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To: vooch; DTA; Seselj; FormerLib
Racak was a anti-KLA village

Doubtful. The Serbs had a problem winning hearts and minds in Racak--something about burning 80 houses there in August 98 and then coming back in January 99 and massacring the citizens. Although it is true that some of the citizens were undertandably resentful that the KLA garrison in Racak did not fight better to protect their friends and neighbors from being murdered by the Serb forces.

The KLA went in and gangpressed villagers that morning as per KLA commander Buja's ICTY testimony

I've read Buja's testimony. There is nothing in there to support what you say. The KLA was routed first thing that morning and not able to re-enter even the edge of the village until after the Serb forces left at dark. The transcripts are here and here. Please show me what he said to back-up your claim.

The firefight was filmed by a ABC camera crew. The film directly contradicts 'eyewitness' accounts parroted by HumWarrior media.

Well, Vooch--give some examples how the film "directly contradicts" the eyewitnesses. Eyewitnesses say the Serb police rounded up close to 30 men and led them away up the hill to where most of them were killed. Is there a film clip showing the KLA doing that instead of the Serbs? Eyewitnesses--also known as survivors--escaped through the woods as the Serbs massacred the men in the gully. How is that contradicted? And btw, it was an AP photographer, not an ABC camera crew.

As for evidence that "directly contradicts" other evidence--read the transcripts above and you can read excerpts from two official Serb reports on Racak issued within a day of each other. One says that the Serb forces killed 15 KLA and the other says they killed sixty. So which is right, 15 or 60? And who killed them—however many there were—Serbs or the KLA or—maybe it was MPRI? And of course there was the report in the Washington Post providing excerpts from telephone conversations between Serbian Interior Ministry General Sreten Lukic and Yugoslav Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Sainovic, who ordered Serb forces to “go in heavy” in Racak. The two later discussed ways that the killings might be covered up to avoid international condemnation.

So lets recap: Forensic reports say the Albanians were unarmed civilians killed where they were found in the gully and that they were killed in the clothes they were wearing when found. Eyewitnesses saw the Serbs lead the Albanians in the direction of the gully and then heard gunfire. Four survivors escaped the massacre and told of the group being mowed down by Serbs.

The Serb stories are that there were 15 dead, no wait 60. They were KLA killed by Serb security forces. But wait, they’re not wearing uniforms! So, they were KLA killed in the battle, but the other KLA changed them into civilian clothes and planted them in the gully in order to blame the Serbs. Uh-oh, the forensic team says that the bullet holes and congealed blood all indicate that the bodies were killed in the civilian clothes they were wearing. Oh, now we have it! They were in fact civilians, but were killed by the KLA in order to blame the Serbs! Pay no attention to the facts that there are no eyewitnesses and zero evidence of any kind to support any of those stories. That OJ Simpson would have been embarrassed to have a story that weak.

There is a Greater Truth to be served: The blameless Serbs are not to be blamed. Eyewitnesses—hah! Forensic reports—hah! The Serbs may only have opinions, conjecture, and irrelevancies on their side(s), but after all the dead were just shiptars--mostly moslem, right? And they “breed” so fast! Besides, since 1389, the Serbs have defended Christian Europe and rescued 500 American flyers in the process. No one should dare to beat you! Whoops, started channeling Slobo for a few seconds.

Vooch, wanna know why Serbia is last in line for PfP, NATO, the EU, and even US Aid; behind even Macedonia, Croatia, Albania, and Bosnia? Wanna know why Serbia has a problem getting Serb war criminals released to be tried in Belgrade? Wanna know why Secretary Rumsfeld and Secretary Powell visit Albania and Macedonia, but take a wide berth around Serbia? Wanna know why the USA is asking for help in the War on Terror from just about every country in the world, but won’t accept Serbian troops? Its because of the culture of denial exemplified by you and your fellow-travelers on the Balkans threads. Serb war-crimes are obvious, yet any Serb politician attempting to address them gets shot or almost voted out; a la the Foreign Minister last week. Serbia cannot be trusted and until they can be, they will be on the outside looking in. I think Kostunica and Vuk know the truth and also know what needs to be done, but they are afraid of getting Djindjic’d and therefore are moving very cautiously. Unfortunately, instead of playing a constructive role, you & DTA & Seselj & Former Lib continue to sing chorus after chorus of "Didn't do it, can't prove it, they deserved it"

121 posted on 06/02/2004 9:14:36 PM PDT by mark502inf
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To: mark502inf; vooch; DTA; Seselj

Every "fact" that you cite is not a fact at all. These are things that are in dispute, are contradicted by eyewitness accounts, and/or are propaganda wrapped around half-truths at best.

One day, the Moslems will kill someone that you care about. Count on that, it WILL happen.

When it does, you may begin reviewing these "facts" without your conclusion already firmly placed in your mind and then, maybe then, you might realize the truth.

Of course, your enlightenment will come at quite a price.

123 posted on 06/02/2004 9:25:21 PM PDT by FormerLib (It's the 99% of Mohammedans that make the other 1% look bad.)
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To: mark502inf; Wraith; joan; wonders
Wraith, kindly explain to our misguided Mark502 that Racak was a anti-KLA village.

Warith, also kindly explain to Mark502 how Buja's gang trolled through the village and gangpressed (er 'asked for volunteers') that day. Tell him a bit about your pals Remi & Gashi.

Joan, please explain to poor Mark502 how the ABC film contradicts his beloved 'eyewitness' stories.

Wonders, you may wish to illuminate to Mark502 how guerillas/paramilitaries such as the KLA would use loyalist villages such as Racak as locations of firefights in order to force the population into extremism

135 posted on 06/03/2004 7:13:39 AM PDT by vooch
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