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Misplaced Semicolon Takes Priority... Over Enforcing Laws ^ | 18 February 2004 | Kaye Grogan

Posted on 02/18/2004 11:20:24 AM PST by MegaSilver

Is San Francisco Judge James Warren a judge or English professor? To allow gay marriages to proceed, because of a typo error is beyond comprehension. Whatever happened to just erasing or using white-out to correct typos? To allow a misplaced semicolon to take priority above enforcing the ludicrous. Hopefully, before the complaint is filed again, the infamous misplaced “semicolon” will be in the right place. It’s beyond me why a group called “Prop 22" has to file a complaint against a mayor who is breaking the law (in the first place), allowing illegal gay marriages to be performed. Do they think if they get enough couples united...a law will be passed to make the unions legitimate? And where is Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger? He must be off making a new movie.

As if children aren’t confused enough in this “whacko” world...allowing people of the same sex to marry, is only setting bad examples and confusing them even more. Over two hundred years have passed where marriages between a man and woman have been the normal union. Now all of a sudden it isn’t? Next someone will be wanting to marry their pet. Sound crazy? Well, so does everything else in this mixed up world lately. I thought the nineties were far-out and weird, but since the year 2000, all kinds of bizarre occurrences have taken place. When the world didn’t end at the eleventh hour of the millennium...I guess everybody is trying to go for the gusto...before it actually does end. They don’t realize they are helping it out.

It would appear that many elected officials and judges are overstepping their boundaries. It’s time somebody threw a stumbling block or mountain in front of them, and arrested these lawbreakers. There definitely needs to be several amendments to the Constitution...before everything else is turned upside down. Stopping bells from ringing once they’ve been impossible. Evidently, this is what a lot of people have in mind.

Can there be any doubt...these same sex marriages have been orchestrated behind the scenes for a long time? The mayor didn’t just get up one morning thinking he would marry gay would seem these actions go a lot deeper than meets the eye. The majority of the people need to get back into civilization and take back their government, and impeach a lot of these liberal judges. Maybe the next step is to recall the mayor. It worked once before to oust former Governor Gray Davis and it can work again. If the majority of Americans (which is around 70 percent) are opposed to gay marriages...the majority should rule.

Apparently, Mayor Gavin Newsom is confused if he thinks marriage between same sex couples is covered under the Constitution of California under equal protection under the law. Alabama Judge Roy Moore was arrested and taken out of his position as the highest judge in Alabama for failing to abide by a ruling set forth by three judges to remove the “controversial” 10 Commandments statue from inside the Alabama courthouse. So what is stopping the arrest of Newsom for violating the law by ordering marriage licenses be issued to gays who want to marry? Could it be because one situation is bad for the country and the other is good for the country?

Anything to do with God, the Bible, the pledge, and fast being replaced by things that are vile and evil. Suddenly, Sodom and Gomorrah is starting to look more tame by the hour...when coupled with America.

Kaye Grogan is a freelance writer who lives in Virginia. She writes, produces, and hosts a daily commentary called “Viewpoint” on her local radio station. She has written op-eds and articles for the Daily Republican newspaper. She also writes editorials for online newspapers and local papers. Kaye has many published poems, one published book, and has been featured in a popular woman’s national magazine. She is currently working on two books for children. Her hobbies include photography and she has won photo contests all over the world.

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; Editorial; Government; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: California
KEYWORDS: civilunion; gavinnewsom; gayagenda; gaymarriage; homosexualagenda; homosexualmarriage; marriage; newsom; prisoners; sf; stunt

1 posted on 02/18/2004 11:20:24 AM PST by MegaSilver
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To: MegaSilver
The libbies want this circus to go on for a while. Then they will claim that the "damage" that would be done to those who think they are married outweighs the responsibility to follow the constitution of California. They are about to discover the Right of Self Esteem in the penumbria of our constitution.

Interestingly, this judge is the grandson of Earl Warren, who did as much damage to the country as any of its enemies.
2 posted on 02/18/2004 11:25:52 AM PST by stop_fascism
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To: MegaSilver
I saw the Mayor interviewed..He is quite sure that he's correct,if you don't like a law,ignore it.
3 posted on 02/18/2004 11:26:40 AM PST by MEG33 (John Kerry's been AWOL for two decades on issues of National Security!)
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To: MEG33
Aren't we also dealing with the "Circus" court on this one also? May have to wait to get to the Appellate level.
4 posted on 02/18/2004 11:35:40 AM PST by hoosiermama (Ask Kerry to list the major pieces of enacted legislation he has authored in his career.)
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To: stop_fascism
They are about to discover the Right of Self Esteem in the penumbria of our constitution.

Too late! The US Supreme Court in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education found that segregation was bad because it made people feel bad about themselves.

5 posted on 02/18/2004 11:42:52 AM PST by Procyon
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To: MegaSilver
This judge is a fool because all his prior cases will be subject to scrutiny. Remember 1/2 of all people who enter a courtroom leave unhappy.
6 posted on 02/18/2004 12:02:49 PM PST by longtermmemmory (Vote!)
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To: *Homosexual Agenda; EdReform; scripter; GrandMoM; backhoe; Yehuda; Clint N. Suhks; saradippity; ...
Homosexual Agenda Ping. Good editorial.

Let me know if anyone wants on/off this list.

Black robed Nazgul.
7 posted on 02/18/2004 12:21:42 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: MegaSilver
Don't you see? The Judge's delay by semi-colon is to give him/her time to get that marriage license from the Mayor before Arnold enforces the laws of the State of Kallyfornia.
8 posted on 02/18/2004 1:06:22 PM PST by floriduh voter ( Invite to My Site)
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To: MegaSilver
The Judge is having their own same sex marriage? Rhetorical & speculative by FV.
9 posted on 02/18/2004 1:08:08 PM PST by floriduh voter ( Invite to My Site)
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To: MegaSilver
Hon. JAMES L. WARREN presiding
400 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Court Clerk for Department 301 -- (415) 551-3719
10 posted on 02/18/2004 1:41:10 PM PST by Exton1
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To: Exton1
Tells us nothing unfortunatly. (did you know which 2000 judge was "not straight")
11 posted on 02/18/2004 1:45:09 PM PST by longtermmemmory (Vote!)
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To: floriduh voter
Ahnold is probably getting pressure from his hollyweird buddies who have access to his personal numbers. He needs to be far more agressive on this. Terminator not the wuss.
12 posted on 02/18/2004 1:51:16 PM PST by longtermmemmory (Vote!)
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To: Procyon
Blacks most certainly did NOT get equal treatment or funding. Before 1954, it was the government trying to keep the black man on the plantation. Today, it's the NEA and the Democratic party. Why urban blacks vote Democratic is beyond understanding.
You'd probably agree with the Dred Scott decision,wouldn't you?
13 posted on 02/18/2004 1:52:52 PM PST by macrahanish #1
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To: longtermmemmory
I had said in another thread recently, "can a.c.l.u. be far behind on this issue" well just a bit ago on the news the a.c.l.u. is now fighting Florida's laws banning f..I mean gays
from adopting children.

This is so sick, for those who think that its a good thing for
gays to adopt kids.....well I just cant even talk about that except to say, remember the 11,000 homosexual priests who ABUSED children.

Do you really want children raised in an environment that promotes behavior that produces aids, hiv??
That is abnormal in their beliefs surrounding sexual beleiefs
I am trying to word this delicately and its not working. LOL

An attorney trying to fight this travesty said that all these people want are HANDOUTS!
They want all benefits that are now allowed for MARRIED people and their families such as federal death benefits, social security survivor benefits, health insurance benefits (which with aids and catastrophic insurance all of our premiums would go sky high because of them) if they want to leave a will or a 401k or something like that they can.
But NO allowing marriage, civil unions or adopting children.

They have attempted to push their homosexual beliefs on our school children I mean folks were will this all end?

The RATS are saying that its perfectly all right a live-and-let-live philosophy and they deserve equal rights
EXCUSE ME EQUAL RIGHTS with normal, christian family units???
14 posted on 02/18/2004 3:19:14 PM PST by stopem
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