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Swift Boat Vets relive John Kerry’s Genghis “Con” (Kerry, MSM Smear Campaign - MUST READ) ^ | 29 August 2004 | Doug Schmitz

Posted on 08/29/2004 9:52:44 AM PDT by Stultis


Swift Boat Vets relive John Kerry’s Genghis “Con”
By Doug Schmitz
Aug 29, 2004, 12:20

“[The] mainstream media refuse to pursue [Kerry’s war record charges].  They have an agenda.  The agenda is to bring down George Bush.  If they really made these charges a burning issue, Kerry would go down in flames.  Because they refuse to make these matters an issue, they won’t be." — Paul M. Weyrich, Accuracy in Media, 8/17/04


COLUMNIST’S NOTE: The following is an in-depth analysis of the 24-hour smear campaign that John Kerry, his media allies and his countless anti-Bush ‘527’ groups have launched against the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, in a deliberate Bill Clinton-style ploy to shift the focus of the group’s valid charges away from Kerry’s alleged war crime accusations he leveled against them in a 1971 Senate hearing, to the Left’s false, trumped-up charges against President Bush.  It is a calculated attempt to use this leftist media-generated controversy to further discredit Bush’s re-election bid this fall.


The silence among the Democrat-friendly White House press corps regarding the charges that John Kerry’s Vietnam War record isn’t as credible and valiant as he has claimed has been deafening.  That’s because the pro-Kerry, anti-Bush media have had one goal in mind: The ouster of George W. Bush.  They have routinely ignored every documented allegation leveled against Kerry and likely have no intention of actually earning their bloated paychecks by outing Kerry’s malfeasance.  Truly, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are doing what the media elites won’t: Exposing Kerry as a military fraud whose only goal for going to Vietnam was to gin up a “war” resume for a future presidential run.

“What the Swift Boat controversy has done is show the world what many of us have known for years: John Kerry is a completely ruthless, calculating, pathological, overly-ambitious liar who will do anything to win the White House,” said columnist John LeBoutillier on Aug. 23.  “Isn’t that a sad commentary on American politics?”

Former U.S. Special Forces Operational Detachment Officer and columnist Geoff Metcalf echoed LeBoutillier on Kerry’s vintage Clinton dishonesty: “So the duplicitous serial hyperbolizer expects everyone to tolerate and embrace his lies, but when confronted with facts that contradict his preconceived opinions, prejudices, and fictions, he throws a hissy fit?  That is chutzpah!  It also appears to be the Democrat Party way.”

Even Nat Henoff of the ultra-liberal Village Voice admitted that the Kerry campaign is involved in a transparent cover-up of John Kerry’s war records, as well as a deliberate attempt to muzzle the free speech rights of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. 

Henoff said this became apparent through Kerry’s selective parsing of his military records, as well as his refusal to turn over pages from diaries he kept while in Vietnam.

In fact, Kerry had contradicted himself over receiving a Purple Heart for an alleged gun shot wound that supposedly happened nine days after he entered the incident in his diary, saying he “hadn’t received [the gun shot] yet.”

“The question is: What is Kerry trying to hide?” Henoff told WABC talk radio host Steve Malzberg in an Aug. 22 interview.  “He claims he’s interested in the truth.  If he’s interested in the truth, then release the records.”

Now, the arrogant Massachusetts senator, who still refuses to resign his seat, has gone into full-scale damage control mode out of sheer desperation.  On Aug. 25, Kerry had the unmitigated gall to call for Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation over the leftist media-initiated Abu Ghraib scandal, when Kerry’s media allies haven’t called on Kerry to explain his Vietnam atrocity admissions.  Kerry has not only indicted himself as a war criminal – he has smeared all veterans as war criminals, while his media accomplices look the other way in the hopes that Kerry’s 527-funded smear campaign will sink Bush this fall.  What about Kerry’s accountability in besmirching Vietnam veterans for alleged war crimes?




In yet another blaring sign of his implosion, Kerry also made an illegal phone call to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth member Robert Brant in a deliberate attempt to dissuade him from dismissing the charges the group has justly leveled against Kerry.  In essence, Kerry broke the law when he called Brant, since it’s illegal to make contact with other 527 members, especially when Kerry attempted to influence Brant to change his mind.

According to the New York Post on Aug. 25, Swift Boat Vet spokesperson Sean McCabe said the group planned to send a cease-and-desist letter to Kerry, warning him “to stop calling our members, “because it’s an independent ‘527’ group and it’s illegal for campaigns to contact them.”

But this is one of Kerry’s many down-and-dirty moves that his media friends will ignore. 

These are also more cheap campaign ploys taken right out of Bill Clinton’s slime ball politics playbook to provide Democrat-friendly media cover for Kerry in order for him to avoid addressing the Swift Boat Vets’ valid charges.  Because the media elites want Bush out of office, they continue to ignore the real story behind the charges: That Kerry isn’t the war hero he and his media pals have been portraying him to be all this time.

Ironically, the Swift Boat Vets may be the very ones who hold the only key to unlocking the real John Kerry – and showing the American public who he really is, which is why Kerry’s media bomb-throwers are on the prowl against the Swift Boat Vets.  Imagine: The one pivotal story that could spare our nation from allowing another Bill Clinton to open the door to another possible 9/11, and the media elites could care less. 


Yet the billionaire-by-marriage senator, who rakes in millions every week for his fledging campaign through questionable 527s that seem to slip past the McCain-Feingold radar, is running scared from 254 Swift Boat veterans who want him to fess up.  After all, their accounts of Kerry are comparatively solid, with their first ad costing a modest $500,000 and only running in a few major cities.  Compare that with the $63 million worth of anti-Bush ads that Kerry’s coffers have rolled out, which make up 87 percent of the 527 funds coming from Democrats actively entrenched in these Bush-hating groups. 


That said, Kerry’s media manipulators on the Left continue to excoriate Bush, while giving Kerry a free pass.  Evidently, in his opportunistic power play for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., John Kerry has taken the politics of personal destruction to levels that would even make Bill and Hillary Clinton blush – if that’s at all possible.


The first truth the media elites aren’t reporting is the Swift Boat Vets deserve to be heard.  Only now, without listening to or investigating their side of the story, Kerry and his media minions are trying to intimidate these men into silence, giving Kerry an easy way out of explaining and admitting to his anti-American actions before, during and after the Vietnam War.  This is perhaps the very first time Kerry has had to confront his lies, distortions and fabrications, since the media elites won’t.  Clearly, Kerry’s media accomplices are far more interested in finding fault with Bush than ferreting out Kerry’s raging wildfire of inconsistencies, improprieties and dishonesty that daily go unanswered, which is also why Kerry and his media allies have ratcheted up attacks against the Vets.




But in a carefully orchestrated way, the Bush-hating media elites have already been doing Kerry’s “dirty work” for him by fighting his battles, with slanted stories that make Kerry out to be the victim of yet another “vast right-wing conspiracy,” a phrase Hillary Clinton coined for Bill and her media buddies to use to try to ward off valid inquiries into their numerous scandals.  Despite Kerry’s bag of dirty tricks – freshly ripped from the pages of the Bill Clinton playbook, Kerry’s media friends are doing whatever they can to plug up the gaping holes in Kerry’s “war” stories.  In fact, Kerry’s so desperate and running so scared right now that he broke his initial vow to not air ads this month by running new anti-Bush ads to further slander Bush and the Swift Boats Vets – and all with the disingenuous support of the media elites, who haven’t yet told the truth about them.


But still, somewhere between Kerry’s many transits to his five multi-million dollar mansions, private ski resort, jet rides to his $175 French haircuts, passing the Grey Poupon® and his self-aggrandizing claims of being able to relate to “the common man,” Kerry has had his billionaire elitist lifestyle interrupted.  Now, he’s fighting tooth and nail to hang on to what he’s been clawing after even before he requested an early discharge on Jan. 3, 1970: His one and only shot at becoming the next JFK, as well as another Democratic president that the hypocritical elite media will do anything to protect – especially since the Swift Boat Vets have become a thorn in Kerry’s side, as well as a bump in Kerry’s 35-year road of political calculation. 


In effect, Kerry’s much like Bill Clinton: An anti-war zealot who cared nothing about fighting in combat.  The only difference is, Kerry couldn’t successfully dodge the draft like Clinton.  But he did, however, have his sights set on a much bigger prize, which is the real story behind Kerry’s military secrecy regarding his war medals (he allegedly wrote up to award himself and later threw away) and treasonous behavior against the U.S., as well as all veterans – and what the partisan press has frantically tried to cover up. 


The bottom line is the media elites need to fully investigate and expose the charges Kerry erroneously and unjustly leveled against these men that Kerry still hasn’t been able to prove, denounce or held accountable for charging.




Despite Kerry’s two-faced pig-headedness in wanting Bush to decry what he himself is guilty of promoting, all the Swift Boat Vets mainly want is for Kerry to take responsibility for his slanderous accusations against them by not only denouncing his false claims, but also fully disclosing his military records.


This, in essence, is also at the heart of the media elites’ attacks on the Swift Boat Vets: Their endless witch hunt of these men without first demanding answers from Kerry:


“Senator Kerry, we were there,” read the May 4 letter to Kerry, signed by nearly 200 Swift Boat Vets. “We know the truth.  We have been silent long enough.  The stakes are too great, not only for America in general but, most importantly, for those who have followed us into service in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We call upon you to provide a full, accurate accounting of your conduct in Vietnam.”  


Even though the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have clearly laid out their case, the Bush-hating media elites still hit the snooze button on the biggest scandal ever to hit John Kerry so far.  Yet, like Bill Clinton, the media elites have inoculated Kerry to these Whitewater-style revelations through their under-reporting, deception and apathy.  If Kerry cannot handle controversy now, what makes him and the Left think he will be able to if – God forbid – he’s elected.  But, like Clinton, Kerry already has the assurance of a Left-leaning media, who have engineered the biggest propaganda ploy for a Democratic presidential candidate since the long, dark days of Bill Clinton.  In the last three months alone, the media elites’ snide remarks have been sickeningly biased in Kerry’s favor.


For example, ABC News Radio liberal reporter Larry Jacobs, in his signature sarcastic tone that has defined his 30-second radio spots, claimed on Aug. 19 that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were “pushing the idea” that Kerry is a “faker.”  But the Swift Boat Vets aren’t “pushing the idea.”  They are trying to confront Kerry with the truth he’s finding very hard to swallow.  In a blatant attempt to side with Kerry, Jacobs also was silent about Kerry’s scrupulous 527s and his billionaire Sugar Daddy, George Soros, who psychotically believes he’s the “New Messiah.”  The fact is John Kerry has been benefiting for months from the same attack ad strategies he now falsely accuses Bush of initiating.  But, nonetheless, the media minions still ignore Kerry’s ties to soft money.


Further attacking the messenger and promoting another conspiracy theory was New York Times reporter Jim Ruttenburg, who wrote of the Swift Boat Vets: “A modern day tale of the creation of a political attack machine.” 


Never mind that the Left’s 527s of, Media Fund, America Coming Together, Campaign for the American Way and the New Democrat Network are Kerry’s own personal, Democrat-funded political attack machines and “fronts” that the media elites have never even attempted to call into question.


This, coming from leftist reporters like Ruttenburg, who undoubtedly have no intention of ever investigating the Swift Boat Vets’ allegations, much less of reading their book “Unfit For Command,” which is now a New York Times best-seller.  Also, it’s a pretty save bet that the Left-leaning “60 Minutes,” which has become a veritable conduit for anti-Bush books, won’t be inviting the Vets on to discuss their book anytime soon.




According to the Drudge Report, New York Times’ leftist editor Bill Keller reserved the lead of Page One for “the story of how swift boat veterans with a grievance were found by Republicans looking to tarnish Kerry’s image,” the Times editor mockingly wrote of the Vets in an Aug. 20 front-page, 3,500-word mea culpa-style love letter to John Kerry.


A fierce defender and endorser of John Kerry, Keller’s Aug. 19 Times lead editorial trumpeted Kerry, while defaming the Swift Boat Vets without mentioning that one of the Vets chaired the McCain Campaign, or that the group’s leader, John O’Neill, voted for Gore in 2000 and wanted John Edwards to win the Democratic presidential nod.  As much as Kerry and his media leftists would like the American public to believe that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is a “front for the Bush campaign,” they clearly aren’t. 


In fact, Washington Post reporter Jim Vandehei told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough (who has gone rather soft on Kerry the last several months) on Aug. 22 that he could find no such connection between Bush and the Swift Boat Vets, as Kerry fallaciously claimed.


While the Swift Boat Vets received partial funding from only a few Republicans, most of the Vets are Democrats or Independents, as they said in a C-SPAN news conference in May, despite being ignored by the media elites, who had written them off then in their shameless support of John Kerry.


This is also the primary reason why newspapers like the Times should never endorse a candidate because they cannot possibly be objective about covering them.  In fact, Times editor Bill Keller never minced words when he accused the Swift Boat Vets of aligning with Bush, while his so-called “newspaper of record” daily carries water for John Kerry:


“It may seem outlandish to launch a campaign broadside by television ad and book flackery devoted to discrediting the respectable Vietnam War record of Senator John Kerry, who has five combat medals,” the Times editor gushed.  “But that is exactly what a Republican-financed group of partisans is doing in presenting itself as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and tattooing the Democratic presidential nominee with accusations of lying about his service and war wounds.”

This same editorial, not surprisingly, also contained the following correction, that has become commonplace with the Times, in the aftermath of the Jayson Blair debacle:

“An article on Wednesday about an advertisement that questions President Bush’s service in the National Guard misidentified the organization responsible for it.  (The error was repeated yesterday in an editorial.)  The ad was created by the political action committee, MoveOn PAC, not by its affiliated organization,”

Note that the Times corrected the “mistake” involving Kerry, but conveniently skipped over the fact that is an actual front for Kerry.  They also glossed over the many flip-flopping flaws in Kerry’s Vietnam accounts.  While they’re at it, the Times needs to write an extensive mea culpa concerning their serial errors about the Iraq war.


This kind of blatantly leftist bias also shows vividly in how the media elites have ignored the Kerry campaign trying to censor the Swift Boat Vets’ new book, “Unit For Command,” without demanding that Kerry respond to their well-founded charges.  Kerry not only has sent letters to TV stations, threatening to sue them if they dare run the ad, he’s also tried to stop Barnes & Noble, Borders and from selling the book.  Kerry’s lawyers have also filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), alleging that Bush is “breaking the law” with his so-called “connection” to the ad. 

But in a letter to the FEC, Republican National Committee General Counsel Thomas J. Josefiak said Kerry’s complaint was based on “nothing more than the Kerry campaign’s false accusations, having them reported in the media, and then the Kerry campaign referring to the published false accusations as proof.” 


On Aug. 20, White House press secretary Scott McClellan told the Boston Herald concerning Kerry’s inflammatory claims: “I do think that Senator Kerry losing his cool should not be an excuse for him to lash out at the president with false and baseless attacks.”


Josefiak added that Kerry spokesperson Tad Devine “could not present even one piece of hard evidence to back up the Kerry campaign’s allegations.”

”Sadly, the Kerry campaign is misusing the Federal Election Commission’s process to distract attention and gain free publicity concerning charges for which it publicly admits it has no evidence,” Josefiak wrote in the Aug. 19 letter.


This is still another example of how Kerry’s media parrots like Devine and the New York Times mimic every single word Kerry says, without first verifying, challenging or investigating their validity.


What’s more, besides whining to the FEC, Kerry had the audacity to call on the Swift Boat Vets’ publisher, Regnery, to stop publishing the book Kerry claimed was a “hoax.”  But the real hoax is the two ads comparing Bush to Adolf Hitler.  Why didn’t Kerry and his media pals denounce those ads?  Besides, Bush never complained about them.  Yet Kerry’s media friends continue to insinuate Bush’s involvement in the Swift Boat ad, as well as defend Kerry’s hypocritical ads that his 527s are funding.

In fact, revealed a documented John Kerry/ connection:’s Web site admitting on Aug. 9 to “running a contest to help us choose the ads that will best convince undecided and swing voters to vote for John Kerry.”

KERRY WRITES OPEN LETTER FOR MOVEON.ORG MEMBERS, added, still posts a “letter to MoveOn members from John Kerry,” dated June 17, 2003.  “Make no mistake, we need to take back the White House in 2004 and that’s why I’m running for President,” Kerry wrote in the letter. also uncovered a posting on “the official Kerry-Edwards blog” on Dec. 11 that included this boast from Fe Bongolan of Berkeley, Calif., which is still another illustration of John Kerry’s direct involvement in that the media elites aren’t reporting:

“The East Bay for Kerry/MoveOn House party on December 7th combined the forces of two grass-roots organizations based in San Francisco East Bay Area.  We had 200 guests eating, drinking, and watching the MoveOn Documentary ‘Uncovered’ featuring Joseph Wilson and Rand Beers from the Kerry campaign.”

What’s more, the New York Times didn’t even bother running a lead headline on Aug. 20, when Bush-Cheney ’04 spokesperson Steve Schmidt laid bare Kerry’s desperate tactics:

“Real coordination is what John Kerry’s campaign has been engaged in with the Media Fund, America Coming Together, and,” Schmidt said.  “The revolving door of personnel, coordinated strategies and overlapping fundraising between the Democrat’s 527s and the Kerry campaign is a flagrant disregard of the spirit and letter of the campaign finance reform law.”

Conversely, in Kerry’s anti-Bush ad that ran during the Democratic National Convention – an ad that was again heavily funded by Democrats and their 527s, Kerry appeared with his Vietnam “yes men,” who have supported him, with no one in the leftist media raising an eyebrow.  Yet, Kerry’s bogus charges against Bush is only a ruse to deflect attention from allowing the American public to hear the truth about John Kerry from the likes of Kerry’s media cheerleaders, CNN, MSNBC, Dan Rather and the New York Times. 


It’s only when Kerry perceives Bush as doing something “devious,” as a CNN correspondent put it, do the media elites go on the attack without getting Bush’s side of the story.  Whenever Kerry whines about Bush, the media elites are right there, ready with a hanky – and an anti-Bush, pro-Kerry slant.


Still spinelessly bellyaching about his predicament that’s been his own doing, Kerry even telephoned former Sen. Bob Dole to complain about the comments Dole made, in which Dole called on Kerry to apologize for trashing the Swift Boat Vets.

After trying to knock some sense into Kerry by telling him to call off his dogs, Dole told Sean Hannity that Kerry responded: “I haven’t spent one dime attacking President Bush.”

But, according to Dole, Kerry hasn’t had to: “You’ve got all the so-called mainstream media, plus you’ve got and all these other groups that have spent millions and millions of dollars trying to tarnish Bush’s image.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what some of these people are doing,” Dole told Kerry.

Since that conversation, Kerry’s bloodhounds in the leftist media have mercilessly trashed Dole for daring to question Kerry’s war record, in which Dole said Kerry’s embellished wounds were “superficial” and received his Purple Hearts “with no blood.”

On the attack was, who wrote a slanted story about Dole, proudly providing several Democrat cronies to defend the defenseless John Kerry: “It’s unfortunate that Senator Dole is making statements that official U.S. Navy records prove false,” claimed Kerry campaign spokesman Chad Clanton.  “This is partisan politics, not the truth.” 

But Kerry’s records only included the ones he chose to release, while Bush has fully released his military records to show the pro-Kerry media, who still have tried to claim that Bush has some days missing from his record.  Again, Clinton’s draft-dodging was never an issue.  Now, suddenly, the vetting of a Republican president’s military service is one of the media elite’s top priorities, which is up there with their nearly five-month, wild obsession over Abu Ghraib.

Despite the Swift Boat Vets’ categorical denunciation of any political support for Bush, Kerry and the media elites have desperately tried to link Bush with their ad to further the Kerry campaign’s smear tactics.  Still, Kerry hasn’t denounced his well-established ties to’s two anti-Bush ads or Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11,” which is a veritable multi-million dollar 527 Democrat attack ad.  To date, a complaint has been filed with the Federal Election Commission against Moore’s film, due mainly to Moore’s admission that his political propaganda piece was meant to defeat Bush in November. 

Yet, Kerry has never disavowed Moore, the Left’s favorite anti-American propagandist, of whom they celebrated by giving him a prime spot next to another fellow anti-American fraud, former Democratic president Jimmy Carter, at the Democratic National Convention. 


After all, Moore’s overall goal was to incite, as well as dissuade, with his anti-American propaganda and caustic slant against Bush.  In fact, according to, there’s also a strong Kerry connection with Michael Moore, since many Kerry campaign aides had worked feverishly to promote Moore’s anti-Bush hit piece before its debut.  Also working to push Moore’s leftist propaganda were former Kerry campaign aide Chris Lehane and Democrat operatives Mark Fabiani and Harold Ickes, as well as former Hillary Clinton press secretary Howard Wolfson.  In fact, Ickes now directs Media Fund, which the Washington Post referred to as a “shadow Democratic Party.” also reported that in April, the “Kerry for President” Web site proudly announced that Zach Exley, former special projects director, joined the Kerry Internet team as director of online communications and online organizing:

“To appreciate the level of coordination represented by MoveOn’s revolving door with the Kerry campaign, imagine what the media outcry would be if the Bush campaign suddenly announced that leading Swiftvet John O’Neill would be coming aboard as “Director of Veterans Outreach,” wrote, which also reported that a complaint also had been filed with the Federal Election Commission against

What’s more, while Kerry and his media cohorts were gloating over the firing of retired Air Force Col. and former Vietnam War POW Ken Cordier, who was featured in the Swift Boat ad, for not telling the Bush campaign of his appearance in the ad, Kerry reportedly has no plans for firing Zach Exley for his involvement in




Instead, Kerry’s hypocrisy will allow Exley to circumvent campaign finance reform laws by letting Exley use the ideas he “got in his head” during the time he helped organize those two “Bush is Hitler” ads while working at

According to “As for the ideas that Exley has “got in his head” and will now be sharing with the Kerry campaign, his past credits include a political parody site that portrayed Bush as a crack user.”

Now, while Bush lawyer Benjamin Ginsberg honorably resigned on Aug. 25 for advising Swift Boat Vets, out of respect for President Bush – and the rule of law, Kerry’s hypocrisy continues for not calling for the resignation of Democrat lawyer Joe Sandler, who claimed that there was nothing wrong with working for both the Bush-hating and the Democratic National Committee.

Thus far, Kerry has never denounced, nor the multi-million dollar soft-money funding of anti-American, Bush-hating billionaire George Soros, who vowed to go broke in order to remove Bush from office and buy a Democrat – obviously John Kerry – the White House.  But, once again, there are the other heavily funded Democrat 527s like Media Fund, America Coming Together (ACT), Campaign for the American Way and the New Democrat Network, for which Kerry’s close friend, Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, sits on its board.  (Since Kerry falsely accused Bush of “breaking the law” through some phantom connection with the Swift Boat Vets, isn’t Kerry the one breaking the law through his actual well-documented connections with these leftist 527s, such as




Moreover, let’s not forget about MTV’s “Choose or Lose,” “Vote for Change” (Bruce Springsteen’s Kerry fund-raising tour), or P. Diddy’s “Vote or Die!” campaign, which Democratic head case James Carville fully endorses; and the Hollywood Left, who held an anti-Bush rally last fall and a big bash last month, where a laughing Kerry and Edwards enjoyed a night of Bush-bashing, vulgarity and character assassination – of which both Kerry and Edwards still haven’t refuted.  (These are the same guys who just days earlier, were on a “Values” tour – and whose Hollywood kooks went ballistic over Dick Cheney aberrantly telling Sen. Patrick Leahy to “f--- off.”) 


Kerry later ran up on stage and anointed these Hollywood Bush-haters “the heart and soul” of America in his pathetic pandering for votes.  Remember the leftist media reprimand Bush got for allegedly calling New York Times reporter Adam Clymer an a--hole?  Talk about a double standard!


Now, the Kerry campaign is coming out with an anti-Bush ad, which uses Bush supporter John McCain as a prop.  The new ad alleges that Bush smeared McCain in 2000 and is supposedly “doing it again with John Kerry.”  Yet Kerry has never apologized for smearing over two and a half million Vietnam veterans as war criminals.  Despite never explaining his traitorous charges, Kerry has been let off the hook by his media pals.  By changing the subject and focus, Kerry and the media elites hope to censor the truth.  But these are the same ones who smeared McCain in 1996 by questioning his war medals without ever investigating the numerous inquiries into the validity of Kerry’s war medals.


Also, as a sidenote, while Kerry has been using Bush-leaning John McCain as bait in his new anti-Bush ad, the media elites have never cared to expose how Kerry provided aid and comfort to North Vietnam communist captors, who used Kerry’s fabrications in his 1971 Senate testimony as anti-American propaganda in their torture methods against U.S. POWs, for which McCain was one of them for five years.  Moreover, when Kerry finally slithered his way into the Senate, he voted against every measure that was designed to help locate Vietnam POWs and MIAs.  Yet how many lives could have been spared had Kerry not slandered Vietnam POWs and MIAs?  This is the same John Kerry who voted against the death penalty for terrorists, yet never thought twice about painting his fellow veterans as terrorists – and who now wants to be preside over them as their commander-in-chief. 



As a result of his aiding and abetting the enemy, Kerry’s anti-American propaganda was broadcast over the Hanoi Hilton sound system as POWs were tortured for not parroting the same anti-American propaganda that Kerry willingly mimicked.  After asking for an early release, Kerry raced home to spout off his treason in the 1971 Senate hearings.  And as a reward for his anti-American actions, Kerry was enshrined as a “war hero” in July 1993 at the Vietnamese Communist Remnant War Museum (formerly known as the “War Crimes Museum”) in Saigon, in which Kerry is currently showcased – complete with a framed picture and a plaque.

According to, the Ho Chi Minh City museum, which honors Vietnam War protesters, featured a photograph of Kerry being greeted by the general secretary of the Communist Party, Comrade Do Muoi. 

Jeffrey Epstein of Vietnam Veterans for Truth said the Vietnamese communists clearly recognized Kerry’s contributions to their victory over the U.S.

“This find can be compared to the discovery of a painting of Neville Chamberlain hanging in a place of honor in Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest in 1945,” Epstein said of Kerry.

Now, the real question the elite media should have been asking all along is: Was John Kerry for us or for the enemy?  Kerry essentially played a major role in causing the Vietnam War to drag on through his treason, especially when he violated federal law by flying to Paris while still a Navy Lieutenant and secretly meeting with North Vietnamese communist leaders.  Under normal circumstances, Kerry would have been either court-martialed or imprisoned.

According to Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu in, Kerry “loudly advocated removal of all U.S. forces from South Vietnam as a way of obtaining release of our POWs held by Hanoi.”  But Kerry long forgot about the POWs because he had more pressing matters on his mind.

Cucullu said Kerry later formed and led the anti-war group, Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), “mostly made up of men who had not only never been to Vietnam and had never served in the military.”

“We are not your ‘band of brothers,’ Senator,” Cucullu concluded in his May 17 article.  “You betrayed us and we want no part of you.  You have caused too many people too much pain.  Have the decency to leave us alone and stop using your fellow veterans as props to advance your career.  For once, act like a man.”

Adding even more salt to the deep emotional wounds of millions of Vietnam veterans, as well as our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, Kerry’s record of voting against every major weapons system, as well as body armor and voting for the “$87 million before” he “voted against it,” speaks for itself, as he reinforces his traitor status.  Kerry even bragged about being aligned with “foreign leaders” and has now received campaign endorsements from murderous dictators Fidel Castro and Kim Jong Il. 

Kerry, who made his four months of Vietnam service the centerpiece of his fledging campaign, has never had to face his military fraudulence quite like this before.  The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have made him confront his greatest fear – and now he’s imploding.  This is exactly why media leftists have trashed these Vets’ reputations as part of an ongoing mission to slyly conceal Kerry’s true identity from public view.


While anti-Bush news outlets like the Associated Press and the Washington Post have forcefully obtained Bush’s military records, as well as a Swift Boat veteran’s Vietnam War records, they have yet to sue for John Kerry’s Vietnam War records that he’s tried so vehemently to hide.  It could also lay to rest his controversial war record, or confirm his validated treason against the U.S. when he marched with Viet Cong communists and slandered his fellow veterans as baby killers, rapists, pillagers and butchers. 


Two full years after returning from Vietnam, Kerry maliciously alleged that fellow soldiers “cut off limbs” and “heads” he claimed to have seen them doing “day by day.”  If these atrocities supposedly occurred, (which, most likely, didn’t), why aren’t the media elites asking Kerry why he never reported them like he should have under military law? 


Case in point: When John Kerry recklessly smeared President Bush and accused him of colluding with the Swift Boar Veterans for Truth, it was literally a replay of his 1971 slanderous testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, when Kerry scurrilously accused fellow veterans of wartime atrocities he has yet to fully explain.  What also hasn’t changed is the media elites parroting every word of Kerry’s leftist, anti-American propaganda as if it were the gospel truth without showing the slightest interest in getting at the truth behind Kerry’s war record regarding the Swift Boat Vets’ legitimate charges.  Oddly, Kerry, who wants to be the leader of the free world, doesn’t even have the guts to face down 254 Vietnam veterans who have every right to be heard.


Ideally, the Kerry campaign’s political deception should have sent a clear signal to the media elites that Kerry is a desperate man who will say and do anything – much like Al Gore did when he tried to hijack the 2000 election – to get elected.  And like Bill Clinton, Kerry is avoiding the truth by sugar coating it.  Since the media elites refuse to blow the lid off Kerry’s lies, the independent media have had to do it for them.  By not telling the whole story behind Kerry’s double life, his media cohorts think they can buy more time before the election to further deceive the American public.

But according to an Aug. 3 CBS News poll, “in the three weeks since the Democratic convention, Kerry’s lead among veterans has plummeted by a whopping 19 points, and he now trails Bush in this key demographic 55 to 37 percent.”  It appears Kerry is running out of places to hide and the elite media are running out of excuses to hide him.  On Aug. 24, Kerry surprisingly wondered why the Swift Boats Vets were against him and later claimed he was talking about “other veterans.”  Kerry’s foolish comments have slandered all VFWs.  But the media elites still refuse to call him on them.

In essence, Kerry’s Democrat propaganda machine and politics of personal destruction work something like this: Deny the truth, sanitize the truth, bury the truth with the help of his media allies, and if that doesn’t work, launch a full-scale attack against anyone trying to tell the truth.  The Kerry campaign has already had to admit to the lie Kerry told about being in Cambodia on Christmas Day 1968 – and the fact that Richard Nixon wasn’t president until January 1969.  Kerry’s lapdog biographer, Douglas Brinkley, must have missed that dream sequence before he entered the witness protection program for duped reporters.  Brinkley has yet to correct Kerry’s Cambodia lie. 



In fact, Kerry’s doting lapdogs at the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Boston Globe never took to task Kerry attack dog, Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, one of the Senate’s biggest loons, whose Aug. 19 meltdown was undoubtedly music to the World Socialist Party.  Harkin cravenly called Vice President Dick Cheney a “coward” for not fighting in Vietnam, when it was Harkin who lied to the Post’s resident liberal David Broder in 1984 about spending one year in Vietnam “flying F-4s and F-8s on combat air patrols and photo-reconnaissance support missions.”


But there was only one problem: Harkin never served in Vietnam!  And he’s questioning Cheney and Bush’s military service?  Harkin later admitted to being based in Japan.


American Spectator columnist David Hogberg noted that “ultimately, Senator Harkin’s recent attack on Cheney reveals the problems with Kerry’s campaign strategy all along.  


Then there’s the media elite’s favorite Vietnam draft-dodger, Bill Clinton, who wrote that snotty letter to an admiral to get out of Vietnam service.  Clinton’s military clemency was contingent on him returning from Oxford to join the ROTC, of which Clinton later reneged, opting instead to organize some of the first-ever college campus anti-war protests.  But if you watch Dan Rather or CNN, you wouldn’t have known that.




Now, John Edwards, a draft-dodger himself, has joined the fray in attacking the Swift Boat Vets.  Remember, this is the same guy that Swift Boat Vet leader John O’Neill said he wanted to be elected president!

“They are saying that John Kerry’s service in Vietnam was not honorable.  That’s a lie,” Edwards told a town hall meeting in West Virginia on Aug. 21.

Edwards told Katie Couric that he got out of the draft due to a high lottery number.  But according to Selective Service records obtained by, that’s not true.

“Pulling number 178 in the February 1972 Selective Service lottery drawing, Edwards’ number was lower than more than half of those picked,” unearthed on Aug. 24.  “The year Edwards became eligible for the draft, the military drafted 49,514 men, according to Selective Service records – tapping draftees who had lottery numbers as high as 95.  The draft was abolished in July 1973.”

What’s more, according to Clemson University spokesperson Jennifer Palmieri, Edwards, instead, enlisted at the university, where, “He had a little fun…drinking beer with buddies…smoking marijuana a few times.”

The Charlotte Observer reported in July that Edwards’ “campaign would not provide more specifics other than to say Edwards’ occasional marijuana use continued through law school but stopped after that.”

Gotcha, Johnny!

Yet, not going to Vietnam allegedly equals a betrayal of America if you’re a Republican president, like Bush, according to a very dishonest, hypocritical Democratic strategist.

“He betrayed them when he didn’t fight in Vietnam,” Democratic strategist Maryanne Marsh said on Aug. 23 on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes.”  “When he had a chance to serve his country, he didn’t.”

Despite these revelations of Edwards being a boozing pothead, he won’t likely be outed by his media pals.  Remember the 11th-hour firestorm over Bush’s 25-year old DUI?  As much as Democrats and the Left would like you to believe that Fox News is in Bush’s corner, it was Fox News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron who broke the story.  Yet, CNN and other Democrat-friendly networks never exposed Al Gore’s frat boy past.


Speaking of military frauds, Gore once claimed to be a Vietnam veteran.

Enlisting in the Army in 1970 in “a calculated gambit to help his senator dad in an election year,” Ann Coulter wrote on Aug. 18, “young Al was given a cushy job writing for the Stars and Stripes newspaper, a bodyguard, and an exit strategy when Pops lost the election.  After five months of this hygienic tour of duty, Little Lord Fauntleroy asked to come home, and before long he was safe and sound and preparing to flunk out of divinity school and then drop out of law school.”

As for John Kerry,’s David Horowitz pointed out that no one in the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has challenged John Kerry’s patriotism. 

“It’s the Democrats who have called Bush a “false patriot” and a “fraud” and (in Al Gore’s case) a “traitor.”  When you are running away from a war you supported (as Kerry is), trotting out the flag and the military background is good cover.” 

In short, while Kerry’s oddball behavior before and during his brief stay in Vietnam galvanized his anti-American sentiment, it’s essentially the actions upon Kerry’s return that matter the most to the Swift Boat Vets, which could carry costly repercussions in the future if Kerry – God forbid – is elected.

Besides, Kerry challenged everyone to question his war credentials when he pompously told anyone who would listen to “bring it on.”  Well, the Swift Boat Vets have brought it on and Kerry has already proven that he isn’t man enough to face them because he’s hiding behind his media surrogates who are gladly doing his bidding.




After all, the media elites do not want to tell the truth about John Kerry’s military record because they are too preoccupied with finding and using every angle possible in the hopes of taking out Bush in November.  The fact that the media elites have not delved into Kerry’s Vietnam War history, as well as the Swift Boat Vets’ well-documented allegations, “says it all,” Mr. Kerry.  In fact, from the New York Times and Kerry’s own personal pit bull, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, to Far Left screeds like, The Nation and, the elite media have egregiously defended Kerry’s war record without ever bothering to investigate the validity of the Swift Boat Vets’ charges.  And it shows in the way they are more intent on discrediting the Swift Boat Vets than they are at exposing Kerry’s known lies and distortions.


As a result, the more Kerry distorts his record by spreading his lies such as his Cambodia delusions – and the more Kerry tries to destroys his opponents, the more Kerry must believe he can escape the truth about his record, his conduct before and after the war – and about himself as someone who has proven long ago to be unfit to be president.

U.S. News & World Report’s Michael Barone, one of the most respected journalists in the mainstream media, wrote of Kerry’s Cambodia fabrication that “a more unsettling possibility is that he consciously leapt the bounds of truth to make his experience seem more spectacular or to score political points.  Those are not the sort of things most people want in a president.” 

Kerry, in a vicious follow-up attack on President Bush, further claimed the president was behind the Swift Boat for Truth ads and was allowing them to “do his dirty work.”  Kerry also charged that these veterans weren’t interested in the truth.  But it is Kerry who isn’t interested in telling the truth.  After all, it was the Kerry campaign, much to their chagrin, that admitted that Kerry wasn’t in Cambodia on Christmas 1968 like Kerry once claimed.

National Journal columnist Vaughn Ververs rightly observed Kerry’s complaints about the alleged “dirty work” by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, when he wrote:

“The dirty work thus far has been done much more to Kerry’s benefit than to Bush’s.  Estimates from last month indicate that Democratic “leaning” 527s such as MoveOn, the Media Fund and America Coming Together had spent some $50 million on TV ads – almost all of them attacking Bush.  Much has been made by Kerry supporters of the ‘positive’ campaign the Democrat has run on the airwaves.  But that’s easy to do when you’re getting support from other sources on the negative front.”

But when the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth appeared on C-SPAN back in May to explain why John Kerry is unfit for the presidency of the United States, the media elites yawned.  It is only now when Kerry is being confronted with his lies that they suddenly take notice and start discrediting these veterans without even reading the book.  Like a mother bear protecting her cubs, the leftist media have launched a brutal assault on the very men who may hold Kerry’s presidential bid in their hands.  But not if his media pals can help it.


Also, Democrats were the ones that screamed bloody murder when the “DemoRATS” ad ran, yet never disavowed the 2000 ad that seemingly blamed Bush for the dragging death of a young Texas African-American.  Where were the media elites then?




Proving once again that Kerry is one of many Democrats on the Left who are politicizing the war and slanting the truth, here are just some of the ravenous, pro-Kerry slanted headlines of stories to come out of the leftist media since Kerry made his inflammatory charges against Bush:


Also, in a full-scale media blitz to take the attention off Kerry’s war record, media leftists have been trying to get more mileage out of resurrecting the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, which many have falsely accused the Bush administration and the U.S. military of instigating.  To date, the New York Times has printed nearly 50 front-page stories on the scandal – inflating it to unimaginable degrees, while blatantly ignoring the tens of thousands of mass graves still being dug up in the aftermath of Saddam Hussein’s bloody regime. 


So it comes as no shocker that Newsweek’s liberal staff writer Evan Thomas would admit on Meet the Press that the media elites want Kerry to win.  In fact, Thomas even predicted Kerry would get a 15-point lead over Bush after the Democratic National Convention, which of course never happened.  Kerry barely squeaked out a 1-point lead over Bush.  Still, the leftist media no doubt are pulling for Kerry.  It shows in the pro-Kerry headlines and how these “reporters” angle their “stories.”


It’s also proof in how the media elites tries to steer the political discourse against Bush in favor of their fellow Democrats – especially Kerry.  And they can no longer deny it.


Hogberg also wrote in his Aug. 20 column about the effect that Kerry’s sinking ship of a campaign is having on undecideds, with “the unintended consequence of this approach” not giving “undecided voters any reason to choose him over Bush.”


According to the Associated Press, Elizabeth Burnosky, a registered Democrat who voted for Bush in 2000, said that she’d like to vote against Bush, but admitted that she didn’t “know whether Kerry would keep us safe.  All he talks about is Vietnam.  Vietnam.  Vietnam.  Big deal.  I still want to know who’s going to protect us today.”  That’s exactly why we need to re-elect George W. Bush!  Which is exactly why Kerry’s imploding. 


In fact, Kerry is so desperate to be president that there is actually talk among Democrats, according to the Spectator, that Kerry may call upon former Clinton spin-meister Mike McCurry to help pull Kerry’s foot out of his mouth:


“All of our internal numbers are good.  That’s b.s.,” the Spectator reports a Washington-based Kerry adviser saying of a possible McCurry infusion.  “Everyone wants to help us win.  Most of these folks are coming to us wanting to help.  We’re not going to them.  It’s not desperation at all.”




But Russ Vaughn, an American Spectator reader from Lakehills, Texas, noted in an e-mail responding to the Spectator article of “the sorry state of affairs that exists within the leftist media these days is the fact that when I read that paragraph, I immediately pictured “these folks” as: Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Mike Wallace, CEO’s of ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN; publishers of the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Time, and virtually every other major press organization.  Sad, isn’t it?”


Yes, it’s very sad.  Even sadder is the leftist media can’t or won’t address their political biases that favor John Kerry over George W. Bush, much less do anything about them.  The media elites, who are clearly in cahoots with the Kerry campaign, are no longer interested in telling the truth, but more interested in spreading Kerry’s propaganda if it means getting the Massachusetts senator one step closer to the Oval Office.


If there’s anyone playing down and dirty, it’s John Kerry.


“When you’re under attack,” the pro-Kerry New York Times photo caption read to accompany a “story” about what Kerry said in a speech in Boston, “the best thing to do is turn your boat into the attacker.”


But remember: Kerry was the one who turned his boat away from phantom enemy fire in Vietnam. 


The Left constantly complains about the Bush administration allegedly being the most secretive government.  But John Kerry, like Bill Clinton in 1992, is the one who’s hiding something just as volcanic, or else he wouldn’t be going to such extreme and questionable lengths to silent his critics.


While the pro-Kerry media have criticized them for waiting 35 years to come forward, the Swift Boat Vets did so to take back their country from a man who now wants to again lead them as someone who’s categorically unfit to be president.  These Vets also came forward to take back their reputations from a so-called Vietnam “war hero” who sullied them and the U.S. through his treason and betrayal.  It’s also a call for John Kerry to prove that he actually has what is takes to lead, instead of hiding behind his “war” medals and an adulterous media in bed with this political party.


As talk radio host Mike Gallagher observed, the Swift Boat Vets “heard about his book, “The New Soldier” which featured an upside-down American flag being manhandled by a bunch of freaks on the cover.  They came to the conclusion that this man was one of the worst candidates the Democratic Party had ever produced.  They figured out that the only reason he tried to shove his Vietnam experience in everyone’s face was because he had a lousy record as a Senator.”




Yet Kerry, in another desperate move to smear Bush and give his fabricated stories about his war medals (or ribbons) another buff, in an April 26 “interview” on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Kerry griped about a report questioning which medals he threw away during a 1971 anti-war protest.

“This comes from a president and a Republican party that can’t even answer whether or not he showed up for duty in the National Guard,” Kerry whined to Charlie Gibson.  “I’m not going to stand for it.”

So Kerry’s allowed to not “stand for it,” but Bush is supposed to sit back and take Kerry’s deceptive cheap shots?

According to the Associated Press on Aug. 24, Republican Gov. Rick Perry, an Air Force veteran, said Kerry should make all his military records public to answer any questions about his service, since Bush has already done so with his records:

“I’m all about everybody laying their records out, and I think President Bush has done that,” Perry said.  “Mr. Kerry needs to do that.  You lay your records out and then people can run all the ads they want.”

Obviously, Kerry is the one who has repeatedly refused to answer questions regarding his military service – and has complained to a sympathetic media who still calls him a war hero.  Of course, Kerry is the same guy who said Bill Clinton’s Vietnam draft-dodging didn’t matter and shouldn’t have been an issue when Clinton was running in 1992.


On the other hand, President Bush has never attacked or questioned Kerry’s military record.  In fact, on several occasions he has praised Kerry’s war record.  But time and again, Kerry has blasted, questioned, ridiculed and scoffed at Bush’s National Guard record that Bush has been open and honest about showing the American public.  Kerry is also the one constantly demanding apologies from Bush, when he and his media alliances owe Bush more than a few.  After all, the only thing fueling Kerry’s sham of a campaign is an overwhelming and unjustifiable hatred for George W. Bush.


Now, Kerry has Far Left wing nut, Howard Dean, out there propagandizing for him by throwing out more anti-Bush conspiracy theories.  Dean’s now lying about Bush being involved in “illegal” ads, when the Kerry campaign has been knee-deep in questionable 527s Kerry has never disavowed.


On Aug. 23, Bush – proving once again he’s the better man – denounced all 527 ads and issued a challenge to John Kerry to stop his 527 attack ads, which the elite media have yet to demand of Kerry. 

Kerry campaign spokesperson Chad Clanton, who claimed that Bush did the wrong thing, said what Bush proposed wasn’t enough: “He has refused to specifically condemn the smear campaign against John Kerry’s military record.”


But James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal’s, one of today’s most brilliant conservative writers, accurately observed in the Aug. 24 edition that “the Kerry campaign, meanwhile, is still demanding that Bush defend their man,” when Kerry has never denounced his documented participation with the anti-Bush 527s.

In short, Kerry, his fellow Democrats and their media pals have launched the most vicious smear campaign ever directed at trying to bring down a Republican president since the Washington Post’s partisan witch hunt of Richard Nixon.

Taranto rightly asked if anyone stopped to ponder just how pathetic Clanton’s statement is?

“For years we’ve been hearing from the Democrats that President Bush is a dummy, an illegitimate president, a liar, a military deserter, a “moral coward” and another Hitler – but now Kerry is begging Bush to use his moral authority to get him out of a fix that he himself created by running a campaign based almost entirely on “war hero” braggadocio.”


Instead of conceding with what he’s essentially demanded of Bush, Kerry has at his disposal the willing oracles at the New York Times and the rest of his willing media hacks to relentlessly hammer Bush over a perceived connection with the Swift Boat Vets that was never there, when the real issue is Kerry’s avoidance of the Swift Boat Vets’ legitimate charges regarding not only his slander and betrayal but also his war medals.


As a result, Kerry has been left virtually unscathed.  But, judging by Kerry’s basement politics the past four months on the campaign trail – even without and his other suspicious 527 political pit bulls on the Left, Kerry already has the elite media in his hip pocket, ready and willing to do his “dirty work” as they both resume smearing Bush and the Swift Boat Vets.


Doug Schmitz, who holds a master’s degree in journalism, is a conservative columnist who regularly contributes to and, and has been a frequent guest columnist for Accuracy in Media, a watchdog group for the liberal media. © 2004 Doug Schmitz. All Rights Reserved.


Part II: Another in-depth analysis of the pro-Kerry media’s propaganda machine, specifically directed at the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth – with criticism emanating from the leftist portals of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC; Kerry’s media cheerleaders Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric; and the dark dungeons of the Far Left on the Internet:, The Nation and  These media leftists have been unjustly discrediting and vilifying the Swift Boat Vets, while ignoring John Kerry’s highly treasonous war record, which, to this very day, remains a well-guarded military mystery – and the Kerry campaign’s best-kept secret. 

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1 posted on 08/29/2004 9:52:45 AM PDT by Stultis
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To: Stultis

ill have to read this later

PS bush might not be able to say nuclear but at least he can say genghis

2 posted on 08/29/2004 9:55:34 AM PDT by escapefromboston (the real Green Lantern Returns!)
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To: Stultis

Great post!!!

3 posted on 08/29/2004 9:55:41 AM PDT by marty60
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To: Stultis

I video taped the swift boat veterans for truth press conference several months ago and still cannot get anyone to watch it. Though, it is certainly a must see. I have repeatedly attempted to find it at the site and was completely unsuccessful until recently I found atleast a dead link to it. Which I guess is better than the multiple crashes on different machines I received for daring to search for 'swift' on their site previously.

4 posted on 08/29/2004 9:57:38 AM PDT by PaxMacian
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To: Stultis

I was just getting ready to post this myself and was checking one last time to see if it had been posted ;)

You are right, it is a MUST read. It was also posted on Bush Country,

5 posted on 08/29/2004 10:00:12 AM PDT by bwteim (Begin With The End In Mind)
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To: escapefromboston

I'll read this later....have to finish Tolstoy's stuff first..... :)

6 posted on 08/29/2004 10:01:26 AM PDT by gortklattu (check out thotline dot com)
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To: Stultis

Great job, what a post, this really exposes it all.

7 posted on 08/29/2004 10:02:10 AM PDT by rodguy911 ( President Reagan---all the rest.)
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To: PaxMacian

The media has always been the villain. Ever since Spiro Agnew dared to stand up to them, Republicans have never since had the courage to mention this extreme bias. When our guys are participating in any debate, they need to keep emphasizing the fact that the media is not reporting the entire truth. Once we get the MASS public to believe this bias truly exists, then, and only then, will they have to be held accountable.
What are the Republicans afraid of? It certainly can’t hurt.

8 posted on 08/29/2004 10:12:45 AM PDT by sarasotarepublican
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To: Stultis


9 posted on 08/29/2004 10:17:23 AM PDT by federal
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To: sarasotarepublican

Wow...can't even swallow my morning coffee!

10 posted on 08/29/2004 10:17:44 AM PDT by Republic Rocker
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To: Stultis
The shocking thing is that the Democrats and their lapdogs, the MSM, do not want the American people to have all the information in order to make a well-thought-out vote in November.

I want to hear all the facts about Bush's record and anything about him that demonstrates his character as a leader. I also want to know what his party stands for, in general.

I do not believe that all the Americans voting Democrat are either idiots or duplicitous crooks. I think that many of them actually look to be a bit informed about their candidate as well. Who can blame busy Americans from looking to "The News" to tell them about their candidate and party?

Yet what will they find there? Writings both in the reports and the editorials that overwhelmingly use their clever words to unflatter Bush and anoint Kerry. The "truth"? These voters don't have a clue what it is. And their party is HAPPY about it.

11 posted on 08/29/2004 10:26:25 AM PDT by Yaelle
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To: Stultis


12 posted on 08/29/2004 10:27:22 AM PDT by Jank
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To: escapefromboston
"PS bush might not be able to say nuclear but at least he can say genghis"

Actually, I recently saw a documentory about Genghis Kahn on History Channel and every historian on the show pronounced it the same way Kerry did. I recall thinking at the time that I must have been pronouncing it wrong all these years. Maybe it's just a provincial thing.

13 posted on 08/29/2004 10:28:47 AM PDT by joebuck
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To: Stultis

a keeper!

14 posted on 08/29/2004 10:31:36 AM PDT by Archytekt
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To: Stultis

Democrats attack Bush they send out teams to investigate the charges

Kerry gets attacked the media sends out teams to investigate the chargers

Seems fair to me

15 posted on 08/29/2004 11:01:26 AM PDT by uncbob
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To: Stultis


16 posted on 08/29/2004 11:17:37 AM PDT by GailA ( hanoi john, I'm for the death penalty for terrorist, before I impose a moratorium on it.)
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To: Stultis

Great summing up.

17 posted on 08/29/2004 11:58:09 AM PDT by mtntop3 ("He who must know before he believes will never come to full knowledge.")
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To: sarasotarepublican
Tired of the lamestream media and the DemocRATS 'smear the messenger and disrespect the veterans' campaign?




I put this sticker on my truck the other day. I get lots of honks and 'thumbs up'!

The sticker serves 3 purposes:
1 - Shows visible support for "Swift Boat Veterans For Truth" to passing motorists, (encourages our side discourages the libs).
2 - Gets the website visible to the public, so they can and find out more about 'Hanoi John' Kerry.
3 - Circumvents the lamestream media BIAS filter!

Made by fellow FReeper disabled vet who has a bone to pick with Kerry, like we all do!
Large (24" Wide 12" Tall) $20 (like mine above)
Small (12" Wide 6" Tall) $10
Profits go to

Ping your FRiends, let 'em know about this!

FReep mail / private reply for details on how you can get one for your vehicle!

18 posted on 08/29/2004 11:58:56 AM PDT by Chieftain (Support the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and expose Hanoi John's FRAUD!)
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To: Stultis
Excellent read.
...“young Al was given a cushy job writing for the Stars and Stripes newspaper...
Wouldn't it be ironic if it was learned that one or more "glowing" reports/articles, with imbellishments, of JohnBoy sKerry was to be found and that it was written by none other than Owl Bore!
The things dreams are made of...
19 posted on 08/29/2004 12:56:03 PM PDT by philman_36
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To: Stultis
For someone with more resources than I...

We will do a one-month search of our microfilm and/or newspapers for Stars and Stripes' European edition dating back to 1942, and for Pacific Stars and Stripes back to its origin in 1945.

We must limit our reference searches to a one-month period. The cost for that search is a $50 non-refundable pre-payment. Our charges cover labor for the time spent locating the material and shipping it to you.

20 posted on 08/29/2004 1:05:43 PM PDT by philman_36
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