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Threat Matrix: Daily Terror Threat - Thread Nineteen
World Tribune ^

Posted on 09/11/2004 12:09:10 AM PDT by nwctwx

September 11, 2001
-Never Forget, Never Surrender-
Threat Matrix: Daily Terror Threat
Thread Nineteen : 9/11/04
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The Threat Matrix

The title refers to a daily report given to the president of the United States detailing the most serious terrorist threats against the country. To tackle those threats, the government has formed a top-notch task force to infiltrate the terror cells and cut off the danger.

"Every morning, the president receives a list of the top ten terrorist threats - this list is known as the threat matrix."

We here at FR are trying to be in conjunction with the daily reports around the world that involve threats. We try to provide a storehouse of information that takes hours of research.

You be the Judge and Get Informed!

Image Created by : TheCabal & JustPiper's Son

"I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat."

Muslim group takes responsibility for 9-11: 'We are so sorry'

This September 11 marks the third unforgettable anniversary of the worst mass murder in American history.

After September 11, many in the Muslim world chose denial and hallucination rather than face up to the sad fact that Muslims perpetrated the 9-11 terrorist acts and that we have an enormous problem with extremism and support for terrorism. Many Muslims, including religious leaders, and "intellectuals" blamed 9-11 on a Jewish conspiracy and went as far as fabricating a tale that 4000 Jews did not show up for work in the World Trade Center on 9-11. Yet others blamed 9-11 on an American right wing conspiracy or the U.S. Government which allegedly wanted an excuse to invade Iraq and "steal" Iraqi oil.


TOPICS: News/Current Events; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: 911; september112001; terror; thirdanniversary; threat; threatmatrix
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To: Cindy

Charlotte, IMO, is a beautiful place. Fortunately I'll be elsewhere in N.C. But, I will be in a large enough city and there long enough that some "snooping around" might be on the agenda.

3,151 posted on 10/04/2004 8:36:01 PM PDT by Oorang (I want to breathe the fresh air of freedom, at the dawn of every day, it's the American way.)
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To: TheLion

mega PING and welcome to the party

3,152 posted on 10/04/2004 8:40:47 PM PDT by Godzilla (I Freep, therefore I am)
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To: Rushmore Rocks
Just working really hard on the Thune campaign. No terrorist sightings.....not even any Muslims around here. I do wish I could contribute more to this thread.

You are contributing - get Thune elected!

3,153 posted on 10/04/2004 8:43:55 PM PDT by Godzilla (I Freep, therefore I am)
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To: Honestly

PING. Good find.

3,154 posted on 10/04/2004 8:45:40 PM PDT by Godzilla (I Freep, therefore I am)
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To: tmp02; Oorang; drymans wife; MamaDearest; nwctwx; Domestic Church; Rushmore Rocks; Labyrinthos; ...
The Persian Gambit - Part 1


In this the first part of my own war gaming of Iranian responses to strikes against its nuclear program and presents an over-view of Iranian military history, assets, and capabilities. They are not exhaustive and in some cases been generalized in order to keep the size of the part down. The information presented are from open sources found on the internet and other reference books.

New reports recently indicated that the military has recently wargamed various scenarios involving conducting a preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities to stop or delay their efforts to create a nuclear weapon. Those reports indicated that their war games resulted in an expanded conflict with Iran that could not be contained.

Since Iran could be the next target in the WOT, I wanted to give you an idea how IMHO Iran would/could respond and some of the wild card / variables that would have to be dealt with. The following scenario, with some modifications, could be seen if Israel conducts the preemptive strike OR if Iran conducts its OWN preemptive attack.

Historical Background

The historical background provides insight into potential actions by Iran and why. There are three key points that I think need to be examined.
1. Following the theocratic revolution of 1979, Iran wanted to be the defacto primary Islamic influence on not only the Persian Gulf but the larger world. The ability to make nuclear weapons would be the culmination of that strategic goal.
2. Religious ties to southern Iraq.
3. The Iran - Iraq war.

Iran’s efforts to influence world geopolitics started with the capture of our Embassy staff. It has since morphed into the active and covert support of terrorism throughout the world spreading the Iranian theocratic form of Shiite Islam. Its covert support of terrorism protected it from direct assault in the pre-9/11 world. Russia saw a natural ally against American influence in the middle east region and developed ties with Iran. But beyond opposing the ‘Great Satan’ - America, the theocracy of Iran wants to destroy the nation of Israel and has vowed to do so at what ever cost. It is to this end that the development of nuclear weapons and long range ballistic missiles to carry have has become a priority. In the post 9/11 world, Iran has been squarely placed on notice that its support of world-wide terror has made it a target for American action. The world has generally said that Iran needs to stop the research and development immediately. This has increased the urgency of the Iranian effort to create the bomb.

The American liberation of Iraq has created an opportunity for Iran to try to thwart US plan for a democratic Iraq and in its place, to create a theocracy. A true democratic Iraq would threaten Iran who is already facing a growing pro-democracy movement that could topple the religious rulers. Iran has a ready made support base - the Shiite majority in southern Iraq. The most holy sites for Shiites are also in southern Iraq. Agents from Iraq have been identified and captured in fighting in Iraq and are believed to be scattered throughout the country’s south. Many believe Al-Sadr directives are coming from Iran. This permits agents and potential special forces to blend in with the local population and have a degree of support. These agent would provide exceptional and timely intelligence of current troop locations, command posts, and supply depots.

However, in the event of a preemptive strike, the potentially biggest concern would be the Iranian military. How the Iranian military would be used requires a review of its battles with Iraq, its previous encounters with the US military and watching first hand military operations in Iraq. In reviewing its war with Iraq during the 1980’s two key items become apparent:

1. It recognized Iraq’s limited seaport access.
2. It recognized the vulnerability of oil shipping in the Persian Gulf and the Straits of Hormuz

I expect that these two points will strongly influence Iranian military operations, tactical and strategic goals.

Iranian Military Capabilities
Although Iran has spent millions to upgrade its military forces, it is still not much better than when it fought with Iraq 20 years ago. Regular ground forces consist of approximately 4 armored, 6 mechanized and 2 special forces divisions and 14 independent brigade/groups. Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) consists of about 4 Armored, 16 mechanized divisions and 10-11 independent brigade/groups. IRGC divisions are smaller than the Regular divisions, sometimes equivalent to the strength of one brigade. IRGC units are the ‘crack’ units, with the best trained, equipped and religiously motivated soldiers. These units became well known towards the end of the Iran-Iraq war for their human wave attacks.

There are approximately 1700 tanks of which only about 400 are a ‘high quality’ T-72 series. The rest are a mixture of T-62, T-55 series, Chieftain and M-47/48/60 series. APC are a mixture of M-113, BTR50/60, MT-LB, BMP-1 and -2 for at total of about 1500. The artillery consists of about 3000 pieces including MRLs of a wide variety of self propelled and towed guns and howitzers. The army is also equipped with a mixture of soviet era anti aircraft artillery and surface to air missiles.

Iranian airpower is relatively limited and on the old side. Between 175 to 200 combat aircraft are believed to be available. Included are a limited number of F-14A and Mig-29 (94 total, 50 in service) and F-4, Mirage F1 and Su-24 and -25.

The Iranian navy is second only to the US navy as the dominant force in the Gulf. Iran has spent more money in its navy, second only to the strategic missile and nuclear developments. Its focus has been small, fast maneuverable vessels with anti-ship missile capabilities. Among recent acquisitions are Chinese “Hudong” fast patrol boats (Osa II design) and 25 light attack vessels from N. Korea. The missile boats are carrying newer Chinese C-802 anti ship missiles. The C-802 is a turbo jet powered missile and will eventually replace the older Silkworm missiles. Also included are torpedo boats, semi-submersibles and three Kilo class submarines. The Kilo class subs are armed with wake-seeking torpedoes. Iran has also developed a considerable capability in mine warfare particularly with the acquisition from China of the rocket delivered EM-52 rising mine that can be deployed in waters too deep for other types of mines.

Iranian core strategic assets consist of SCUD-C and Chinese CSS-8 ballistic missiles. With the assistance of N. Korea, Iran has accelerated its internal ballistic missile program with the development of the Shehab-2 (Scud-D variant) and Shehab-3 missiles. While the other missiles give the Iranians the capability to strike any country in the Gulf, the development of the Shehab-3 missile is a significant development for the Iranians. This is the first asset that the Iranians have that can strike any where in Israel and they allege that it can even strike England.

Warheads for these missiles consist of conventional high explosives as well as chemical (nerve and blister) and potentially biological. However, the Shehab-3 is probably designed to be nuclear - tipped. Iran reports that the Shehab-3 is operational and if so, is probably equipped with either a HE or potentially chemical/biological warhead pending development of a nuclear warhead.

Part 1 Observations and Conclusions

Iran has a military that has not been degraded after 12 years of airstrikes and Desert Storm. However, it is still a force that cannot be dismissed too easily as it has the capabilities to inflict severe damage and as will become apparent in follow-on parts, can really mess things up for the US in Iraq for a while. However, in the long term, absent nuclear capability, the country would not be able to sustain a long-term campaign against the US.

Internal challenges to the ruling religious leaders consist of the growing democracy movement. The theocracy must maintain enough loyal forces to contain any protests while supporting any combat actions against the US.

In the next part of this series, I will evaluate the potential theater of conflict, potential Iranian military and political goals of the attack. And in the final part I hope to outline the development of the potential conflict in a relatively chronological order to whatever the end may be.

3,155 posted on 10/04/2004 8:52:04 PM PDT by Godzilla (I Freep, therefore I am)
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To: MamaDearest
FBI Wants To See Who Checked Out Osama Book

POSTED: 12:28 pm PDT October 4, 2004

DEMING, Wash. -- The FBI would like to see who checked out a Deming library book about Osama bin Laden.

That's because of what someone wrote in the margin of the book.

The book is "Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America."

The handwritten note in the margin is a quote from bin Laden saying, "Hostility toward America is a religious duty and we hope to be rewarded by god."

A citizen reported it to the FBI which served the rural library district with a subpoena demanding names and addresses of everyone who checked out the book.

But the lawyer for the library, Deborah Garrett, filed a motion to quash the subpoena.

The U.S. attorney's office withdrew the subpoena before a hearing, but it could be filed again.

3,156 posted on 10/04/2004 9:33:45 PM PDT by Oorang (I want to breathe the fresh air of freedom, at the dawn of every day, it's the American way.)
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To: Cindy
Well, well, fifth "I'm gonna disguise myself" surgery for good ole Mugniyah. Pretty soon he's going to look like Phyllis Diller. More than anyone else, even bin-laden (RIP), I really wish they would catch this guy. He's a master-mind of master-mind's.

Thanks for the post Cindy.

3,157 posted on 10/04/2004 9:50:57 PM PDT by Oorang (I want to breathe the fresh air of freedom, at the dawn of every day, it's the American way.)
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To: Godzilla

Glad to help out any way I can.

3,158 posted on 10/04/2004 10:01:52 PM PDT by TheLion
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To: Oorang

He needs to be caught now.

3,159 posted on 10/04/2004 10:03:46 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: jerseygirl
Came across this article in the Tehran Times - opinion?

Israelis assisting coalition troops?

3,160 posted on 10/04/2004 10:30:29 PM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: Godzilla

Another awesome summarization - need a virtual highlighter to let me know where I left off so I can come back and reread portions of it. Nice breakdown of individual countries and/or geographic areas!

3,161 posted on 10/04/2004 10:39:24 PM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: Donna Lee Nardo
Donna Lee, I read a book a few years back (unable to recall name of it) placing blame for initial cases with cannibals ritualistic funeral feasts. Hard to believe that what with wild game animals contracting it and hunters taking their prized meat home without a clue they may be infecting their families and friends these days. A recent TV news story in my area had a resort owners who wanted the meat of a road killed moose that was several hours old. its enough to suppress my desire for meat for a while (but not too long, not at any resort, and not moosemeat).

Canadian view of game animals and CWD

CWD for all you hunters out there

Info on CJD in the UK

3,162 posted on 10/04/2004 11:02:34 PM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: Oorang; Cindy

Cindy's post on deportation of gang members in Charlotte was a very positive bit of news. Enforcement of existing laws makes a dramatic difference in our everyday personal safety. The laws exist and need to be uniformly enforced everywhere in this country, not just Charlotte!

3,163 posted on 10/04/2004 11:07:09 PM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: nwctwx
Perhaps Noor, as a woman of privilege with an international presence, was spared some restrictions. But she never seems to chafe at cultural differences.

Noor would not have chafed at cultural differences. Her father was the son of a Syrian-Lebanese father, and an American mother. Lisa was not far removed from the Muslim world.


3,164 posted on 10/04/2004 11:25:13 PM PDT by texasbluebell
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To: All

ON THE NET... adm.3gp
#37 adm.3gp

3,165 posted on 10/05/2004 12:00:30 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

"Al-Sadr militia pumping up with drugs"

By Sharon Behn

    ARTICLE SNIPPET: "An Iraqi engineer, incredulous at reports of drugs being bought and sold by the militia inside Sadr City mosques, sent a member of his staff to purchase a sample.
    "She brought me capsules filled with powder — heroin — that they are selling everywhere in Baghdad and financing their fight from this trade," said the engineer, who asked that his name not be used.
    He said the heroin was entering the capital through the southern Iraqi cities of Amara and Basra — both Mahdi militia strongholds — from Iran.
    U.S. military reports also have said that members of Sheik al-Sadr's Mahdi's Army are using a local drug similar to the mildly euphoric stimulant known as khat, which is widely used across the Arabian Peninsula.
    "Reports are that a large percentage, maybe as high as 85 percent of [Mahdi's Army] fighters are using a hallucinogenic drug, Arteen, to provide courage during their attacks," according to one document focusing on the security situation in southern Iraq.
    The document said the drug made the typically black-clad fighters feel bolder and less fearful. It also "makes them less predictable and looking for fights," it warned."

3,166 posted on 10/05/2004 12:47:59 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All



3,167 posted on 10/05/2004 12:48:49 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

ASSIST News Service (ANS) - PO Box 2126, Garden Grove, CA 92842-2126 USA
E-mail:, Web Site:

Monday, October 4, 2004

Open Doors Plans Spiritual, Physical Support For Christians

Jerry Dykstra, Media Relations Director
Phone: 616-915-4117

SANTA ANA, CA  (ANS) -- Nigeria is at the forefront of the bloody conflict between Islam and Christianity in Africa.

Muslim militants want to impose sharia law (strict Islamic law and jurisprudence) upon everyone - including Christians. Already 12 Nigerian states have implemented sharia law. The militants want to turn Nigeria into a Muslim nation.

Up to 1,500 Christians have perished so far this year - including 10 pastors - in Muslim-Christian clashes. At least 1,000 women are now widows. And more than 9,000 children have lost their parents.

Compass Direct reported this week that an Islamic militant group that has been terrorizing non-Muslim communities in northern Nigeria since the beginning of the year struck again on Sept. 20. They burned down villages, killed four policemen and kidnapped seven Christians. Other raids on Christian villages resulted in death and destruction.

The nation is home to 130 million people, making it the most populous country in Africa. With an average family size of six, the population continues to grow rapidly. Nigeria is 49 percent Christian and 45 percent Muslim with Muslims dominating the north and Christians the south.

Open Doors, an international ministry to persecuted Christians, is committed to helping Christians in Nigeria and in other African countries such as Sudan and Ethiopia where Christians are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Specific plans to help Nigerian Christians include:

Rushing 30,000 Bibles to encourage our brothers and sisters. Many Christians lost their Bibles as they fled in panic from their homes.

Providing support for 1,000 new widows. These brave women are struggling to support their families on their own.

Reaching out to the 9,000 new orphans with trauma counseling. Many of these boys and girls saw their family members brutally killed by machetes. They are deeply traumatized.

Providing food, clothing and other relief aid for widows and orphans. Many are barely surviving in refugee camps.

Helping rebuild churches that have been destroyed.

Visiting our brothers and sisters in person to encourage them under the severe persecution they are facing.

"There are so many needs in Nigeria and the rest of Africa that have to be addressed," says Open Doors USA President Dr. Carl Moeller. "And Open Doors and the Body of Christ - the church - have an opportunity to respond in the name of Jesus. Pray for our struggling brothers and sisters. And join us in helping to support them with Bibles and spiritual encouragement while also addressing their emotional and physical needs."

An estimated 200 million Christians worldwide suffer interrogation, arrest and even death for their faith in Christ, with another 200 to 400 million facing discrimination and alienation. Open Doors serves and strengthens the Persecuted Church in the world's most difficult areas through Bible and Christian literature distribution, leadership training and assistance, Christian community development and prayer and presence ministry. To partner with Open Doors, call toll free at 888-5-BIBLE-5 (524-2535) or go to our USA web site at  To request a complimentary six-month subscription to our monthly newsletter Frontline Faith, call 888-5-BIBLE-5 or register on-line.

(If you would like to schedule an interview on this press release, please contact Jerry Dykstra at 616-915-4117)

Jerry Dykstra
Media Relations Coordinator
Open Doors with Brother Andrew
Telephone: 616-915-4117
Fax: 616-667-8696
** You may republish this story with proper attribution.

3,168 posted on 10/05/2004 1:01:09 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: Selene
10/12/02 Bali

Indeed, thank you.

10/12/2000 = USS Cole bombing

10/12/2002 = Bali bombing

3,169 posted on 10/05/2004 5:02:20 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Cindy

Courage in a capsule, how nice.

3,170 posted on 10/05/2004 5:10:09 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: All; nwctwx; grizzfan; nw_arizona_granny; Calpernia; StillProud2BeFree; Godzilla; Cindy

Jihadi board translation, courtesy Neosgirl at TB2K:

The jihad battalions unite for bringing the unbelievers
In a time that confirms in it officials Araqionn and Americans launched offensive operations on the gunmen in the disturbed cities from now and till the end of the year for their dismissal from it, ten armed groups declared its unity in a command that carries the name of the unified command of the militants who directed the warning of its period a week ends next Saturday it demands the withdrawal of the American forces from the surroundings of the targeted cities and with its reverse then that it will carry out armed operations complete to closure of the borders of the western Iraq and the northern one and the destruction of oil pipelines and bridges and the railways lines and the prevention of the trucks entrance to Iraq .

And she pointed the command in a statement Elaph got it today that the ten platoon commanders held a meeting for them a middle last month on Iraq land and declared the emanation of a unified command under the name of the unified command to the militants who chose by its role a council for the consultation that were devoted him in front of Allah that rose on the continuation in the jihad for the sake of Allah for the dismissal of the unbelieving occupiers .. And who supported them from the customers and the spies and the traitors as she described .

And said the families that united she : the Islamic Jihad army, the bandages of Iraq people, the national front for the liberation of Iraq, the secret Iraqi army, the truth battalions, the army of the triumphant sect, the Iraqi Islamic Resistance, Iraq, the Iraqi resistance then the Islamic Resistance blackened in Diala .
And the command in another statement called to it the Iraqi government to the work for the withdrawal of the American forces from the surroundings of the Iraqi cities and the non incursion in it and specially Al-Faloga and Najaf and Samarra and Al-Latifiya and Sadr City and Tlafr and So'eda 's village in the post during the period from the third to the ninth from current month and in a state of the non execution that, its gunmen will carry out the giving in the generality of Iraq .

And she added that hitting the gunmen will include the destruction of oil pipelines and gas and their exportation in all of the governorate and the destruction of the railways and the main roads bridges in addition to the blockage of the borders with Syria and Jordan and Turkey and the prevention of the goods entrance from and to Iraq and these countries carried the responsibility of their citizens safety at the entrance and the exit and the safety of the load cars and their drivers .

And while the statement text follows :
Bsm Allah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem
The unified command to the militants

To / interim Iraqi government

Due to your presence now in the front of the Iraqi politics and for your declared seeking in the stability of the security and the preservation of the life of the Iraqi citizens and especially in the cities with the jihad efficiency and for proving your continuous declaration that you are the decision makers in Iraq and for the avoidance of the continuous collision with the American forces inside the cities and its prevention from a sabotage and the destruction of the citizens properties and for our severe care on the life of the civilians and the general and special properties we demand you the withdrawal of the American forces from the surroundings of the Iraqi cities now and the non incursion in it especially Al-Faloga cities and Najaf and Samarra and Al-Latifiya and Sadr City and Tlafr and So'eda 's village in the post during the period from 3 - 10 - 2004 is to a purpose of 9 - 10 - 2004 and in a state of the non execution that then we will carry out hitting the interests Alamirika all over the country and that includes :
1 . The destruction of the exportation pipelines of oil and the gas in all of the governorate .
2 . The destruction of the railways and the main roads bridges .
3 . Pieces of the borders with Jordan and Turkey and Syria and the prevention of the goods entrance from and to Iraq except what concerns the foodstuffs that for them a relation by the ration card .
4 . We load Jordan governments and Turkey and Syria the safety of their citizens in the entrance and the exit from and to Iraq and also the safety of the load cars and their drivers .
5 . We load all responsibilities interim Iraqi government in a state of the non response from the American side .

3,171 posted on 10/05/2004 5:58:12 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: LayoutGuru2; Cindy; StillProud2BeFree; nw_arizona_granny; Calpernia

Thanks to Neosgirl at TB2K:

3,172 posted on 10/05/2004 6:04:55 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: All

From the jihadi boards:
Seems they've caught wind of the old idea around dipping bullets in pigs blood so that the militants when killed cannot go to heaven. They can't even seem to write the word pig it's replaced by ******

Mghms bullets by a blood the * * * * * for the killing of the Iraqis ¿ !!!Until he does not consider a martyr and does not enter the paradise
One of the Americans wrote in one of the forums by the English language and according to its friend the soldier who participates in the military operations in Iraq, is that there are a number of the soldiers carrying out the immersion of their bullet by a blood the * * * * * before the firing on the Iraqis .

And that one that what it wrote was written under the name of Richard says : it informed me my friend who serve in one of Baghdad regions, that it that an idea occurred to immersed the bullets by a blood the * * * * * after he heard that it if the pollution of the blood of the murdered Muslim by a blood the * * * * *, it does not consider a martyr and it does not enter the paradise and gets the eye beauty women .

And Richard followed up his saying of my friend and a number of the soldiers of his group they swore that they did not allow to the terrorists that they enjoy their life, then therefore they carried out bringing one of the * * * * * * and he slaughtered her and carried out putting her blood in a vessel and were they before the rushing to any military operation they immerse their shots by a blood the * * * * * and repeat her stuffing in their rifles .

The strange in the matter, and as Richard says, believed that no one will care for what she wrote, but I was surprised with the presence of a many of the encouraging responses to such idea . One of the responses from a person that named himself John wrote what follows : a wonderful idea, believe that it its generalization is necessary for all of the soldiers in Iraq, I am on a complete confidence that it if they carried out the killing of the terrorists by dipped bullets by a blood the * * * * *, the terrorists will think a thousand times before the confrontation of the American soldiers . And John believes that the resistance works will stop .

And in a context that immersed the weapons bullets by a blood the * * * * * it's worth mentioning that one of the extremist Americans carried out the distribution of a copybook around the way of the interaction with the Muslim fighters and from within them it immersed the bullets by a blood the * * * * * for the deterrence of the fighters from the fight of the American soldiers .

It is mentioned that the Israeli settlers carried out also use also the * * * * * for the deterrence of the Palestinian resistance where they carried out and in a number of the states with strong putting the * * * * * on the body of the Palestinian martyrs for the prevention of their consideration martyrs .

And the question that no escape from it : do believes the Americans like this devilish way that it will deter the Iraqi resistance it occurred to the expulsion of the occupation ¿ ...( the gate )
With a handling

3,173 posted on 10/05/2004 6:11:00 AM PDT by Velveeta (Thanks Neosgirl!)
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To: Velveeta
Jihadi board translation, courtesy Neosgirl at TB2K:

I found an article yesterday discussing the merger of non-zarqwai Iraq terrorist into a single 'combined' force to counter the non-Iraqi AQ threat to start a civil war. I'll dig it up on my other computer later today. This translation seems to jib with that report since it is announcing a joint command.

3,174 posted on 10/05/2004 6:15:21 AM PDT by Godzilla (I Freep, therefore I am)
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To: Godzilla

That'd be great, thanks.

3,175 posted on 10/05/2004 6:18:56 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Cindy; LayoutGuru2; StillProud2BeFree

Videos (from It's Happening site, by "Al-Qaeda Hunter")

I have not checked the links as I leave that to you pros who know how to protect your computers. Vel :-)


The loading of the tape of the application of the legal judgment
In the betraying Egyptian spy

Press by the right button to the mouse and SAVE TARGET AS chose

The second part

A tape about sheikh Ubay Mus'ab Alzrqawy 's life story that Allah kept

A network I assigned to the Islamic dialogue The Islamic forum Why Talban moved it a new ( a video )

3,176 posted on 10/05/2004 6:32:45 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Rutles4Ever; All

Israelis force down Lufthansa jet (cross post)
Posted on 10/05/2004 8:37:20 AM CDT by Rutles4Ever

3,177 posted on 10/05/2004 6:46:39 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: All; Calpernia; nw_arizona_granny; StillProud2BeFree; Donna Lee Nardo

From poster NYer at IH forum

Coalition Troops From Holland Threatened?

Saw this in the Hammorabi blog ...

Serious and Dangerous

The way that the matters move in Iraq indicates that the terrorists have penetrated well the system of not only the interim Iraqi government but the coalition forces as well.

The Dutch troops have received many threats to kill them up to the top level in the forces inside Holland. Some of these threats came as telephone calls to their private phones or as messages inside their mobile phones or to their emails.
The sources of these calls are not only from inside Iraq but from Germany and Holland itself. It threatened to kill their relatives as well.

This is very serious and dangerous condition. The nature of the recent attacks in Iraq point out to the same thing about the existence of strong intelligence and spies for the terrorists inside various systems.

Holland is investigating the nature and sources of these threats. They believe it came from pro-terrorists radicals in Europe.

3,178 posted on 10/05/2004 7:06:32 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Velveeta

Our pig's blood recommendation may do the job!!!!!!

3,179 posted on 10/05/2004 7:12:31 AM PDT by tmp02
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To: tmp02

Isn't that great? LOL. We're on the right track.

3,180 posted on 10/05/2004 7:16:55 AM PDT by Velveeta (This post has been dipped in pig's blood.)
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To: Velveeta

You know, if every tag line here on TM at "pig" in it, we may scare away the jihadist from this thread. Do you mind if I copy your tag line?

3,181 posted on 10/05/2004 7:31:16 AM PDT by tmp02
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To: Velveeta

Lufthansa Plane Bound for Tel Aviv Diverted after Bomb Threat

Source: Associated Press | 9:30:46 AM EST

JERUSALEM -- A Lufthansa passenger plane en route to Tel Aviv was diverted to Cyprus on Tuesday, escorted by Israeli war planes, after the airline received a bomb threat, officials said.

The threat was received in a phone call to the airline's Frankfurt, Germany office. The Israeli spokesman for Lufthansa, Yitzhak Zaroni, said the caller spoke with an Arabic accent.

"When the plane was in the air, there was a telepone call in Germany that said there was an explosive device on the plane," Zaroni told Israel TV's Channel 10.

After consulting with Israeli authorities, the airline decided to divert the plane in Larnaca, Cyprus, instead of letting it continue to Tel Aviv. The plane, a Boeing 747, had 331 passengers on board, Zaroni said.

The plane was being searched in Larnaca.

3,182 posted on 10/05/2004 7:31:31 AM PDT by 4thygipper
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To: Velveeta

I think you may have started something with your PIG tag line.

3,183 posted on 10/05/2004 7:32:10 AM PDT by tmp02
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To: tmp02

LOL, I don't mind at all.

(except let's move the apostrophe so we include all pigs)
(Is that grammatically correct?)

3,184 posted on 10/05/2004 7:37:58 AM PDT by Velveeta (This post has been dipped in pigs' blood.)
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To: Velveeta

How a bout:

"Don't come to the US. We too are dipping our bullets in pig's blood"

PS. Our way to fight terrorism at home!

3,185 posted on 10/05/2004 7:41:30 AM PDT by tmp02 (Don't come to the US. We too are dipping our bullets in pig's blood)
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To: tmp02

...not just our bullets in PIG's blood, but our bombs as well...

3,186 posted on 10/05/2004 7:44:00 AM PDT by tmp02 (Don't come to the US. We too are dipping our bullets in pig's blood)
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To: 4thygipper

Too many threats to planes in the last few days...

3,187 posted on 10/05/2004 7:47:52 AM PDT by Velveeta (This post has been dipped in pigs' blood.)
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To: tmp02

Most excellent idea.

The possibilities are endless.

"All your pig's blood are belong to us." LOL

3,188 posted on 10/05/2004 7:50:47 AM PDT by Velveeta (This post has been dipped in pigs' blood.)
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To: All

Pakistan agrees on a 10-day ceasefire with Al-Qaeda

3,189 posted on 10/05/2004 8:04:57 AM PDT by Velveeta (This post has been dipped in pigs' blood.)
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To: Velveeta

And the newtwork news is where?

3,190 posted on 10/05/2004 8:05:03 AM PDT by 4thygipper
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To: Godzilla
Re #3155

Excellent info 'zillia. Thanks much for the research and making this info available to us.
3,191 posted on 10/05/2004 8:28:02 AM PDT by appalachian_dweller (Threat Level: HIGH -- For a basic list of survival gear go to my FR Homepage.)
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To: 4thygipper
And the newtwork news is where?

Anywhere but....there.

3,192 posted on 10/05/2004 8:40:47 AM PDT by Velveeta (This post has been dipped in pigs' blood.)
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To: judicial meanz

That was a solid article by Marzullo. I think the "decade" timeframe is wishful thinking. Iran can pose internationally as a slave to M.A.D. and attack us by proxy via Hezbollah.

3,193 posted on 10/05/2004 8:41:57 AM PDT by Rutles4Ever ("...upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.")
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To: Rutles4Ever

BREAKING NEWS: Shots fired into Knox Bush/Cheney headquarters
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An unknown suspect fired several shots into the Bearden office of the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign Tuesday morning.

The headquarters are located at 4618 Kingston Pike, next to Noveau Classics and in the same shopping plaza as Long's Drugstore.

According to Knoxville Police Department officers on the scene Tuesday, it is believed that the two separate shots were fired from a car sometime between 6:30 am and 7:15 am. One shot shattered the glass in the front door and the other cracked the glass in another of the front doors.

There were no witnesses to the shooting. A customer at a nearby dry cleaning store noticed that shattered glass on the sidewalk in front of the headquarters and called police.

Volunteers and staffers at the campaign office say they have no clues as to who might have committed the crime. However, they add that the shooting makes them even more enthusiastic and energized about working for their candidates.

"If I have to sleep here (at the campaign office) now, that's what I'll do," says volunteer Suzanne Dewar.

In an unexpected twist, a bank directly across the street from the headquarters was robbed just as KPD officers were busy investigating at the scene of the shooting.

3,194 posted on 10/05/2004 8:54:31 AM PDT by 4thygipper
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To: 4thygipper

I must say that the group here on TM is a nice bunch of folk. BUMP to all of you here for playing nice.

I posted this story on the breaking thread and made a mistake on the headline. It was my first time posting there - everyone jumped on me. Yikes! Thats the last time I post to breaking.

3,195 posted on 10/05/2004 9:07:19 AM PDT by 4thygipper
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To: 4thygipper

The date 10-12 was thrown out there by the Pentagon of all places to be the next 9/11 on here last week

3,196 posted on 10/05/2004 9:19:31 AM PDT by JustPiper (Behind every Freeper, will be yet another Freeper)
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To: 4thygipper

Chairman Poses Question to Counterterror Experts
{{Columbus Day the Day America was discovered}}

By Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 27, 2004 -- As the United States continues the global war on terrorism, the question officials should ask is, "Are we being as bold and innovative as we need to be?"

Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, posed the question to officials attending a counterterrorism conference here recently. {{{"I don't want to ask that question after what we are now calling 10/12 -- the next 9/11," he said. "The time to ask the question is now."}}}

Myers quoted Dallas Cowboys football coach Bill Parcells, who said, "Success is never final, but failure can be." That saying resonates for counterterrorism professionals, Myers said. "All of us have to be right a million times a day, but the terrorist threat that we confront only has to be (right) once," he said.

Myers said there have been notable successes in the war on terrorism. Since Sept. 11, 2001, the United States and its allies have killed or captured more than 30 senior leaders in al Qaeda. The coalition against terror also has foiled many terrorist plots. "That is significant, but that is not the end of the threat, and that is not the only threat that is out there," he said.

And the threat itself has changed. Myers said al Qaeda "morphed" as it began being hurt badly by the pressure on it. He said the terrorist threat is less centralized than before, the network is looser, and intelligence professionals talk about "al Qaeda-associated groups" more than the organization itself.

However, the target of the threat has not changed. "We read the intel every day and see that the United States of America is still a prime target for an attack," the general said. "And the threat is as intense as ever."

The U.S. government and its international partners need to break old paradigms to confront the new threats. Myers said the United States should determine if its forces are structured correctly around the world to confront extremists. A regional approach might be more appropriate to the threat than a country-by- country approach.

"The old way of doing business goes a long way back," he said. "The world changed, and it requires a different perspective. How you deal with threats that don't respect any national borders is a real issue."

Another issue is communications. Myers said the government must continue to communicate the nature of the threat to the American people or to international partners. "This type of threat -- extremism that uses terrorism to create fear -- is probably a greater danger to our nation and our friends and allies than anything previous," he said. "They can exploit cracks and crevices and, through fear, take the underpinnings of this society and cause us to not be logical in the way we approach problems."

Myers reminded the counterterrorism specialists that the country has accomplished much and that much is still expected of them. "It's only if we quit that we'll lose," he said. "That's the only way that we can be defeated. We have to remind ourselves of that."

3,197 posted on 10/05/2004 9:21:39 AM PDT by JustPiper (Behind every Freeper, will be yet another Freeper)
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To: BurbankKarl

Thank you for the FYI!

3,198 posted on 10/05/2004 9:22:52 AM PDT by JustPiper (Behind every Freeper, will be yet another Freeper)
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To: JustPiper

Thanks. But didn't we have trouble figuring out the context of that quote?

3,199 posted on 10/05/2004 9:22:59 AM PDT by 4thygipper
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To: TheLion

3,200 posted on 10/05/2004 9:25:57 AM PDT by JustPiper (Behind every Freeper, will be yet another Freeper)
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