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Kerry doomed, Fake docs and FR mention all on ABC's Notes.
ABC Notes ^ | 09-10-2004 | Various- ABC notes

Posted on 09/10/2004 7:54:07 AM PDT by Smartaleck

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To: Congressman Billybob

Since CBS still says they stand by their story, is it possible to go after the advertisers (with lawsuits) since they are the ones supplying the funding, allowing all this electioneering to occur?

61 posted on 09/10/2004 8:50:12 AM PDT by tertiary01 (Kerry: Are you ready to go back to the Senate yet??)
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To: Smartaleck

This is like the Abu Garieb porn-site pictures that the Boston Globe couldn't wait to publish.

62 posted on 09/10/2004 8:51:53 AM PDT by Mogollon
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To: Smartaleck
Ping for FR!

A Forgery Exposed:

63 posted on 09/10/2004 8:52:35 AM PDT by GOPcapitalist ("Can Lincoln expect to subjugate a people thus resolved? No!" - Sam Houston, 3/1863)
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To: Neville72

Democrat pollster Pat Cadell just said on Fox News that if the documents are proven to be forgeries the Kerry campaign will be tied to it and the election is OVER!

And in the unlikely event Bush's people were found responsible for the fraud, I would not vote for Bush on principle, either.

64 posted on 09/10/2004 9:00:03 AM PDT by Atlas Sneezed (Your Friendly Freeper Patent Attorney)
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To: Smartaleck

Ditto, but we also have to give a lot of credit to those who feel a real obligation to post news immediately. Its so much easier than visiting hundreds of web sites and sometimes gives us time to take some sort of corrective action!

65 posted on 09/10/2004 9:01:02 AM PDT by hardhead (No Appeasement to Muslim Spawn)
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To: angkor
Between the lines, I feel your love for a free press. My dream is for people like you (liberal or conservative) to once again take control from the "Rather" types. A free and honorable press is worth fighting for -- a "Rather" one is not. This issue matters.

There's no doubt that even at CBS, some news pros would have been questioning this story. Some might even have been going ballistic over running with it (I've seen phone books thrown across the bullpen during hot editorial disagreements).

Rather might even had disagreements with the senior editors/reporters, though he'd be the big dog because it's his face on the tube. So ultimately he won, and ran with a bogus story.

I'll venture that right now, several CBS news staffers want Rather's head on a plate, perhaps to the point of threatened resignations and unfettered newsroom grumbling. Rather has embarrassed the entire CBS staff.

The coin of the realm for Rather is the validation of his own political beliefs. He's not supposed to do that, and he knows it, but he's obviously lost his news judgement. I don't believe there's a "payoff" beyond that.

66 posted on 09/10/2004 9:04:02 AM PDT by GOPJ
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To: Smartaleck
Perhaps someone else covered this this morning, but I believe they pulled this stunt now because Kerry is pontificating to the National Guard next week; yes the same National Guard that he maligns as draft dodgers.

DNC obviously figured they had to damage President Bush's credibility with the NG and bingo mysterious docs surface! Hence we have a coordinated pack of lies and liars to confirm them to attack the President.
67 posted on 09/10/2004 9:06:20 AM PDT by BlessedByLiberty (Respectfully submitted,)
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To: hardhead

"Ditto, but we also have to give a lot of credit to those who feel a real obligation to post news immediately."

AMEN to that. Better to wade through a few extraneous-have nothing to do with politics-vanity- who cares about the koby Bryant trial- stories....than to every news story written each day. LOL

68 posted on 09/10/2004 9:09:06 AM PDT by Smartaleck
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To: msp2004

Welcome. I wish you could have been here in 2000 for the election debacle. It was a place of refuge and hope for me.

69 posted on 09/10/2004 9:09:28 AM PDT by SolomoninSouthDakota
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To: Smartaleck
Re-read "The Note" and thinking out loud about the tone and tenor.

There's a sense that the Kerry campaign is doomed.

The reporters are inclined to believe that CBS makes them all look bad (think, we're called liberal and biased.)

In an effort to save some sense of credibility perhaps we should change the tone of our stories......they're thinking.

Perhaps the media has, been forced into some self introspection? There's blood in the water and we need to go after it.....I.E.........Kerry is a loser, screwed us over and we need to recover.

At the very least it appears that the MSM has taken note of the power of the non MSM and they'll be more careful and perhaps less blatantly biased. We can hope.

The whole net is watching!!!!!!!!!
70 posted on 09/10/2004 9:17:07 AM PDT by Smartaleck
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To: BlessedByLiberty

"but I believe they pulled this stunt "

Makes sense...are they that smart? LOL

71 posted on 09/10/2004 9:19:38 AM PDT by Smartaleck
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To: Smartaleck
You almost have to feel sorry for See-BS. (Almost.) They have maybe a handful of lazy, over-paid, under-used, and biased 9-5 fact-checkers. We have, 24-7, tens of thousands of motivated, experienced, and knowledgeable volunteers who look into things as we please because we love to do it. The sluggish MSM is just now noticing the fact that we've been ahead of them for at least two years, now. Too bad they had to take notice because of declining ratings, declining revenues, and declining credibility. (Schadenfreude.)

Here's to hoping this is the future of news reporting! Faster, more accurate, more interactive, more diverse opinions, better citations, more humorous/entertaining, more accountable... while the idiot box can only hope for more idiots!

(Did you hear that, ABC?)

72 posted on 09/10/2004 9:21:27 AM PDT by Teacher317
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To: Smartaleck; Buckhead
Can a DU quote be nominated for the Freeper "Quote of the Day?" Just this once?

skypilot (1000+ posts) Thu Sep-09-04 10:46 AM

If they were forgeries... someone other than a dumbass freeper would have figured that out by now. Jesus, we are in the 21st century we don't need some goofy ass freeper to figure out if something is real or not. There are professionals out there that are very good at these things.

73 posted on 09/10/2004 9:24:22 AM PDT by dead (I've got my eye out for Mullah Omar.)
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To: Smartaleck
Of course, you know that in their boardroom meetings, discussions on how to counter the effect we have include discussions on how to legally prevent us from reporting and commenting on the news. (see the LATimes v FR suit)
74 posted on 09/10/2004 9:24:25 AM PDT by Teacher317
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re: How large is Rather's staff?)))

Rumors around Austin suggest that it is barely visible.

75 posted on 09/10/2004 9:25:09 AM PDT by Mamzelle
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Limbaugh reporting that Dan Rather, in an interview (on the street) with CNN at about noon Eastern, stands by the story, the documents are authentic.

Meanwhile, Terry McAuliffe is, nearly at the same time, saying that CBS was set-up!

Amazing. Just amazing.

76 posted on 09/10/2004 9:27:59 AM PDT by Cboldt
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To: Neville72

I got news for Pat (whom I greatly respect): it's over without this. The only remaining question is how big will be the margin of victory, and CBS may well have turned a 300 vote victory into a 400 EV victory. Thanks, Dan Rather.

77 posted on 09/10/2004 9:28:15 AM PDT by LS
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To: Smartaleck

Dan Rather is STILL defending his piece, saying the story is true, the memos are authentic. Not "I believe" or "We still think" but "THE STORY IS TRUE. WE KNOW THE STORY IS TRUE." This as of about a half-hour ago (noonish ET), as every other network is exposing CBS's fraud. What a maroon! (He says the focus should not be on the documents, but what the documents say. Pfffft! Yeah, right.)

78 posted on 09/10/2004 9:28:55 AM PDT by shezza
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To: Smartaleck

Sorry I don't have the link right now....received this via e-mail from a friend.

From TAS: (The American Spectator)
Anatomy of a Forgery
By The Prowler

Published 9/10/2004 12:09:06 AM

More than six weeks ago, an opposition research staffer for the Democratic National Committee received documents purportedly written by President George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard squadron commander, the late Col. Jerry Killian.

The oppo researcher claimed the source was "a retired military officer." According to a DNC staffer, the documents were seen by both senior staff members at the DNC, as well as the Kerry campaign.

"More than a couple people heard about the papers," says the DNC staffer. "I've heard that they ended up with the Kerry campaign, for them to decide to how to proceed, and presumably they were handed over to 60 Minutes, which used them the other night. But I know this much. When there was discussion here, there were doubts raised about their authenticity."

The concerns arose from the sourcing. "It wasn't clear that our source for the documents would have had access to them. Our person couldn't confirm from what file, from what original source they came from."

The documents that CBS News used were not documents from any of Bush's personnel files from his time in the National Guard. Rather, CBS News stated that they were documents uncovered in the personnel files of Killian. That would explain why the White House or the Pentagon had never before released or even seen them.

According to a Kerry campaign source, there was little gossip about the supposedly hot documents inside the office of the campaign on McPherson Square. "Those documents were not something anyone was talking about or trying to generate buzz on," says the staffer. "It wasn't like there were small groups of people talking about this as a bombshell. I think people here weren't sure what to make of it, because provenance of these documents was uncertain."

A CBS producer, who initially tipped off The Prowler about the 60 Minutes story, says that despite seeking professional assurances that the documents were legitimate, there was uncertainty even among the group of producers and researchers working on the story.

"The problem was we had one set of documents from Bush's file that had Killian calling Bush 'an exceptionally fine young officer and pilot.' And someone who Killian said 'performed in an outstanding manner.' Then you have these new documents and the tone and content are so different."

The CBS producer said that some alarms bells went off last week when the signatures and initials of Killian on the documents in hand did not match up with other documents available on the public record, but producers chose to move ahead with the story. "This was too hot not to push. If there were doubts, those people didn't show it," says the producer, who works on a rival CBS News program.

Now, the producer says, there is growing concern inside the building on 57th Street that they may have been suckered by the Kerry campaign. "There is a school of thought here that the Kerry people dumped this in our laps, figuring we'd do the heavy lifting on the story. That maybe they had doubts about these documents but hoped we'd get more information," says the producer. "If that's the case, then we're bigger fools than we already appear to be judging by all the chatter about how these documents could be forgeries."

ABC News' political unit held a conference call at 7:00 p.m. Thursday evening to discuss the memo and its potential ramifications should the documents turn out to be a forgery. That meeting took place around the time that the deceased Killian's son made public statements questioning the documents' authenticity.

According to one ABC News employee, some reporters believe that the Kerry campaign as well as the DNC were parties in duping CBS, but a smaller segment believe that both the DNC and the Kerry campaign were duped by Karl Rove, who would have engineered the flap to embarrass the opposition.

79 posted on 09/10/2004 9:29:32 AM PDT by Smartaleck
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To: All


A documentary exposing John Kerry's record of betrayal

80 posted on 09/10/2004 9:34:11 AM PDT by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi ...... The War on Terrorism is the ultimate 'faith-based' initiative ..... Sign up today!)
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