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What Will John Kerry Do In The War?
rammansopinion, Trucknet ^ | 3 OCT 04 | Ramman

Posted on 10/03/2004 2:47:14 PM PDT by Ramman

During the debate on foriegn policy, Sn. John Kerry said of going into Iraq, "We had Saddam Hussein trapped."

And in a speech at New York University, New York, NY, September 20, 2004:

"I would have tightened the noose and continued to pressure and isolate Saddam Hussein--who was weak and getting weaker-- so that he would pose no threat to the region or America."

Yet, in a speech before the Committee on Armed Services and Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S. Senate, Joint Hearing, September 3, 1998, Kerry Expressed Opposition to ``Policy of Containment:''

"So we've got a major set of choices to make here. And we'd better make them. We've been sliding into a fundamental policy of containment, which I share with Major Ritter the notion is disastrous to our overall proliferation interests and disastrous with respect to the Middle East and our interests with respect to Saddam Hussein and Iraq. But we have to make a decision whether we're prepared to do what is necessary, and I mean to the point of a sustained targeting of the regime; not the Iraqi people, but the regime."

Clearly Sn. Kerry did not wish to contain Saddam, but wanted him destroyed. he intoned that we had to do what was necessary to eliminate Saddam from his position as he was a danger to the world. Is this not what President Bush has done?

In the debate, reffering to President Bush, John Kerry said, "He also promised America that he would go to war as a last resort."

But what war? Is this even a war in Kerry's mind? In his speech at New York University in 20 SEP 04, he certainly seems to think so.

". . . the events of September 11 reminded every American of that obligation. That day brought to our shores the defining struggle of our times: the struggle between freedom and radical fundamentalism. And it made clear that our most important task is to fight . . . and to win . . . the war on terrorism."

However, on 6 MAR 04, in the New York Times, Kerry said,

"The final victory in the war on terror depends on a victory in the war of ideas, much more than the war on the battlefield. And the war--not the war, I don't want to use that terminology. The engagement of economies, the economic transformation, the transformation to modernity of a whole bunch of countries that have been avoiding the future."

In the debate, the President said,

"My opponent looked at the same intelligence I looked at and declared in 2002 that Saddam Hussein was a grave threat.

He also said in December of 2003 that anyone who doubts that the world is safer without Saddam Hussein does not have the judgment to be president."

I agree with him. The world is better off without Saddam Hussein."

From John Kerry,

"And Iraq is not even the center of the focus of the war on terror..."

And from the New York University speech:

". . . Iraq was a profound diversion from that war and the battle against our greatest enemy, Osama bin Laden and the terrorists. Invading Iraq has created a crisis of historic proportions and, if we do not change course, there is the prospect of a war with no end in sight."

Yet, on 15 DEC 03, John Kerry told Fox News Special Report,

"Iraq ``Is Critical'' To Success of War on Terror: Iraq may not be the war on terror itself, but it is critical to the outcome of the war on terror. And therefore any advance in Iraq is an advance forward in that."

Again from the speech to New York University, Kerry told us,

"Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator who deserves his own special place in hell. But that was not, in itself, a reason to go to war."

Senator John Kerry, in the Speech to the 2002 DLC National Conversation, New York, NY, July 29, 2002, Kerry originally Agreed With removing Saddam Hussein:

"I agree completely with this Administration's goal of a regime change in Iraq--Saddam Hussein is a renegade and outlaw who turned his back on the tough conditions of his surrender put in place by the United Nations in 1991."

John Kerry told MSNBC's ``Hardball,'' October 10, 2002, Kerry Cited Saddam's ``Breach of International Values'' as Cause for War.

"I believe the record of Saddam Hussein's ruthless, reckless breach of international values and standards of behavior is cause enough for the world community to hold him accountable by use of force if necessary."

Back at the University of New York, Kerry tells us,

"We now know that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and posed no imminent threat to our security."

In the Los Angeles Times, January 31, 2003,

"If you don't believe . . . Saddam Hussein is a threat with nuclear weapons, then you shouldn't vote for me.''

And on CNN's ``Inside Politics,'' August 9, 2004, Kerry told us:

"Yes, I would have voted for the authority. I believe it's the right authority for a president to have. But I would have used that authority as I have said throughout this campaign, effectively. I would have done this very differently from the way President Bush has."

"Effectively?" And what would this be?

John Kerry told us on CNN's ``Larry King Live,'' December 14, 2001, that the war on terror does not end with Afghanistan and that we need to continue pressure on Saddam Hussien:

"I think we clearly have to keep the pressure on terrorism globally. This doesn't end with Afghanistan by any imagination. And I think the president has made that clear. I think we have made that clear. Terrorism is a global menace. It's a scourge. And it is absolutely vital that we continue, for instance, Saddam Hussein."

But in the debate, Kerry told us that whatever plan we had, would have to pass a, Global Test!" Kerry mentioned that we would have to go to the UN and that we would have to build a coalition and utilize their resources to win the war. Basically we have to have global support to accomplish anything.

Yet, Kerry dissed the existing coalition and attacked the Iraqi prime Minister just 30 minutes after he made a speech before the joint session of Congress, a speech the Sn. did not see fit to attend. But this is not the first time Kerry has questioned the existance or possibility of support, even from those he claims as his personal supporters and allies.

On 19 SEP 04 in the New York Daily News, a French official told us that, "If Kerry is elected, we wouldn't send troops either," the unnamed official told the New York Daily News. "We don't need any more targets in Iraq."

In a New York Post article on 29 SEP 04, the French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin is quoted as saying, "The Iraqi insurgents are our best allies."

John Kerry knew this. On 12 NOV 97, Kerry told CNN's Crossfire:

"So clearly the allies may not like it, and I think that's our great concern--where's the backbone of Russia, where's the backbone of France, where are they in expressing their condemnation of such clearly illegal activity, but in a sense, they're now climbing into a box and they will have enormous difficulty not following up on this if there is not compliance by Iraq."

Kerry continued:

"But it's not the first time France has been very difficult, as the congressman said. I think a lot of us are very disappointed that the French haven't joined us in a number of other efforts with respect to China, with respect to other issues in Asia and elsewhere and also in Europe."

On 22 MAY 02, Kerry told Bill O'Reily:

" So I think it's a more confused bag than just Iraq, but I think they're wrong on Iraq. I mean, plain and simply, the United States will have to do what we need to do, and our best judgment to protect our national security. And quite frankly, if we do what we need to do, it will also wind up protecting Europe.''

But of course, as the Prsident reminded us during the debate, on more than one occasion Kerry told us that this is the wrong war at the wrong time in the wrong place!

So, where does John Kerry stand on the war? What will he do differently? How will he protects the country? I still do not know! I guess it all depends on who he is talking to, when he is saying it and what point he wishes to drive home at the time he is doing it. The President is right when he told us at the debate,

"He said I misled on Iraq. I don't think he was misleading when he called Iraq a grave threat in the fall of 2002.

I don't think he was misleading when he said that it was right to disarm Iraq in the spring of 2003.

I don't think he misled you when he said that, you know, anyone who doubted whether the world was better off without Saddam Hussein in power didn't have the judgment to be president. I don't think he was misleading.

I think what is misleading is to say you can lead and succeed in Iraq if you keep changing your positions on this war. And he has. As the politics change, his positions change. And that's not how a commander in chief acts."

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21 posted on 10/03/2004 9:45:25 PM PDT by devolve ( -HEINZ-KERRY - LIFESTYLES Of The RICH & FLAMING! - --)
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To: Smartass
Yikes! Thank goodness we'll never see that pic (him in the Oval Oriface) .....

22 posted on 10/04/2004 1:48:39 AM PDT by MeekOneGOP (There is only one GOOD 'RAT: one that has been voted OUT of POWER !! Straight ticket GOP!)
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To: devolve

23 posted on 10/04/2004 1:49:07 AM PDT by MeekOneGOP (There is only one GOOD 'RAT: one that has been voted OUT of POWER !! Straight ticket GOP!)
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To: PhilDragoo

24 posted on 10/04/2004 3:06:20 AM PDT by MeekOneGOP (There is only one GOOD 'RAT: one that has been voted OUT of POWER !! Straight ticket GOP!)
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub


25 posted on 10/04/2004 3:58:13 AM PDT by E.G.C.
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To: Smartass

What Will John Kerry Do In The War?

Dr. Corsi (Unfit for Command) To Reveal Democrats Connection to The Terror Masters of Iran!
Student Movement Coordinating Committee For Democracy In Iran ^ | 10.4.2004 | DoctorZin
Posted on 10/04/2004 12:00:58 AM CDT by DoctorZIn

Reply #16
Money trail behind
Kerry's Iran stance
Candidate has financial ties to backers of mullah regime

Posted: October 3, 2004
10:25 p.m. Eastern

© 2004

WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kerry's call for providing Iran with the nuclear fuel it seeks, even while the regime is believed to be only months away from developing nuclear weapons, is being linked to his campaign contributions from backers of the mullah government in Tehran.

During last Thursday's nationally televised debate between the Democratic presidential candidate and President Bush, Kerry insisted as president he would provide Tehran with the nuclear fuel it wants for a pledge to use it for peaceful purposes only.

"I think the United States should have offered the opportunity to provide the nuclear fuel, test them, see whether or not they were actually looking for it for peaceful purposes," Kerry said in a critique of the Bush administration's handling of Tehran's nuclear program, which the Iranians claim is only for civilian purposes.

The comments came in response to a question about whether diplomacy and sanctions can resolve the "nuclear problems" with North Korea and Iran.

"If they weren't willing to work a deal, then we could have put sanctions together," Kerry said of Tehran. "The president did nothing."

Among Kerry's top fund-raisers are three Iranian-Americans who have been pushing for dramatic changes in U.S. policy toward the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Most prominent among them is Hassan Nemazee, 54, an investment banker based in New York. Nominated to become U.S. ambassador to Argentina by President Clinton in 1999, Nemazee eventually withdrew his nomination after a former partner raised allegations of business improprieties, WND previously reported.

Nemazee was a major Clinton donor, giving $80,000 to the Democratic National Committee during the 1996 election cycle and attending at least one of the famous White House fund-raising coffees.

In 2001, at the invitation of Mobil Oil Chairman Lucio Noto, whom he counts as a "personal friend," Nemazee joined the board of the American-Iranian Council, a U.S. lobbying group that consistently has supported lifting U.S. sanctions on Iran and accommodating the Tehran regime.

The Kerry camp has identified Nemazee as having raised more than $100,000 for the senator's campaign, WND reported last spring.

A Nemazee friend in Silicon Valley, Faraj Aalaei, has raised between $50,000 and $100,000 for the Kerry campaign. Aalaei has worked in the telecommunications industry for 22 years and is the chief executive officer of Centillium Communications, a publicly traded company.

Last year, Aalaei married a 35-year-old recent immigrant from Iran named Susan Akbarpour, whom the Kerry campaign also lists as having raised between $50,000 and $100,000 for the campaign.

In just six years since coming to the United States on a tourist visa from Iran, Akbarpour has started a newspaper, a magazine and, most recently, a trade association whose goal is to get sanctions lifted and promote U.S. business and investment in Iran.

Most odd about the support from Akbarpour, writes Kenneth Timmerman in this month's issue of the American Spectator, is that she claimed political asylum from the Iranian regime when she came to this country.

Meanwhile, Kerry has embraced the entire political agenda of Akbarpour and other wealthy Iranian-Americans embracing Tehran. Those positions include:

ending the fingerprinting of Iranian visitors to the U.S.;

expanding "family reunion" visas to allow extended family members of Iranians living in the U.S. to immigrate here legally and in large numbers;

offering a "dialogue" with the hard-line, terrorist-supporting clerics in Tehran;

help Iran join the World Trade Organization.
The stunning remarks by Kerry were initially reported only by WorldNetDaily, and some analysts suggested the statements were misunderstood, taken out of context or simply a verbal gaffe by the candidate.

However, the same policy of accommodation toward Iran's nuclear aspirations is clearly outlined on Kerry's campaign website as well.

Under the heading "Prevent Iran From Developing Nuclear Weapons," the Kerry campaign makes the same point emphatically – that the U.S. should still give or sell the nuclear fuel Iran wants in exchange for a promise not to build nuclear weapons.

"A nuclear armed Iran is an unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States and our allies in the region," the campaign policy statement reads. "While we have been preoccupied in Iraq, Iran has reportedly been moving ahead with its nuclear program. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and leave the negotiations to the Europeans. It is critical that we work with our allies to resolve these issues and lead a global effort to prevent Iran from obtaining the technology necessary to build nuclear weapons. Iran claims that its nuclear program is only to meet its domestic energy needs. John Kerry's proposal would call their bluff by organizing a group of states to offer Iran the nuclear fuel they need for peaceful purposes and take back the spent fuel so they cannot divert it to build a weapon. If Iran does not accept this offer, their true motivations will be clear. Under the current circumstances, John Kerry believes we should support the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) efforts to discern the full extent of Iran's nuclear program, while pushing Iran to agree to a verifiable and permanent suspension of its enrichment and reprocessing programs. If this process fails, we must lead the effort to ensure that the IAEA takes this issue to the Security Council for action."

However, according to the latest intelligence reports, Iran has decided at the highest levels of government to build its nuclear weapons program within the next four months. Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has urged his country's weapons developers to step up work on making a nuclear bomb, a U.S. official said, according to Geostrategy-Direct, the global intelligence news service.

Citing an authoritative source in the Iranian exile community, the official said Khamenei met recently with senior government and military leaders regarding the nuclear weapons program.

Khamenei told the gathering, "We must have two bombs ready to go in January or you are not Muslims," the official said.

Tehran has said the recent International Atomic Energy Agency resolution calling on Iran to halt uranium enrichment could lead to the country's withdrawal from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Officials of the Kerry campaign were unavailable this weekend.

In addition to the nuclear weapons threat, Iran test-fired a Shihab-3 medium-range ballistic missile, capable of reaching Israel, Sept. 18 and also in August. The missile is reportedly capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

During the debate, Bush said he wants to continue to work with the foreign ministers of France, Germany and Great Britain to "convince the Iranian mullahs to abandon their nuclear ambitions."

Responding to Kerry, Bush noted the U.S. already has sanctioned Iran.

"We can't sanction them any more," he said. "There are sanctions in place on Iran."

Israel has said it wants to await the outcome of international pressure on Iran before it considers a pre-emptive military strike on reactors as it did in 1981 in Iraq.

At another point in the debate, Kerry also said he wants to end research on bunker-busting tactical nuclear weapons, which presumably could take out an Iranian reactor if his sanctions are ineffective.

Kerry said it "doesn't make sense" for Bush to be pursuing a new set of nuclear weapons when the U.S. is trying to tell countries, such as North Korea, to disarm.

"You talk about mixed messages," he said. "We're telling other people, 'You can't have nuclear weapons, but we're pursuing a new nuclear weapon that we might even contemplate using.'"

"Not this president," Kerry said. "I'm going to shut that program down, and we're going to make it clear to the world we're serious about containing nuclear proliferation."

26 posted on 10/04/2004 5:38:06 AM PDT by Valin (I'll try being nicer if you'll try being smarter.)
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To: Bommer

ROFL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!

27 posted on 10/11/2004 8:58:16 PM PDT by jjames001 (Hillary...? Hitler...? Hitlery...? sKerry is a perfect leader for the DemonRats, fits right in!)
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To: Ramman
That's an easy question..if a nasty nation attacked USA, ole sKerry would PLACE AN EMBARGO ON THAT NATIONS PEPSI-COLA, or maybe if he was in a good mood, on their DIET-PEPSI COLA !!That will teach them a lesson!!
28 posted on 10/11/2004 9:08:20 PM PDT by timestax
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To: Ramman

What will he do in the war ??

He'll be glad he's still got a job as Senator !

29 posted on 10/11/2004 9:12:03 PM PDT by Squantos (Be polite. Be professional. But, have a plan to kill everyone you meet. )
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To: timestax


30 posted on 10/12/2004 7:10:53 AM PDT by timestax
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To: timestax
That's an easy question..if a nasty nation attacked USA, ole sKerry would PLACE AN EMBARGO ON THAT NATIONS PEPSI-COLA, or maybe if he was in a good mood, on their DIET-PEPSI COLA !!That will teach them a lesson!!

If he really wanted them to suffer he would make it Coca Cola.

31 posted on 10/12/2004 12:01:02 PM PDT by Leaping Lizard
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