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To: mark502inf
It does not surprise me that Slobo fans are also his enemy.

And I see that you've fallen into the trap that anyone on the side of the Serbian people is also somehow on the same side as the commie thug Slobodan Milosevic.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The Serbian people are not some single-minded monolithic force. That you would even suggest such (and you have in your postings) has fallen prey to the first goal of propaganda: to dehumanize the enemy.

The fact is that the Communists held Serbia in the typically brutal Communist fashion and particularly oppressed the Serbian Orthodox Church. Most of the pro-Serb posters on this board support the Christian Serbs, not the Communist ones.

It doesn't take much looking to realize that the crimes committed by "the Serbs" were in fact committed by Serb Communists. Yet, in Kosovo, we see that it is the Christian Serbs who are being smacked about by the Muslim terrorists. The Serbs have gone from getting kicked by their own Communist thugs to getting kicked by someone else's Islamic thugs.

You'll just have to forgive us for not wanting to see the Serbs getting kicked just because it is someone else who is doing the kicking.

As Americans, we also have to notice that the people who are attacking the Serbs spring from the same well as those who attacked our country on Sept. 11th.

It is unfortunate that the US didn't persue a Contra-style method of removing Milosevic. The Serbs weren't far away from giving Slobo the Ceaucescu treatment to end his career when Kaiser Willie started the illegal bombing campaign and helped turn Slobo into a national hero. That little twist alone is all the reason I need for not forgiving Bubba for what he did.

Wake up, mark! You've fallen for Clinton's propaganda!

128 posted on 06/03/2004 6:33:30 AM PDT by FormerLib (It's the 99% of Mohammedans that make the other 1% look bad.)
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To: FormerLib
Former Lib, if you want to solve a problem, the first step is to correctly identify it. The conflict in Kosovo is based on the political goal of the Albanians to gain self-rule; in the form of independence, incorporation into some type of regional Albanian entity, or substantial autonomy. They have had the same goal even before they were attached to Serbia by a Great Power compromise at the conclusion of the 1st Balkan War.

Prior to that, the Turks record over 40 Albanian revolts in Kosovo. The last one involved a 30,000 man Albanian force--mostly of Kosovars--that went so far as to capture Skopje from the Ottomans. The Kosovar Albanians have pursued self-rule regardless of whether they were under the control of Ottoman Muslims or Serbian Orthodox. They have tried insurrections, political movements, demonstrations & protests & strikes, forming alliances, establishing a parallel government and so on. All types of Albanians have participated in these movements; whether Sunni, Bektashi, Catholic, irreligious or whatever. And whoever opposes them becomes the enemy, whether Orthodox Serbs or Muslim Turks, Gorani, Roma & Ashkali.

The Kosovar Albanians have selected Christians as leaders in the KLA, elected Christians as leaders in their government, and have established secular law to include freedom of religion. They have not elected imams or mullahs, have not imposed sharia, etc. The Catholic Church has grown over the past five years and Albanian Catholic churches and priests operate openly and unmolested. Similarly with the Bektashi sect--they are sizable in Albania-proper and Kosovo, but are considered as heretics by most Muslims & would be attacked by Islamists just as readily as they would attack Christians.

The problem is not religion. It is the Albanian political goal of self-rule as opposed to continuted Serbian sovereignty. Add in the Kosovo position in Serb heritage, old ethnic rivalries and recent ethnic violence and the problem gets even thornier.

But this I guarantee you. A solution to the Kosovo problem, besides having to provide basic individual rights for all citizens, has to account for Serb heritage, Albanian demographics, Serb legal jurisdiction over Kosovo, and Kosovar Albanian demands for self-rule.

You think the problem is a Muslim-Christian one. Not only do the facts not support your premise, but any course of action designed to solve Kosovo based on that premise would be a waste of time and resources. Which is why nobody serious about the issue--either Serb or Albanian or international--is approaching the problem that way.

137 posted on 06/03/2004 8:24:22 AM PDT by mark502inf
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