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(New) Memos show Gorelick involvement in 'wall'
Washington Times ^ | 4/29/04 | Charles Hurt and Stephen Dinan

Posted on 04/28/2004 10:09:12 PM PDT by kattracks

Edited on 07/12/2004 4:14:49 PM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

Newly released Justice Department memos show that September 11 panel commissioner Jamie S. Gorelick was more intimately involved than previously thought with hampering communications between U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies fighting terrorism.

As the No. 2 person in the Clinton Justice Department, Ms. Gorelick rejected advice from the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, who warned against placing more limits on communications between law-enforcement officials and prosecutors pursuing counterterrorism cases, according to several internal documents written in summer 1995.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Breaking News; News/Current Events; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: 911; 911commission; clintonfailures; clintonlegacy; coverup; doj; freeh; gorelick; gorelickmemo; reno; sept11; whitewash; x42
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To: kattracks
When did she know and when did she know it?
41 posted on 04/29/2004 7:21:13 AM PDT by Libertina (The circus is coming to town!)
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To: kattracks
And the "Kean Follies" go on!
42 posted on 04/29/2004 7:23:22 AM PDT by leprechaun9
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To: kcvl
I wonder where the "Jersey Girls" are demanding to have Gorelick testify in public because the American people have a RIGHT TO KNOW who was responsible for 9/11?!

They're to busy trying to figure out how they can get the panel to ask AGAIN why Ashcroft was flying on a privite plane

43 posted on 04/29/2004 7:23:35 AM PDT by Mo1 (Make Michael Moore cry.... DONATE MONTHLY!!!)
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To: kattracks
The June 19, 1995 memo from Vatis/Gorelick was included in a batch of documents released Wednesday by the Justice Department in response to a request by U.S. Senators John Cornyn, (R-Texas) and Lindsay Graham, (R-S.C.).

Mr. Graham, you just earned yourself another vote from me and my family next time you're up for re-election.

Congratulations, Strom would be proud.

44 posted on 04/29/2004 7:31:48 AM PDT by Palmetto (Gorelicker should be given 20 the chair.)
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To: twigs
Do you know anything about Gorelick's relationship with Hillary? Did they know each other? Do they stay in contact now?

I'm checking now ..but this was posted on FR recently though

1996: Clinton Considered Jamie Gorelick for CIA Director

45 posted on 04/29/2004 7:33:57 AM PDT by Mo1 (Make Michael Moore cry.... DONATE MONTHLY!!!)
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To: Mo1
1996: Clinton Considered Jamie Gorelick for CIA Director
That was a close call. She still managed to do a heap of damage though.

Kudos to the authors of this article.

46 posted on 04/29/2004 7:56:26 AM PDT by ride the whirlwind (We can't let Kerry win - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.)
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To: kattracks
47 posted on 04/29/2004 8:13:20 AM PDT by iceskater (No nation or state ever taxed itself into prosperity.)
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To: kattracks
As Jim Quinn has been saying for the last few days, "This was done to provide cover for the Clinton/Chinese espionage during the 1990s."

Campaign donations (All those consecutitivly number cashiers checks with the same miss spelled name) in exchange to access to sensitive information from the commerce dept and technology not normally meant for export.

these guys included Johnny Huang, Charlie Yalin Trie (you know, that guy who owned the chinese restaurant in little Rock - then promoted to a high-level Clinton staffer with a TS clearance. yeah that guy.) and some jamoke who dealt with some Chinese Army general - can't remember his name.

the top of this story should be blown off, Ann Coulter and Timmerman should each write another book. This is HUGH!!!

By the way, Quinn's show is now syndicated via Clear Channel (mostly in PA and Ohio - but growing). His archives can be heard at
48 posted on 04/29/2004 8:59:02 AM PDT by tang-soo
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To: tang-soo
To me, this Gorelick issue is really BIG. It's not just to shift blame from Bush, or some general way to implicate Clinton. The fact that a key member of the Clinton administration put policies and procedures into place that were probably one of the single largest causes of 9-11. And even worse, is the reason WHY these were put into place. It was to prevent investigations into all these Clinton scandals. I am truly sickened by all of this. I saw Fred Barnes on Fox last night. He was as upset and disgusted as I have ever seen him about this 9-11 commission.
49 posted on 04/29/2004 9:48:29 AM PDT by gswilder
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To: kcvl
Off topic a bit .. but do you know why Jamie Gorelick left the justice department?
50 posted on 04/29/2004 9:56:43 AM PDT by Mo1 (Make Michael Moore cry.... DONATE MONTHLY!!!)
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To: Smartass

Dear Smartass, thanks for this really great cartoon. Like all your others, it's superb.

12 posted on 04/29/2004 1:58:35 AM EDT by Smartass (BUSH CHENEY 2004 - THE BEST GET BETTER)
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51 posted on 04/29/2004 11:45:36 AM PDT by thatcher (The rule of law has been destroyed by our politicians.)
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To: Mo1
It was getting rather hot at the Justice Dept. while trying to cover Clinton's butt.

Paula Jones vs. Bill Clinton - May 23, 1997

Bill Richardson, offered Monica Lewinsky a job at the United Nations in order to protect Clinton.

Feb. 13, 1997

People's Republic of China tried to direct financial contributions from overseas sources to the Democratic National Committee.

The Washington Post reported that Justice was reviewing U.S. intelligence obtained through electronic monitoring that suggests contributions to the DNC from foreign sources were coordinated at the Chinese embassy in Washington. Sources told the Post the evidence was "serious" and could raise the importance of the investigation of Democratic fund-raising practices.

While not directly confirming the report, Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick told reporters, "I'm not going to have any comment on the story except to say we're always concerned with the security of our investigations, and we have, and have had, a number of leak investigations ongoing."

Gorelick appeared to question a suggestion in the Post's story that such a development might trigger appointment of an independent counsel, which by law occurs when a top White House official is implicated. Attorney General Janet Reno has so far turned down repeated requests for an independent prosecutor.

Gorelick said, "The task force has standing instructions that if it finds any information that would lead it to believe that there should be an independent counsel they're to bring this to our attention immediately and that has not occurred in this case."

The possibility of Chinese government involvement in Democratic fund-raising was raised in January by Rep. Gerald Solomon (R-N.Y.) who wrote FBI Director Louis Freeh requesting an investigation into possible "economic espionage" involving former DNC fund-raiser John Huang, who, records show, attended policy events at the Chinese embassy in October 1995. A former employee of the Indonesian Lippo Group and a former Commerce Department official, Huang is at the center of the inquiry into Democratic fund-raising.

"The potential finding is that our foreign policy has been sold for a price, national security has been sold for a price and certainly American business and industry has been penalized for what might have taken place in this political context," Solomon said earlier.

Twenty-five FBI agents have been assigned to the Justice investigation, though not as a direct result of Solomon's letter.

April 1997

Prosecutors called Laborers Union chief Arthur Coia
a "mob puppet." But Coia spent millions of his union's
money to buy Bill Clinton's friendship. New information
suggests Bill repaid the favor by calling off the Feds.

Congressional investigators found that Jamie Gorelick discussed the issue with then-White House counsel Abner Mikva. Gorelick told Mikva that Justice had serious concerns about Coia. The word got to the first lady -- from Mikva through Harold Ickes -- along with the suggestion that Mrs. Clinton not have any private meetings with Coia. On February 6 -- at a time when RICO negotiations were reaching a critical stage -- Mrs. Clinton traveled to the opulent ballroom of the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach to address the Laborers. She made no reference to Coia's legal troubles. On February 13, the union and the Justice Department made the deal that kept Coia in his job.

March, 1997

The Clinton White House learned of nuclear spying in 1997

Wen Ho Lee "has been under FBI investigation since late 1997" but the Bureau has not been able to "develop specific evidence against him so the Clinton Administration "Allowed Lee to remain at his classified job, while under surveillance for high treason?" It appears action was taken to REMOVE him when, but not before, Senator Lott and Senator Shelby complained about the situation.

Ruff contacted Janet Reno's deputy Jamie Gorelick and wanted to know what federal investigators knew or suspected about Chinese illegal contributions to the presidential campaign.

However, when FBI director Freeh learned of the White House probe by Gorelick, he ordered the information not be provided to Clinton, federal law enforcement officials told the Daily Republican in 1997. In a New York Times story Ruff was quoted as telling Gorelick he was seeking the information on behalf of the National Security Council. Ruff said at the time that there was nothing improper about his contacts with the Justice department. The Times story depicted Clinton's probe to obtain the secured FBI files as a written request marked TOP SECRET. Ruff said in an interview, 'This was a matter being dealt with by the National Security Council in its capacity as adviser to the president.'

However, law enforcement officials pointed out that Ruff's request was received only after FBI director Freeh had left Washington on a trip to the Middle East. In his absence, attorney general Janet Reno and Gorelick quickly moved to obtain the secret FBI files. Before the Justice Department turned over the FBI files to Clinton's legal counsel, Robert Bryant, then head of the FBI national security division, picked up the telephone and informed Freeh of Clinton's probe for the secret files on the Chinese investigation. Freeh ordered the files withheld.

52 posted on 04/29/2004 12:45:38 PM PDT by kcvl
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To: kattracks
Ya know, any normal human being would be feeling utter remorse and shame over this. To put it bluntly, her actions were what made 9/11 possible and indirectly caused the deaths of thousands of people.

Alas, DemonCRAPs are not normal people, and those associated with X42's regime are utterly incapable of feeling anything resembling shame.
53 posted on 04/29/2004 1:48:19 PM PDT by Ronin (When the fox gnaws, smile!!)
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To: kcvl
I wonder where the "Jersey Girls" are demanding to have Gorelick testify in public because the American people have a RIGHT TO KNOW who was responsible for 9/11?!

AND...I wonder if the Sunday News Talking Head Shows will devote whole shows asking why Jamie won't testify in public, under oath like they did with Condi Rice.
54 posted on 04/29/2004 2:54:33 PM PDT by gooleyman (You'll NEVER agree with ANYONE about EVERYTHING. You'll NEVER agree with a DemocRAT about ANYTHING)
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To: connectthedots
Dubya plays hardball. The landscape is littered with the politcal lives of any who have underestimated his political savvy.

Scott McClellan said today that the President was dissappointed in the release of these documents and that he wanted to focus on fixing problems instead of finger pointing. It was utterly priceless, the Press didn't know how to react.

55 posted on 04/29/2004 3:48:27 PM PDT by DiscoStu1979 (Disco Stu Likes Disco Music)
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To: gooleyman
Here's the White House comments today - great job of good cop/bad cop

QUESTION: Some Republicans on Capitol Hill believe that the work of the 9/11 commission won't be complete until and unless Jamie Gorelick testifies before the commission on her role in building the wall between intelligence and law enforcement. Is that an opinion shared by the White House?

MCCLELLAN: Look, the president, I think even at the beginning of the meeting, he made some brief remarks. He didn't have a prepared opening statement or anything like that, but certainly made some opening remarks at the beginning.

And essentially I think he thanked them for the work that they're doing, talked about how he appreciated what they were doing, and that their work is very important to what we are doing to protect the American people.

And I think that the president looks at this and doesn't believe that there ought to be finger-pointing. We ought to all be working together, to learn the lessons of September 11th and make sure that we are doing everything that we can to protect the homeland and win the war on terrorism. That's the way he looks at it.

QUESTION: The Justice Department keeps releasing documents, they released another -- they declassified 30 pages yesterday, that reinforced the idea that...

MCCLELLAN: I think the president...

QUESTION: ... Commissioner Gorelick has more than she could...


MCCLELLAN: No, I understand. That's what the Justice Department did; we were not involved in it. I think the president was disappointed about that.

QUESTION: The president was disappointed in the Justice Department releasing those documents?

MCCLELLAN: Putting that on their Web site, yes.




MCCLELLAN: He actually expressed that to the commission as well.

QUESTION: But did he talk to...

QUESTION: How about to Ashcroft?

QUESTION: Yes, to General Ashcroft?

MCCLELLAN: I think it's been communicated to the Justice Department.

QUESTION: So why was he disappointed...

MCCLELLAN: Well, like I said, it's what I said at the beginning. The president does not believe we ought to be pointing fingers during this time period. We ought to be working together to help the commission complete its work. This is very important work that they are doing that will help us in our efforts to carry out the president's most solemn responsibility, which is to protect the American people.


[later in the briefing]


QUESTION: What you said about the Justice Department and the president's displeasure is pretty remarkable. Can you tell us, who conveyed his displeasure to the Justice Department and how? And has the president or anyone at the White House, Judge Gonzales, asked for any kind of accountability on how the Justice Department would have released these documents...

MCCLELLAN: I don't think so on that, but it's been communicated, I believe, at the staff level.

QUESTION: Judge Gonzales or...

MCCLELLAN: It's been communicated at the staff level. I think I'll leave it at that.

QUESTION: Was anyone at the White House aware of those documents or involved in their release at all?

MCCLELLAN: I'm sorry? No, we weren't involved in that decision.


MCCLELLAN: Well, actually, I addressed that earlier, I think twice.

QUESTION: Are you upset over the fact that the Justice Department did this without coordinating with the White House?

MCCLELLAN: I think he's disappointed that it was, that that information was placed on their Web site like that.

QUESTION: You mean without clearing it with the White House first? Is that part of it?

MCCLELLAN: I don't know if I -- I think I'm looking more at what happened and what was put up on the Web site. I don't know about what you're asking. QUESTION: What's the concern? I mean, obviously the president had a concern if he mentioned it to the commission. What is the concern?

MCCLELLAN: I'm sorry? What is the concern? Like I said, he very much appreciates the work that the 9/11 commission is doing. He appreciates the work that all the members on the commission are doing. Their work is very important. He believes that we should all be working together to help the commission complete its work and not pointing fingers at one another.

I think I'll just leave it where I did.

56 posted on 04/29/2004 3:54:06 PM PDT by DiscoStu1979 (Disco Stu Likes Disco Music)
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To: thatcher
THANKS...Sorry I'm getting back to you late.
57 posted on 04/29/2004 5:46:15 PM PDT by Smartass (BUSH & CHENEY 2004 - THE BEST GET BETTER)
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To: Smartass
58 posted on 04/29/2004 5:55:35 PM PDT by prognostigaator
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To: Political Junkie Too
The Prisoner?
59 posted on 04/29/2004 6:04:50 PM PDT by JohnnyP
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To: JohnnyP
"I am not a number. I am a free man!"


60 posted on 04/29/2004 6:12:47 PM PDT by Political Junkie Too (It's not safe yet to vote Democrat.)
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