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Kerry and the Communists
AIM ^ | April 6, 2004 | Cliff Kincaid

Posted on 04/03/2004 3:39:13 PM PST by Tailgunner Joe

In an article in the American Spectator, entitled, “The Bolshevik in Kerry,” George Neumayr wrote, “Kerry’s limousine liberation theology led him into one of the most embarrassing moments of his early Senate career—his disastrous Neville Chamberlain-style diplomacy with Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega. Shortly after becoming a Senator, Kerry took off for Nicaragua with Tom Harkin on a free-lancing fact-finding tour, the purpose of which was to stymie congressional support for the Contras by ‘finding’ that the Sandinistas weren't such bad guys after all.”

Kerry said at the time, “We believe this is a wonderful opening for a peaceful settlement without having to militarize the region. The real issue is: Is this administration going to overthrow the government of the Sandinistas no matter what they do?” Neumayr notes that Reagan Secretary of State George Shultz “was so flabbergasted by Kerry’s shilling for Ortega that he denounced Kerry publicly for ‘dealing with the communists’ and letting himself be ‘used.’”

But that’s not how Glenn Kessler of the Post saw it. “Over the years,” he wrote, “Kerry has pushed engagement with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, the communists in Vietnam and the mullahs who run Iran.” Kessler wrote that, “Early in his Senate career, in 1985, he riled the Reagan administration by traveling to Nicaragua to meet with the Sandinista government, saying that ‘we've got to create a climate of trust.’” Kessler said that Kerry had “questioned U.S. support for the contras in Nicaragua in the 1980s.”

That’s how Kessler sanitized a Kerry policy of appeasing the communists in Nicaragua. If we had followed Kerry’s advice, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and perhaps even Mexico might be communist today. But no thanks to Kerry, pressure from the Contras forced the Sandinistas to hold free elections, which they lost. As a result, the communist insurgency in El Salvador collapsed and assumed the role of a political opposition party. On March 21, that party, led by veteran communist Schafik Handal, lost an election for the presidency. He got about 34 percent of the vote, compared to 58 percent for the conservative. Reagan was right, Kerry was wrong.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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1 posted on 04/03/2004 3:39:13 PM PST by Tailgunner Joe
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To: All

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2 posted on 04/03/2004 3:40:50 PM PST by Support Free Republic (Don't be a nuancy boy)
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To: Tailgunner Joe

'JOHN KERRY = Enemy of Vietnam Vets'

3 posted on 04/03/2004 3:51:20 PM PST by ALOHA RONNIE (Vet-Battle of IA DRANG-1965
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To: Tailgunner Joe
"Kerry adamantly opposed President Reagan’s policy of preventing a communist takeover of Central America. Evidence showed that communist Cuba and the then-Soviet Union were coordinating a massive assault on the Western hemisphere. Reagan had set them back with the liberation of Grenada and the overthrow of a communist gang there. He was also supporting a resistance movement, known as the Contras, opposing the communist Sandinistas who had taken control of Nicaragua. "


Quote above also from the article -- Reagan wanted to stop the spread of communism, while Kerry wanted to encourage it. Whose side was and still is Kerry on?

This is another telling statement from the article:

"“Over the years,” he (Glenn Kessler) wrote, “Kerry has pushed engagement with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, the communists in Vietnam and the mullahs who run Iran.”

4 posted on 04/03/2004 3:51:31 PM PST by FairOpinion (If you are not voting for Bush, you are voting for the terrorists.)
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To: Tailgunner Joe
We have to defeat Kerry.
5 posted on 04/03/2004 3:54:27 PM PST by hershey
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To: Tailgunner Joe
Its the same old song!
6 posted on 04/03/2004 4:02:39 PM PST by Smartass
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To: Tailgunner Joe
ALL the libs were getting weak-kneed over the Central American Commies

Jean Kilpratric coined the phrase "Blame America First" after watching lib after lib say it was all our fault.

Notice that since the USSR's demise - we haven't had poor starving folk trying to impose Communism in countries around the world.
7 posted on 04/03/2004 4:33:59 PM PST by The Raven
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To: hershey
Kerry is more disgusting than both Clinton and his hag. A thorough and complete leftie. I will crawl across razor blades, hot coals, and broken glass to get to the polls to vote against this dirt bag.
8 posted on 04/03/2004 4:37:19 PM PST by attiladhun2
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To: Tailgunner Joe
Some of the stupid votes Kerry has cast in the senate the last 20 years IMHO shows he has never been right.Once an A33 Kissing Communist always an A33 kissing commie.
9 posted on 04/03/2004 4:47:30 PM PST by solo gringo (Always Ranting Always Rite)
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Johniamavietnamhero Kerry seems to have no loyalties at all, certainly not to his country or his fellow soldiers...

Excerpted from a longer letter by Don Bendell, a former Green Beret and proud American who has served his country well........

"Let us talk today’s facts: John Kerry called us his “Band of Brothers,” and now flaunts his hero status to get elected. What has he done for his “Band Brothers?” Each session of Congress is 2 years in length. "

In the eighties, in the 99th Congress, Kerry’s first two years, when you would think he would be full of enthusiasm and eager to fix things, Kerry proposed 1 measly veteran-related bill, S1033. It died. In the 100th Congress, he proposed 1 measly veteran-related bill, S1510. It died, too. The 101st Congress, he proposed 1 measly veteran-related bill, S2128. It also died, but he did propose an amendment to a bill S2884. It died."

"Then, in the 102nd , 103rd , 104th, 105th , 106th , and 107th sessions of Congress, 12 years, Kerry proposed ZERO bills related to veterans issues, his “Band of Brothers.”

"Finally, in the 108th Congress, closing in on two decades of seniority, but more importantly, deciding to run for the Presidency, Kerry sponsored 1 measly veteran-related bill, S1112. It died."

"Now, Chief Hypocrite John F. Kerry, and his ardent supporters, attack Bush to divert his own miserable record, especially as it relates to those he calls his “Band of Brothers.” When anybody like me fires back, they are pounced-upon and denounced as “mud-slingers.”

"Here is some factual mud: George W. Bush has increased military pay 21%. Kerry voted against military pay raises 12 times."

"Kerry and his spinners have said that Bush is decimating the Veterans Administration. FACT: According to, Bush’s 2005 fiscal budget increases VA funding by 40% over when Bush took office, Bush has cut administrative time in VA by half, the Annenberg Center says that funding for veterans under Bush is increasing twice as fast under Bush as it did under Clinton, and vets getting health benefits now has increased by over 27% under Bush."

"Under previous Presidents, democratic and republican, I always was treated like a bastard stepchild at VA hospitals. Since Bush became President, I am treated like a veteran with respect and dignity and have never had to wait for more than a half an hour for an appointment."

"Now Kerry, you and your cronies attack and belittle our commander-in-chief while we are at war, giving more propaganda to the enemy, all for what, . . . votes. Saddam Hussein? Iraq? Your own words and common sense answers that question, definitively."

“So the threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real." - Sen. John F. Kerry 1/23/03
“disarm Saddam Hussein because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a real and grave threat to our security."- Sen. John F. Kerry, 10/9/02
"We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction."- Sen. Ted Kennedy, 9/27/02
"Iraq is a long way from here, but what happens there matters a great deal here. For the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat we face." Madeline Albright, 2/18/98

"FACT: George W. Bush volunteered for extra service time to be trained as a jet pilot, no walk in the park itself, and voluntarily requested the release of 450 pages of his own personal military records, and they have been misrepresented and propagandized to attack him. Kerry touts his war hero status but adamantly refuses to request the public release of his own military records. He is a decorated hero. Being a decorated hero, why would he not release his records? What does he have to hide?"

"Now, Richard Clarke, an eight-year Clinton loyalist, has conveniently released his supposed tell-all book against the Bush Administration. He now slanders a President he publicly praised in a recorded 2002 news interview for taking a much tougher non-nonsense stance against the Al Q’Aida than his predecessor. I am an author: I know the value of releasing a book that creates controversy; and at this time, releasing this book can potentially put millions into Clarke’s pockets. I wish I was releasing a book right now. He said in his book that Bush did nothing militarily until November after the attacks on September 11, 2001. Clarke’s words about our military action at that time show how much he was NOT “in-the-loop.” Special Forces and Special Operations is a very, very tight-knit community, and most of us, even ones not on active duty anymore, knew that President Bush had two Special Forces (Green Beret) A-Teams on the ground in Afghanistan within 48 hours of the first jet slamming into the World Trade Center. Within two hours of the 9-11 attacks, military plans were underway at USSOCOM headquarters at MacDill AFB, Florida."

"What about John Kerry? Once a predator, always a predator. We, the true Band of Brothers were his victims once, but we will be silent no more. We choose to be victors, not victims."

"We, the 25,000,000 veterans in this country have power, and we have proven we have courage, can get the job done, and function as a team. We will call and write the major sponsors of NBC, CBS, CNN, and ABC and tell them we are sick of their news departments spinning the news with subtleties and outright lies against our Commander-in-Chief and in favor of the democratic presidential candidate. We will tell those sponsors we will boycott their products if this is not stopped immediately. We will write to, or e-mail, FOX NEWS and similar organizations, and insist that they have people such as me on to address these issues. I will be happy to go head-to-head with John Kerry, Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Mike Wallace, or whoever they want to represent their liberal agenda, instead of news reporting like they are supposed to do."

"We will talk to our democratic and independent friends and relatives and tell them we all must put our country ahead of political parties. We all know who the foreign leaders are that want John Kerry in the White House: the leaders of North Korea, Spain, France, the Hammas, PLO, mideast jihadists, overly-zealous mullahs, and let’s not forget Osama bin Laden. They are hoping and praying to get George W. Bush out of the White House and John Kerry in. Why is that?"

"If you actually believe Kerry would do better than Bush on the economy and that is more important to you than our defense, ask yourself this question: How many times have you seen a Brinks truck follow a hearse to a cemetery?"

=========================================================== Don Bendell served as an officer in four Special Forces Groups, including a tour on a green beret A-team in Vietnam in 1968-1969, and was in the Top Secret Phoenix Program, is a top-selling author of westerns, science fiction, and non-fiction Vietnam books, with over 1,500,000 copies of his books in print worldwide, a 1995 inductee into the International Karate Hall of Fame, a 7th degree black belt master in four martial arts, and owns karate schools in southern Colorado. Site: e-mail: . This editorial, and the other two, may be copied off my website and distributed.

10 posted on 04/03/2004 5:05:52 PM PST by yoe (Political Correctness OUT! Profiling IN! Know your enemy!)
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To: Tailgunner Joe
I will never forget when Reagan gave a speech, and said I am a Contra too.
11 posted on 04/03/2004 5:32:51 PM PST by dix
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To: yoe; VOA; risk; Boston; Ragtime Cowgirl; LindaSOG; TruthNtegrity; 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub


A Heroes for the Ages:

'AARON BANKS, 101, WW II hero helped establish Green Berets'

12 posted on 04/03/2004 6:00:41 PM PST by ALOHA RONNIE (Vet-Battle of IA DRANG-1965
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Aaron Bank, 101, WW II hero helped establish Green Berets
O.C. Army colonel was known for his exploits behind enemy lines in '44.

WAR HERO: Retired Army Col. Aaron Bank with his daughters Alexandra Elliot, left, and Linda Ballantine at his 100th birthday in November 2002. His efforts to capture Adolf Hitler were fictionalized in the book “Knight’s Cross.”
Photos courtesy of the Bank Family
The Orange County Register

He never caught Hitler.

But Aaron Bank, once a young World War II spy, took what he learned lurking behind enemy lines and changed American warfare forever.

Bank founded the elite special-forces squad that became known as the Green Berets, and in a long and honorable military career earned the praise of the powerful and the admiration of a little girl from Orange county.

"In the midst of being a great warrior, he was a great dad," said Linda Ballantine, Bank's daughter.


He parachuted into southern France in August 1944 and used hit-and-run tactics against German troops. Later, he was the commanding officer in Operation Iron Cross, an intricate plot to snatch Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the Austrian Alps. He recruited anti-Nazi Germans and outfitted them with German army uniforms. But the operation was canceled before he and Hitler could come face to face.

His efforts to capture Hitler were fictionalized in the book "Knight's Cross," which he co-authored with E.M. Nathanson.


Bank, who was known almost solely as "The Colonel" to his vast military family, will be remembered for writing the manual that established the Army's special forces, from which many of the tactics are still used today.

"He led resistance fighters in small units and used expertly trained native speakers to subvert enemy operations," said U.S. Rep. Christopher Cox, R-Newport Beach. "He ushered in an era that is now predominant."


Bank's medals testify to a distinguished military career. Among them are the Army Distinguished Service Medal, the Soldier's Medal, Bronze Star, American Campaign Medal, Asia-Pacific Campaign Medal with bronze campaign star, Europe-Asia-Middle East Campaign Medal with bronze campaign star, World War Victory Medal, Army of Occupation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Medal, China War Memorial Badge and ribbon, Combat Infantryman's Badge, Senior Parachutist Badge with combat star, the Special Forces Tab and the St. Philip Neri Special Forces Medal.

He was honored in 2002 by the Orange County Chapter of the Freedom's Foundation at Valley Forge.

"It amazed me that he never won the Medal of Honor," said Ora Easley, president of the local chapter.
13 posted on 04/03/2004 6:08:07 PM PST by risk
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Vietnamese veterans (?) visit Aaron Bank, apparently.

14 posted on 04/03/2004 6:13:10 PM PST by risk
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To: hershey
We indeed do have to defeat him. There are rumors that Hillary may also be on the ticket. I can see the bumper sticker now:


15 posted on 04/03/2004 6:13:11 PM PST by ladyinred (Monthly donors don't have to think! Become one now and veg out!)
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To: Tailgunner Joe; backhoe; MeekOneGOP; doug from upland
16 posted on 04/03/2004 6:45:32 PM PST by GailA (Kerry I'm for the death penalty for terrorist, but I'll declare a moratorium on the death penalty)
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Thanks for the ping, Ronnie.

Included this excerpt in my li'l e-mailing a few weeks back in response to Kerry/press shamefully replaying the old, dishonest games.

Heard back from a few appreciative Veterans, who shared the facts with their local VFW, etc....and from the RNC.

We are so fortunate. It is far easier to keep putting out the truth, and it is easy to be thankful for our fellow Freepers - allies.

Part III - Will the Real Vietnam Vet Stand Up?
B.G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley

Exclusive to Excerpts from
Stolen Valor: How The Vietnam Generation Was Robbed Of its Heroes And its History
              ~  by B.G. Burkett & Glenna Whitley  

America won World War II. Vietnam was "the only war America ever lost."

In World War II, everybody pulled together. Vietnam was the class war, the war in which wet-behind-the-ears, poor, uneducated, minority men were chopped to pieces while college boys thumbed their noses at them in campus antiwar protests.

Brave American soldiers in World War II bested the evil armies of Hitler and Hirohito. In Vietnam, confused, drug addicted soldiers killed women and children.

World War II's veterans came home to stirring parades, ready to sire the baby boom and forge a supernation. Vietnam veterans trickled back in dishonor, fighting drug habits and inner demons. Or so say the stereotypes. Let's look behind the myths:

Myth: The war in Vietnam was fought by teenagers barely old enough to shave, while World War II was fought by men. A much-repeated statistic claims that the average age of the Vietnam soldier was 19, while the average age of the World War II soldier was 26.

Reality: The average age of men killed in Vietnam was 22.8 years, or almost 23 years old. While the average age of those killed was 22.8, more 20-year-olds were killed than any other age, followed by 21-year-olds, then 19-year-olds. More 52-year-olds (22) died in Vietnam than youths of 17 (12). The oldest American serviceman killed was 62. Almost 11 percent of those who died were 30 years of age or older.

Myth: The war was fought predominantly by draftees.

Reality: About one-third of Vietnam-era veterans entered the military through the draft, far lower than the 67 percent drafted in World War II. And once drafted, many men volunteered for the Marines, the Airborne, Special Forces, or other duty likely to send them to Vietnam.

Myth: It was a class war, with the poor and lower middle class those who suffered the brunt of it. The best and the brightest didn't go.

Reality: The force that fought in Vietnam was America's best educated and most egalitarian in the country's history -- and with the advent of the all-volunteer Army is likely to remain so.

In World War II, only 45 percent of the troops had a high school diploma.

Many were virtually illiterate. During the Vietnam War, almost 80 percent of those who served had high school diplomas, even though, at the time, only 65 percent of military age youths in the U.S. had a high school degree.

Throughout the Vietnam era, the median education level of the enlisted man was about 13 years. Proportionately three times as many college graduates served in Vietnam than in World War II.

A study done at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1992 compared the socio-economics of the 58,000 Americans killed in Vietnam to 58,000 randomly chosen contemporaries by rating their home-of-record according to per-capita income. They discovered that 30 percent of the KIAs came from the lowest third of the income range; but 26 percent of the combat deaths came from families earning in the highest third. This result was startling -- and far from the expectation that wealthier Americans were sheltered from the war.

Myth: The war took the highest toll on minorities.

Reality: About 5 percent of those who died were Hispanic and 12.5 percent were black -- making both minorities slightly under-represented in relation to their proportion of draft-age males in the national population. (This will be discussed further in a later chapter.)

Myth: The soldier in Vietnam smoked pot and shot up with heroin to dull the horrors of combat.

Reality: In 1967, the drug use rate of .25 per 1,000 troops in Vietnam was lower than the Army-wide rate of .30 per 1,000 troops. Except for the last couple of years of the war, drug usage among American troops in Vietnam was lower than for American troops stationed anywhere else in the world, including the United States. Even when the drug use started to rise in 1971 and 1972, almost 90 percent of the men who had ever served in Vietnam had already come and gone. America had virtually thrown in the towel; idleness and the declining troop morale led to escalating drug use that reached crisis proportions.

A study after the war by the VA showed drug usage of veterans and non-veterans of the Vietnam age group was about the same. Another study, the "Vietnam-Era Research Project," concluded that drug use was more common among non-veterans than Vietnam-era veterans.

Myth: American soldiers deserted rather than fight the "immoral" war.

Reality: In World War II, the Army's overall desertion rate during that war was 55 percent higher than during Vietnam. Of those troops who deserted during the Vietnam era, only five percent did so while attached to units in Vietnam. Only 24 deserters attributed their action to the desire to "avoid hazardous duty." Of AWOLs, only 10 percent were related to opposition to the war.

Myth: Vietnam vets have high rates of incarceration.

Reality: A 1981 VA study concluded that 25 percent of those in combat during the war had ended up in prison. In the mid-1980s VietNow, one of the first Vietnam veterans' organizations to receive a VA grant for delayed stress counseling, put out a pamphlet claiming that over 70,000 Vietnam vets were behind bars, while over 200,000 were on probation, parole, or out on bail. The more mainstream Vietnam Veterans of America has claimed that 5 to 12 percent of the prison population at any given time are Vietnam vets, with up to 300,000 in the criminal justice system.

All this information is based on self-reporting by prisoners. But in every major study of Vietnam veterans where the military records were pulled from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis and the veterans then located for interviews, an insignificant number have been found in prisons.

Myth: Substantial numbers of Vietnam veterans are unemployed.

Reality: Vietnam veterans are no more likely to be unemployed than men who did not serve in Vietnam and, in fact, have a lower unemployment rate than those who didn't serve. Figures from 1994 showed that the unemployment rate for U.S. males 18 and over was 6 percent. The unemployment rate for all male veterans was 4.9 percent. Among Vietnam-era veterans who served outside the Vietnam theater, it was 5 percent. For Vietnam veterans, the rate went down to 3.9 percent.

In every category for which I could find statistics, Vietnam veterans were as successful or more successful than men their age who did not go to Vietnam. A Washington Post/ABC News survey released in April 1985, on the tenth anniversary of the fall of Saigon, reinforced the findings of the earlier Harris study. The Post/ABC survey randomly polled 811 veterans who served in Vietnam and Southeast Asia and 438 Vietnam-era veterans who served elsewhere. The poll revealed that only nine percent of Vietnam veterans had never graduated from high school compared to 23 percent of their peers. A Vietnam veteran was more likely to have gone to college than a man of his age not in the service; nearly 30 percent of Vietnam vets had some college education, versus 24 percent of the U.S. population.

That educational edge translated to employment rates similar to non-veterans of the war. In 1985, three of every four said their annual household incomes exceeded $20,000. Almost half made $30,000 or more per year. Seventy-eight percent were homeowners, paying mortgages on traditional, single-family homes -- and more likely to own a home than their peers who did not go to Vietnam. Eight of every 10 surveyed were married and 90 percent had children.

Strikingly, the Washington Post survey indicated that, despite the negative attitudes of the public, Vietnam veterans had positive feelings about their experience:

- Seventy-four percent said they "enjoyed their time in service."
- Eighty percent disagreed with the statement "the United States took unfair advantage of me."
- Fifty-six percent of Vietnam veterans said they benefited in the long run by going to Vietnam. Only 29 percent said they were set back.
- Ninety-one percent of those who served in Vietnam were "glad they served their country."

With this ammunition, I was ready to fight the image battle. But I had forgotten about "Them."

Part I - Rambo and the Bogus War Heroes
Part II - Welcome Home, Babykiller
Part IV - The Ragtag Brigade
Part V - Would I Lie To You?


FR thread (check out Criminal Number 18F's tribute):

8 TAPS: COL AARON BANK ~ SFAHQ | 4/01/04 | Mel Smith

17 posted on 04/03/2004 6:53:32 PM PST by Ragtime Cowgirl (Just $5/mo:THWART ENEMIES*SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!*
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To: risk; RonDog; Boston; Lexington Green; Jimmy Valentine's brother; BillF; Joy Angela; ...

See Photo:

Garden Grove CA Mayor Pro-Tempore BILL DALTON & Freeper "ALOHA RONNIE" Guyer seated together at Little Saigon's recent Anti-KY, Anti-KERRY Rally

See Rally Photo Sets 1 &2:
(Radio Free Vietnam)

18 posted on 04/03/2004 7:07:02 PM PST by ALOHA RONNIE (Vet-Battle of IA DRANG-1965
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I'm starting to turn blue in the face...waiting for some decent journalist to
posit that thanks to folks like John Forbes Kerry...lots of folks in places
like Little Saigon got a "re-education" before they made it to freedom.
19 posted on 04/03/2004 7:43:29 PM PST by VOA
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Re-Education Camps =

...Jungle Prisons force-built, after the Fall of Saigon, by captive ARVN Soldiers...

...for themselves to spend an average 10 years in or to die first.

...This from the camp survivors I've meet over the years that have made it to a Free America against all odds.

20 posted on 04/03/2004 7:52:02 PM PST by ALOHA RONNIE (Vet-Battle of IA DRANG-1965
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