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To: Calpernia
More from Col. Holmes:

Bill Clinton's actions toward the draft was not a separate case, but his actions, and those of his family and friends using influence were reflected throughout the United States by thousands of other American families. The vast majority of male students attending colleges and universities were very concerned and fearful of the draft. Most did not go to Bill Clinton's extremes.

In 1964 Bill Clinton was classified 2-S (student deferment), which protected him from the draft throughout his undergraduate years at Georgetown University. As Bill Clinton approached graduation from Georgetown in 1968 his classification was changed to 1-A (Available for the draft).

Family and friends with political influence kept Bill Clinton out of the draft after his graduation from Georgetown University. His uncle, Raymond Clinton, in 1968 personally contacted Senator Fulbright, William Armstrong (Chairman of the Hot Springs draft board) and Lt. Commander Tice Ellis, Jr. (Commanding Officer of the local Naval Reserve unit) to obtain a slot for Bill in the Naval Reserve. A slot was especially created for Bill when no existing reserve slots were open at his local reserve unit.

Bill Clinton, choosing not to follow through, failed to show up at the reserve unit for his interview and physical. Raymond Clinton later informed Lt. Com. Ellis that Bill would not be joining the reserves and that everything has been taken care of.

Robert Corrado a former member of the Hot Springs draft board in 1968 recalled the chairman of the three man draft board held back Clinton's file with the explanation that we have to give him time to go to Oxford. Corrado further stated that Armstrong complained about an aid from Senator Fulbright's office urging him and his fellow board members to give every consideration to keep Clinton out of the draft. Clinton's draft file was routinely held back from consideration by the full board for the remainder of the year.

On February 2nd, 1969 Bill Clinton, while at Oxford University, finally takes his physical for the armed services and passes. His pre-induction physical was delayed over 10 months (twice as long as anyone else in his age group and situation).

In April 1969 Clinton fails to show up for his induction to military service. Clinton claims he did not receive the notice until after the dead line date and the draft board told him to ignore this notice.

While still in Oxford, Bill Clinton begins planning his appeal for his next induction notice. The plan he comes up with is to have his notice rescinded by joining the R.O.T.C. at the University of Arkansas.

In July of 1969 Clinton returns home from Oxford after he receives a second induction notice. He is to report on July 28, 1969.

Clinton's friend and Oxford classmate, Cliff Jackson, had several friends in influential positions arranged a meeting for Bill Clinton with Col. William A. Hawkins. Hawkins was the only man in the State of Arkansas who could rescind the induction notice.

Clinton's induction notice was rescinded and was admitted into the Arkansas University R.O.T.C. program after he promised to enroll in law school at the University of Arkansas. Bill's new draft classification is 1-D (ROTC deferment)

For the remainder of the summer, Bill Clinton goes to Washington D.C. and works with the anti-war movement at the National Headquarters of the Vietnam Moratorium.

As September approached, Bill Clinton fails to enroll at the University Arkansas and returns to England around mid-September of 1969. It is quite clear that major changes in the draft would be forthcoming in the next few days or weeks. Clinton's appearance at Oxford was unexpected and he had to sleep on the floor in his friend's room.

In October and again in November 1969 Clinton organized and led anti-war demonstrations in London, England with the support of the British Peace Council, which was backed by the World Peace Council who was a front for the KGB.

October 30, 1969 Clinton was automatically reclassified to 1-A eligible for induction, after he failed to enroll at the University of Arkansas. Bill Clinton today, claims he volunteer for the draft but has no proof. Regardless, by this time a freeze was put on the draft until the lottery was established.

The Selective Service Lottery was held on December 1, 1969. Clinton's birthday draws number 311 in the first lottery. This high number guarantees Clinton will not be called up for the draft.

Two days later Clinton writes his infamous ROTC letter to Col. Holmes thanking him for saving him from the draft.

ROTC letter posted here

37 posted on 09/07/2004 2:54:05 PM PDT by Calpernia ("People never like what they don't understand")
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To: Calpernia

ADM Stockdale

I saw an interview of ADM Stockdale by Kerry taped sometime ago. It was nominally about Stockdale's experiences in captivity, but ADM Stockdale turned the tables on Kerry in a big way.

At one point, Kerry asked him to describe what kind of people his NVA interrogators/torturers were personally. ADM Stockdale responded "They were just your typical upwardly mobile young bureaucrats you see in any country. You know the type." or words or intent to that effect. Kerry smiled sheepishly knowing Stockdale had just nailed him to the wall.

I would later discover that Stockdale had attempted suicide after one noted beating in a never-ending series of particularly vicious beatings in which his leg was repeatedly broken, rather than break for them emotionally. The NVA backed off from further such interrogations almost immediately, realizing that his death would be a public relations nightmare for them as he was already too well known worldwide for his death to be casually ignored, and that the story would get out.

Best, Bud Burrell.

McCain: Hanoi Hilton Guards Taunted POWs With Kerry's Testimony

These days, former Vietnam War POW Sen. John McCain has nothing but praise for his fellow Vietnam veteran Sen. John Kerry, the Democrats' current presidential front-runner.
But after he was released from the Hanoi Hilton in 1973, McCain publicly complained that testimony by Kerry and others before J. William Fulbright's Senate Foreign Relations Committee was "the most effective propaganda [my North Vietnamese captors] had to use against us."
"They used Senator Fulbright a great deal," McCain wrote in the May 14, 1973, issue of U.S. News & World Report. While he was languishing in a North Vietnamese prison cell, Kerry was telling the Fulbright committee that U.S. soldiers were committing war crimes in Vietnam as a matter...

To read the rest of this article, go to

SEN McCain's second wife

Kerry was part of the Senate Hearings on the POW/MIA issues in the late '80's or early '90's, to which SEN McCain's second wife was called to testify. Kerry heard her tell that committee in this testimony and related interviews that she had had strangers show up at her home unannounced with phony Government credentials, and after being invited into her home, they started to try to interrogate her about what she was doing for sex while her husband was a POW. When she would then follow up with the supposed agency these people had showed credentials for, the relevant agency would deny any such agents. She saw credentials from the FBI, CIA, DEA , National League of Families, and more, some real and some not.

I saw McCain's wife's testimony personally (as I did Kerry's interview of Stockdale) on C-Span or the equivalent. I am sure both interviews are archived somewhere. McCain's wife really made these guys squirm and be unnaturally humble.

Best, Bud Burrell.

39 posted on 09/07/2004 3:02:38 PM PDT by Calpernia ("People never like what they don't understand")
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To: Calpernia

You should read Clinton version of this in his book, My Lies. He forgets that he was inducted. He refused the ROTC offer because it would have ruined him politically (WTF). Instead he braved the draft and was rewarded with a high number.
What a damn liar do the last. I'm sure the doctors have never seen such a black heart.

263 posted on 09/11/2004 8:44:32 PM PDT by farsighted
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