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Fiedor Report On the News #314 ^ | 8-29-04 | Doug Fiedor

Posted on 08/28/2004 12:49:16 PM PDT by forest

If there was ever a "Most Valuable Player" award given for a political campaign, this year it would most definitely go to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth[1]. Because they spoke out against a liberal Democrat, these men are getting a constant anal exam by the Kerry campaign and Kerry's socialist cheerleaders in the major media. Yet, no matter the heavy amount of professional media harassment received, the Swifties continue on, walking point, representing American veterans with courage and honor.

And look at that faux war hero, John Kerry, running scared like a little girlie-boy again. With just two little 30 second TV spots, the Swifties have Kerry whining to mama -- in this case, the Federal Election Commission -- "Unfair! Unfair! Please make them stop, Mommy. . . ."

Didn't work, though. Last Tuesday, Federal Election Commission Chairman Bradley Smith defended the right of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to run commercials against Kerry: "I think it's great we live in a country where 260 average guys can go out and put their point of view out there before the public and influence a major presidential race," Smith said in an interview with Bloomberg television.

The problem with the Swifties TV spots, of course, is that they are so straightforward. The truth. Not a prevarication. Not an exaggeration. And so, nothing like a "normal" political ad. Better yet, most voters in the United States recognize the sincerity of the Swifties.

Will anyone still say that a small group cannot make a big difference in national politics? The Swift Boat Veterans group is made up of but 250-some guys. They started with limited funding, but quickly banked a half-million in donations from over 10,000 contributors. Now, we learn, they raised $2-million from 30,000 people in just a couple weeks. Clearly, other veterans are backing the Swifties.

To some of us, it may sound like the Swifties raised a lot of money. Really though, that's just peanuts in the scheme of things. Look at what the liberals pushing socialism are doing:

Already, far-left groups have spent over $63 million on anti-Bush ads. They are funded by people like liberal billionaire financier George Soros, who has bankrolled and other groups with single checks totaling more than the Swifties will ever see during this whole campaign cycle., itself, has already spent over $17-million on anti-Bush ads.

Seventeen of the top 20 groups operating under the 527 code are far-left groups, which are funded with liberal money. They are the "shadow party" of the DNC, as the Clinton cabal calls them, and all operate with unlimited soft money and are not very well scrutinized.

For instance, Hillary supporter Harold Ickes formed two of these "soft money" groups: America Coming Together (ACT) and the Media Fund. Ickes wants to spend over $100 million within the next few weeks to defeat President Bush and help elect Democrats nationwide.

So, as we see, the Swift Boat Veterans are making a very big splash with relatively little funding. The liberal groups, on the other hand, are effectively just splattering in a puddle with their couple-hundred-million bucks.

The reason is simple: the liberal groups are singing to their own choir. Only the already socialist-leaning Yellow-dog-Democrats believe their claptrap. The Swifties, on the other hand, are playing to a crowd of voters who remember exactly how true what they are saying was back in the Vietnam era. And, those of us who remember the antics of the traitorous John Kerry are telling others. That is why it is not an accident that the Swifties book, "Unfit for Command," became an instant best seller -- sitting #2 on the liberal New York Times best seller list last week.

Indeed, the American people are seeing uncommon valor this political season. Those 250 average American citizens have put themselves forward, in the face of constant ridicule from the leftist major media Kerry cheerleaders, for no other reason than to remind the American people of the truth.

Incidentally, the proceeds from their best selling book are going to the Navy & Marine Relief Fund. Clearly, these are uncommonly honorable men.

We should tell them so. Often.


1. <>


Also see the site:



Then, read Kerrys treasonous words from his book "New Soldier" -- the book Kerry wrote but doesn't want you to see:


Or: <>

And: <>


Listen to Vietnam POWs speak out about how Kerry's Treasonous activities hurt them:




TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Philosophy; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: 2unfit; anal; award; choir; dog; faux; girlie; hillary; limited; peanuts; relief; swiftboatveterans; truth
"Most Valuable Player" award goes to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. They keep marching point.

Kerry is running scared like a little girlie-boy again, whining to mama -- "Unfair! Unfair! Please make them stop, Mommy. . . ." The Swifties give the truth. People are watching.

To some of us, it may sound like the Swifties raised a lot of money. Really though, that's just peanuts in the scheme of things.

17 of the top 20 code 527 groups are far-left groups funded with liberal money, called the "shadow party" of the DNC by the Clinton cabal, and all operate with unlimited soft money.

It is not an accident that the Swifties book, "Unfit for Command," became an instant best seller -- sitting #2 on the liberal New York Times best seller list last week. The proceeds go to the Navy & Marine Relief Fund.

1 posted on 08/28/2004 12:49:17 PM PDT by forest
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To: forest
Ah, don't you long for the good old days when Doonsbutt used truth...

To print out and wear as a Campaign Button, go HERE. Over 2,500 hit as of 8/28! Feel free to reuse this anywhere you wish...
Donate to Swift Boat Vets for the Truth HERE.

2 posted on 08/28/2004 1:02:42 PM PDT by sonofatpatcher2 (Texas, Love & a .45-- What more could you want, campers? };^)
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To: sonofatpatcher2

Outstanding post. Thank you!

3 posted on 08/28/2004 1:21:32 PM PDT by Viet-Boat-Rider (((KERRY IS A NARCISSISTIC LIAR, GOLDBRICKER, AND TRAITOR!)))
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To: forest
Get this to every one.
This is the line of attack:

James Warner POW in North Vietnam

Windows Media Player Broadband

Windows Media Player Dial-up

“The North Vietnamese told us we were war criminals, not covered by Geneva Convention…” PLAY THIS (Last on this page): POWs 


The Swiftboat Vets' second ad, released at the beginning of this week to play in Ohio, West Virginia and Wisconsin, features former POWs charging Kerry with betrayal for accusing them of war atrocities during his testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971.

4 posted on 08/28/2004 1:36:45 PM PDT by Wolverine (A Concerned Citizen)
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To: Wolverine

On Hardball Friday Show, Ron Reagan called the SwiftBoat Vets LIARS. I have not read one line about this. Someone needs to hold him accountable, as well as MSNBC. I don't know how to post an article, so, please help. Chris Matthews just sat there and let those beady eyes speak for him. I am so angry!
I don't watch Hardball, but a friend called and told me about this, I watched the rerun at 11 PM.

5 posted on 08/28/2004 2:06:56 PM PDT by fabriclady
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To: forest
The Swift Boat Veterans are not about anything political...

This is personal....and about what kind of Commander in Chief our Armed Forces would
be lead by...nothing more....nothing less

The men of the Swift Boats are very concerned that the USA and it's military will be greatly compromised by a President who has no honor and no honesty...someone who hates a free Republic and has ties to Communists nations and whose loyalty lay more with North Vietnam than America after he left Vietnam...

A man who was so career minded he could lie on military reports to make himself a hero will lie to the American people...and is not the kind of man who will put the good of the nation and our military above his own ambition...

Kerry and the danger he poses to the security of our nation as Commander in Chief is the ultimate message the SBVT wish to convey to us....

The SBVT are comprised of as many democrats (who voted for Gore) as Republicans (who voted for Bush)....

Their ONLY concern is to stop John F Kerry from becoming the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces...

6 posted on 08/28/2004 2:31:51 PM PDT by joesnuffy (Moderate Islam Is For Dilettantes)
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To: forest

7 posted on 08/28/2004 4:12:49 PM PDT by Aunt Polgara
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