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Dems Plan Assault on Vets
Crush Kerry ^ | 8/08/04 | Crush Kerry admin

Posted on 08/08/2004 11:44:55 AM PDT by Merry

The Democrat National Committee has prepared a full-scale assault against the Vietnam Veterans for Truth to draw their character and veracity into question, according to one anonymous source inside the DNC. The campaign of character assassination is scheduled to coincide with the release of the book Unfit for Command which reveals inconvenient facts for the Kerry campaign.

“We have prepared what we call ‘Brown Books’ that contain damaging military records, personal credit histories, medical histories, psychiatric histories, divorce records, you name it,” our source told us. The “Brown Books” are so-called because of their distinctive plain brown covers, which contain no words. Some books have already been delivered to Kerry-friendly reporters. Others are on their way, our source told us. When asked if we could have a copy, our source declined, saying there is a limited number of “Brown Books” and they have been carefully inventoried to control in whose hands the books ended up.

Ultimately the “Brown Books” will end up in the hands of pro-Kerry news agencies and reporters. According to our source, who demanded to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, The New York Times is already on the hook to run a negative series on the Vets, as is the Boston Globe, which is owned by the Times. (Editor’s Note: The Globe has already been caught attempting to attack the veracity of George Elliott, Kerry’s commanding officer in Vietnam.)

In addition, the DNC has deployed a six member team from their press shop whose sole responsibility will be to spin and counter-spin stories about the members of Vietnam Veterans for Truth with pro-Kerry media entities, like the Times.

When asked if this was just another example of John Kerry slandering Vietnam Vets – like he did in 1971 as a member of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War – our source snapped, “No! This is warfare. The only way we’re going to get out of this is to force everyone to question their motives and credibility.”

“If they want to spread rumors and stories about John Kerry, we’ll spread rumors and stories about them. And some of the things they did in Vietnam were a lot worse than what they say John Kerry did,” our source concluded ominously.

Stay tuned. We will keep you posted as this nasty story develops. Posted on Sunday, August 08 @ 14:36:36 EDT by admin

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To: Merry

Damn, right out of the Clinton play book. If the DEMS pull this stunt it will actually backfire on Kerry. This is the kind of battle that can only hurt Kerry because people might start questioning why the Dems need to be so vicious if Swiftboat Vet attacks are so groundless. Bring it on you scumbag DEMS. Real heros go after the truth no matter what the risks, and these Swiftboat vets are the real heros, not some guy who got a Silver Star for shooting a VC.

261 posted on 08/09/2004 6:01:00 AM PDT by Casloy
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To: Merry
Ultimately the “Brown Books” will end up in the hands of pro-Kerry news agencies and reporters.

That's just about all of them, isn't it?

262 posted on 08/09/2004 6:01:07 AM PDT by wai-ming
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To: Steven W.

That is why the Christmas in Cambodia lie is so important - it pits John Kerry against himself and common sense. There are no "he said, he said" issues & once shown to be a complete fraud and phony, the cards crumble and all else the Vets have to say gains traction.

Exactly right. Kerry has so much on the public record, it will be easy to hoist him on his own petard. The Dems will go after the messengers and try to avoid the substance of the charges. The more they attack the messengers, the more they bring attention to the charges.

263 posted on 08/09/2004 6:09:01 AM PDT by kabar
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To: sinkspur
You actually think the Kerry campaign is frightened by the Swiftvets? I think they're sowing this false fear with GOP sources so they can keep this thing alive.,/i>

Yeah, that's it. Kerry really wants this stuff to come out and to keep it alive. The pressuring of TV stations not to air the ad is all a trick. They really want it aired. The upcoming attacks against the SBVFT are just for show and meant to keep the issue alive. They want the book, Unfit for Command, to be a number #1 bestseller and kept on the charts right up until the election. Maybe the SBVFT are actually working with Kerry. Yeah, that's it.

264 posted on 08/09/2004 6:13:37 AM PDT by kabar
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To: JoeSixPack1
Don't have audio right now, my speakers are down...but here is a story I have been posting for over a week:

Thomas Wright was one of John F. Kerry's fellow Swift boat officers in Vietnam. Since Wright outranked Kerry, he was Kerry's sometime boat group Officer-in-Charge, so Wright had occasion to observe Kerry’s behavior and attitudes, and the circumstances surrounding his early departure from the war zone. The intervening years have not dimmed his memories.

“I had a lot of trouble getting him to follow orders,” recalls Wright. “He had a different view of leadership and operations. Those of us with direct experience working with Kerry found him difficult and oriented towards his personal, rather than unit goals and objectives. I believed that overall responsibility rested squarely on the shoulders of the OIC or OTC in a free-fire zone. You had to be right (before opening fire). Kerry seemed to believe there were no rules in a free-fire zone and you were supposed to kill anyone. I didn’t see it that way.”

It got to a point where Wright told his divisional commander he no longer wanted Kerry in his boat group, so he was re-assigned to another one. “I had an idea of his actions but didn’t have to be responsible for him.” Then Wright and like-minded boat officers took matters into their own hands. “When he got his third Purple Heart, three of us told him to leave. We knew how the system worked and we didn’t want him in Coastal Division 11. Kerry didn’t manipulate the system, we did.”

Call sign: Boston strangler

265 posted on 08/09/2004 6:18:53 AM PDT by ravingnutter
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To: ravingnutter

Thank you for the post. It spells it out pretty much how it happened, if you can take a happenstance and reflect it in a few paragraphs that is.

Hopefully, hopefully, HOPEFULLY, sKerry's toast, and his brand of leadership which can be defined as 'a hippie cutting in on the Gov't free cheese line' is finally brought to an end.

There has never been a politician, in my lifetime, that has reached so deeply into and disrupted and distorted so superficially my day to day life as Hanoi John fkn sKerry.

There is a special place in hell for him.

266 posted on 08/09/2004 8:33:52 AM PDT by JoeSixPack1 (Freedom Stands Because Heroes Serve.)
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To: afnamvet

I am honored to be pinged by you. Thank you for your service to the great nation of ours! God bless.

267 posted on 08/09/2004 11:26:07 AM PDT by FranklinsTower
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To: faithincowboys

Frankly I am encouraged that the vets are getting airtime and are slowly winning this battle.

If nothing else, they are driving Kerry's negatives higher.

268 posted on 08/09/2004 11:31:52 AM PDT by mwl1
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To: mwl1

Me too, but Nightline tonight is going to savage them, make it all about Bush's NG service and make it look like a dirty trick from Rove. Koppel is a hopelessly biased SOB.

I want justice for the men Kerry slandered--thats all I want.

269 posted on 08/09/2004 12:30:30 PM PDT by faithincowboys
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To: listenhillary
I wonder what this is costing the DNC?

You mean what this will cost Mommy Warbucks, Kerry's gravy train wife.

270 posted on 08/09/2004 10:39:25 PM PDT by exhaustedmomma (Bias is not necessarily propaganda. HOWEVER, bias is necessary to propaganda.)
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To: Merry
Why don't we ask for the financial records of the VVAW during Kerry's leadership. As long as he is dredging up Vietnam we might as well start asking about who funded his antiwar group.
271 posted on 08/09/2004 10:42:07 PM PDT by armymarinemom (Ultimate Flip Flop->I support the Troops but not their mission)
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To: Ms. AntiFeminazi

what a fantastic ad!!---how do you folks do these things?---computer use at it's best---thanks

272 posted on 08/09/2004 10:55:28 PM PDT by cmotormac44
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To: Merry


273 posted on 08/10/2004 3:42:07 AM PDT by dennisw (Once is Happenstance. Twice is Coincidence. The third time is Enemy action. - Ian Fleming)
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To: Merry
Ultimately the “Brown Books” will end up in the hands of pro-Kerry news agencies and reporters.

Well, with the DNC threats that are out there about what is in them, the DNC has already stated that they will slander/libel these folks, invade their privacy, inflict emmotional distress and have broadcast the information widely to Newspaper editors as they claim.

That is already grounds for suit and discovery to find out the contents of these brown books and to whom they were sent.

If I were the legal counsel for any broadcaster receiving one of these, I would advise that it be sent straight back, registered mail, unopened and unread.

274 posted on 08/10/2004 3:51:59 AM PDT by AndyJackson
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To: All
If anyone doubts the media is against Mr. Bush, and carrying Kerry's water?

COMMAND CONFIDENCE Kerry staff: "Unfit not a problem, media is committed to seeing us win")

275 posted on 08/10/2004 3:52:53 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the Trackball into the Sunset...)
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To: backhoe


276 posted on 08/10/2004 3:55:36 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Cincinatus' Wife
This naked and blatant blackmail and intimidation is the inescapable, inexorable fruit borne from the Left's embrace of eight years of Clintonian corruption in exchage for power.

It is the Politics of Personal Destruction ( don't you love how the project? ) carried to the Nth degree.

277 posted on 08/10/2004 4:15:09 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the Trackball into the Sunset...)
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To: Merry
“We have prepared what we call ‘Brown Books’..."

Brown as in the color know. Bullsh!t!

278 posted on 08/10/2004 4:30:00 AM PDT by GreyWolf (My $.02)
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To: EdReform


279 posted on 08/10/2004 9:31:45 AM PDT by EdReform (Support Free Republic - All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!)
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To: AndyJackson

This whole range of tactics is going to backfire superbly on the 'Rats.

In post 9-11 America, you do not slur vets and get away with it.

I think Kerry's tacticians really want him to lose. They are probably taking money from Hillary, on the side.

280 posted on 08/10/2004 5:13:03 PM PDT by Palladin (Proud to be a FReeper!)
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