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New York Post ^ | 4/10/04 | DEBORAH ORIN

Posted on 04/10/2004 2:15:24 AM PDT by kattracks

Edited on 05/26/2004 5:20:34 PM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

April 10, 2004 -- WASHINGTON - Condoleezza Rice's testimony to the 9/11 commission gave a boost to President Bush and helped convince Americans that his administration did all that could be expected to prevent the terrorist attacks, a new CNN poll shows. The poll - taken Thursday after blanket TV coverage of Rice's dramatic appearance - found that 48 percent of Americans now think Bush did all that could be expected while 40 percent disagree. That's a big shift from 10 days ago when 54 percent said Bush didn't do everything possible - that was at the peak of the furor over Richard Clarke's claim that the president was asleep at the switch.

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TOPICS: Front Page News; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: 911commission; condirice; condoleezzarice; polls; ricetestimony; testimony
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To: texasflower
>>Americans are funny, they stand up for the underdog

>That is an odd trait we have isn't it?

Indeed. I think it helps our democracy... part of that "respecting but resisting authority" and such. Kind of reminds me of the story I read on FR this week about the Japanese horse that has never one a race (in over 100 tries) becoming the national obsession currently. Very strange reaction as a people, there, too.
61 posted on 04/10/2004 12:05:20 PM PDT by XEHRpa
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To: kabar
That explains why the leftist media and the Dems are so desperate about the Aug 6 PDB.

I think this is follows Bush's rope-a-dope strategy, because it drags out and focuses the national discussion on the war on terror (instead of, for example, "the economy, stupid") and Bush has the aces in his hand to win that discussion.

Bush got the RATs to scream for the hearings, so he "gave in." He had the RATs screaming for Condi's testimony, so he "gave in." Now they are screaming for the PDB, and the WH has signalled it will "give in."

And yet, with each giving in, the facts become stronger in Bush's favor and Clinton's legacy is further trashed, and the RATs are shown to the public for the demagogues that they are.

I think Sun Tzu's Art of War says to "appear weak where you are strong and appear strong where you are weak." On the War on Terror, Bush is strong, but is currently appearing weak to lure the RATs in.

62 posted on 04/10/2004 12:15:06 PM PDT by XEHRpa
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To: XEHRpa
Kind of reminds me of the story I read on FR this week about the Japanese horse that has never one a race (in over 100 tries) becoming the national obsession currently. Very strange reaction as a people, there, too.

No stranger than William Hung releasing a CD.

(actually a LOT LESS Strange than that)

63 posted on 04/10/2004 12:15:30 PM PDT by freedumb2003 (If your cat has babies in the oven you don't call them biscuits!)
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To: LS
My mother, who is in her 80s and doesn't know a "PDB" from "R&B" keeps saying, that "whatever her name is sure is smart."

My wife, conservative, but not politically minded, was totally offended (as I watched the testimony) overhearing how Ben Veniste was treating her. I think a lot of Americans were.

64 posted on 04/10/2004 12:18:03 PM PDT by XEHRpa
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For those that haven't read this yet:

U.S. Policy Towards Iraq

Hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs

March 01, 2001


Former U.S. Senator from Nebraska, and president New School University, New York, NY

Mr. Chairman and members of this distinguished committee, thank you for this invitation to testify on the question of what United States policy should be regarding Iraq.

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the liberation of Kuwait on February 6, 2001. On February 28, 1991, a cease fire was declared. The world had witnessed breathtaking exhibition of U.S. led coalition power that ended the 208 day Iraqi invasion.

A lot has happened in the decade since. The detail of that history is terribly important for those who want to understand what we should do today. I will not take time to review all this detail but will summarize five points I believe are most important:

First, following a cease fire Iraq agreed to allow United Nations weapons inspectors to verify that Iraq had destroyed its capacity to manufacture chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Until verification was complete the United Nations would enforce external sanctions that permitted Iraq to sell oil for food and medicine. The time needed to complete this inspection would have been a few months, if Saddam Hussein cooperated. As has come to be common practice Iraq confounded expectations by interfering, harassing and finally banning the weapons inspectors from its territory. Reliable intelligence has confirmed the reason for their behavior to be simple: They want to maintain robust programs to develop weapons of mass destruction.

Second, Iraq has maintained a policy so hostile to human rights—especially for the Kurdish minority in the north and the Shia in the south that no dissent is possible. Thousands have been imprisoned, tortured, and executed for opposing the current regime. With or without sanctions the 20 million people of Iraq deserve to have the United States on the side of their freedom.

Third, we have sustained a military effort to contain Iraq and that military effort has cost us lives. U.S. and British pilots fly almost daily to enforce a no-fly zone in northern Iraq that has saved the lives of Kurds and a no-fly zone in southern Iraq that has saved the lives of Shia. We have also maintained a presence at the Dhahran military installation in Saudi Arabia. This installation was a target of a truck bomb on June 25, 1996, that killed 19 U.S. airmen. It was cited by Osama bin Laden as a reason for attacking U.S. embassies in west Africa on August 7, 1998, that killed 11Americans and over 200 others. Our military presence was cited again when the U.S.S. Cole was attacked on October 12, 2000, in the port of Aden, Yemen, killing 17 American sailors. So when the issue of military force is debated do not forget that we have an expensive military operation in place now. The question is not should our military be used; the question is how.

Fourth, when he signed the Iraqi Liberation Act into law on October 31, 1998, President Clinton began the process of shifting away from the failed policy of using military force to contain Iraq to supporting military force to replace the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein with a democratically elected government. Although our support for opposition forces has been uneven at best this new policy is still current law.

Fifth, opponents of establishing our policy objective as liberation of the people of Iraq have used a number of effective arguments to keep the status quo in place. They say we would never get support for a military operation. They also say that democracy won't work in Iraq, that Arabs aren't capable of governing themselves. Finally, they attack the legitimacy and capability of the most visible organization, the Iraqi National Congress. But these arguments are little more than excuses designed to keep us from doing what we know we should do and can do if our will is strong. The argument against military forces encourages us to ignore the hundreds of millions spent each year to contain Iraq and the 47 American lives lost since containment began. The argument that Arabs cannot govern themselves is racist and encourages us to ignore a million Arab Americans who exercise their rights when they are protected by constitution and law. The argument against the I.N.C. is little more than a parroting of Saddam Hussein's propaganda.

Mr. Chairman and members of the committee I am very much aware that domestic and international support has been steadily eroding for continuing sanctions against Iraq let alone a new military strategy to end the nightmare of this dictatorship. I have watched with growing sadness as Iraq has exploited the public's lack of memory, the Clinton administration's silence, and the world's appetite for its production of 4 million barrels of oil a day.

I have read the reports of Secretary of State Colin Powell's return to Kuwait this week and the difficulty he is having convincing our allies that we must stay the course in opposing the Iraqi regime. I have read proposals by informed commentators to try to get the best deal we can at this point including one by Mr. Tom Friedman that would offer an end to sanctions and U.S. recognition in exchange for allowing U.S. inspectors to verify that weapons of mass destruction are not being built in Iraq.

Mr. Chairman and members of the committee I urge you not to go along with the flow of public opinion. The United States push back hard in the opposite direction. The reason is simple: Saddam Hussein's Iraq represents a triple threat to us, to our allies in the region and to the 20 million people who have the misfortune to live in a country where torture and killing of political opposition has become so routine it is rarely reported.

Iraq is a threat to us because they have the wealth and the will to build weapons of mass destruction: chemical, biological and nuclear. Since the end of the Gulf War in 1991 Saddam Hussein has lied and cheated his way out of the inspection regime and has succeeded in convincing too many world leaders to overlook the danger he poses to them. Iraq is a threat to allies in the region because they have displayed no remorse or regret for their invasion of Kuwait. Instead they continue to justify their illegal act and condemn the U.S. led effort which forced them to surrender the territory of their neighbor after inflicting inestimable damage to Kuwait.

The Iraqi government is a threat to their own peoples especially the Kurds in the northern provinces and the Shia in the south. Without our willingness to maintain no-fly zones in the north and south thousands more innocents would have died from Iraqi military assaults. It is by no means clear-cut that Iraqi civilians are suffering as a consequence of sanctions. What is clear cut is that the Iraqi people are suffering as a consequence of Saddam Hussein's policy of diverting United Nations monies away from much needed food and medicine to rebuilding his palaces and his military.

So, I have come here today to urge you to stay the course. Join with President Bush and tell him to imagine returning to Baghdad ten years from now to celebrate the liberation of Iraq. In my view it is possible. In the view of the Iraqi people, the people living in the region and the people of the United States of America it is also desirable.

What specifically can we do? In the spirit of bipartisan foreign policy and in the words a group of now senior Bush administration officials used in a 1998 letter to then President Clinton here are three things that would be the beginning of the end of Saddam Hussein's reign of terror:

1. Recognize a provisional government of Iraq based on the principles and leaders of the Iraq National Congress (INC) that is representative of all the peoples of Iraq;
2. Restore and enhance the safe haven in northern Iraq to allow a provisional government to extend its authority there and establish a zone in southern Iraq from which Saddam's ground forces would also be excluded;
3. Lift sanctions in the liberated areas.

Mr. Chairman and members of the foreign relations committee these three moves would signal that the United States will not yield ground to the world's worst and most dangerous dictator. And we would signal to the people of Iraq that we will not be satisfied until they are free to determine their own fate.

65 posted on 04/10/2004 12:24:40 PM PDT by Danette (Bush 2004)
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To: Let's Roll; uncbob
>>"I sometimes wonder whether Americans are worthy of the sacrifice of lives our miltary occurs"

>If only we could separate from the lib losers -

We need a "Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe" fix for this one. There, the leaders claimed the planet was going to be destroyed by some calamity and arranged to have 3 massive space vessels to evacuate the population to another planet. On the first ship, they put all the nonproductive members of society (telephone cleaning people, etc.). Needless to say, the members of the first ship never figured out why the two subsequent ships never made it to the other planet.

"All liberals and deadbeats on the first ship. Come this way..."
66 posted on 04/10/2004 12:25:58 PM PDT by XEHRpa
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To: LS
My mother, who is in her 80s and doesn't know a "PDB" from "R&B" keeps saying, that "whatever her name is sure is smart."

Bless her heart, she knows good stuff when she hears it.
67 posted on 04/10/2004 2:21:37 PM PDT by boxerblues
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To: XEHRpa
hehehe - I like it.
68 posted on 04/10/2004 3:16:40 PM PDT by Let's Roll (Kerry is a self-confessed unindicted war criminal or ... a traitor to his country in a time of war)
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To: dawn53
Notice how the media only focuses on Ben-Veniste's parlance with Condi - not Kerrey's or Gorelicker's... The reason is simple -- Condi deftly disarmed both of them, and had enough time to draw a big fat "C" (not a "Z") on their exposed chests.

Look back at footage or read the transcripts: Gorelicker had been nailing Condi over the role of the FBI and the divide between it and the CIA... Now, Gorelicker comes out and asks Condi -Why didn't you do something to restructure the FBI in those 7 months? - Now, Gorelicker has just walked into Condi's trap. Gorelicker was herself an Assistant Attorney General to CLINTON between 94 and 97!! She was Janet Reno's henchlady! Condi is the NSA for BUSH... Here's the deal: An NSA is the Principal Cabinet Member who will work closely with the CIA. The Attorney-General is the principal cabinet member who will oversee the FBI!! Condi does it perfectly and professionally. She responds by saying, "Well, I think the real question here is..." why the AGs office under Clinton didn't change the FBI immediately after the 1993 World Trade Center bombings... and Condi stops short of asking Gorelicker why Gorelicker didn't act like an Assistant AG in all those years to do what Gorelicker JUST ASKED CONDI about (Gorelicker being an AG whose Job WAS to oversee the FBI!!!). Notice how Gorelicker backs off from that point onward and decides to play nice???!!!

Next, Kerrey thinks he can tear into Condi... and Condi reminds him about how his first advice to retaliate against the Cole was to attack Saddam Hussein!!! Notice how Kerrey's face just went red, and he was a bit out of his seat and off balance??? It solicited laughs. Kerrey didn't altogether back off, but the media won't really touch much of that exchange now. Condi was a most excellent advocate for the Bush Administration. If a black woman ever wants to be elected ... we've got a Republican Lady of Color who may be the champion of the Bush Presidency, and the Republican States of the South will long remember Condi Rice with great admiration, respect, and a color-blind love for her devotion to the TRUTH and her loyalty to America. Just a note: But do people realize that Bush's Cabinet is the most ethnically diverse group of people in White House history? Do most people realize that Clinton had one of the most ethnically monotonous Cabinets in modern times? Maybe the minority communities need to realize that the "Ruling" Democrats are a bunch of white elitists who will only elect a black president by proxy (According to John Kerry, Clinton was the first black president, and he wants to be the second!!)... I guess the black people will never have a truly black president under the DNC!!! Its more likely to happen with the Republican party at this rate!!!!!
69 posted on 04/10/2004 7:45:04 PM PDT by CzechScot Texan (Condi sliced a "C" not a "Z" all over Gorelicker and Kerrey!!!)
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To: XEHRpa; Mudboy Slim; FBD; Landru
"I think Sun Tzu's Art of War says to "appear weak where you are strong and appear strong where you are weak." On the War on Terror, Bush is strong, but is currently appearing weak to lure the RATs in."

Yes, indeed.

70 posted on 04/10/2004 8:05:37 PM PDT by sultan88 ("I went down Virginia, seeking shelter from the storm...")
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To: kattracks
It backfired on the jerks! I love it. You would think reading the media headlines that people were ready to tar and feather the President and Condi. Obviously the media has failed.
71 posted on 04/10/2004 8:08:49 PM PDT by ladyinred (Anger the left! Become a MONTHLY DONOR to
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To: sultan88
I've always believed Sun Tzu was a purty wise dude...MUD
72 posted on 04/10/2004 9:11:56 PM PDT by Mudboy Slim (RE-IMPEACH Osama bil Clinton!!)
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To: kattracks
"Fox News Channel notched 1.9 million viewers from 9 a.m. to noon, while CNN grabbed 1.2 million and MSNBC had 470,000."

That there says a lot!! All three are broadcasting the same durned thing, but FNC whupped MSNBS by a 4:1 margin.

Go FoxNews Go...MUD

73 posted on 04/10/2004 9:15:59 PM PDT by Mudboy Slim (RE-IMPEACH Osama bil Clinton!!)
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To: ladyinred
I have three notes about the testimony.

First, my comment was that the Democrats should be careful wishing Condi would testify; they might just get their wish.

Second, it's never good to make your opponent into a media star.

Third, second (and third) hand reporst from Santa Fé seem to indicate that Condi's appearance played very well with women in this area. (Not a group the Dems want to alienate.)

74 posted on 04/10/2004 9:25:36 PM PDT by Doctor Stochastic (Vegetabilisch = chaotisch is der Charakter der Modernen. - Friedrich Schlegel)
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To: sultan88
Polls shmolls, sultan.

That woman was a cool as they come & stuffed it down their Liberal-Socialist quisling throats.

...& that goes doubly for the traitor BennyV, too.

75 posted on 04/11/2004 9:45:33 AM PDT by Landru (Indulgences: 2 for a buck.)
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To: XEHRpa
Very insight post!

I saw that story about the horse in Japan. You're right, it looked like the entire country was actively rooting for that horse!
76 posted on 04/12/2004 2:42:07 AM PDT by texasflower (in the event of the rapture.......the Bush White House will be unmanned)
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To: RightOnline
Does anyone know which five of the ten commission members were not at Condi's private interview but found it possible to join the public specticle?
77 posted on 04/12/2004 2:57:04 AM PDT by stocksthatgoup (Tell the truth on the b9st0rds)
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To: CzechScot Texan
Thanks for the insights!!
78 posted on 04/12/2004 3:35:18 AM PDT by stocksthatgoup (Tell the truth on the b9st0rds)
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