMENT!

If we continue on this path, there is no telling what kind of degradation we will see and be a partner with.

It is coming to the point where many of us will be forced to choose - to shut up and accomodate the "gay" agenda, or stand up and speak the truth, and risk our job, our livelihood, and peace in our family? It means being willing to be laughed at, criticized, villified, and maybe sued.

If we aren't willing to take these risks to fight for what is right, we deserve whatever hell the homosexuals want to create.
49 posted on 02/13/2004 11:27:40 AM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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Does anybody go to these states or cities on vacation?
50 posted on 02/13/2004 11:29:04 AM PST by TomHarkinIsNotFromIowa (Foe Hammer!)
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To: Askel5
Because the homosexuals and their sidekicks in the media are indoctrinating the youth of this country in schools, through entertainment, and the media. Because judges (Nazgul) all over the country are inventing "rights" to sodomy and homo-marriage, thus shoving their perversion down everyone's throats. Because hiding inside our houses being pious won't prevent the queering of America.

The homosexual activists have been very determined, very active, and very aggressive for years. You think they're going to stop now? You think this is as bad as it's going to get? How about when your pastor or priest is arrested or sued for quoting a Bible verse about homosexuality? How about when CPS comes to hassle you because your child said something in school about same sex acts not being normal or healthy?
How about when your car gets sabotaged because you have a pro-family bumper sticker on it? How about at work you are forced to attend pro-homo "diversity" training seminars? How about when your kid goes to college and is forced into the same thing?

Personal piety will get us to where we are now.
51 posted on 02/13/2004 11:33:37 AM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: little jeremiah
=== Personal piety will get us to where we are now.

I'm getting the impression -- quite strongly -- that "personal piety" is a tack we've yet to use.

Looks like most of the heteros have been quite amenable to the "education" effort of the Government ... particularly where birth control, artificial reproduction and the deconstruction of marriage as an obligation is concerned.

Where we ourselves have adopted the homosexual model of Planned children, non-procreational sex and marriage as a sex-based, mutually beneficial economic relationship that may be dissolved if and when either partner no longer finds the marriage serves their "right to be happy" ... we have no basis on which to argue that homosexual marriage is intrinsically different from Artificially grounded hetero marriage.

That's precisely my point.

And I couldn't disagree with you more that personal piety won't get us anywhere or landed us where we are now.

You'll remember the original reason the Sola Scriptura Contra-Ception guy caught my eye is his reminder that you forgot to mention Prayer as the most valuable, perhaps, tool of spiritual warfare.

For that's what this is all about, after all.
52 posted on 02/13/2004 1:16:05 PM PST by Askel5
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To: Askel5
I appreciate your reasoned reply. I didn't "forget" to add prayer, you must have noticed my final conclusion was that only a spiritual awakening will help this country. Obviously that includes prayer.

But one of my points is that as a supposedly Christian country, people have allowed the homosexuals AND sexual libertines of all stripes to change the entire moral standards in a few generations. By personal piety I mean sitting in church or at home and maybe following scriptural teachings and rules (hopefully) but letting everyone else go to hell.

My point is that being pious oneself at this point is not enough. The other side is more aggressive, more determined, and not only wants to win, but wants us to be totally defeated.

Just like the homosexuals (and other libertines) were not content to sit at home and be perverts, they have done everything they can to change US. So why will sitting at home being pious work? It won't.

Also, you mention about "we ourselves" accepting the Planned Parenthood model of marriage. I never have, and many never have. Of course, the majority have. And why? Propaganda. If people only hear and read and are taught lies, they will believe lies.

So it's time to get the truth out there.
53 posted on 02/13/2004 11:13:03 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: little jeremiah
Here's another idea. It actually happened. A guy I know who works for a smallish city in CA not too far from Sacramento had a rather amusing bumper sticker on his car suggesting a good way to stop AIDS, he wrote letters to the editor about that subject (and others, about abortion), and at his desk had some pro-family (arguing against homosexuality) materials. Other employees had personal materials posted at their desks as well.

He was sued - I THINK by the city, because a female homosexual who also worked there got aggravated. My friend got in touch with the Rutherford Institute, fought the suit - and won! He won several thousand dollars.

Moral - we shouldn't take this assault on our moral values lying down. There are institutions out there who want to help us fight the evil of homosexuality. Maybe some other people know of others. There's Lively and Ackerman's - here's a link:

Another thing we can do is donate money (even a little bit helps) or time, or expertise, to organizations that are doing something. I donate money (when I can) to some.
54 posted on 02/14/2004 12:52:05 AM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: little jeremiah
Okay, another idea. Actually, Scott Lively had (or maybe still has) a project whereby people can donate money specifically to buy books and have them sent to elected officials and others. He had a deal where one could donate money and "The Pink Swastika" would be purchased and sent to rabbis. I think ideas such as that are good, because the whole foundation of the "gay" agenda is based on outright lies, the best weapon in our arsenal is TRUTH.

Similarly, maybe someone (me....? I'm out of my league at the moment) can make a list of some basic books explaining the truth about the homosexual agenda and where they can be purchased in bulk, or at a discount. Whoever wants can then purcahs said books to give them to libraries, school libraries (hah, they probably won't accept them), church libraries or private schools, pastors or ministers, etc.

A really good book for anyone who has kids or teaches, is Lively's:
"Seven Steps To Recruit-Proof Your Child"

A concise, practical guidebook for parents who wish to protect their children from pro-homoesxual indoctrination and the possibility of recruitment into the homosexual lifestyle.

And this one also advertised on his website:

"A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality"

Much-needed practical advice to parents from one of America\'s leading therapists helping people recover from homosexuality

Or how about this one?
"The Danger of 'Safe Schools'"
A 12-page expose of the homosexual infiltration of public schools in newspaper format.
(this one is free)

Link to the page where these books can be purchased, and many others:

I am not connected with Livley's organization in any way, I am just more familiar with what he is doing, having read some of his books and tried to assist his organzation with small donations over the years. It would be good to have links and information put up about other worthy groups.

55 posted on 02/14/2004 4:17:20 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: little jeremiah
This is an important link for parents, grandparents, and other who care about children:

Seven Steps to Recruit-proof Your Child

Here are other related links of interest:

A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality: New Book on Prevention Released in October 2002

How to Protect Your Children From Pro-Homosexuality Propaganda in Schools

Choice 4 Truth

Additional information:

Top 10 Strategies Used By Homosexual Activists in Schools

Activism in the Schools

Parental Notification Laws regarding Gay & Lesbian Programs for Youths?

'Safe Schools Campaign' a Trojan Horse for Homosexual Activists, Family Groups Warn

Assemblyman MOUNTJOY opposes promotion of homosexuality in public schools

56 posted on 02/14/2004 5:15:18 PM PST by EdReform (Support Free Republic - All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!)
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To: little jeremiah
We all know what this is about. Nothing has really changed from the Genesis story about depraved men craving sex with the angels of the Most High. Homosexuality is simply the result of people who refuse to acknowledge their Creator and his right to their life. God gives them over to a reprobate mind the Bible says. Homosexuality is an attempt to spit in the Creators face and to to scoff at His design for one man-one woman marriage. Yes, we have lost it in America. We are no longer a God-fearing nation. Unless we have another great awakening we will soon join the rubble of other civilizations like Greece, Rome, etc. God will move on and bestow his grace on some other people who desire to be His people. It is sad and we all know the incremental reasons for this decline. Read Schaefer's "How Should we then live"
Do what you can Christians. Pray, support a Constitutional amendment, but realize the immutable law of reaping what your sowing. Anita Hill tried and was cut down.
57 posted on 02/14/2004 5:30:39 PM PST by 2nd Amendment
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To: 2nd Amendment
oops! Bryant!
58 posted on 02/14/2004 5:32:09 PM PST by 2nd Amendment
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To: 2nd Amendment
I understand what you're saying, but still, my viewpoint is that those of us who do understand the truth have a grave responsibility to do whatever it is we can to defeat the evil of homosexuality (and all that it represents and symbolizes). Whether we can succeed or not is not up to us. Man proposes, God disposes.

The important thing is to do SOMETHING. And what that will be for each person may be different - some people have a lot of money, some people don't. Some people have a way with writing or speaking, some don't. Some people belong to many organizations have access to a wide circle of acquaintances, some don't. Some are computer wizards, some are dolts (me).

IMHO, the way the homosexual activists got to their position of supremacy is because WE, who know better, (or should have), did nothing.

Now, if we don't say or do anything, we'll be like the "good Germans" who said nothing as the cattle cars went down the tracks behind the church.

One kid saved from a hellish life of same sex misery is a wonderful achievement. Maybe that's not the right word, but each and every soul is precious in God's sight, and if we who know better don't do anything to help save some of these poor kids from being seduced and trapped into that hell, how can we look God in the face?
59 posted on 02/14/2004 6:44:26 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: little jeremiah
Homosexuality has always been forbidden in civilized societies.

And why is that? Because it is abnormal and against nature.
Think about it, why were male AND female created in the first place? Or if you must, why did we "evolve" that way? Because that is the way it is supposed to be according to NATURE. Forgive me if I am mistaken but I don't believe there is any animals that are homosexual, are there?
This is what happens when there is no moral right and wrong. History shows again and again when man starts doing well he starts to believe that he alone is truly in control and is self sufficient, so there really isn't a God. After this he then just refuses to acknowledge that there are moral absolutes he will talk himself into believing whatever he says is OK surely is.
This break down of moral absolute led to almost all of mankind being wiped out by the flood in Noah's day, Sodom and Gomorrah in later times, and will again lead to their destruction in the future. /RANT OFF...

60 posted on 02/14/2004 7:31:06 PM PST by alexandria
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