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The Last Public Call to European Union's Leaders (Public Statement - Iran)
daneshjoo ^ | Mar. 8, 2004 | SMCCDI

Posted on 03/08/2004 7:00:37 PM PST by nuconvert

The Last Public Call to European Union's leaders

SMCCDI (Public Statement) Mar 8, 2004

Mr. Blair, Mr. Chirac, Mr. Schroeder, Mr. Berlusconi and Mr.Klestil,

Twenty-Five years of oppression, mass killing, barbarism, and mismanagement of our country by the Islamic republic and its indoctrinated technocrats have now brought Iran to the edge of collapse and civil war.

As an increasing number of young Iranians are starting to shift towards armed struggle, the masses tired of 7 years of empty promises of reforms from within the theocratic system boycotted the sham elections of Feb. 20th in the greatest yet act of Civil Disobedience. This non-violent method of struggle follows the massive boycott of last year's sham city and rural election and prior to that, in 1997, Iranians used the Islamic Republic's presidential elections as an opportunity to show their rejection of those known as "hardliners" by the greatest voter turn out in Iran's history.

Thus, more than ever, we can declare with absolute conviction that Iranians are rejecting the Islamic regime in its totality!

But despite these clear signals, many entities with short term mercantilist and neo-colonialist views, especially among the EU, are still trying to extend the life of an illegitimate regime just as they did in the case of Iraq till the situation led to war due to the persistent existence of an unaccountable and un democratic regime..."


We Iranians know that you are the leaders of the European Union. We know that you did not arrive at your positions of power by force, deception, coercion, cronyism, intimidation, or all the other subversive means that some Mullahs of Iran successfully employed to hijack power and hold on to it. You are where you are because the majority of European people, believing mainly in your honor, integrity, and competence, assigned you to your posts by utilizing true Democratic means. Your nations purport to be vanguards and champions of Liberty and Democracy and you are their torch bearers.

Thus we justly demand of you to abandon your indifference to our plight and let us arrive at the shores of Democracy too!

If you still listen to your conscience and still possess your honor and integrity, then do what is right and do not impede us in our struggle to build a nation that is founded on the principles of Human Rights, Liberty, and Democracy.

In particular, Mr. Blair, you and your Crown Prince, if you are entertaining or nurturing neo-colonialist ideas and dreams involving Iran, forget them. You failed in America and India and you will meet defeat just the same in Iran.

Abandon your support of the Islamic Republic and your demagogic pretense of conducting "Constructive Dialogue" with the doomed Islamic terrorist regime. As repression continues and persists in Iran, while the Iranian people have made it brazenly clear to the world that they don't want the Islamic Republic, you no longer have even a resemblance of justification to continue with aiding and abetting that regime. The fallacy that you liked so much to perpetuate, that within the wretched regime of ayatollahs there were "Reformist Elements" with whom you could conduct legitimate business, while knowing full and well that they are all woven from the same cloth, has lost its façade of validity. The sham elections of Feb.20 through which the "Hardliners" got rid of the so-called "reformers" should be your clue. And the fact that Iranians massively boycotted those elections, and didn't so much as yawn for the disqualified "pro-reform" MP's when they staged a protest sit-in hoping that Iranians would rush to their support just like the Russians did for Yeltsin, should remind you for the hundredth time that Iranians do not want and care for this regime in its entirety.

There is no wiggle room or gray area. You are either with us or with the Tyranny and Terror Masters in Iran!


We know and do expect that as leaders of your nations, you primarily uphold the interests of your countries. But you must reconsider your position of willingness to gain short term profits from the Islamic Republic and opt for solid and lasting relations with a Free, Modern, and Democratic Iran that wants and will be a bastion of security in the region; an Iran which is tired of being known as a supporter, producer, and exporter of terrorists and terrorism.

Time for you to help us is now. We will appreciate and reward your help in the future when the Islamic Republic is no more, as we will not forget if you choose to ignore our pleas and carry on your romance with Mullahs. And furthermore, we will reject many of the illegal and unfair contracts that this regime has awarded to some greedy establishments in your union.

All we want from you for help is due recognition:

-Recognize that Iranians have had it and are done with the Mullahcracy that has ruined their country. They want a Free, Democratic, and Secular Iran.

-Recognize that The Islamic Republic of Iran, by the very principles and doctrine upon which it is founded, can not be reformed, either from within or without. It has finally finished playing "Good Mullah, Bad Mullah" and the Bad Mullahs are now openly in charge.

-Recognize that your continued embrace of the Islamic Republic only serves to prolong its miserable political existence because it makes the Ayatollahs in power believe they enjoy legitimacy, and by banking on it, they continue their brutality on the masses of Iranian people who so far have valiantly chosen to remain non-violent.

-Recognize that the Islamic Republic is an oppressive terrorist regime that is a threat to the world security and peace in the Middle East. It must be brought down and the Mullahs be peacefully ushered back to the mosques where they belong.

-Recognize that all you need to do is shun and abandon the hated and doomed regime and give your full moral support to the oppressed people of Iran. Iranians will take care of getting rid of the Islamic Republic and its menace themselves. Their struggle against the theocratic system, which is based on civil disobedience and non-violent measures, has started and is well under way. Absolutely no foreign troops need to march in Iran and no military intervention is sought.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Long live freedom! Long live secularism! Established be democracy!

March 8, 2004 (18th Esfand 1382)

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI)

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1 posted on 03/08/2004 7:00:38 PM PST by nuconvert
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To: nuconvert
Well the writer recognizes old Europe as the perpetrator of the current system.

Its a start.

I'm ashamed to say that I didn't follow the Iranian elections this time around. Seems the hardliners won again.

These peoples of Iran need to apply more pressure from within.

Hopefully when Afghans and Iraquis are free that will happen. It may require decades of steady pressure

2 posted on 03/08/2004 7:13:13 PM PST by mylife
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To: mylife
They've been demonstrating for about 6 years already.
It's taken this long for the press to decide to occasionally cover it. And then, because of the WOT and their nuke facilities.
3 posted on 03/08/2004 7:29:42 PM PST by nuconvert (CAUTION: I'm an acquaintance of someone labelled :"an obstinate supporter of dangerous fantasies")
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To: nuconvert
I know..It could take decades
4 posted on 03/08/2004 7:35:49 PM PST by mylife
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To: freedom44
5 posted on 03/08/2004 7:36:29 PM PST by mylife
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To: mylife
The regime can't have decades. They'll have nuclear weapons very soon.
That's way to dangerous and can't be allowed to happen.
6 posted on 03/08/2004 7:40:37 PM PST by nuconvert (CAUTION: I'm an acquaintance of someone labelled :"an obstinate supporter of dangerous fantasies")
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To: nuconvert
Where are the incessent whiners from ANSWER? Why don't they devote 1/10 of their hatred for our freely elected President and country to the mullahcracy of Iran?
7 posted on 03/09/2004 5:16:11 PM PST by Democratshavenobrains
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To: Democratshavenobrains
In a nutshell......(emphasis on "nut")

ANSWER thinks that WE are more of a threat to the rest of the world than Iran with nuclear weapons.
8 posted on 03/09/2004 5:34:36 PM PST by nuconvert (CAUTION: I'm an acquaintance of someone labelled :"an obstinate supporter of dangerous fantasies")
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To: nuconvert
I wonder if the europeans are smart enough to understand what is being said here. There is a very real demographic time bomb set to go off in Iran. If the europeans continue the way they are going, those young Iranians will never forgive them. They will find themselves on the outside looking in.

These people want FREEDOM! It's getting close enough for them to smell it, and if the europeans interfere with them achieving it then they'd all better buy bicycles because they will be getting absolutely zero from the free and independent Iran.

9 posted on 03/09/2004 5:42:49 PM PST by McGavin999 (Evil thrives when good men do nothing!)
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