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People over 35 should be dead.
Emailed to me | Today | Unknown

Posted on 06/08/2004 2:03:27 PM PDT by al baby

People over 35 should be dead.

Here's why ...

According to today's regulators and bureaucrats, those of us who were kids in the 40's, 50's, 60's, or even maybe the early 70's probably shouldn't have survived.

Our baby cribs were covered with bright colored lead-based paint.

We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets, ... and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets. (Not to mention the risks we took hitchhiking.)

As children, we would ride in cars with no seatbelts or air bags.

Riding in the back of a pickup truck on a warm day was always a special treat.

We drank water from the garden hose and not from a bottle.

Horrors! We ate cupcakes, bread and butter, and drank soda pop with sugar in it, but we were never overweight because we were always outside playing.

We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle, and no one actually died from this.

We would spend hours building our go-carts out of scraps and then rode down the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes.

After running into the bushes a few times, we learned to solve the problem.

We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back when the street lights came on.

No one was able to reach us all day.



We did not have Playstations, Nintendo 64, X-Boxes, no video games at all, no 99 channels on cable, video tape movies, surround sound, personal cell phones, personal computers, or Internet chat rooms.

We had friends!

We went outside and found them.

We played dodge ball, and sometimes, the ball would really hurt.

We fell out of trees, got cut and broke bones and teeth, and there were no lawsuits from these accidents.

They were accidents.

No one was to blame but us.

Remember accidents?

We had fights and punched each other and got black and blue and learned to get over it.

We made up games with sticks and tennis balls and ate worms, and although we were told it would happen, we did not put out very many eyes, nor did the worms live inside us forever.

We rode bikes or walked to a friend's home and knocked on the door, or rang the bell or just walked in and talked to them.

Little League had tryouts and not everyone made the team.

Those who didn't had to learn to deal with disappointment.

Some students weren't as smart as others, so they failed a grade and were held back to repeat the same grade.


Tests were not adjusted for any reason.

Our actions were our own.

Consequences were expected.

The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke a law was unheard of.

They actually sided with the law.

Imagine that!

This generation has produced some of the best risk-takers and problem solvers and inventors, ever.

The past 50 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas.

We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned how to deal with it all.

And you're one of them!


Please pass this on to others who have had the luck to grow up as kids, before lawyers and government regulated our lives, for our own good !!!!!

People under 30 are WIMPS !

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KEYWORDS: responsibility; standards; youth
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To: ken5050

my pleasure

161 posted on 06/10/2004 11:07:12 AM PDT by YaYa123 (@God Blessed America With Ronald
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To: Cyber Liberty

Reading this i'm dead 10 times over and still taking chances if it saves time, screw OSHA!

Couldn't stay away could you! he,he

Misses you 2 on the cruise, how about making it next year?

162 posted on 06/10/2004 11:08:32 AM PDT by dalereed (,)
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To: al baby

Spent most of my childhood on a farm, so some of these games I've read about here are foreign to me. I went barefoot all summer, even when riding the pony. She'd roll over to scratch her back in the sand, with me on her (or under her.) I had a perfect horse shoe imprint on my chest for a few months after she kicked me once. I think that was the good luck charm that protected me from some of my other escapades.

My brother & I were playing with matches in the cornfield, and ran out of matches. I ran barefoot between the rows to get back to the house and steal more matches. I tried to jump over a row of dried bent corn stalks, but my foot landed squarely on one, and it broke off deep inside my foot. The emergency room doctor was impressed.

We were jumping over the half-wall in the barn, and when my turn came, I made it over the wall, and sliced my leg from knee to hip on the corner of the rusty metal horse trough. My sister taped it shut with first aid tape. No bandage. Just tape.

I caught a squirrel with my bare hands, and he bit me. I don't remember the series of shots, but I'm told I shouldn't try to remember.

We had a toy called "clackers." It was a string with a metal ring (like a key ring) and two clay balls (clackers). You held the ring, swinging it up and down, to get the clackers to swing up and slam against eachother, then down and slam, up slam, down slam.... Sooner or later they would break and go flying at a high rate of speed into a window, an eye, or whatever was in the way; usually somebody's head. It would leave a real nice goose egg.

I still have fond memories of sleds, snow mobiles, toboggans, and Fools' Hill.

I think I lived to the ripe old age of about 6.

163 posted on 06/10/2004 12:54:39 PM PDT by BykrBayb (5 minutes of prayer for Terri, every day at 11 am EDT, until she's safe.
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To: BykrBayb

Clackers were not my favorite toy

Thanks for you take and sharing you stuff


164 posted on 06/10/2004 1:09:11 PM PDT by al baby
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To: sawmill trash

Yeah, I learned that one. Then I stood up in my stroller.

165 posted on 06/10/2004 1:53:47 PM PDT by firebrand
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To: DLfromthedesert


166 posted on 06/21/2004 1:21:12 PM PDT by ken5050
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To: nobody in particular
I'm 47 with two kids 15 and 13, and we still don't wear helmets when riding bikes.

We are SO dead.

167 posted on 06/21/2004 1:44:39 PM PDT by SGCOS
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To: wagglebee
And put the lead BBs in your mouth to fill up the gun. Drink milk that was directly from the cow. Drink water from the local creek. Yep we should all be gone.
168 posted on 06/21/2004 2:04:45 PM PDT by YOUGOTIT
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To: feinswinesuksass
Hehehehe...I have a permanent scar above my left eyebrow from Smear the Queer. Got hit, the doc stitched it up, then I played in my little league basketball playoff game that night. Little wusses today would miss a week of school if they got a bump on the head like that.

Scouts Out! Cavalry Ho!

169 posted on 06/21/2004 2:33:26 PM PDT by wku man (Breathe...Relax...Aim...Squeeze...Smile!)
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To: ken5050

Yeah ... remember freedom? It was nice while it lasted.

170 posted on 06/21/2004 4:30:34 PM PDT by DLfromthedesert (I was elected in AZ as an alt delegate to the Convention. I'M GOING TO NY)
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To: demlosers

I shook baby powder on the linoleum floor and slid in my socks.

171 posted on 06/21/2004 4:40:21 PM PDT by TASMANIANRED (What do they call children in Palestine? Unexploded ordinance)
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To: feinswinesuksass

"Those bugs never lived thru the morning though...and they'd leave a glow trail if you smeared them across the sidewalk."

I was a scrawney assed kid. Used to be able to sit on one of the metal Tonka trucks and ride it down the hill in the backyard. I thought the truck was exceptionally cool with lightning bug illumination on the headlights.

172 posted on 06/21/2004 4:44:25 PM PDT by TASMANIANRED (What do they call children in Palestine? Unexploded ordinance)
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To: al baby
I took a health/longevity test on the web a few months ago.
I smoke, not very active, like meat and dairy products, hate foo-foo foods and after answering all the questions the verdict came in...






I've been dead 15 years!

173 posted on 06/21/2004 5:01:57 PM PDT by Publius6961 (I don't do diplomacy either.)
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To: al baby

Oh I love this!

174 posted on 06/21/2004 5:05:21 PM PDT by diamond6
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To: al baby

I'd get off the school bus in the winter, grab onto the rear bumper and go skiing.

I'd also hang onto my friend's car bumpers who would do donuts in our church parking lot when it snowed.

I used to stand up on my toboggan going down the hill.

My brothers and I used to throw knives at each others feet in a game to see who could keep their balance with their feet spread the furthest apart.

I survived Lawn Jarts.

175 posted on 06/21/2004 5:15:18 PM PDT by Typelouder
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To: Fiddlstix


176 posted on 06/21/2004 6:14:08 PM PDT by diamond6
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To: feinswinesuksass
All the kids in our neighborhood used to come out after dark & play flashlight tag. Or how about "Smear the Queer"....we couldn't play that today...the name is a hate crime.

Heh, we used to call the flashlight game "German Spotlight." I remember the toy rayguns that were flashlight when you pulled the trigger, SSP Racers where you stuck in the plastic stick and yank it out to make 'em go, The Vertibird helicopter, and so on. Here is another indicator of age, anyone remember Marx Toys, they made toy guns and an inclosed shooting gallery. I think I had a toy Tommy gun made by Marx where you pulled the trigger and it made the sound effect. Let's see, I remember slot cars, Matchbox cars (I still collect 'em), and Hot Wheels.

BTW, I'll be 38 next month. B-)
177 posted on 06/21/2004 7:21:54 PM PDT by Nowhere Man ("Laws are the spider webs through which the big bugs fly past and the little ones get caught.")
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