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Skip to comments. contacts DFU over FR's role in murder of Nick Berg by Islamofascist Terrorist b*st*rds
email from reporter | 5-12-04 | dfu

Posted on 05/12/2004 4:27:51 PM PDT by doug from upland

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Apparently, I am in the middle of a controversy regarding the brutal murder of Nick Berg by the Islamofascist terrorist b*st*rds.

I received the following FReepmail today from a reporter and spoke to him off the record. I will either call him back on the record or he can use my comments here on the record. inquiry, your post on the "enemies list"
From (redacted) | 05/12/2004 11:45:13 AM PDT read


Hello. My name is (redacted), and I'm a reporter at On March 7, you posted a list of signatories to an ANSWER protest; that list, which is now being discussed by a few left-leaning bloggers, includes the name of "Michael S. Berg," who is the father of Nick Berg, the man beheaded in Iraq.

It seems as if you just posted a copy of the list from the ANSWER site, but the trouble is, your list appears much longer than the one on their page. Michael Berg's name -- and many others -- is not on their page.

So I wonder if you can tell me where you got your list -- have you any idea why yours is longer than the one they have?

I also wonder what you think about the fact that you named these people enemies; do you really think they're enemies? Some people on left-leaning blogs are floating the theory that Nick Berg was detained or singled out by U.S. authorities in Iraq because of the list you posted. I wonder what you think of that idea?

I'm not trying to attack you; I'm a reporter trying to get to the bottom of this story, and it'd be great to get your input. Can you e-mail or call, or let me know where to reach you? Thanks so much.

Reporter, (phone number redacted)


NOTE: my first suggestion was to tell the report to ask ANSWER why many of the names have been removed from that original post.

Here is my post from a few months ago -- HERE IS THE ENEMY -- they have posted their names

Here is the link for the following excerpt on an FR thread -- Beheaded Man's Firm Was On Right-Wing 'Enemies' List

Original source -- original article by Fintan Dunne

Beheaded Man's Firm Was On Right-Wing 'Enemies' List ^ | May 12, 2004 | Fintan Dunne
Posted on 05/12/2004 12:59:00 PM PDT by Tarantulas
Beheaded Man's Firm Was On Right-Wing 'Enemies' List

The family firm of beheaded American Nick Berg, was named by a conservative website in a list of 'enemies' of the Iraq occupation. That could explain his arrest by Iraqi police --a detention which fatally delayed his planned return from Iraq and may have led directly to his death.

Nick Berg, 26 disappeared into incommunicado detention after his arrest by Iraqi police in March, 2004. He vanished again after his release 13 days later. His body was found last Saturday in Baghdad, and a video of his beheading --supposedly by a radical Islamic group-- was posted on the Internet on Tuesday.

The official story of his gruesome murder has many dubious aspects, not least the real reason why Iraqi police detained the young man at a checkpoint. New research by BreakForNews has uncovered a plausible explanation.

The web site and forum has a reputation for right-wing views, often fanatical Republican and relentless pro-war activism.

On 7th March, 2004, just three weeks before the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, an 'enemies' list of anti-war groups and individuals was posted on the Free Republic forum.

It began: "Here you are, FReepers. Here is the enemy."

The list had been copied from publicly available endorsements of a call to action for an imminent anniversary antiwar protest on 20th March, 2004. The protest was being organized under the banner of the A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism).

Among those listed as having endorsed the call to action was this entry: "Michael S. Berg, Teacher, Prometheus Methods Tower Service, Inc."

That's Nick Berg's father, Michael who acts as business manager for his son in their family radio communications firm, Prometheus Methods Tower Service.


Here is my immediate reaction --- what is the color of the sky in the fantasy world which Fintan Dunne calls home?

I can't wait for her next story. Let's set the scenario. Two guys are driving to the airport. Their upper radiator hose bursts, the car overheats, and they miss their flight. They get to the airport a few hours late and are able to catch the next plane. The plane crashes. Fintan Dunne headline: Pep Boys Implicated in Death of Innocent Travelers. If anyone could conceive such twisted logic, it would be Ms. Dunne. Without a defective radiator hose, they would have made it to the airport on time. Without a defective radiator hose they would not have been on the flight where the shoebomber detonated his loafers in the seat just behind the wing.

Do we have an official "enemies list"? If so, what do we do to them? Who is keeping track?

I will let you make some comments before I make additional on the record comments. Please don't be crazy. Think through your argument carefully. Some of this may appear on and we can perhaps help them get up to about 2 cents per share.

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To: reagandemocrat
I've been over perusing the DU boards for a few minutes and I'm observing that many of the posters there are fishing around desperately for proof that Nick Berg was beheaded by CIA or Bush administration operatives somehow. No, really!

So, given that this Salon snoop is slinking around trying to draw a connection between FR and Berg's killing, I'm just wondering if that's the angle this yellow journalist is trying to "discover."

101 posted on 05/12/2004 5:14:43 PM PDT by Siegfried (I'm not going back over there until I take a shower and disinfect myself)
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To: doug from upland
How could the Iraqis read FR ? I doubt they have P4's with 2 gig of ram and broadband service. DESPERATE !
102 posted on 05/12/2004 5:14:44 PM PDT by John Lenin (Leftists's have the brainpower of a moth)
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To: TheStickman
103 posted on 05/12/2004 5:14:55 PM PDT by visualops
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To: LadyDoc
But when they use the same last name, and same business name based in the same small town, then ...?
104 posted on 05/12/2004 5:16:29 PM PDT by Cultural Jihad
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To: RedBloodedAmerican
His e-mail address is ? Are you sure it's ? I mean, sounds kind of phony, you know? - maybe I'll have to write to him or her. But is an attorney right? I wonder if I've posted the e-mail address enough times for the spam spiders yet? Whoops - fingers slipped - only meant to type one time.
105 posted on 05/12/2004 5:17:31 PM PDT by Tennessee_Bob (
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To: spodefly
Hahaha, even now my mouse is controlling your cat.
Beware the powers invested in Freepandbones.
106 posted on 05/12/2004 5:17:57 PM PDT by tet68 ( " We would not die in that man's company, that fears his fellowship to die with us...." Henry V.)
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To: doug from upland
Free Republic is the only one with a list? Does ANSWER web keep a list? It seems if they were looking for anti Americans they wouldn't be reading FR.
107 posted on 05/12/2004 5:18:18 PM PDT by just me
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To: doug from upland
A man is known more by his enemies than his friends.

Congratulations! :))
108 posted on 05/12/2004 5:18:27 PM PDT by freedumb2003 (Tagline under development... check back later)
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To: doug from upland
Did you ask the "reporter" if he knows the meaning of "tinfoil hat"?
109 posted on 05/12/2004 5:19:49 PM PDT by clintonh8r (Retrosexual Vietnam veteran against John Kerry, proud to be a "crook" and a "liar.")
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To: doug from upland
Smells like a set-up. The L.A. Times quoted from a "conservative website" yesterday, I'm pretty sure it was FR, and I'm convinced they are after this site again. Read Hillary's Secret War--The LAT, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post hired Clinton's lawyers to shut down FR in 1999, and it almost worked.

Be careful. Stay armed.
110 posted on 05/12/2004 5:20:06 PM PDT by reagandemocrat
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To: RoseD
The prison abuse story isn't why he was killed. The blame for his death falls squarely on the Islamofascist terrorists, who are killing people to try and take us down psychologically. They are also aware of the anti-war crowd and their influence of course. The ANSWER crowd are a mixture of anti-American subversives and useful idiots, and must be dealt with, but don't confuse the issue by blaming them for his death.
111 posted on 05/12/2004 5:20:48 PM PDT by visualops
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To: doug from upland
If this writer is interested in the truth, then they will report on how numerous acquaintances of Nick Berg claim that he had different views from his parents, that Nick supported both the war and President Bush, that today the FBI issued a release noting that the US had not detained him, rather the Iraqi's did, for 13 days, the US visited him 3 times, determined that he was not a threat and got him released, and prior to his release the State Dept. had offered to fly him home, telling him that it was too dangerous for him to be roaming Iraq alone. Somehow the mainstream media has only reported this under their breath, while gleefully using the incorrect accusations of his grieving parents. Typical media tactics, hide behind emotional yet incorrect quotes to give a false impression while burying or even ignoring the refuting evidence, yet maintaining plausible deniablity("Hey, we were just quoting, we never said it was true".)

Perhaps the writer should consult David Horowitz(doens't he write for salon?), he'd straighten he/she/it out on ANSWER.
112 posted on 05/12/2004 5:21:26 PM PDT by Diddle E. Squat
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To: doug from upland
Call him back tell him you are tape recording the interview and will release the entirety of the interview on the internet, or dont even bother telling him just do it since you both know there will be a recording and since you will have equal rights to the story.
113 posted on 05/12/2004 5:22:33 PM PDT by aft_lizard (I actually Voted for John Kerry before I voted against Him)
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To: doug from upland
>>...have you any idea why yours is longer than the one they have?...<<


114 posted on 05/12/2004 5:22:44 PM PDT by FReepaholic (War On Terror: If not us, who? If not now, when?)
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To: alisasny

Not that it matters, but my cousin, a retired teacher from Henderson High School in West Chester, PA, knew and taught Nick Berg.

Needless to say, he is devastated, and despite his liberal leanings, does not blame George Bush.

115 posted on 05/12/2004 5:22:53 PM PDT by Fintan ( 1950)
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To: MNJohnnie
By doing that, Answer is a propaganda arm for the Terrorists.

And in that case, the terrorists would want to keep Nick Berg alive.

116 posted on 05/12/2004 5:23:06 PM PDT by BlessedBeGod ('I went to Vietnam, yada yada yada, I want to be President...")
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To: Harmless Teddy Bear
Yes we do have an enemies list and thanks for nothing to whoever let it out. This person will receive "the treatment" at our next secret cabal. Now we have to change the codebook, again.
117 posted on 05/12/2004 5:23:29 PM PDT by Hillarys Gate Cult (Proud member of the right wing extremist Neanderthals.)
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To: satchmodog9
I get crap sent to me from my ignorant leftie friends all the time.

You have leftie friends? You are a better person than I. If I have friends, and discover they are lefties, they are no longer my friends.

118 posted on 05/12/2004 5:23:45 PM PDT by Mark17
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To: Diddle E. Squat
This is total BS. I would refuse to talk to them.
119 posted on 05/12/2004 5:24:58 PM PDT by John Lenin (Leftists's have the brainpower of a moth)
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To: Fintan; aculeus
Apparently someone is unfamiliar with you and your smoking cigar...
120 posted on 05/12/2004 5:26:05 PM PDT by Diddle E. Squat
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