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We bombed the wrong side?
THE NATIONAL POST (Canada) ^ | 2004-04-06 | Maj-Gen. Lewis MacKenzie

Posted on 04/06/2004 4:54:40 PM PDT by DTA

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To: Dr. Frank fan
Look Balkan people all get against each other at one point of another.

Hey I don't like Serbs when they interfere with some issues in Macedonia.

I don't like Serb criminals that have turned patriots but in fact are still criminals like Arkan and few others.

I like Arkans wife. She is very pretty and has a great voice. :))

I like the Serbs as when they tend to do something they go all the way i.e. they are persistant.

I didn't like them when Dubrovnik was bombed in 1991 for no military aim or gain.

You have seen lots of Yugoslavs (Serbs and Croatians) you just don't know it.

Vlado Divac basketball player (Serb) and Mira Furlan (Croatian) actress in Babylon 5 here is the website:

Mira Furlan

61 posted on 04/06/2004 10:14:42 PM PDT by Makedonski
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To: Aliska
I don't know where we go from here. Once we get in a place, we don't seem to like to leave. What a mell of a hess we have made of this.

We've GOT TO get out of Kosovo and give it back to Serbia. If this precedent is allowed to stand, the UN is going to be here demanding that we hand Texas and California over to Mexico on the same stupid basis inside of five years.

62 posted on 04/06/2004 10:16:25 PM PDT by greenwolf
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To: greenwolf
the UN is going to be here demanding that we hand Texas and California over to Mexico on the same stupid basis inside of five years.

I honestly think this is not beyond the pale for about ten years from now. Freepers should run this country. I think this may be the only sane place left on earth.

63 posted on 04/06/2004 10:22:54 PM PDT by MarMema (Next Year in Constantinople!)
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To: Dr. Frank fan
I think it was worse than that - all the liberals I know in this area are very pro islam and anti israel - it's the trendy thing, don't you know.

So when I realized that Clinton was bombing Christians to the benefit of mooselimbs I just figured it was the next stage in the liberal agenda - most of them hate Christianity too - at least those same ones I know do - you should see how they twist up their faces when the word Christian is mentioned.
64 posted on 04/06/2004 10:33:30 PM PDT by Let's Roll (Kerry is a self-confessed unindicted war criminal or ... a traitor to his country in a time of war)
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Transcripts: UK-Parliament on Albanian Violence in Kosovo

Tam Dalyell (Linlithgow) MP

Sometimes - not very often - a colleague makes a speech in this Chamber that states a problem more eloquently than one could have done oneself. As one who raised the issue of Kosovo and was granted a private notice question on the subject on Monday, I can only say that the speech made by my hon. Friend the Member for Ilford, South (Mike Gapes) should be read by all who have to make decisions on that desperately difficult problem in the Balkans. I am glad that he referred to the nickel factory.

I shall simply relate a personal experience, and I hope to be forgiven for crudity. I went to stay for four days in Kosovo with my national service regiment, the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, which was on duty there. In the presence of the then colonel, David Allfrey, and the then second in command, now colonel of the regiment, Ben Edwards, I was able to talk at length with some of the local Albanian leaders. I would not have had that conversation had not the guns of the British Army been behind me, because they were pretty rough customers. They were truculent, saying, to put it crudely, "Of course we're going to win—we have the power of the penis." By that, they meant that they were going to use population to achieve their objective—greater Albania. Some of us who opposed involvement in Kosovo from the beginning thought that we were being taken for a ride—twisted around the little finger of people whose agenda was very different from what Britain and the United States thought they wanted. The way in which we were manipulated by the Albanians must teach us a lesson.

Last week, with the Inter-Parliamentary Union, some hon. Members had long and serious discussions with the incoming Serbian delegation. My hon. Friend the Member for Ilford, South was present and my hon. Friend the Member for Halifax (Mrs. Mahon) chaired the meeting, and they will bear out my account. The Serbs said, among other things, that it was all very well to talk about rebuilding Belgrade, but the old buildings were constructed under the Austro-Hungarian empire, so the centre of their capital city could not be rebuilt unless every stone was taken down and construction started again. Bitterness is mounting, and my impression, which my colleagues might share, was of a highly dangerous and explosive situation. People say that it will take between $30 billion and $100 billion to improve the position.

Alice Mahon (Halifax) MP

4.54 pm

Mrs. Alice Mahon (Halifax) (Lab): I, too, will try to cut my speech down and keep it brief.

We had to deploy an extra 750 troops to Kosovo last week. The entire violent episode exposed the character of the Albanian separatists, some with terrorist and criminal links, who are now in leading positions of power in that province. The Kosovo Liberation Army never disbanded. It simply became the Kosovo Protection Corps. Agim Ceku—I name him again—the man who ethnically cleansed the Krajina, is in charge of the Kosovo Protection Corps.

I agree with my hon. Friend the Member for Ilford, South (Mike Gapes) that what we saw last week was a flagrant example of ethnic cleansing: 3,500 Serbs were burned out of their homes by well organised gangs and joined the 200,000 who have been expelled from the province during the past five years. Those people are scattered all around Serbia and Montenegro in camps. The hon. Member for Uxbridge (Mr. Randall) and I, as officers of the joint group on Yugoslavia, visited some of those camps. I wish other hon. Members would take the trouble to do so. I am pleased that the spotlight is again on those forgotten ethnically cleansed people. Maybe now note will be taken of them.

The violent attacks against the Serbs and other minorities have gone on under the UN, KFOR and so-called protection force administration since the military campaign ended. It is inconceivable to me and many others in the House that thousands of troops from 30 countries are unable to protect the Serbs and other minorities living in the province. Between June 1999 and last week there were 6,923 attacks on the minorities by the Albanian separatists. I make a distinction between them, and people like Dr. Rugova and the men and women of peace in the Albanian community, but the separatists are in charge and they want an ethnically pure state and a greater Albania. Why else would they destroy 154 churches and monasteries? Why else would they want to wipe out a whole culture and eliminate diversity? Their aim is a greater Albania. I am old enough to remember another regime in Europe that sought to eliminate other races and cultures. The consequences for Europe and the world were disastrous.

The latest outbreak of ethnic cleansing was well organised. The Secretary General of NATO, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, accused the Kosovo Albanians and said:

"What happened last week, orchestrated and organised by the extremist factions in the Albanian community, is unacceptable—it should be condemned and it's a shame."

25 Mar 2004 : Column 1129

The UN spokesman said that more than 50,000 people took part in the violence. Only 163 have been arrested. The mob also turned against KFOR and the UN. We know, too, of the tragic killing of two UN policemen.

KFOR must take immediate steps to provide effective protection for the minority communities living under siege. The war criminals such as Agim Ceku and Hashim Thaci who give the Albanian community such a bad name should be arrested and taken to The Hague. UNMIK, which on several occasions has tried to overturn warrants and criminal proceedings against Ceku, should stop doing that.

Let me say something about the links between the separatists and other extremist Islamic groups. On 15 October 2003, a GIS/Defence and Foreign Affairs report—there have been regular reports since the 1970s—indicated that Ceku was directly engaged in support of Albanian-trained Islamic terrorists, and noted:

"During the first half of August 2003 300 Albanian-trained guerrillas including approximately 10 mujahedin (non-Balkan Muslims) were infiltrated across the Albanian border into Kosovo, where many have subsequently been seen in the company (and homes) of members of the so-called Kosovo Protection Corps. The guerrillas were trained in three camps inside the Albanian border at the towns Bajram Curi, Tropoja and Kuks where camps have been in operation since 1997".

From visits to Interpol as a representative on the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, I know that some extremists in Albania and the Kosovo Liberation Army have links with al-Qaeda. Kosovo is in the hands of mafia extremists, organised crime is the main economic activity, and the sinister link to terrorism is definite. I agree with my hon. Friends, and, in particular, with my right hon. Friend the Member for Birmingham, Ladywood (Clare Short), that we must have a serious discussion about the final settlement in Kosovo, because the issue will not go away.

65 posted on 04/06/2004 10:40:44 PM PDT by dj_animal_2000
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To: RussianConservative
OOOOHH Look!! Guess where these elections are being held?

Albania? US? EU?

66 posted on 04/06/2004 10:45:44 PM PDT by Makedonski
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To: dj_animal_2000
The solution to Kosovo is real simple. The US and Britain need to just walk away from the place, and sell the Serbs whatever they need to retake it at cost or below cost. And then we need to hang Slick Clinton, Madeline Albright, and everybody else involved in the affair.
67 posted on 04/06/2004 11:09:18 PM PDT by greenwolf
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To: Makedonski
I call this albanian butt-kissing...!!!
68 posted on 04/06/2004 11:58:59 PM PDT by dj_animal_2000
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To: greenwolf
I couldn't agree more with you...

69 posted on 04/07/2004 12:01:18 AM PDT by dj_animal_2000
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great article but how many Canadians actually READ this newspaper, if any at all.....

we all know what happened, we all know about the Serbian churches, but 99.9% of Canadians and Americans don't have a clue about this stuff...

just like, unless you read FR, you wouldn't have known about the atrocities in Haiti during the "peaceful" rule of Aristide.....

70 posted on 04/07/2004 12:06:42 AM PDT by cherry
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To: MadelineZapeezda
Fox is too busy reporting on Micheal, Kobe, Laci, and a whole list of characters that evidently rate higher than some little country on the far reaches of Europe....

honestly, there is such a dirth of infomation about true world affairs...other than clintoons.....

how can the younger generations have any perspective if they have no world views at all.....

71 posted on 04/07/2004 12:18:16 AM PDT by cherry
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To: Makedonski
where is the photograph taken ?
72 posted on 04/07/2004 4:55:56 AM PDT by vooch
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To: Hoplite; Torie; GeraldP; Ronly Bonly Jones; *balkans
We bombed the wrong side

comments ?

73 posted on 04/07/2004 4:57:09 AM PDT by vooch
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To: Dr. Frank fan
I had people tell me that Serbs were "inherently violent", for example. And this couldn't *just* have been anti-Slavism; it was a Russian professor who told me this!

What was he a professor of? Was he a liberal? What religion was he?

74 posted on 04/07/2004 5:03:05 AM PDT by joan
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To: vooch
I don't think we need comments from the scum who actively support the anti-Serb genocide.
75 posted on 04/07/2004 5:06:31 AM PDT by FormerLib (Feja e shqiptarit eshte terorizm.)
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To: Doc On The Bay
I Fear we may be paying for the "Politically Motivated Mistakes" of the "Clinton Era" for DECADES to come.

100% correct. Our childrens' children will most likely be still paying for it.....

76 posted on 04/07/2004 5:52:54 AM PDT by b4its2late (I'm not insensitive, I just don't care.)
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To: ladyinred
Where is the outrage? Where is the screaming for the commission? Who will stand and call Clinton worse than Nixon? Who will proclaim that he betrayed us and our troops, misleading us to fight against the wrong side?

Only us here at FR I guess.

77 posted on 04/07/2004 5:54:40 AM PDT by b4its2late (I'm not insensitive, I just don't care.)
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Another shining monument to the Clinton legacy.
78 posted on 04/07/2004 6:21:37 AM PDT by B Knotts (Salve!)
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To: vooch
Kumanovo Macedonia
79 posted on 04/07/2004 6:56:42 AM PDT by Makedonski
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To: dj_animal_2000; Kate22
Good post.

80 posted on 04/07/2004 1:09:02 PM PDT by wonders (Whoever said "All's fair in love and war" probably never participated in either.)
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