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To: vooch; mark502inf; Wraith; joan; wonders; getoffmylawn
Vooch sorry I have been away oppressing the Islamic fundamentalist. My apologies to Mark502...whatever for having oppressed the KLA allies of those trying to further harm the Western world. Mark hope you don't live in the big apple and start spewing off what good guys the KLA are? Have it from a pretty good source that they the KLA were really happy to get weapons training back in 1998 by Osama's boys, who happened to be visiting Kosovo from camp Afghanistan. Albanians like the the good old buck but never the less the Muslim thing goes a long way back to the 11th century when they tried to overrun at the Christian world which seem to be an never ending priority.

Now Mark listen up and learn. Racak and surrounding area consisted of strong supporters of the LDK party. Rugova was the head of the LDK and the voted in President of KOSOVO at the time. The KLA considered Rugova a traitor because of attending the big peace conference in France and trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement i.e. avoid bloodshed. Thaci, the criminal terrorist who supported shooting policeman in the back, declared Rugova and his LDK party traitors which means that if you support Rugova you have just been demoted to a waste of skin as far as the KLA were concerned. Getting the picture yet? Of course your average LDK member or official would ponder why this Neanderthal KLA soldier was pointing an AK47 at his brain while being systematically beaten to death all because this individual believed in a more civilized way of doing things like for example believing in the practice of democracy. Thaci and his goons only understand killing. I know this because I interviewed several LDK officials who were left for dead and managed to survive the KLA love for fellow man.

Now take a deep breath and imagine if you have a village called Racak that supports Rugova (70% of the Albanians supported him by the way) what are these people to the KLA? Well my boy just some cannon fodder waiting to happen which it did. The KLA used these people who did not support Thaci politically and guess what martyred them for the cause. In this case the KLA forced them to stand and fight with KLA guns at their backs. Where were all the other villagers if RACAK was taken by surprise. A T-55 makes a lot of noise and all the Albanians knew the VJ were coming. Why no old ladies, kids etc. Simply because the KLA said they were going to take a stand and the Racak villagers were going to help if they liked it or not, except they would be doing most of the dying i.e. 45 villagers and 11 KLA dead. Makes you wonder who was in charge of the operation don't it? So the 11 KLA terrorists are taken away when the KLA take over Racak as a result of the VJ leaving. Only the dead villager are left. Next you have Wild Willy Walker walking alllllll over the crime scene blah blah balh and poof the KLA have NATO coming across the boarder. The recent set up by the KLA which resulted in the further killing of the Serbs civilians in Kosovo is the best example that supports what KLA are all about.

The KLA staged some problems in Mitrovica causing the balk of the NATO troops to deploy there while the KLA and friend killed the Serbs in other parts of Kosovo. Mark tell me how many of the Serbs are left in Pristina right now? None because your friends the Albanians killed them all. Does it give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside knowing your KLA buddies have once again got their way through deception in order to continue the genocide of the remaining Serbs in Kosovo. They are nothing but cold blooded killers, to the Serbs and to their own. I know because I worked on the KLA in the British Sector Pristina back in 1999 and nothing you say will convince me that the Serbs are the problem. There were some atrocities but nothing compared to what the KLA have done. Remi and Latif Gashi who I have dealt with are prime examples of serial killers/terrorists who systematically hunted down so called collaborators and made them disappear. Sabit Geci was Gashi right hand man who is responsible for the deaths of 40 individuals by his own hand. When NATO can not commit to Kosovo because of other priorities the Serbs will have but no choice but to enter Kosovo and deal with the KLA and very effectively. One day the KLA will take a side and guess what they won’t be choosing ours and because? The Serbs have known what has been coming for a long time. Racak happened for a reason and the KLA made it happen just like what happened to the remaining unarmed Serbs in Pristina. I’m sure you can live with that.

159 posted on 06/03/2004 6:19:33 PM PDT by Wraith (He who defends everything, defends nothing. Napoleon.)
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To: Wraith
Now Mark listen up and learn

Easy, Wraith. If I wanted to be talked to like that, I'd call my wife!

The KLA used these people who did not support Thaci politically and guess what martyred them for the cause. In this case the KLA forced them to stand and fight with KLA guns at their backs... the KLA said they were going to take a stand and the Racak villagers were going to help if they liked it or not, except they would be doing most of the dying

OK Wraith, after eliminating the fluff and "my boy" and Serbs cleansed from Pristina moral equivalency arguments and how you talked to some guy from somewhere else who was not a nice person; what you are left with on the subject of Racak is yet one more unbelievable story trying to deny obvious Serbian war-crimes. The common element in each of those versions is that there is not a shred of hard evidence to support any of them. And yours is no different.

Lets do it again; just sticking to the Albanian bodies in the gully and not all the ones in the village itself nor the KLA soldiers killed on the other side of the village, here's what the evidence has established: eyewitnesses saw the men taken away by Serb forces out of Racak and toward the location where the bodies were found. Later, firing was heard from that area. Four Albanian men who were in the group taken into the gully described how they ran into the woods and escaped as Serbs gunned down the other Albanians. The bodies were found in the gully. They were the same Albanian villagers taken away by the Serbs. The forensic team says they were shot where they were found in the clothes they were found in and that there was no indication that they were "anything but unarmed villagers".

Wraith, you have nothing substantive-no evidence, no forensics, no witnesses-- to prop-up your story. And it contradicts the Serb government version that says the dead were all KLA terrorists. I seem to recall you claimed you were an intell type-what Army? No S-2 or G-2 I've ever seen could have survived throwing something like that little fantasy in front of the commander.

Oh, and for some of the peripheral stuff in your post-like your little lecture about the KLA setting up Racak because Racak citizens backed Rugova and KLA leader Thaci was upset because Rugova had gone to the peace conference in France. Whoops. The peace conference in France started in February. The Racak murders were on January 15th.

Racak was a Serb war-crime. Face up to it and move on, soldier. But before you do, fix your tag-line. That quote is from Frederick the Great, not Napoleon.

166 posted on 06/04/2004 5:30:19 PM PDT by mark502inf
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