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To: Grampa Dave; BOBTHENAILER; Libloather; Mudboy Slim; NYer; GatorGirl

OPPOSE HR 4200. Two actions needed.

(1) Call your Congressman at 202-224-3121

(2) Contact House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, urging him not to allow this legislation to come to a vote. The legislation cannot move without his permission.

DeLay's office: 202-225-5951 (phone)

DeLay's office: 202-225-5241 (fax)

Delay's EMAIL form:

According to constitutional experts, HR 4200---Hate Crimes Bill--establishes a dangerous constitutional precedent - allowing for two trials against a person accused of a crime, say, against homosexuals (among others).

Possible scenario: A mother of a teenage boy molested by notorious homosexual priest Fr. Paul Shanley might rush up to him in a courtroom, punch him in the face, and say, "You are a no-good homosexual." This is potentially a hate crime. If this woman is charged in a state court with a Hate Crime and is acquitted, she can be tried again, a second time, in a Federal Court. Or, even if she is found guilty in a state court and fined $1,000.00, the federal
prosecutors could feel this is inadequate and charge the lady with a crime under Federal law and she would face a second trial.

The bill is Orwellian because it penalizes politically incorrect thoughts and feelings which the law labels as "hate". Big Brother is watching the beliefs you express, the books you read, the web sites you visit, the people you know, and the organizations to which you belong. It's all potential evidence of "hate".

The bill would expand the scope of the federal government to investigate and prosecute anyone who targets racial and religious minorities, gays, the disabled and other
groups because of hate.

Heeding the Bible would constitute a hate crime under this law. Opposition to abortion could be discerned as hate. Support for traditional marriage could be discerned as

The federal government would get to define what "hate" is and is an unwarranted expansion of Federal authority to enforce illegitimate laws implementing the flawed Orwellian concept of "hate" crimes.

The bill attempts to codify Sexual Orientation but does not refer merely to homosexuality. Which bizarre fetishes will be included over time? Will these kind of laws make public expression of such orientation permissible or even legal by making former state laws and even prosecutions invalid as acts of hate by the state?

The bill will provide cover for all forms of sexual orientation under the phony liberal rubric of tolerance and compassion: homosexuality, bestiality (will PETA support animals being used for sexual pleasure?), polygamy, pedophilia, S&M (will slavery become legal?), exhibitionists, incest, etc.

The Hate Crimes Bill--labeled the Local Law Enforcement Enhancement criminalizes the Orwellian concept of "hate" crimes: The bill could penalize pro-lifers, and pro-family activists. Perhaps newspaper columnists would not be permitted to write on certain subjects. Perhaps ooliticians would not be permitted to defend their party's principles.

OPPOSE HR 4200. Call your Congressman at 202-224-3121 and Mr DeLay at 202-225-5951.

3 posted on 06/26/2004 10:30:15 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz


23 posted on 06/26/2004 6:16:08 PM PDT by c-b 1
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To: Liz; Grampa Dave; BOBTHENAILER
"'Lurch' Was His Name!!"
(To be sung to America's "Horse With No Name")

Since the first night of this journey,
I been FReepin' 'cuz it is Right!!
Had my plans fer words and threads and dreams...
Formed a Band...I harp and sing!!

The first thing yer taught is "Don't LIE Like a Rug!!"
'Cuz yer lies bring you down!!
We FReep Kerry 'cuz Hanoi John LIED!!
Boy, Beware yer LustFerPower!!

I seen me a Lib'ral and "Lurch" was his name...
Kerry LIED 'bout his Comrades-In-Arms!!
Before Congress, Hanoi John slandered his FRiends...
Called them "Rapists" and "Killers"...has he no shame?!

There's just two ways to fight Lib'ral SCUM...
Remember...Left is all Red!!
One's the FRee Way...Reject Socialism!!
Right is fightin' 'til Big Guv'ment's DEAD!!
'Cuz Tyranny takes hold when Patriots ain't bold!!
Guv'ment's BAD when it warps yer head!!

Kerry is a Lib'ral and Big Guv'ment's his aim...
Just y'all wait 'til he "feels yer pain!!"
Massachusetts, Camelot's DreamWorld is stained...
Jack wails, "Kerry, why must you defame my name?!"

We're the RightWing, we FReep 'gainst Tyranny!!
'Gainst the Lib'rals, who loathe what's FRee!!
Have our plans fer Worlds where FReedom rings...
Join our Band...Fer Justice Sing!!
MoveOn-dot-org's THE Enemy...DemonRAT-Underground!!
Soros' Commies are Leftist SCUM!!
Retake the Cities from the kA.N.S.W.E.R.ous Powers!!
Reborn humans shall never cower!!

You see...
I seen me a Lib'ral and "Lurch" is his name...
He's no good...don't you vote fer his stain!!
Before Congress, Hanoi John slandered his FRiends...
Called them Rapists, Vile Killers...Have RATS No Shame?!!


63 posted on 06/27/2004 3:30:14 PM PDT by Mudboy Slim (RE-IMPEACH Osama bil Clinton!!)
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To: Liz


which would support horrid Senate legislation of a similar sort.

PLEASE DO YOUR UTMOST TO DEFEAT ALL SUCH LEGISLATION. The impact on Christian founding beliefs and practices would evolve hideously


82 posted on 06/28/2004 11:56:10 AM PDT by Quix (Choose this day whom U will serve: Shrillery & demonic goons or The King of Kings and Lord of Lords)
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