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To: Cacique
hello Cacique,

you ping center-mass on the central points (that too often are not referred to by many of us...): Gramsci - I wonder how many folks here on freep know of him?... demographic trends; elitist thought, etc...

It is the historical demographic explosion of muslim populations, augmented by our dangerously open borders, that concerns me most. There are currently something between 3 to 8 million muslims in our country, and a strong wahhabi influence/proselytization among our population.

Case in point: our prisons... most muslim converts in prison are black or hispanic, and the wahhabi virus targets these minds - already stunted by violence, drugs, hatred, and/or all other things that go into the making of a criminal - and paints itself as a religion for the colored peoples - Jose Padilla is the classic example. Then, it's but a simple and short step to play upon the racial tensions of the new convert, mix in a little revisionist history salted with 600 years of islamic decay and self-hatred of their cultural failure, and POOF!!! - out comes another brainwashed local kid ready to apply his (already criminally established...) knowledge of violence against the homeland.

A point to consider as we view the muslim intrusion into our own country: Historically, muslim minorities have remained quiet and under the radar until their numbers start approaching roughly 10 percent of the targetted population. This period of relative silence is what they use as proof when they spout their "Islam is peaceful/Jihad is spiritual" bullshit. As mentioned above, the muslim population sits at about 8 million, or roughly 3 percent of the US population. What appears to be different here is that - though it's a smaller percentage, activist noise is already coming out of this group. things like coalescing into a voting bloc (not surprisingly, targetting Bush for defeat); or the constant whining by self-anointed muslim interest groups such as CAIR in attacking all public figures that do not universally paint them in the best light. I've some thoughts on why, but haven't yet seen enough info and will reserve them for later. Still, I'm interested in your take on this.

I wouldn't count the West out yet, though, hermano guerrero... certainly not the United States, or some of the Eastern European Nations. But that is another topic.

45 posted on 02/15/2004 3:13:10 AM PST by CGVet58 (God has granted us liberty, and we owe him courage in return)
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To: CGVet58
Remember Kosovo? 100 years ago it was majority Serb until the Serbs allowed Muslim Refugees to settle there. A century later we all know what happened. The irony it was aided and abetted by the west. Why? Perhaps the reason is not as obvious as people think. But that is for another day.

Here is some food for thought

Muslims in the United States have a reproductive rate of 7+ children per couple. Mexicans in the US (counting the illegals) have close to 6 children per couple. 42% of all children under 18 according to the US census are hispanic. And what is the fastest growing religion among hispanics? You guessed it, Islam. The Muslims will not have to fight for control of North America with hispanics because by then they will have converted most of them.

Sociologists will give you the crap that as populations move up the income ladder their reproductive rates go down. Pure BS. Reproduction is a matter of culture. Take the Hasidim, they've been here 5+ generations. Their women are NOT liberated and they have 6+ children per couple. The same can be said about the Amish, another group that never really assimilated and became "American".

We can look at Europe as an example of what the future portends. Not one group of Muslims there have assimilated nor adopted the culture of the country where they have settled. By the end of this century Muslims will be the majority population in most of Western Europe.

The coy pseudo socialist elites that run much of the west believe that their remake of the world in this multiculturalist plan will keep them in place and running things. They are sorely mistaken. They will be the first to. As all elites do, they live in a world isolated and devoid of reality in their fantasies. They refuse to learn from history or they are arrogant enough to believe the rules do not apply to them. In their arrogance they will drag the rst of us into their grave.

53 posted on 02/15/2004 7:14:11 PM PST by Cacique
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