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Vets refuse to forgive Kerry for antiwar acts
Washington Times ^ | February 20, 2004 | By Charles Hurt

Posted on 09/07/2004 1:24:21 PM PDT by Calpernia


"If I got three Purple Hearts for three scratches, I'd be embarrassed," said Ted Sampley, who fought in Vietnam and publishes U.S. Veteran Dispatch. He remembers soldiers turning away awards for minor injuries.

Mr. Kerry has said none of his Purple Heart injuries, only one of which removed him from the field for two days, was critical.

After his third Purple Heart, Mr. Kerry requested and was granted permission to return to the United States to work behind a desk in New York. Even while still a Navy man, he began traveling to antiwar rallies with leading war protesters such as Adam Walinsky, a former speechwriter for Robert F. Kennedy.

Mr. Walinsky recalled that Mr. Kerry flew him around the state of New York for several Vietnam Moratorium protests in October 1969.

"He was a guy who had been in the war," he said. "We spent a lot of time talking about the campaign, the presidential campaign and the Vietnam War."

Mr. Kerry has said he did not take part in the protests, but was intrigued by Mr. Walinsky's views about the war. The two men stayed in contact and "became reasonably good friends," Mr. Walinsky said.

Others were shocked by the Naval officer's association with the antiwar movement.

"He gets this cushy job in his hometown, goes around protesting the war, then asks to get out six months early," Mr. Sampley said. "What regulations were busted when Kerry — as a Naval officer and still on the payroll — was flying around protesting the war? And who had to stand in and fight for John Kerry after he left six months early?"

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: laconic
"...and who turned against it when his brother's strategy went haywire.

He turned when he saw how well Gene McCarthy did in the New Hampshire primary among the Rats. Bobby and Kerry were similar --- they didn't really believe in anything except their own ambitions.

21 posted on 09/07/2004 1:46:46 PM PDT by Ditto ( No trees were killed in sending this message, but billions of electrons were inconvenienced.)
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To: StarCMC
Yup Yup....Look here. I saw an article on this this morning. But I'm connecting dots between Kerry and Clinton.


As a spy chief and a general in the former Soviet satellite of Romania, I produced the very same vitriol Kerry repeated to the U.S. Congress almost word for word and planted it in leftist movements throughout Europe. KGB chairman Yuri Andropov managed our anti-Vietnam War operation. He often bragged about having damaged the U.S. foreign-policy consensus, poisoned domestic debate in the U.S., and built a credibility gap between America and European public opinion through our disinformation operations. Vietnam was, he once told me, "our most significant success."

The KGB organized a vitriolic conference in Stockholm to condemn America's aggression, on March 8, 1965, as the first American troops arrived in south Vietnam. On Andropov's orders, one of the KGB's paid agents, Romesh Chandra, the chairman of the KGB-financed World Peace Council, created the Stockholm Conference on Vietnam as a permanent international organization to aid or to conduct operations to help Americans dodge the draft or defect, to demoralize its army with anti-American propaganda, to conduct protests, demonstrations, and boycotts, and to sanction anyone connected with the war. It was staffed by Soviet-bloc undercover intelligence officers and received about $15 million annually from the Communist Party's international department — on top of the WPC's $50 million a year, all delivered in laundered cash dollars. Both groups had Soviet-style secretariats to manage their general activities, Soviet-style working committees to conduct their day-to-day operations, and Soviet-style bureaucratic paperwork. The quote from Senator Kerry is unmistakable Soviet-style sloganeering from this period. I believe it is very like a direct quote from one of these organizations' propaganda sheets.

The KGB campaign to assault the U.S. and Europe by means of disinformation was more than just a few Cold War dirty tricks. The whole foreign policy of the Soviet-bloc states, indeed its whole economic and military might, revolved around the larger Soviet objective of destroying America from within through the use of lies. The Soviets saw disinformation as a vital tool in the dialectical advance of world Communism.

The Stockholm conference held annual international meetings up to 1972. In its five years of existence it created thousands of "documentary" materials printed in all the major Western languages describing the "abominable crimes" committed by American soldiers against civilians in Vietnam, along with counterfeited pictures. All these materials were manufactured by the KGB's disinformation department. I would print up these materials in hundreds of thousands of copies each.

The Romanian DIE (Ceausescu's secret police) was tasked to distribute these KGB-concocted "incriminating documents" all over Western Europe. And ordinary people often bought it hook, line, and sinker. "Even Attila the Hun looks like an angel when compared to these Americans," a West German businessman reprovingly told me after reading one such report.

The Italian, Greek, and Spanish Communist parties serviced by Bucharest were much affected by this material and their activists regularly distributed translations. They also handed them out to the participants at anti-American demonstrations around the world.

Many "Ban-the-Bomb" and anti-nuclear movements were KGB-funded operations, too. I can no longer look at a petition for world peace or other supposedly noble cause, particularly of the anti-American variety, without thinking to myself, "KGB."


And now here, compare:

In October and again in November 1969 Clinton organized and led anti-war demonstrations in London, England with the support of the British Peace Council, which was backed by the World Peace Council who was a front for the KGB.

22 posted on 09/07/2004 1:46:48 PM PDT by Calpernia ("People never like what they don't understand")
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub


23 posted on 09/07/2004 1:47:12 PM PDT by E.G.C.
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub

bump for late night reading

24 posted on 09/07/2004 1:48:47 PM PDT by Jackknife (.......Land of the Free,because of the Brave.)
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To: swheats

>>>Thanks for the info...something to think about anyway.

THANK YOU for finding that awesome webpage and bringing the point up!


25 posted on 09/07/2004 1:49:09 PM PDT by Calpernia ("People never like what they don't understand")
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub


26 posted on 09/07/2004 1:50:00 PM PDT by Calpernia ("People never like what they don't understand")
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To: Calpernia

bumpity bump bump

27 posted on 09/07/2004 1:51:22 PM PDT by tutstar ( <{{--->< Judge Greer allows violations of Florida Statutes)
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To: Calpernia

WOW!!! Great digging Cal!!

28 posted on 09/07/2004 1:52:51 PM PDT by StarCMC (It's God's job to forgive Bin Laden, it's our job to arrange the meeting.)
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To: tutstar

Thank you for setting the record straight Col Holmes!

On December 12th, 1969 Bill Clinton travels to Norway where he meets with various peace organizations. He later travels on to Moscow on December 31, 1969 and stays for a week. One should remember that Moscow was still supplying North Vietnam with missiles that were used to shoot down American planes along with technicians and military advisors. Some of these advisors participated in the interrogation of American POW's.

Colonel Eugene Holmes a highly decorated officer of the United States Army, who survived the Bataan Death March and three and a half years of imprisonment as a POW during the Second World War, wrote the following notarized letter on September 7, 1992.

Col. Holmes Notarized Statement
As Entered in Congressional Record (Page: H5551) 7/30/93

September 7, 1992. Memorandum for Record:

Subject: Bill Clinton and the University of Arkansas ROTC Program:

There have been many unanswered questions as to the circumstances surrounding Bill Clinton's involvement with the ROTC department at the University of Arkansas. Prior to this time I have not felt the necessity for discussing the details. The reason I have not done so before is that my poor physical health (a consequence of participation in the Bataan Death March and the subsequent three and a half years interment in Japanese POW camps) has precluded me from getting into what I felt was unnecessary involvement. However, present polls show that there is the imminent danger to our country of a draft dodger becoming Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States. While it is true, as Mr. Clinton has stated, that there were many others who avoided serving their country in the Vietnam war, they are not aspiring to be the President of the United States.

The tremendous implications of the possibility of his becoming Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces compels me now to comment on the facts concerning Mr. Clinton's evasion of the draft. This account would not have been imperative had Bill Clinton been completely honest with the American public concerning this matter. But as Mr. Clinton replied on a news conference this evening (September 5, 1992) after being asked another particular about his dodging the draft,

"Almost everyone concerned with these incidents are dead. I have no more comments to make".
Since I may be the only person living who can give a first hand account of what actually transpired, I am obligated by my love for my country and my sense of duty to divulge what actually happened and make it a matter of record.

Bill Clinton came to see me at my home in 1969 to discuss his desire to enroll in the ROTC program at the University of Arkansas. We engaged in an extensive, approximately two (2) hour interview. At no time during this long conversation about his desire to join the program did he inform me of his involvement, participation and actually organizing protests against the United States involvement in South East Asia. He was shrewd enough to realize that had I been aware of his activities, he would not have been accepted into the ROTC program as a potential officer in the United States Army.

The next day I began to receive phone calls regarding Bill Clinton's draft status. I was informed by the draft board that it was of interest to Senator Fullbright's office that Bill Clinton, a Rhodes Scholar, should be admitted to the ROTC program. I received several such calls. The general message conveyed by the draft board to me was that Senator Fullbright's office was putting pressure on them and that they needed my help. I then made the necessary arrangements to enroll Mr. Clinton into the ROTC program at the University of Arkansas.

I was not "saving" him from serving his country, as he erroneously thanked me for in his letter from England (dated December 3, 1969). I was making it possible for a Rhodes Scholar to serve in the military as an officer. In retrospect I see that Mr. Clinton had no intention of following through with his agreement to join the Army ROTC program at the University of Arkansas or to attend the University of Arkansas Law School. I had explained to him the necessity of enrolling at the University of Arkansas as a student in order to be eligible to take the ROTC program at the University. He never enrolled at the University of Arkansas, but instead enrolled at Yale after attending Oxford. I believe that he purposely deceived me, using the possibility of joining the ROTC as a ploy to work with the draft board to delay his induction and get a new draft classification.

The December 3rd letter written to me by Mr. Clinton, and subsequently taken from the files by Lt. Col. Clint Jones, my executive officer, was placed into the ROTC files so that a record would be available in case the applicant should again petition to enter the ROTC program. The information in that letter alone would have restricted Bill Clinton from ever qualifying to be an officer in the United States Military. Even more significant was his lack of veracity in purposefully defrauding the military by deceiving me, both in concealing his anti-military activities overseas and his counterfeit intentions for later military service. These actions cause me to question both his patriotism and his integrity. When I consider the caliber, the bravery, and the patriotism of the fine young soldiers whose deaths I have witnessed, and others whose funerals I have attended.... When I reflect on not only the willingness but eagerness that so many of them displayed in their earnest desire to defend and serve their country, it is untenable and incomprehensible to me that a man who was not merely unwilling to serve his country, but actually protested against its military, should ever be in the position of Commander-in-Chief of our armed Forces.

I write this declaration not only for the living and future generations, but for those who fought and died for our country. If space and time permitted I would include the names of the ones I knew and fought with, and along with them I would mention my brother Bob, who was killed during World War II and is buried in Cambridge, England (at the age of 23, about the age Bill Clinton was when he was over in England protesting the war). I have agonized over whether or not to submit this statement to the American people. But, I realize that even though I served my country by being in the military for over 32 years, and having gone through the ordeal of months of combat under the worst of conditions followed by years of imprisonment by the Japanese, it is not enough. I'm writing these comments to let everyone know that I love my country more than I do my own personal security and well-being. I will go to my grave loving these United States of America and the liberty for which so many men have fought and died. Because of my poor physical condition this will be my final statement. I will make no further comments to any of the media regarding this issue.

Eugene Holmes

Colonel, U.S.A., Ret.

September 1992

It is quite apparent to myself that Bill Clinton was a "Draft Dodger" and freely associated with known enemies of the United States.

As I have previously indicated, Bill Clinton went to the extreme and used everything available to him to avoid the draft. During those War Years, many college students used any means possible including demonstrations and the burning of their draft cards to stay out of the military. If everyone had put as much time and effort into serving their Country and doing their duty, perhaps there would have been a different outcome. Too many people concentrated on their own personal well being as individuals, instead of working for the good of our Country.

29 posted on 09/07/2004 1:54:13 PM PDT by Calpernia ("People never like what they don't understand")
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To: Calpernia

Hmmmm.... I wasn't aware that Mr. Kerry had asked for forgiveness.

30 posted on 09/07/2004 2:05:48 PM PDT by cookcounty (Watch the self-immolation of John Zippo Kerry live on national TV!!!!)
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To: Calpernia

I purchased the video, "THE HANOI HILTON" at Wal-Mart recently and, I recall seeing the movie on television many years ago. I had a chance to watch the movie last week and believe this movie, more than ever, is something everyone should see considering the anti-war activities of John Kerry during the Vietnam War. POW's were tortured many times due to the actions of John Kerry, Jane Fonda and their friends in the media.

If you have an opportunity to view it I recommend highly that you see this movie. It is a glimpse of what the POW's went through while held prisoner by the Communist North Vietnamese. The video is available from Amazon and other online video stores.

From website: "Shot in the Dark"

"In 1987, Lionel Chetwynd's excellent Hanoi Hilton received widely-mixed reviews (many of them politically-motivated). Worse, its distributor essentially sat on the movie, under pressure from Hollywood leftists, for its treatment of Jane Fonda. The movie depicted life at North Vietnam's Hoa Lo prison accurately - but it changed the last names of the prisoners, and of their visitors, including Jane Fonda. An actress who represents Fonda ("Paula") does everything Fonda is said to have done while in the Hilton. That was one of several stories that Hollywood didn't want told (that and, of course, the moral of the story; the men survived because of their military training and warrior ethic). "Hanoi Hilton" was buried, received a tiny theatrical release, and is hard to find on video today. (Do it if you can - it's an excellent movie)."

On the back of the video box is the following endorsement from Ronald Reagan:

"Every American should see this powerful and moving film as a tribute to our POW's."

President Ronald Reagan



Genre(s): POW/MIA, Vietnam War

Cast: Michael Moriarty, Paul LeMat, Jeffrey Jones, Lawrence Pressman, Stephen Davies, David Soul, Rick Fitts, Aki Aleong, Gloria Carlin; DIRECTED BY: Lionel Chetwynd; WRITTEN BY: Lionel Chetwynd. PRODUCER: Cannon Films.

Review: A brutal drama about the sufferings of American POWs in Vietnamese prison camps. Non-stop torture, filth, and degradation.

Reviews on website:
Editorial Reviews


A true story about American soldiers interned in North Vietnam during the years 1964 through 1973, and their struggle to survive within the infamous prison complex they dubbed the Hanoi Hilton.

Reviewer: Steven R. Travers (CALIFORNIA) -

One lonely conservative voice has been trying to shout out from the "wilderness" for years. Lionel Chetwynd is a writer/producer who made "The Hanoi Hilton", which actually described the North Vietnamese as the evil torturers they were. The "Hilton" was the moniker given the infamous prison camp where American POW's were kept while Jane Fonda was flirting with our enemies. Liberal film reviewers criticized it. Do not believe them. It is good stuff.

The Hanoi Hilton, January 18, 2004
“I was in the Air Force during the war and have over 100 combat missions. This is the most accurate presentation of the war that is available. It is a story that needed telling and still needs to be told. It describes the situation of the American prisoners in Vietnam in an accurate and truthful manner. Everyone should see it.”

The Hanoi Hilton, April 25, 2001
“This movie shows what terrible hardships these prisoners had to endure. I had the privilege to talk to one of the wives of these heroes and she confirmed a lot of events shown in this movie. Also stated that she was not allowed to even mention that her husband was shot down for six-months. Tell her that this movie was "too long and over emotional"!! Most Americans just did not want to face reality during this sad time in our Country's history. I was there during 1966-1968 and in Saigon 1970.”
Internet Movie Database
User Comments:
Date: 14 March 2000
Summary: The Libs Hate This One

“Most especially, it accurately contrasts the quiet heroism of the POWs with the hypocrisy of the Hollywood Left, and their comrades in the news media; so much in fact, that it is really pretty amazing this film ever got made at all.”

Hollywood hates this film.

You can see a typical Hollywood review of this movie, where it is referred to as "Right-wing bullshit." Go to:

31 posted on 09/07/2004 2:06:51 PM PDT by KeyLargo
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To: LPH2

The Clinton administration is populated by individuals like Bill who were antiwar activist during Vietnam. Honor and truth telling was not a desired characteristic for Clinton and his antiwar friends in the late 60's and early 70's. It is not hard to understand why they are such skillful liars when their radical past is considered.

Senator J. William Fulbright - The guiding hand behind Clinton during this era was senator Fulbright. Bill Clinton was at Georgetown University in 1968 and also had a job in the office of Senator J. William Fulbright. Clinton was an eyewitness to Fulbright's success in destroying the American consensus on Vietnam. Fulbright was an extremist and lead a bitter fight with LBJ and Nixon against America's Vietnam policy. He was not particularly concerned with the truth. After graduation in 1968, Clinton was available for the draft (1-A). However, through Senator Fulbright's influence with the Arkansas draft board and with various lies, Bill Clinton was able to avoid military service during the Vietnam War.

Jim McDougal - During 1968, Clinton also became friends with Jim McDougal, then an assistant to Fulbright. With Fulbright's influence, Clinton ran unopposed for Attorney General in the mid 1970's. The relationship between Clinton, McDougal and Fulbright became so strong that the three entered into a successful land deal in Arkansas in 1977.

Clinton, then Arkansas attorney general, bought 20 acres of land from Rolling Manor Inc., a company owned by James McDougal and Fulbright. This deal made the partners 75% profit and was the first step to Whitewater.

Strobe Talbott - During 1969, while at Oxford (dodging the draft with the ROTC enlistment), Clinton became friends with Strobe Talbott. Clinton was an antiwar protester in England and Russia during this period and helped organize demonstrations (down with America) that burned the American flag. Talbott was aware of these events. He latter went to graduate school at Yale Law with both Clintons.

Fast forward to 1991. At this time, Strobe Talbott was the Washington Bureau Chief of Time magazine and a key Clinton defender. In a 1991 article, Talbott condemned those who would raise moral issues about Bill Clinton.

In the spring of 1992, he wrote a story about Clinton's conscience - wrestling about the draft while at Oxford. Theses stories by Talbott were big lies. Clinton rewarded Talbott by making him the number two person at the State Department. Sidney Blumenthal - The top White House spin master is a long time friend of the Clintons. Blumenthal is a former member of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

The SDS was a key player in the antiwar movement and advocated violence. Vanity Fair magazine reports that Blumenthal is -- or at least once was -- a Communist accuses him of joining former SDS leader Carl Oglesby in "something called the Assassination Information Bureau" -- an effort to exonerate Marxist assassin Lee Harvey Oswald by discrediting the Warren Commission report on Oswald's murder of President Kennedy.

In 1968, SDS leaders traveled to communist Czechoslovakia, where they met with leaders of the Viet Cong and "held a seminar with the Communists on how to conduct their psychological warfare campaign against the United States.

Blumenthal learned the art of the big lie from from the masters of propaganda. Senator John Kerry - A goal of the antiwar movement during the Vietnam was to vilify combat soldiers and marines so that public opinion would turn from support to doubt. A fellow traveler of the antiwar movement then was John Kerry of Massachusetts (currently junior senator).

In January of 1971, Jane Fonda and other antiwar leaders organized a show trial called the Winter Soldier hearings in Detroit. These hearings included fake witnesses and fabricated events as well as some real personal stories. Kerry, at this time was a discharged and decorated navy veteran with political aspirations and was a key participant in these hearings. Winter Soldier statements claimed that war crimes were accepted policy in Vietnam and were committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command.

The intention of Winter Soldier was to create a graphic story of "out of control" americans killing innocent Vietnamese and the futility of the war. Claims of civilian casualties were greatly overestimated. The big lie worked and public doubt about American involvement in the war increased. Also, the unfortunate consequence of Winter Soldier is the negative and untrue portrayal of Vietnam combat veterans that was created and lasts until today.

History has revealed that John Kerry in 1971 was unconcerned that Winter Soldier testimony was not altogether truthful. Even when an fellow organizer of the Winter Soldier hearings was reviled to be a liar, John Kerry pressed on. In April of 1971, he testified before the Senate Committee of Foreign Relations (Fulbright). This hearing was televised and he again made his false claims that war crimes was the accepted policy of the military in Vietnam. The truth is that the Vietnam War was not any more brutal than previous wars. Observers with experience in Vietnam such as Peter Arnet, Daniel Ellsberg, David Halberstam, Neil Sheehan, and Morley Safer support this point of view.

John Kerry was the Democratic nominee for the U.S. House, 1972 but was defeated in the general election. Organized Labor - The Left rejoiced when Sweeney became head of the AFL-CIO smelling a chance to capture the unions that it had not had since before the Vietnam War. Sweeney's staff is heavily dependent on long-time radicals. "The AFL-CIO is dominated at the department level by an SDS alumni association. These are Sweeney's base and where he gets his ideas from. Many of the old campus radicals around Carey had shilled for the Black Panthers, cheered on Ho Chi Minh, and cut sugar cane in Cuba. They are latter-day Leninists.

Sandy Berger - Clinton met Berger when they were working for McGovern's 1972 presidential campaign. Sandy Berger opposed the Vietnam War not by protesting but working to get like-minded candidates -- Bobby Kennedy, George McGovern -- elected. The connection also extends to Senator Fulbright who joined his law firm after retiring from the Senate in 1975. Fulbright became a role model for Berger.

32 posted on 09/07/2004 2:09:58 PM PDT by Calpernia ("People never like what they don't understand")
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To: StarCMC

kerry makes a draft dodger (even clinton) look pretty good by comparison.

33 posted on 09/07/2004 2:24:10 PM PDT by BykrBayb (5 minutes of prayer for Terri, every day at 11 am EDT, until she's safe.
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To: BykrBayb

Now that's downright scary! ;o)

34 posted on 09/07/2004 2:25:57 PM PDT by StarCMC (It's God's job to forgive Bin Laden, it's our job to arrange the meeting.)
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To: StarCMC

Even scarier is knowing that some people will vote for him, knowing all this.

35 posted on 09/07/2004 2:30:46 PM PDT by BykrBayb (5 minutes of prayer for Terri, every day at 11 am EDT, until she's safe.
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To: Calpernia
Also, the unfortunate consequence of Winter Soldier is the negative and untrue portrayal of Vietnam combat veterans that was created and lasts until today.

That is sad. To think that so many veterans sacrificed their lives and eventually returned home with a black mark. Then eventually to die with no restitution.

The more I read the more unbelievable this sounds. Is this really true what Kerry did?

36 posted on 09/07/2004 2:52:47 PM PDT by swheats
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To: Calpernia
More from Col. Holmes:

Bill Clinton's actions toward the draft was not a separate case, but his actions, and those of his family and friends using influence were reflected throughout the United States by thousands of other American families. The vast majority of male students attending colleges and universities were very concerned and fearful of the draft. Most did not go to Bill Clinton's extremes.

In 1964 Bill Clinton was classified 2-S (student deferment), which protected him from the draft throughout his undergraduate years at Georgetown University. As Bill Clinton approached graduation from Georgetown in 1968 his classification was changed to 1-A (Available for the draft).

Family and friends with political influence kept Bill Clinton out of the draft after his graduation from Georgetown University. His uncle, Raymond Clinton, in 1968 personally contacted Senator Fulbright, William Armstrong (Chairman of the Hot Springs draft board) and Lt. Commander Tice Ellis, Jr. (Commanding Officer of the local Naval Reserve unit) to obtain a slot for Bill in the Naval Reserve. A slot was especially created for Bill when no existing reserve slots were open at his local reserve unit.

Bill Clinton, choosing not to follow through, failed to show up at the reserve unit for his interview and physical. Raymond Clinton later informed Lt. Com. Ellis that Bill would not be joining the reserves and that everything has been taken care of.

Robert Corrado a former member of the Hot Springs draft board in 1968 recalled the chairman of the three man draft board held back Clinton's file with the explanation that we have to give him time to go to Oxford. Corrado further stated that Armstrong complained about an aid from Senator Fulbright's office urging him and his fellow board members to give every consideration to keep Clinton out of the draft. Clinton's draft file was routinely held back from consideration by the full board for the remainder of the year.

On February 2nd, 1969 Bill Clinton, while at Oxford University, finally takes his physical for the armed services and passes. His pre-induction physical was delayed over 10 months (twice as long as anyone else in his age group and situation).

In April 1969 Clinton fails to show up for his induction to military service. Clinton claims he did not receive the notice until after the dead line date and the draft board told him to ignore this notice.

While still in Oxford, Bill Clinton begins planning his appeal for his next induction notice. The plan he comes up with is to have his notice rescinded by joining the R.O.T.C. at the University of Arkansas.

In July of 1969 Clinton returns home from Oxford after he receives a second induction notice. He is to report on July 28, 1969.

Clinton's friend and Oxford classmate, Cliff Jackson, had several friends in influential positions arranged a meeting for Bill Clinton with Col. William A. Hawkins. Hawkins was the only man in the State of Arkansas who could rescind the induction notice.

Clinton's induction notice was rescinded and was admitted into the Arkansas University R.O.T.C. program after he promised to enroll in law school at the University of Arkansas. Bill's new draft classification is 1-D (ROTC deferment)

For the remainder of the summer, Bill Clinton goes to Washington D.C. and works with the anti-war movement at the National Headquarters of the Vietnam Moratorium.

As September approached, Bill Clinton fails to enroll at the University Arkansas and returns to England around mid-September of 1969. It is quite clear that major changes in the draft would be forthcoming in the next few days or weeks. Clinton's appearance at Oxford was unexpected and he had to sleep on the floor in his friend's room.

In October and again in November 1969 Clinton organized and led anti-war demonstrations in London, England with the support of the British Peace Council, which was backed by the World Peace Council who was a front for the KGB.

October 30, 1969 Clinton was automatically reclassified to 1-A eligible for induction, after he failed to enroll at the University of Arkansas. Bill Clinton today, claims he volunteer for the draft but has no proof. Regardless, by this time a freeze was put on the draft until the lottery was established.

The Selective Service Lottery was held on December 1, 1969. Clinton's birthday draws number 311 in the first lottery. This high number guarantees Clinton will not be called up for the draft.

Two days later Clinton writes his infamous ROTC letter to Col. Holmes thanking him for saving him from the draft.

ROTC letter posted here

37 posted on 09/07/2004 2:54:05 PM PDT by Calpernia ("People never like what they don't understand")
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To: Calpernia
This is an open invitation to ALL FReepers, veteran or not, Vietnam era or not. Please join us on September 12th as we tell the world that John Kerry was a liar and traitor then, just as he is a liar and traitor now

KERRY LIED . . . while good men died

A gathering of Vietnam veterans from across America

John Kerry told the world we were war criminals who raped, tortured and murdered in Vietnam. Now, thirty-three years later, we will tell America the truth.

Where: Upper Senate Park, Washington, D.C. It is easy to get to, shady and pretty, with a great view of the Capitol dome in back of the speaker's platform. THIS IS A NEW LOCATION AS OF 7/17/04

When: Sunday, Sept 12, 2004 2:00-4:00 PM (EDT)

Why: To tell the truth about Vietnam veterans and to counter the lies told about Vietnam veterans by John Kerry

All Vietnam veterans and their families and supporters are asked to attend. Other veterans are invited as honored guests.

Link to Printable Flier

If you are in DC on the 11th, look for the National March Against Terror.

Link to NMAT Website

In God We Trust…..Semper Fi!

38 posted on 09/07/2004 3:00:24 PM PDT by North Coast Conservative (Never Take a Gun to a Gunfight That Is Less Than .40 Cal)
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To: Calpernia

ADM Stockdale

I saw an interview of ADM Stockdale by Kerry taped sometime ago. It was nominally about Stockdale's experiences in captivity, but ADM Stockdale turned the tables on Kerry in a big way.

At one point, Kerry asked him to describe what kind of people his NVA interrogators/torturers were personally. ADM Stockdale responded "They were just your typical upwardly mobile young bureaucrats you see in any country. You know the type." or words or intent to that effect. Kerry smiled sheepishly knowing Stockdale had just nailed him to the wall.

I would later discover that Stockdale had attempted suicide after one noted beating in a never-ending series of particularly vicious beatings in which his leg was repeatedly broken, rather than break for them emotionally. The NVA backed off from further such interrogations almost immediately, realizing that his death would be a public relations nightmare for them as he was already too well known worldwide for his death to be casually ignored, and that the story would get out.

Best, Bud Burrell.

McCain: Hanoi Hilton Guards Taunted POWs With Kerry's Testimony

These days, former Vietnam War POW Sen. John McCain has nothing but praise for his fellow Vietnam veteran Sen. John Kerry, the Democrats' current presidential front-runner.
But after he was released from the Hanoi Hilton in 1973, McCain publicly complained that testimony by Kerry and others before J. William Fulbright's Senate Foreign Relations Committee was "the most effective propaganda [my North Vietnamese captors] had to use against us."
"They used Senator Fulbright a great deal," McCain wrote in the May 14, 1973, issue of U.S. News & World Report. While he was languishing in a North Vietnamese prison cell, Kerry was telling the Fulbright committee that U.S. soldiers were committing war crimes in Vietnam as a matter...

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SEN McCain's second wife

Kerry was part of the Senate Hearings on the POW/MIA issues in the late '80's or early '90's, to which SEN McCain's second wife was called to testify. Kerry heard her tell that committee in this testimony and related interviews that she had had strangers show up at her home unannounced with phony Government credentials, and after being invited into her home, they started to try to interrogate her about what she was doing for sex while her husband was a POW. When she would then follow up with the supposed agency these people had showed credentials for, the relevant agency would deny any such agents. She saw credentials from the FBI, CIA, DEA , National League of Families, and more, some real and some not.

I saw McCain's wife's testimony personally (as I did Kerry's interview of Stockdale) on C-Span or the equivalent. I am sure both interviews are archived somewhere. McCain's wife really made these guys squirm and be unnaturally humble.

Best, Bud Burrell.

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To: Interesting Times
FYI this post.



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