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To: nopardons; Calpernia

The 2nd external link is interesting, I cannot check them all, as I have limited vision, so have to hit and run.

This came from a simple general search of google, about page 33.

Google for:

bill clinton 1969

I did find one hint that Bills free - secret trip for training was to Checslovokia (sp?) in 1968/69.

I have run across this website before, but don't have any idea as to who put it up.......

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Anthony Lake

Anthony Lake is esteemed to be a co-founder of both the Newmarket
Company LLC and Intellibridge, Newmarket's successor. He is
currently Principal at Intellibridge.[1]

Lake is a "Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy at the
Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.
He served during 1993-1997 as Assistant to the President for National
Security Affairs."[2]

"President William Jefferson Clinton said of Anthony Lake’s service as
National Security Advisor, 'In moments of crisis, in times of triumph,
he has always been at my side.' As the point man of America’s foreign
policy team, Dr. Lake strategized and implemented some of the most
pressing foreign policy issues our country has faced since the end of
the Cold War. Dr. Lake guided the United States through such
geopolitical hot spots as Bosnia, North Korea, Haiti, Iraq, Somalia and
China while extending the reach of democracy throughout the

Lake also served as a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the
Clinton/Gore campaign in 1991-1992. He was Five College Professor
of International Relations at Amherst and Mount Holyoke colleges

"After work with the Muskie Campaign, the Carnegie Endowment and
International Voluntary Services, Mr. Lake returned to the State
Department in 1977 to serve as Director of Policy Planning for
President Carter, a position he held until 1981."[4]

"Lake joined the State Department in 1962, where he served until
1970 as a Foreign Service Officer. His State Department career
included assignments as U.S. Vice Consul in Saigon (1963), U.S. Vice
Consul in Hue (1964-65) and Special Assistant to the Assistant to the
President for National Security Affairs (1969-1970)."[5]

In 1961, "Lake received an A.B. degree, magna cum laude from
Harvard College. He read international economics at Trinity College,
Cambridge and went on to receive his Ph.D. from the Woodrow Wilson
School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University in

Taken from Anthony Lake's biography with the Harry Walker

Profile of Anthony Lake By Paul Malamud, USIA Staff Writer

Washington -- President-elect William Jefferson Clinton's choice for
White House national security adviser -- one of the most important
foreign policy positions in the U.S. government -- brings considerable
experience to the job. Fifty-three-year old Anthony Lake first entered
the U.S. Foreign Service in 1962 and has been active in foreign policy
circles since then.

Like Clinton, Lake is part of the idealistic generation shaped by the
John Fitzgerald Kennedy presidency of the early 1960's, as well as by
the war in Vietnam. Lake's idealism came to the fore when he
resigned his job as an assistant to Henry Kissinger in 1970 in order to
protest the Richard M. Nixon administration's extension of Vietnam
war combat into Cambodia.

However, Lake's extensive State Department experience and his
considerable scholarly involvement in international affairs should also
help him bring a hard-nosed appreciation of the realities of power to
the job.

Born in 1939 in New York City, Lake received his bachelor's degree
from Harvard and studied economics at Cambridge University in
England for two years. He has received a doctoral degree from the
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at

In 1962, Lake joined the Foreign Service, and was posted to Vietnam,
where he became a special assistant to then-ambassador Henry Cabot
Lodge. Singled out early for his talent, Lake rose quickly to become an
aide to Secretary of State Kissinger in 1969, accompanying the
secretary on his first secret meeting with North Vietnamese
negotiators in Paris. In 1970, he had a falling out with Kissinger over
the Nixon administration's extension of the war to Cambodia and later
wrote a book critical of Kissinger's approach to Africa.

In 1977, Lake became head of the State Department's policy planning
operation in the administration of Jimmy Carter. In that position, he
reported directly to Secretary of State Cyrus Vance and was witness to
the bureaucratic maneuvering that went on between Vance and
Carter's national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

In 1981, when Ronald Reagan became president, Lake withdrew into
academia, becoming a professor at Amherst College in Massachusetts.
In 1984, he moved to Mount Holyoke College, where he has taught
courses in the Vietnam War, Third World revolutions, and American
foreign policy. During the 1992 presidential campaign, he was one of
candidate Clinton's chief foreign policy advisers. (Clinton and Lake
had worked together in the 1972 presidential campaign of George
McGovern.) Lake is also an old friend of Warren Christopher,
Clinton's choice for secretary of state.

Lake's published works include "The 'Tar Baby' Option: American
Policy Toward Southern Rhodesia," (1976); "Third World Radical
Regimes: U.S. Policy Under Carter and Reagan," (1985); and
"Somoza Falling: A Case Study of Washington at Work," (1990). In
addition, he helped found the influential journal "Foreign Policy."

Lake has been referred to in the press as a "creative and imaginative
thinker." He is known as a skillful bureaucratic conciliator and is
thought to favor a strong United Nations as a multilateral vehicle for
solving international problems.


Board Member, U.S. Fund for UNICEF
Board Member, Marshall Legacy Institute
Board Member, International Committee of the Red Cross
Board Member, Carnegie Council on Ethics and International
Board Member, America Abroad
Board Member, Freedom House
Trustee, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

External Links

Walter Pincus and Thomas W. Lippman, Intelligence Agency
Should Like the Cut of Lake's Cloak, The Washington Post,
December 6, 1996.
F.R. Duplantier, Anthony Lake Is Wrong Man for Job. Knowing that
both the CIA and the FBI were infiltrated by Russian spies, why on
earth would President Bill Clinton name someone like Anthony
Lake to be the new director of Central Intelligence?, America's
Future, February 9, 1997.
CIA Director-Designate Lake Claims: "Russian Missiles No Longer
Target American Cities", American Foreign Policy Council,
Washington, D.C.: Foreign Policy Alert, No. 35, March 4, 1997.
Senate Testimony by CIA Director-Designate Lake. Testimony
before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, March 11,
Shields & Gigot on Lake, PBS Online NewsHour, March 18, 1997.
William Norman Grigg, The Ordeal of Anthony Lake. Clinton's CIA
nominee bowed out before his leftist past was exposed, The New
American, April 14, 1997.

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