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Kerry & Clarke 9/11 Culpability: The Senate Intel Committee Findings on 9/11!
Committee Reports ^ | Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Posted on 03/29/2004 8:41:11 PM PST by xzins

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To: VaBthang4; 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub; Blueflag; Travis McGee; aristeides; SpookBrat; mhking; LTCJ; ..
41 posted on 03/30/2004 5:38:04 AM PST by xzins (Retired Army and Proud of It!)
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To: xzins
Thanks for post and ping!
42 posted on 03/30/2004 5:44:46 AM PST by Cap Huff
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To: xzins; StriperSniper; Mo1
43 posted on 03/30/2004 5:47:08 AM PST by OXENinFLA
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To: xzins
I think it is entirely unfair to attack anyone in a highly complex job after only 8 mos. Not only that, President Bush didn't get to have a transition team get into the White House and prepare to take over because of Gore's insistence on recounting dead men's votes in only 3 counties in Florida.

Add to that the deliberate attempt to delay many of President Bush's appointments in key national security positions:

For months, Sen. Levin personally had held up the confirmation hearings of Bush's appointees who were to design the U.S. antiterrorism strategy - Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas J. Feith, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Programs J.D. Crouch and Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Peter W. Rodman - refusing for apparently partisan purposes to allow them to take office until late July 2001. While Levin was holding up their appointments, the incoming Pentagon policy team had no legal or political authority to do their vital jobs - a fact that helps explain why it took eight months for the Bush administration to draw up a strategic operational plan to destroy al-Qaeda.

(Clinton) Holdovers in addition to Clarke) Held Up Security Strategy ("MUST READ")

44 posted on 03/30/2004 5:48:58 AM PST by Quilla
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To: Cap Huff
As you read through this report, you see awesome ignorance on the part of the so-called "Terror Czar" Richard Clarke. It is now evident that part of his purpose in slamming Bush is obfuscating his own culpability....criminal negligence(?) the 9/11 disaster. He was the one who was supposed to pull all these things together.

Kerry was Vice-Chair of the Senate Intel Committee and is constitutionally charged with providing for the security of the nation.....and PROVIDING means both oversight AND MONEY! He starved the intel community.

They also received briefings from the Clintonistas who were in charge...they MISSED this stuff that they should have known! For Pete's sake they endured Al Qaeda attack after Al Qaeda attack -- Why wouldn't they have put 2+2 together??!!!

45 posted on 03/30/2004 5:50:42 AM PST by xzins (Retired Army and Proud of It!)
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To: xzins
I agree with all that you wrote . . .

I remember how badly everyone treated Bush between Jan 20 - Sept 11, 2001. The transition was difficult. Even the media treated him poorly - they practically boycotted George until 9/11.

I will never forgive Trent Lott and the Republicans for "sharing" leadership on the Hill - and I will never forget little Tommy Daschle dancing around the Capitol when Jeffords switched parties. The people of South Dakota would be dong this nation a great favor if they voted Tommy out of office this fall. His opponent, Thune, has a pretty good chance - just got a key Indian endorsement.

Anyway, Kerry should be made to eat the committee report you posted before he tries to utter one more word about Bush.
46 posted on 03/30/2004 5:52:00 AM PST by Spotsy (Bush-Cheney '04)
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To: Quilla
Excellent stuff and right on the money! Thanks Quilla.

I know that Kerry left the Intel Committee in mid-2001. Any idea if Levin was also on that committee?

I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but one has to wonder if they had a plan to discredit the Bush Administration. The Intelligence Committee was closed down by Pat Roberts because of Dem Strategies to use their Intel Knowledge AGAINST the President.

Would they hate America so much that they'd PLAN or ALLOW Al Qaeda to get through the breeches that they already knew existed? Would they keep new people out of their positions so things couldn't get fixed?

It explains Kerry ignoring SPECIFIC LETTERS written to him about Boston Logan Airport being the site where the hijackings would occur....Click here for Kerry Culpability for Logan Airpost, Boston

47 posted on 03/30/2004 5:57:47 AM PST by xzins (Retired Army and Proud of It!)
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To: no dems
That is not my area to concentrate upon. I am called to pray for Bush daily - for Godly wisdom and that the LORD turn his heart where HE wants it and the LORD's will be done. And, for the LORD to raise up prayer warriors in this Nation! For the victory will be achieved not by might, not by power but by the Holy Spirit of the LORD God of Israel. The other issue does not interest me in the least! Foolish people bearing fools lawsuits! I shall not be distracted.
48 posted on 03/30/2004 6:00:09 AM PST by TrueBeliever9
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To: Spotsy; Eva
Thanks, Spotsy.

See the link at at #47. (Eva found that for me.)
49 posted on 03/30/2004 6:00:12 AM PST by xzins (Retired Army and Proud of It!)
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To: xzins
And Kerry (and Levin) slow-rolled the Bush transition in 2001, forcing them to keep holdovers like Clarke, Beers, etc. From another thread this morning:

Cheney's comment [that Clarke was out of the loop on the evolving counter-terrorism strategy] is consistent with previous news reports, which administration officials confirm, that the White House national-security process is unusually compartmented, so that even senior NSC officials would not necessarily know of secret strategic planning. Much of the reason, administration sources say, is because of the many Clinton holdovers in the top ranks of government who were from the start working to kill plans they didn't like by leaking them to left-wing media.

The Bush team was too accommodating to the lousy Clintonoids -- shouldn't have kept them on because, as we've seen, they've betrayed any trust that was given to them. There are still plenty lurking in the rat corners of the Administration today.

Bush and Condi should now turn on these rats, and place the blame where it belongs: Clinton (and Clarke) had 8 years to address the problem and did NOTHING! Bush had, at best, 8 months... even less when you think of the slow-roll the Democrats gave his transition. I know he doesn't want to point fingers, but the way the Dems/Media are spinning it, perhaps he needs to acknowlege: He didn't do enough -- and for that, perhaps, he should "apologize" along with the recognition that his mistake was in not cleaning out the weak, appeasing Clintonoids as soon as he entereed the White House. Just some angry thoughts this morning.

50 posted on 03/30/2004 6:01:10 AM PST by ReleaseTheHounds
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To: ReleaseTheHounds
I think you're right on the money.

I'm convinced that the Dems are culpable for 9/11. There might have even been a conspiracy to HAVE it happen.

I also think they covered up Al Qaeda connections to the OKC bombing.

If there are any clintonistas remaining in positions of's time to get rid of them.

Remember the Wilson/Africa/CIA/Wife deal? --- caused by Dem Party Operatives still in positions of influence.
51 posted on 03/30/2004 6:05:41 AM PST by xzins (Retired Army and Proud of It!)
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To: xzins

While the Intelligence Community had amassed a great deal of valuable intelligence regarding Usama Bin Ladin and his terrorist activities..."

...none of us have really come to any conclusion on how to spell this guy's name.

52 posted on 03/30/2004 6:06:06 AM PST by Hatteras
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To: xzins
The democrats are innoculating themselves in case their culpability gets put on the big screen during the last 30 days of the campaign.

Yup, muddy the waters, play theater games, whine and howl, that's the game plan. They want to have an alternate reality to pull out to cover their @$$es.

53 posted on 03/30/2004 6:06:58 AM PST by StriperSniper (Ernest Strada Fanclub)
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To: Hatteras
Wonder if it's in the FR spellcheck?? :>)

Maybe best to spell it: D-E-A-D

54 posted on 03/30/2004 6:08:00 AM PST by xzins (Retired Army and Proud of It!)
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To: xzins
55 posted on 03/30/2004 6:10:12 AM PST by TrueBeliever9
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To: TrueBeliever9 just pinged me there! :>)
56 posted on 03/30/2004 6:12:29 AM PST by xzins (Retired Army and Proud of It!)
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To: MeekOneGOP; Registered
Ping to basic article

What would a "Kerry is Guilty of 9/11" graphic look like?

What would a "Kerry Worked to Undermine Pres. Bush by Ignoring 9/11 Information" graphic look like?

57 posted on 03/30/2004 6:14:40 AM PST by xzins (Retired Army and Proud of It!)
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To: SanAntoneBlue; MEG33; ducks1944; Ragtime Cowgirl; Alamo-Girl; TrueBeliever9; anniegetyourgun; ...
58 posted on 03/30/2004 6:22:04 AM PST by xzins (Retired Army and Proud of It!)
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To: xzins
Levin has been on the Intel Committee since 1997. As for thinking you may be a "conspiracy theorist" with respect to the rats desire to deliberately discredit this administration, it appears you are simply connecting the dots. Recall their intentions of the infamous 'memo' as described in the Washington Times:

The memo suggested that Democrats "pull the majority along as far as we can," then "take full advantage" of the panel rules to "among other things, castigate the majority for seeking to limit the scope of the inquiry." It said the best time to "pull the trigger on an independent investigation" of the Bush administration would be next year, when the president will be campaigning for re-election.

The Republicans hold a one-vote majority on the panel and could use that edge to reconfigure the committee's rules and structure.

Sen. Carl Levin, Michigan Democrat, refused to disavow the memo's contents and said Republicans are the ones acting in bad faith to shift attention away from the inquiry.

"The purpose of the memo apparently was to lay out options. And I don't disavow the options, including the words 'independent investigation,'" Mr. Levin said.

59 posted on 03/30/2004 6:25:00 AM PST by Quilla
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To: Quilla; xzins; Eva; backhoe
Great info here.Thanks
60 posted on 03/30/2004 6:29:33 AM PST by MEG33 (John Kerry's been AWOL for two decades on issues of National Security!)
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