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Posted on 10/20/2004 10:43:20 AM PDT by CHARLITE

Beware the Elegant Evil of John Kerry Written by Maureen Scott Wednesday, October 20, 2004

When President Bush refers to the "Evil Empire," he needs to add one more entity: The "State of Kerry." Mental state, that is. Just as we fear the irrational people who embrace terrorism, we have to fear the irrational state of Kerry's mind. The main difference between the candidates is that Bush speaks out against evil and fights our enemies in order to defend our country. In contrast, Kerry speaks out against Bush in order to advance his own image. He should take heed in the words of Will Durant, “To speak ill of another is a dishonest way of praising ourselves.”

Kerry has consistently hurt, insulted, twisted, skewed, blamed, called names and even targeted private citizens, staff members, former Vietnam vets, and recently our coalition partners and international dignitaries. He should pay close attention to the time-honored warning: “Honi soit qui mal y pense ('Evil to him who evil thinks'). Kerry has reduced his campaign to a simple, yet nasty, contest between his Socialist beliefs and a more responsible and realistic view of the Presidency and our nation’s foundation as a republic. His 20-year liberal voting record against all of our military, defense and intelligence budgets proves that he has no sense of allegiance to our country.

During this campaign, he has so alienated half the country that even if he became president, he would face a nation he has tried to destroy with his attacks. When he addresses various groups, he feigns concern for the moment because his sole desire is to be liked and popular. He spews forth “policy” statements to satisfy and target special-interest groups, but then abandons them when he is challenged – or when the polls go down! Like a high school adolescent, Kerry wants to be part of all the cliques so he demeans those not there at the moment. Clearly, he never grew up, never left those teenage uncertainties behind him. He tells the country he is “looking out for us," but continually tries to widen the divide by pitting rich against poor and fomenting antagonism among ethnic and racial groups, those with differing sexual preferences, religious groups, etc. No wonder his campaign’s theme is “Two Americas”!

Kerry has always played it safe by avoiding controversy and challenges – i.e. his “do nothing” senatorial record, and his early leave from action in Vietnam. He has rarely stood independently strong; he prefers to stand in the middle. He is afraid of making unpopular decisions, even when they are necessary. As a candidate he has been unable to elaborate on his so-called "plans." He is not a leader. He is a follower.

Kerry has presented only glimpses of some of his ideas, but he always couches or prefaces them with derision of President Bush. He has never uttered an idea of his own without making a comparison that was based on half-truths or campaign spin about the president’s policies. Evidently he ignored his mother’s deathbed words to him: “Integrity, integrity, integrity.”

The most apparent trait Kerry has developed is his well-hewed skill for pointing fingers and finding fault. Does he really think intelligent people will have faith in him just because he says he can "do better" without even being sure what he will do? It is obvious he is not really sure what he will do.

Surely, Kerry’s need to discredit President Bush is founded in his own uncertainties. Like the schoolyard bully with the loud mouth, he takes action only to put others down. He reminds us of the kid no one really liked, but whom we were cautious to oppose because he could callously hurt our feelings by using cutting criticisms. Or the inept boss who never really understood the company but was prepared to blame everyone else for problems that he, himself, failed to resolve.

Psychologists might say it appears he is unstable, has low self-esteem, and is even pathetic in his need to be liked. He hides his insecurity by an outward display of knowledge, a feigned understanding, and staged performances in a field that feeds the needs of his ego. I doubt that he entered politics because he was driven by a desire to do good for others. More likely, his career was molded around his desire to be recognized, seem important, and to emulate the Kennedy image that he has sought so hard to evoke. In the process, he never developed any semblance of authenticity.

Even his “heroic” Vietnam experience is suspect. It seems that, in his heart of hearts, Kerry made the decision to go to Vietnam after college because he (1) was denied a draft deferment and couldn’t imagine serving as an enlisted member, and (2) chose the better of two inevitable options – to serve as an officer. That suited his career objectives and the “imitation of a Kennedy” standard that punctuated all his goals. He had no deep desire to defend his country and inside he knows that. His stint in the military was a ploy for future use and reference. When in battle and faced with the reality of war, he very quickly found a way to get out. He did not stay and fight the fight, like so many thousands of others did who had received far more serious wounds. He abandoned his fellow soldiers and ran back to the comfort and relief of home shores and clean sheets. As a “decorated” soldier he felt he had the credibility to speak out to an audience – even an enemy audience. Today he cynically touts the medals he threw away.

As a senator, Kerry continued his tradition of ineffective leadership by opting for the non-combative sidelines. He is the type of character who chooses only to curse the weather rather than fight the storm. He hides in the safe shelters of non-activity until all the dust has settled and then criticizes the actions of others.

Now, however, he cannot hide. His true persona and record have been exposed. His emotionless, mechanical – albeit temporarily effective – debating skills are just lines from a well-rehearsed skit that momentarily conceal his inner lack of strength and character. In a debate, Kerry covers his insecurities by being "robotic” and memorizing facts well so as to appear secure in his stance. He would do well to remember the words of John F. Kennedy – “If we are strong, our strength will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be of no value.”

With an entourage of drama coaches, Hollywood make-up artists, plastic surgeons, and non-cohesive advisors, Kerry creates a new Kerry every day. More than a “flip-flopper,” we see Kerry as the "Play-dough" candidate. Take him out of the can, shape him one way or another, make him look ‘pretty,’ plug in some words from today's advisor, and put him out there. Then put him back into the can to reshape him tomorrow. He cannot stand long because, in actuality, he only has feet of clay. There is no real heart, no soul that guides him.

Adding Kerry to the “Evil Empire” is logical in this sense: Evil empires take their roots in misguided, self-serving and evil leadership. Let’s remember Saddam: well groomed, clean-shaven, immaculately dressed, obsessed with his appearance, smiling widely, speaking convincingly, feigning empathy for his own people, living lavishly, and conveying a sociopath’s crafty intelligence, absence of genuine feelings and immense sadism.

His only vulnerability, it seemed, was his deep insecurity. Thus he was ready to destroy anyone who opposed him – particularly if they had intellectual or ideological differences. He demoralized the citizenry until they were dependent on earning his "good will." They acquiesced and chose to appear supportively grateful to the government. Saddam’s people could not jeopardize themselves by arousing his anger.

Kerry seeks to make people dependent on the government, as opposed to relying on their own capabilities. When people are told they are part of some “unfortunate group that has to be helped,” they give up, they loose desire to advance, be creative or inventive. It becomes easier to just accept and be thankful. Therefore, they never advance. Fear keeps people dependent; fear gives the leaders control. Inside Saddam there was a seething, rotting, insecure person who ruled by frightening others. He was the epitome of a Pandora’s box. In a psychological comparison, is Kerry much different?

I think it is time for a professional analysis of political candidates’ personalities. In the corporate world, psychological tests are often the norm for positions of authority. During campaigns we consider all other aspects of the people we want to lead us, so why not a psychological evaluation of their mental makeup as well? We are not just dependent on their actions; we are also dependent on what psychological motives direct their actions.

Look into Kerry. What is showing is a very uncertain, self-indulgent, belligerent, Machiavellian man beneath that well-packaged, glamorized facade. To paraphrase an old adage..."We looked for the evil...and the evil was within."

Or maybe George Washington, in his farewell address in 1796, said it best in warning against the likes of a candidate like Kerry: “Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”

About the Writer: Maureen formerly ran a writing service for professionals and was a fundraiser for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. She and her retired-serviceman husband live in Virginia. She also volunteers for the American Red Cross. Maureen receives e-mail at

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After reading this stunning article by Maureen Scott, I strongly suggest that you go to the following website and listen to the most stirring patriotic video that I've heard yet. In my humble opinion, it should be played over and over again during the last 2 days before the election. Caution, it may bring tears to your eyes. Link:
1 posted on 10/20/2004 10:43:21 AM PDT by CHARLITE
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Sadaam and Kerry are physchologically equals ...

2 posted on 10/20/2004 10:49:00 AM PDT by tomnbeverly (Kerry will bring the Big Dig to Washington in the form of Healthcare becasue thats what liberals do)
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Elegant Evil? Elegant??? John Kery is about as elegant as Cindy Lauper, hopped up on crack, performing an uneven-bar excercise.

I apologize. That was unfair to Cindy.

3 posted on 10/20/2004 10:50:37 AM PDT by Shryke
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Nice work Charlite.

Here is what we have to say about the Senator:

4 posted on 10/20/2004 10:58:33 AM PDT by OHJ (Dedicated to exposing the liberal message as wrong for America!)
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To: tomnbeverly
President Bush should read this entire article of Kerry on the Campaign trail. It's the best analysis of Kerry I've seen so far
5 posted on 10/20/2004 10:59:43 AM PDT by MJY1288
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To: Shryke
No, I think she's right. Maybe "elegant" isn't exactly the right word, but this morning, I was thinking to myself that the Demonrats seem to somehow manage to produce Presidential candidates who (to my way of thinking at least) might as well be the human incarnation of Satan. They're all carefully (and expensively) coiffed, manicured, and dressed, and correspondingly, inside they are just as thoroughly evil, all the way to the core.

I think those two characteristics are not combined by coincidence in people like Kerry, Clinton, Edwards, etc. - they go together like two sides of a coin.

6 posted on 10/20/2004 12:42:29 PM PDT by fire_eye (Socialism is the opiate of academia.)
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"Elegant Evil?"

7 posted on 10/20/2004 3:12:45 PM PDT by MeekOneGOP (There is only one GOOD 'RAT: one that has been voted OUT of POWER !! Straight ticket GOP!)
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John F'n Kerry: Postmodernism's Geopolitical Monster Mash

Holloween On November 2nd. Vote Early, Vote Often and Vote for GWB

An U.N.,E.U.,and U.S. Media Elites Blaphemous Operation

Pieced together from the blown up and otherwise scattered body parts ( ears, etc.), heads cut off and limbs cut off in Vietnam. ( The Infamous "Last Man" limbs found and sewn together ).

Electrodes function as Transnational Elite receivers from Brussels and other Non-U.S. Institutions accepting Oil Vouchers (below, the brain is run through reprogramming by Professor Emeritus of European Multiculturalism and Realitivism Studies )

The BRAIN was much harder to obtain but was eventually found in Brussels and transplanted at Harvard University Laboratories and the Kennedy School of Government and International Law .

The brain was fed the philosophies of Foucault, Derrida, Heidegger, Marcuse, Gramersci, and a whole host of Postmodernist's Philosophies currently taught at Ivy League Academia everywhere.

The donor ( below ),now 74, wished to live on in immortality and in a younger body:

Surgery was performed by the world renowned U.Neurosurgeon, Dr. Kofi Annan (and son, Kojo) shown recently in lecture below describing the intricate brain transplant and vast wi-fi network used for transnational elite communications

8 posted on 10/20/2004 3:20:11 PM PDT by Helms
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Kerry says he "can do." Big deal. Anyone "can" do. Bush has shown he "Will Do" "Has Done." Big difference.

9 posted on 10/21/2004 6:54:40 AM PDT by CitizenM
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Elegant Evil - I get it, as in the Perfect Evil. Or in mathematical/scientific terms, as in the Elegant Equation. Perfect.
Good idea psychological tests. Would they submit is the other thought?

As to the article it is EloQuent.

10 posted on 10/21/2004 11:22:57 AM PDT by Chief92
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