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The Cult of Kerry
Town Hall ^ | August 21, 2004 | Doug Giles

Posted on 08/21/2004 7:21:13 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife

Listening to the Democrats speak about John Kerry must be what it was like hearing Saint Peter describe Christ to his fishing buddies. Kerry can do no wrong. No matter what is written or said about the Senator, the Dems find no fault in the man. He’s perfect.

Just look at his website, Why, he’s squeaky clean; he’s a truth telling war hero and good guy, with an impeccable public record who should replace that terrible rascal George W. Bush. Kerry, according to the Dems, is the savior of these United States.

End of discussion. Crown him with many crowns! Yeah, right.

According to the liberal-left, Kerry has never – no, NEVER - lied, prevaricated, exaggerated, or obfuscated. He has never flipped flopped. If he has done a 180 on an issue it is because he is evolving … transforming like a little butterfly. And we all know development is a complicated process, don’t we? Therefore, one must be understanding with Kerry during his miraculous presidential metamorphosis. He’s flowering. Be gentle.

Given the vast secularization of the left it’s touching to see such faith. Yes, the Democrats’ willingness to completely, implicitly trust, back, defend, go out on a limb for and stake their careers on this man is simply -- religious.

My question is: what kind of goofy grape Jim Jones juice do the Democrats and the Liberal media’s Axis of Drivel, drink to make them utterly and completely believe everything this guy says and never seriously question him, his war claims or his vacillating voting records?

Kerry has worked some serious voodoo on his backers, and he’s now trying to do it on us voters.

We are told, you see, that Saint John Kerry is immaculate, that we should believe what he and a smattering of others say about him during his Nam days, and that we should blow off his 20 year voting history. Just drink the [poisonous] grape juice and let him run the country.

Kum Ba Ya, My Senator, Kum ba ya.

The liberals want the masses to believe Kerry, make a Hegelian leap of faith, blow off all the massive accusations and empirical evidence … and embrace him. We can do this!

First, by just moving on from all that Swift Boat stuff. Geez, guys, Kerry said he’s telling the truth. Let it be. The carefully scripted, evasive half-answers and the New York Times’ tilted take is good enough for the Democrats. So, what’s the problem? I mean, who cares if 60 eyewitnesses, and a total of 254 combat mates, think Kerry is a grade “A” bulls**t artist? No need to check the facts: they’ve gotta be wrong, and Kerry’s obviously right. Drink the juice.

Now, repeat after me: it makes no difference that John-boy claimed until just last week that he spent Christmas Eve 1968 in Cambodia. It’s really just a bit of poor navigation that he was 55 miles away, deep in Vietnam, although he insisted on it every chance he got including on the Senate floor.

And it really, really doesn’t matter that he claimed Richard Nixon was the lying president at the time, although he still was waiting to be inaugurated. We all know that worse things have been said about Nixon, so you can’t blame the ever-so-honest, self-righteous John Forbes Kerry.

Anyway, those suspicious Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads were floated by rich Republicans – from Texas! friends of the Bush family!! - and we know how disreputable and discrediting that kind of activity is when a partisan guy with $200 thousand gives it to a 527 organization for smear ads. [Hey! Don’t anybody mention George Soros giving $10 million to!] You know this grape juice is really pretty tasty.

Secondly, we all could move on and embrace Kerry if Ann Coulter would just chill on making a big deal out of Kerry bringing a movie camera with him to re-enact his purportedly heroic acts. Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson often have people around them filming their actions, so … what’s weird about Kerry doing it? You and I both know that if Sony digi-cams were around in Christ’s day, he’d have Bartholomew rolling on him while he was doing His gallant deeds. And they’d do several different takes until Bart got it right. More funky juice, please.

Thirdly, we could move on and embrace Kerry if we would all back off the major television outlets for not carrying detailed coverage of the Swifties’ best-selling book, Unfit for Command, which is #1 on Amazon, in it’s fifth printing with Regnery, and yet very difficult to find at major bookstores in liberal cities. Look, Tailgunner Joe … TV news shows are busy with other things. The Olympics are being played. Hello! And in addition to the games we really must see the documentary about how the male Olympian overcame chronic jock itch, an overbearing mother with a mustache and a penchant for prancing around in stiletto heels, to become the great athlete he is. Yes, we need more of this stuff. Hours of it. Uh… excuse me… my goofy grape Nehi is running a little low.

Fourthly, we could all move on and climb into Kerry’s boat by believing John, who from now on, is going to go medieval against those terrorists. Kerry has promised us that he can be a mean guy to bad people and that he will do whatever it takes to secure us at home and abroad. We need to believe him and not let little things bother us. Things like this wanna be JFK skipping out on 78% of 49 hearings while he served on the Senate intelligence committee.

We shouldn’t flinch over Kerry’s proposal just after the first [1993] attack on the World Trade Center to slash $7.5 billion from our intelligence budget. And who can fault Kerry for voting 12 times between 1990 and 2003 against higher pay for America's hardworking volunteer military?

Can it really be a sticking point with people if our two Johns, Kerry and Edwards, are two of only four US Senators who voted for the use of force resolution against Iraq and against the $87 billion funding bill for our troops there and in Afghanistan? What harm is there in voting against extra money for body armor for soldiers and against increased combat pay for troops? You can still be tough on terrorists, right?

We must not judge Kerry based on what he has done ... only on what he says he will do. Kerry, like Francis Dolarhyde, is becoming and it’s not fair to equate him with what he was. Come on, people. Do what the Dems do. Throw your hands up in the air and say, “Oh well … whatever”. Give me more goofy grape because I like-a da juice.

Fifthly, we can really embrace Kerry very easily: simply believe that he means it when he says he’ll cut the middle classes’ taxes. All we have to do is forget he’s voted 98 times for tax increases totaling more than $2.3 trillion and voted at least 126 times against tax cuts totaling more than $5.3 trillion. Just believe Kerry even though he’s voted 73 times to reduce the size of a tax cut, 67 times for smaller tax cuts and 11 times against repealing tax hikes … and even when he voted for Bill Clinton’s largest tax increase in U.S. history! If Kerry says he’s not going to tax us, just be cool …close your eyes ... and keep the grape juice flowing.

And lastly, we can all join the Kerry cult, by buying into his take on abortion: life begins at conception but the woman has the right to snuff that life out. Maybe it’s not so nice, but it’s no big deal continuing the greatest holocaust to ever hit our planet -- murdering unborn children. On that one, altar boy, make wacky Welch's a double.

My ClashPoint is this: Kerry’s crowd is so blinded by anti-Bush frothing fervor they have completely lost their objectivity and have halo-ed this cat. No, no, no, John Kerry’s not a liar. His voting record doesn’t contradict his newfound convictions … and the king is not naked. It’s OK, cuz … O.J. is innocent, and Scott Peterson didn’t kill Laci and their baby. Oh, and Britney Spears can sing, and Andy Dick is a thespian.

Kerry’s cult may see a glow around their do-no-wrong golden boy’s head but I don’t think it’s a halo. It’s probably methane gas from the fetid fecal fumes that are steaming off his body.

No Jim Jones juice for me, thank you.

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41 posted on 08/21/2004 9:03:57 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: cousair

YEP.....Kerry would LOVE this fight to go to President Bush, but President Bush and his staff know....Kerry's duel is with the Veterans. Hope the public get's this little "nuance."

42 posted on 08/21/2004 9:10:34 AM PDT by goodnesswins (VICTORY...........brings peace.)
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To: Cincinatus' Wife
The scar of Vietnam has been reopened and the blood is flowing again. The difference is now we have the benefit of history and can look back and see. We can thank John Kerry’s handlers for making his 4 months of Swift Boat service as his primary reason for being President of the United States. The gamble they were not counting on was the pain millions of Vietnam Vets were going to feel when John Kerry saluted and said, “reporting for duty.” These men remember being shot and wounded in the jungles of Nam only to come home to get stabbed in the back by John Kerry’s army. This election has reopened those stab wounds.

For those too young to remember Vietnam and Watergate, those were some of the darkest days in America. As a high school kid our class was the first class to have nobody drafted or allowed to go to Vietnam. I was anti-war although not to the point of going to the protests, but would go to the concerts that were all anti-war. Most of us didn’t go to the major protests that Kerry and his organizations formed that were in every city in this country and especially college towns like Eugene.

These protests were well organized and funded primarily by different branches of the Communist Party. The Soviet Union believed they could overthrow this country from within and millions of us were sucked into these protests over the war. Many of us believed the war was wrong and believed Communism was a legitimate form of government. We were told that China was the model and since Russia was so censored, the Gulag was never known. Many of us later learned that we were wrong, dead wrong while many like Kerry never did.

What we didn’t understand was the pain that these protests were causing the Proud and Honorable Soldiers returning from the war. These men did their patriotic duty, to fight for their country in what turned out to be a just and moral war. These men were fighting and dying so that 10-20 million SE Asians would not be slaughtered by the most brutal forms of Communism known to mankind. These Vets were the best and brightest getting wounded and killed so that a small country a half a world away could have a chance at freedom. When these men finally came back to their free country they were spit on and called baby killers. How could we???

I am so sorry for being so wrong. My apologies to all the honored Vets who made this country strong and especially to those who served in Vietnam and never received their dues. We were fooled. Fooled by a well organized and well funded masquerade. This facade was founded by the Communist Party and it’s main General was John Kerry. Kerry organized Vietnam Vets Against the War which was the flagship for all war protest. His medals, Jane Fonda and his Band of Brothers, which included the Black Panthers, gave him instant credibility.

Kerry used this power to stab his fellow Vietnam Veterans in the back. We have now found that baby killing was the exception as in any war. We find that razing villages like “jenjis shawn” (how French) was not done, except perhaps by Kerry. We find that the testimony in front of Congress and elsewhere was a total fabrication by him and his lying witnesses. These are the wounds that are flowing freely again and this is the reason so many vets feel betrayed again. Now these Vets find out that Kerry was making these lies up!

When he went in front of the country again after all these years of letting bygones be bygones and saluted, reporting for duty; millions of Vets felt the bayonet turn in their backs. They remembered walking across those tarmacs and having protesters unjustly spit on their faces. They remember the shame of no parades or pride in wearing their uniforms. They see the heroes of Desert Storm and say, why not me? They remember Kerry leading protests against them and against their Honorable Duty, making them the villains. Now with history finally on their side, they are ready to finish this argument and it needs to be finished. Now they know where the enemy lies. This is no longer just about a Presidential race, but about Truth and Honor.

I salute every Vietnam Veteran from the bottom of my heart!

Pray for W and The Truth

43 posted on 08/21/2004 9:12:52 AM PDT by bray (Yaaaawn Tax , Tax , Tax & Kerry wants your paycheck!)
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To: True Capitalist
"A fatwa from the left . . ."

Hey, that a great turn of phrase. Perhaps the Bush team or their 527s should begin each ad with "The latest fatwa from Kerry (or Democratic Party) is . . .".

44 posted on 08/21/2004 9:16:00 AM PDT by Oatka
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To: bray

Thank you bray.

Have you posted this as a stand alone thread.

I think you should.


45 posted on 08/21/2004 10:39:31 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: bray
Thank you, bray. You wrote what I feel and what I lived. I have apologized in person and in several threads here on FR. Still, besides the harm my being duped caused, the guilt is never going to go away.

The only positive thing is that I will never again be duped. I am older than you (Class of '61). I was warned by my father that the communists funded the protests and he was an FDR Democrat. My Navy friend told me "there is only one reality", but I chose to believe his was wrong. I tell the kids and Kool-Aide drinkers today that they will wake up at night in the future in a sweat over their gullibility and how they are being used. Some are listening.

We all have to continue telling the young how easily we were fooled and how much harm was caused by our believing a lie.

I hate Kerry more each day. He and his Senate friends and Hanoi Jane and the rest, including all the groups whose records I bought and concerts I attended, convinced me to distrust my country and her military. I should have, instead, distrusted anyone who used their power to sell out America and her heroes. Add to the carnage: the people of Vietnam living in a police state; the people of Nicaraugua who lived longer than necessary under the Sandinistas; the trashing of Col North and his men; the betrayal of the POWs and MIAs and their families.

We were warm bodies and useful fools. Years later, when we voiced opinions that were pro-capitalism, pro-religion, pro-individualism and pro-America & Israel, the same people who used us then turned against us.

Never again.
46 posted on 08/21/2004 12:41:56 PM PDT by reformedliberal (Proud Bush-Cheney04 volunteer)
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To: jocon307

Anybody but Bush! Lemmings jumping off the cliff together.

47 posted on 08/21/2004 1:42:18 PM PDT by Milligan
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