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To: risk
H.C.I. is what its source of funds say it will be.

Unfortunately, you will discover, if you follow the money, that H.C.I. is the opposite of the organization interested in preserving our Constitution, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership --- that is to say, H.C.I. is heavily funded by Jews for the dissolution of the Second Amendment.

That is unfortunate, because you might wish to think that socialist / leftist [limousine liberal] Jews would wish to be adamant about preserving individual freedom and the right to keep and bear Arms; and well, the JFPFO are, while the H.C.I. and A.D.L. are not.

The Hechinger hardware family's foundation, being a major, if not the major, contributor.

Not to mention that H.C.I. was the basic cash flow for Charles Schumer's run for the Congress.

Setting aside the Jews on both sides of the argument, pro and con, the right to keep and bear Arms, that leaves the supporters for H.C.I. primarily being, still, leftists, while supporters of the right to keep and bear Arms can be found among a wide variety of Democrats and Republicans, a few liberal, many conservative.

The position of various gun-toting bureaucrats in the government(s) within the United States, varies depending upon their leaning toward, or away from, the A.F.L.-C.I.O. labor union directorate, which is to say, the mean to serve themselves at the public trough, and any call to alarm the public, which causes an increase of cash flow into the trough, in reaction to the public's worries about what the liberal media may cause by the nightly news-fear-mongering update, is welcomed by Big Labor.

To wit, in general, H.C.I. is not what it claims to be.

Lastly, inside the Beltway, there is a wing of the A.F.L.-C.I.O. made up of leftist legal beagles, whose purpose is the creation of "movements in the public interest."

It's founders, who are in general, the totems of the branches of the A.F.L.-C.I.O. who have made Ted Kennedy the man that he is.

The name of that "think tank" is (used to be called):

The National Resource Center for Consumers of Legal Services (formed in 1972)

They manufacture "movements" and "coalitions" in a near-assembly-line like process of legal ministrations, and fill such "non-partisan" groups' literature with "studies" upon which, are based the "facts" that their spokes-creatures respond to interviews by thought-less liberal media talking heads.

Yes. The left makes a business venture out of creating leftwing extremist movements by the dozen, so to speak, in order to provide the appearance that there are "so many people against" what the liberal media, et al, want you, the public eye, to be against --- you'll bite, say the leftist marketers, because you'll want to be part of the crowd.

So, to get a crowd, the left started an organization that creates the basis for them, so that they can be, "rented."

Such Rent - a - Crowds are often the opposition for the Washington area FRPR's.

H.C.I. was founded for one purpose, to create a crowd for the public eye, by which socialists can cause increasing public unhappiness that leads to where socialists want us all to go, petitioning the Congress that, in whatever crisis de jour is in the headlines, "Something must be done about it."

That is what Bill and Hillary Clinton and H.C.I. et al, do for a living: cause a panic, so that you will be afraid enough to let government have more power to regulate your life at the expense of your liberty.

God Bless the JFPOF, for having the guts to tell their brothers that Big Government is not what will save Jews; to the contrary, it was, through all of the 20th Century, Big, Un-Limited Governments that killed Jews.

When I was a little kid, my father did not give me a gun.

Instead, I was curious about a book entitled Auschwitz.

That convinced me that daring to be free, was essential for our liberty. That we must stand up for our neighbor, or we will likely be next.

Things that I learned, when only six years old.

Un-limited government, un-checked by the distant reserve of an armed citizenry's well-regulated muster, is an invitation to tyranny, totalitarian imposition, and terror for the people.

All throughout pending-NAZI Germany, Germans said to themselves, and argued about it behind closed doors, "It will never happen."

It did.

Because organizations bent on stripping the people of their rights, which is the purpose of H.C.I., were not correctly identified.

Often, well-meaning organizations are hijacked by socialists; the League of Women Voters is one such organization. Used to have a lot of brave people in that outfit, until the Marxist-enlightened Ph.D. graduates from Wellesley and Smith began to lecture and cajole the ladies into believing themselves intellectual incapable of standing up for freedom, on the basis of their simple, good, common sense.

That is, beware of socialists bearing diplomas, for they bring with them a leviathan of statistics with which to smother you to your last gasp.

Dare to be free.

Never, never, never quit.

12 posted on 03/28/2004 11:31:54 PM PST by First_Salute (May God save our democratic-republican government, from a government by judiciary.)
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To: First_Salute
Why do these particular Jews appear to be so anti-gun? Isn't it because they actually believe in what they're doing at face value? I am worried about them and their mistakes, dangerous mistakes, but I'm more worried about those to come after them, once the guns are all illegal.
13 posted on 03/28/2004 11:40:37 PM PST by risk
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