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To: SunkenCiv
"Well said. Barry Fell once noted that he'd received a letter from a Native American, vacationing in Spain, who heard some Basque speakers conversing in his tribal tongue. He was able to understand most of their words, and vice versa, presumably the differences being the loan vocabulary. "

Thanks, I didn't know where I had gotten that bit of info. I've read most of Fell's work so...that must have been it.

57 posted on 06/26/2004 6:44:10 PM PDT by blam
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To: blam
It's kind of a letdown that Fell had mislaid the letter the man had sent, and was putting the reference in his book in hopes that the letter's author would send a similar account again.
George W. Bush will be reelected by a margin of at least ten per cent

59 posted on 06/26/2004 6:48:00 PM PDT by SunkenCiv (Unlike some people, I have a profile. Okay, maybe it's a little large...)
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To: blam

Proto Celts with their un-European Gaelic language I believe came from America, the home of Atlantis and cradle of European Civilization.
I suspect that the Gaelic language or something similar was spoken by the Red heads of America. It is only a matter of time before we find vestiges of the Gaelic language amongst American Indian languages. The Masonic religion also originated in America. The secret mens society of the blonde Tolai in New Guinea is essentially Masonic, right down to the handshake! Read on.
Aztec and Toltec American history states that between 9,600 years ago and 6,000 years ago was the age of the Red Heads.
Recent genetic studies indicates that Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Basque and Berber genes all left Spain between 18000 and 12,000 years ago (age of white haired bearded giants in America), to return just 6,000 years ago, suggests to me that the cradle of Celtic culture was in America. 6,000 year old Anasazi petroglyphs are almost exactly the same as 6,000 year old Irish petroglyphs. Stonehenge smacks of the Megalithic archway culture of Peru. Star viewing holes in caves are excavated in the same manner on both sides of the Atlantic. Knowledge of Astronomy by the ancient Celts in Europe mirror the knowledge of Astronomy in Nevada, Peru and caves in Cuba. Round stone houses are everywhere these Red Heads have been (even Easter Island).The loom in America is the same as the first looms in Mesopotamia and Egypt. It even appears that these Red Heads brought with them back to the old world, the use of Cocaine (Cocaine mummies) and the first use of copper was also in America over 9,000 years ago.
American Indians evolved from this Caucasian base into how we know them today as a result of an Asian influx after 6,000 years ago.
Aztec age of the Black Heads began 5,500 years ago. This matches exactly with the dispersal of genes from the Taiwan/Okinawa area. The megalithic ruins in 20m of water off Yonaguni testify to a great civilization once existing in this area. Genes of these people can be found in the Tibetans, Thais, Taiwanese, Orochon, Tlingit, Haida, Hawaiian, Maya and Maori.
Not only do Hawaiians talk of a great flood causing them to leave their homeland, where they floated to Alaska from the 'long skinny land' (Taiwan to Japan) on a big tree, but legends around the Caribbean and of the Anasazi tell of a heavy rain falling for many days and many were drowned. It was this deluge that separated their islands from the mainland.Little by little subsequent tempests submerged the lands of the Bahamas, separating the people from one another by arms of the sea. These legends most likely tell of the polar meltdown around 6,000 years ago
Scientists have identified a particularly warm period between 7,000 and 5,500 years ago, where much of Antarcticas sea ice disappeared. Maps of the Antarctic coastline(without ice), South America and Greenland(with rivers instead of Glaciers) was most likely done by the red heads during this warm period.
The Bahama Banks was once a large island and was most likely the home for many Seafaring Red Heads, as it was the stepping off point for voyages back to Europe and was also at the end of the Northern Equatorial current, the route that these ancient sailors would have taken from the mouth of the Mediterranean.
Many of these people would have escaped by boat and cruised on the Gulf Stream back to the Coastline of Europe, giving rise to the megalithic cultures of England, France and Spain that sprang up around this time.
Araucanians of Chile possess 12,000 year old Caucasian genes and commonly have red hair and green eyes. They are also 19% Rhesus negative, the same genes as the Irish and Basques.
A Cro Magnon man skeleton recently found in a tomb in Tierra del Fuego gives wieght to the idea that the Atlantic posed no barrier to ancient man. Kennwick man was also Causasian, he was also a Paleo-Indian. Not only this but archaeologists are finally admitting that the Solutreans of Spain were the same culture as the Clovis hunters of America.
I believe that red heads evolved in one place (America) but dispersed through time to all corners of the globe. I believe that celtic looking fortifications in the Pacific are not from Celts from Britain, but are from the proto Celtic cultures of America. The Celtic motifs on Lapita pottery was also most likely from some branch of these proto Celts of America. By the way, the beginning of Lapita pottery is located in the centre of a group of islands north of New Guinea that exhibit blond and red haired Melanesians (Tolai and people of Missima)

Here is an excerpt from an article posted in Enigma,1996:
The "discovery" of the oldest known mummy in North America helps confirm that a significant civilization existed in America around this time. The mummy, named the Spirit Cave man, was found on the shelves of the Nevada State Museum. Discovered in Nevada in 1940 it was originally thought to be 2000 years old. Recent radiocarbon dating has pushed its age back to 9,400 years (7,400 BC).
The most intriguing facts is that the mummy was wearing moccasins and shrouds of woven marsh plants. The weave of the shrouds indicates that it was made on a loom. If these findings turn out to be true it would mean that the there were people in North America more than 9,000 years ago with the knowledge and technology to weave cloths on looms. Such a level of sophistication again pushes back the dates of early civilization and should makes us question some long held assumptions about the primitiveness of ancient people. DNA and other tests are being undertaken.
It does not say what coloured hair this mummy had, but I suspect that it to be either blonde or red.

Peter Marsh
Author of Polynesian Pathways website, soon to become world pathways.

79 posted on 02/26/2005 5:58:26 AM PST by peterpanther
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