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FReeper Canteen ~ Camp Run-A-Muck ~ WooHoo! ~ Friday, APRIL 23, 2004
Beachn4fun, my "VOICES", "kitty-katz", Linda, the Canteen Crew, and FRiends of the Canteen

Posted on 04/22/2004 8:24:32 PM PDT by tomkow6

Edited on 06/26/2004 11:33:49 AM PDT by Admin Moderator. [history]



For the freedom you enjoyed yesterday...
Thank the Veterans who served in
The United States Armed Forces.



Looking forward to tomorrow's freedom?
Support The United States Armed Forces Today!






Welcome to

Today's Camp is a SPECIAL edition!
It seems that the Canteen Animal Shelter is bursting at its seams!

We have a very assorted & ,umm, different pets available for

If you promise to love & care for these warm, wonderful pets (plus a nominal fee),
YOU can take one or two of out UNIQUE pets home with you!
(please see MoJo about the fees, paperwork, pledge, & the no-return policy)

And now, our Adopt-A-Pet Parade!


Mr. Minx-
Nice kitty. Would make a nice watch-cat. Don’t be alarmed at him showing his tongue. He just ate the last cat-burglar.

Both parents have papers. However, due to some legal mumbo-jumbo, Whinney was only given a half-point. So he breed is known as Half Pointer. Needs TLC.

Zack the Zebra-
Friendly. Eats hay. Loves to ride in the car. (Does have bad breath)

Lovable gorilla. Likes other animals. Good guard gorilla. No one will bother your home or family with Linda on watch. She likes to sleep upside-down so interested party must have large room with tall ceilings.  Big party animal!

Housebroken dog. Loves people. Trains easily. Bad habit. He’s in your face all the time.

Ma the Moose-
Nice, friendly animal. Very clean. Loves taking a dip. Potential owner must have very large pool or live near the water.

Harriet the Hippo-
Fun loving. Calm. Likes to sun bath. (No matter how many times she asks you, DO NOT tell her she is fat!)

Warthog breed. Authentic “Tits on a Warthog” breed. Has papers.

Rhino breed. Potential owner must have no fear!

Gander, Goosy, Gimpy-
Must take all three. Good for eating bugs in your garden. Don’t know what sex they are so you might get little ones as an added bonus.

Very handsome! Neutered. Outdoors cat. (Warning: must keep him away from liquor and smokes)

Boris the Bat-
All black. Good night hunter. Sleeps during the day. P.S.: If you are interested in adopting Boris, please check with Radu first as he could be a relative of hers.

Larry, Moe, Curly, and Shimp-
Anyone willing to adopt all four need apply. They are a really funny quad. Nuk…Nuk…Nuk!!

Big Red-
Mother to Larry, Moe, Curly and Shimp. But she has thrown them out of the nest so she can be adopted alone.

Mandy and baby-
Breed: Manatee. Cannot be separated, must take both. Potential owner must have a large pool or lake nearby. 

Horse-hawk breed from the Isle of Hawksh. Makes a great pet. Easy to maintain. Keep him on a pedestal and feed him a little hay.

Cat-bird breed from the Isle of Catzilvania. A real deal. A very wise cat. And, he is a hoot.

Used to be a model. Laid off due to advancing wrinkles. Please do no confuse her with Ari of the Planet of the Apes. No relation.

Seegull breed from the Isle of Eyez. New owner will be amazed at how observant he is.

Deer-bird breed. Don’t ask. We have no clue how this happened.

Another cat-bird mix from Catzilvania. For those of you who may have been disappointed at not getting Hooty.

Deer-bird breed. Don’t ask. See explanation under Deebirt.

Very rare Horse-gorilla breed. No papers exists for this breed. Owner will have to seek to obtain papers for this unique breed.  Must take both mother and baby. Baby nurses from mother until it is five years old. It is now approximately 9 mos.

Another cat-bird mix from Catzilvania. For those of you who may have been disappointed at not getting Hooty or Blackie.

A good bird dog. Lab-gull mix. Again, don’t ask. We have no idea how this happened. Loves water. New owner can’t go wrong with a gull that can point.

A cat-squirrel breed from God-knows-where. From Catzilvania, maybe?  Dropped off without papers. But will do anything for peanuts.

Bethy the Bear-
Another unknown breed. No papers. Eats cheaply. Just fish.

Dougy the Two-faced Duck-
Dog-duck breed. From the Isle of Dog. New owner would be very fortunate since two beaks are better than one.

Chipmunk-tiger breed. Has papers. Don’t’ be alarmed by his appearance. His roar is worst than his bite. Vegetarian.

Another good bird dog, best suited for water fowl. Unknown duck breed. Cute though. Takes like a duck to water.

Unknown Lion-bird breed. Meat-eater. Potential owner should have whip and chair.

Gopher-Hawk breed. Found mainly on farmland. Has very keen eyesight. Potential owner should not have a garden.

La Diva Lady-
Squirrel-fox breed. Very common. Loves nuts. But can have a tendency to act in a very sly manner.

An elephant bird. Found in Africa. Flew in one day and won’t leave. New owner may have trouble keeping it in one place.

Unknown gorilla breed. No papers. Elderly, but affectionate. Must keep horns filed down if allowed to hug/squeeze you. Likes waffles!

(fees collected will be donated to the School for Wayward Burka-Boys)


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KEYWORDS: airforce; army; canteen; coast; guard; humor; marines; military; music; navy; supportthetroops; waffles
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub; LindaSOG; Radix; 2LT Radix jr; LaDivaLoca; Severa; Bethbg79; ...




2 posted on 04/22/2004 8:25:25 PM PDT by tomkow6 (....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-)
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub; LindaSOG; Radix; 2LT Radix jr; LaDivaLoca; Severa; Bethbg79; ...

Good morning, Tonk! Good morning, Canteen Crew! Good morning, EVERYBODY!




Me for PREZ! VOTE !!!

3 posted on 04/22/2004 8:26:20 PM PDT by tomkow6 (....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-)
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub; LindaSOG; Radix; 2LT Radix jr; LaDivaLoca; Severa; Bethbg79; ...


Today's FEEBLE


Every day there are news reports about more deaths. Every night on TV there are photos of death and destruction. Why are we still there?

We occupied this land, which we had to take by force, but it causes us nothing but trouble. Why are we still there?

Many of our children go there and never come back. Why are we still there?

Their government is unstable, and they have loopy leadership. Why are we still there?

Many of their people are uncivilized. Why are we still there?

The place is subject to natural disasters, which we are supposed to bail them out of. Why are we still there?

There are more than 1000 religious sects, which we do not understand. Why are we still there?

Their folkways, foods and fads are unfathomable to ordinary Americans. Why are we still there?

We can't even secure the borders. Why are we still there?

They are billions of dollars in debt and it will cost billions more to rebuild, which we can't afford. Why are we still there?

The answer is clear.. we must pull out of California.

4 posted on 04/22/2004 8:27:13 PM PDT by tomkow6 (....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-a-pet....adopt-)
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To: tomkow6; All

5 posted on 04/22/2004 8:27:39 PM PDT by Soaring Feather (~The Dragon Flies' Lair~ Poetry and Prose~)
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To: tomkow6
6 posted on 04/22/2004 8:34:46 PM PDT by Pippin (Each day is a gift from God. ---That's why it's called the PRESENT!)
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To: tomkow6

Well, I am really bent out of shape Tomkow.
I did not make the lineup of usual suspects!

Bent, really bent!!

7 posted on 04/22/2004 8:37:07 PM PDT by Soaring Feather (~The Dragon Flies' Lair~ Poetry and Prose~)
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub; tomkow6

Mr Tonkin, these guys belong to you??

8 posted on 04/22/2004 8:41:33 PM PDT by Soaring Feather (~The Dragon Flies' Lair~ Poetry and Prose~)
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To: tomkow6

Good night Tomkow, I think you're on the wrong train.

9 posted on 04/22/2004 8:48:49 PM PDT by Soaring Feather (~The Dragon Flies' Lair~ Poetry and Prose~)
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To: tomkow6; Kathy in Alaska; All
Well latest from Kydto news wire South Korea just announced if North Korea need medical help on that yesterday train crash just ask

So far North Korea is deny on their offical website what train crash


Also report off AP wire reporting that if terror attack happen around General Election in November US Congress pass intitive to had special election to vote in representaive if Congress get attack by terrorism
10 posted on 04/22/2004 8:51:48 PM PDT by SevenofNine ("Not everybody , in it, for truth, justice, and the American way,"=Det Lennie Briscoe)
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To: All

Dr. Ritchey, 68, answering call to serve in Iraq

By Rebekah Sanderlin
Staff writer

Staff photo by Tracy Wilcox
Dr. John Ritchey, 68, will work with the 1967th Surgical Detachment for three to six months.
John Ritchey is packing for a deployment to Iraq. At age 68, he will be going back on active duty in the Army.

Ritchey, a Fayetteville ophthalmologist, has been on inactive reserve status for 27 years. A few months ago he got a call from the U.S. Surgeon General's office saying eye surgeons were needed in Iraq and asking whether he would be willing go. He said he would.

"I felt this was an opportunity for some payback," Ritchey said. "The Army was really good to me. Most of the good things that happened in my life have been because of the Army."

Ritchey said he's been willing to serve in every major conflict since the first Gulf War, but he's never been asked.

"They called my bluff this time," he said.

He is scheduled to report to Fort Bliss in Texas on June 6, where he'll spend a week getting ready before leaving for Iraq. He will be deployed for three to six months.

He's not sure where he'll be sent in Iraq, but said he'll be working with the 1967th Surgical Detachment.

Ritchey retired from the Army as a lieutenant colonel in 1977 after serving 20 years, the last four of them as an eye surgeon at Womack Army Medical Center.

He said he joined the Army because he wanted to see the world. When he was 10 years old an uncle gave him a book called "The Book of Marvels." The book chronicles the author's adventures all over the world in words and pictures. Ritchey said he knew then that he wanted to see every place mentioned in the book.

He attended West Point, where he met his wife, June, at a dance for cadets. They were married in 1957.

After West Point he worked with an air defense artillery unit for three years before going to medical school at the University of Oregon in Portland.

He spent one year in Vietnam, working as a flight surgeon for the 101st Airborne Division, then fulfilled his eye surgery residency requirements at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.

He said the recent increase in violence in Iraq has him a little nervous, but not so nervous that he would back out.

"You'd be a fool not to be scared," Ritchey said, "but I went through Vietnam. It can't be much worse than that."

In Iraq, Ritchey will perform surgery on injured soldiers, particularly on their faces and eyes. He expects to see a lot of facial injuries because faces are not covered by armor.

Ritchey had to pass a physical to be allowed to make the trip. The exam included blood samples, checking his health history and making sure his heart worked well.

"I guess you have to be able to run from the Iraqis," he said.

Medical volunteer

Ritchey has been practicing volunteer medicine in war-torn and impoverished countries for years. He and his wife have spent many vacations on medical mission trips in Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, China, India, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Guyana, Peru, Tobago and Nepal.

"We always try to do a little sightseeing," Ritchey said. "But mostly it's a working vacation."

"We're looking at this (Iraq) as another volunteer trip," Ritchey said.

June Ritchey will accompany him to Fort Bliss for a week, a trip he said they're looking forward to. Ritchey was there for officer basic training and they were married in a church near the post.

"We're going to see if we can find our old apartment and the church," he said.

While he's gone, June will probably visit with family or will spend time at their vacation home in Daytona, Fla., he said. Each of the Ritcheys has a pilot's license and he said they fly their private plane to Daytona nearly every weekend.

The Ritcheys have two sons, John and Jimmy. Jimmy is an engineer in Los Angeles. John, a colonel in an Army military intelligence unit, is in Afghanistan. He's been there for seven months and his tour has been extended.

Ritchey said it's possible that his son won't be back from Afghanistan before he leaves for Iraq.

Ritchey will be sacrificing more than just his time and safety when he leaves for Iraq. He also has to give up his ophthalmology office on Valleygate Drive.

"The overhead is more than I'll be making in the military," he said.

The office will close May 1. His employees and patient records will go to New Horizons Surgical Eye Center, in the Eutaw Shopping Center. Ritchey said he may go to work there when he returns, but he hasn't made any definite plans.

Ritchey said all the sacrifices are worth it. He said he feels obligated to help the Army. And, he said, Iraq is one of the countries he has been wanting to see.

"It's hard to get to the Middle East these days any other way," he said.
11 posted on 04/22/2004 9:00:36 PM PDT by B4Ranch ( It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong. .Voltaire)
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To: tomkow6; Kathy in Alaska; MoJo2001; LindaSOG; LaDivaLoca; Fawnn; Bethbg79; bentfeather; ...
Click on the pic and I'll guide you
to the start of today's thread

Showing support and boosting the morale of
our military and our allies military
and the family members of the above.
Honoring those who have served before.

12 posted on 04/22/2004 9:15:14 PM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (I just pay rent, the cats, goat and dog let me live here.)
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To: MoJo2001; Brad's Gramma; Kathy in Alaska; All
An Opportunity to Help Our Wounded Servicemen and Women

Freepers, I have been sent an email from someone stationed in Iraq regarding an urgent need by our wounded servicemen/women. For security reasons, the whole email can NOT be posted here. Read on, please.

Today I went to visit the military hospital here in the Green Zone. Yesterday my boss (a Marine) had gone to visit some of the Marines brought here from the Fallujah fighting. When he asked one of the wounded Marines if there was anything he could get for him, the Marine requested a razor so he could shave and be within standards again before he was discharged from the hospital. My boss also found that the hospital basically was lacking phones for the patients to be able to call home and talk with their loved ones. I think they only had one that the chaplain carried with him and let the patients use when visiting them. We were able to scrounge up a few razors and got a couple of our cell phones signed over to the ward. I took the items back today along with some candy folks gave me and spent some time talking with the patients.

Afterwards, I talked with the ward personnel and they gave me a list of items they can always use. Our hospital is the largest surgical hospital here in Iraq so most of the patients are evac'd here for their initial care until they can be stabilized and evac'd to Germany or returned to duty (although it is not a big hospital-more like a clinic sized unit).

Of course most of the wounded come in with only what they were wearing in most cases. As such, they don't have things like toothbrushes, etc. A lot of you are always asking if there is anything you can send me. There really isn't anything I need, but these folks could use some things for the wounded. It really is humbling when you think about these young men and women who have been wounded, some of them terribly, and they are really excited about getting a razor or some chocolate candy. So, following is the list of things the ward personnel said they could really use for their patients.

On the hygiene items (toothpaste, shampoo, etc.), they are interested in the travel size products because the wounded are normally only here for a short period of time before they are transferred out to bigger hospitals that have better supplies of these items, or back to their units where they have access to their stuff. If you would like to donate any of these things (or start a drive for these things) just mail them to me. My office will sort the items and make sure they get to the hospital. If you would like to send food items, we'll need individually wrapped or single serving items. And, chocolate is okay if it's mailed soon before it gets too hot (but to tell the truth, we've been known to lick it off the wrapper when we want it bad enough!).

Shaving Cream
Dental Floss
Feminine Hygiene Products
Underclothes (male and female)-okay this may sound like a strange item, but remember they normally only come in with the stuff they are wearing and normally those are ruined
Slippers/FlipFlop type of things (in large sizes-apparently the things on the local economy are pretty small)
Hospital PJs
Snack Items
Anything else you can think of

Additionally, we like to go out and give our young Marines pulling post duty candy/cookies, so we can always use that type of stuff. We had a great time delivering our Easter candy stash Sunday and we left a lot of Marines grinning from ear to ear.

* * * * * * *

MoJo20001's husband's division is going to be collecting the items and sending them via transport to the hospital in Iraq. IF you feel so inclined, and the need IS urgent...please let one of us know.

We also are coming across names...MANY MANY names of servicemen who need care packages, a letter, sometimes depending upon the branch of service, an email. If you can commit to being faithful with the correspondence, PLEASE let us know about that, too.

MoJo2001............................. Kathy in Alaska........................... Brad's Gramma

13 posted on 04/22/2004 9:18:25 PM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (Support Our Troops!)
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To: Diva Betsy Ross; All
May 1st Homecoming cyber-parade
to welcome home our troops and Vets

14 posted on 04/22/2004 9:20:15 PM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (Support Our Troops!)
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To: CheneyChick; ODC-GIRL; AfghanIraqVeteran; bkwells; Docbarleypop; chookter; Hacksaw434; armyboy; ...

15 posted on 04/22/2004 9:22:23 PM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (Support Our Troops!)
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub

16 posted on 04/22/2004 9:23:41 PM PDT by mylife (The roar of the masses could be farts)
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To: Kathy in Alaska; MoJo2001; LindaSOG; LaDivaLoca; bentfeather; beachn4fun; Ragtime Cowgirl; ...
From the men in the Military and the Canteen

Compliments of Arrowhead1952

17 posted on 04/22/2004 9:25:16 PM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (Good Morning Ladies!)
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To: tomkow6
Thanks for today's thread Bro!
Enjoy the Cubs game at Wrigley Field today!
18 posted on 04/22/2004 9:27:25 PM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (Thank You Troops, Past, Present and Future)
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To: B4Ranch
"Dr. John Ritchey, 68, will work with the 1967th Surgical Detachment for three to six months.
John Ritchey is packing for a deployment to Iraq. At age 68, he will be going back on active duty in the Army. "

Bet that sets a record in the Army!
You can't keep a good person down!
19 posted on 04/22/2004 9:30:02 PM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (Thank You Troops, Past, Present and Future)
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub; Brad's Gramma; MoJo2001; Diva Betsy Ross; Kathy in Alaska
"...based on illogic and lack of factual, historical political/governmental knowledge."

How so?! Are you saying no Clintonoids ever broke a Federal Law during Clinton's eight years in office?! Slick Willie was 100% innocent of all the crimes he allegedly committed?! You actually believe that?! If not, and I pray to God you realize how absolutely WRONG you are, then someone in the Dept. of Justice is not properly conducting his job!! IMHO, that someone is John "The Gutless Fairy" Ashcroft!!

"No president, no AG, in the history of this nation, has ever gone after the criminals (and yes, there have been some prior to Clinton and his horde)of a previous president and/or his administration."

No POTUS in the history of America has so wantonly pissed upon the laws of this Nation like William Jefferson Blythe Clinton most certainly--and provably--did!! Arguing to the contrary is futile and an embarrassment to the Kool-Aid Drinker who attempts it!!

"Just suck it up and move on."

I'll move on when Slick Willie's tucked away in a 6'x10' padded cell.

Quite Sincerely...MUD

20 posted on 04/22/2004 9:30:32 PM PDT by Mudboy Slim (RE-IMPEACH Osama bil Clinton!!)
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