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Not Just Any Election, An Historic Election [Great Read!]
FR | 10/27/04 | Sean Finnegan

Posted on 10/26/2004 11:59:23 PM PDT by nunya bidness

When Americans go to the polls this November it won’t just be to place a vote for or against a candidate, it will be a vote for America’s future and its place in history. Few elections in the past can compare with this one for one simple reason: on September 11, 2001 we were attacked on our soil by terrorists in an attempt to affect America’s foreign policy and our choice of leaders. And in that respect the choices couldn’t be clearer: We can choose the President who has taken the fight to the terrorists and their nation state supporters, or we can choose a candidate that has all but given them every assurance of victory this time much like he did after he returned home the last time we were embroiled in armed conflict in Vietnam.

Voters will be faced with an audacious task but if they take a peek at history they’ll be prepared to make an informed decision. Radical Islam has been knocking on America’s door for some time and it wasn’t until 9/11 that we had a President and an administration willing, able, and duty-bound to face this emerging threat in a dynamic and devastating fashion. Here’s a list of terrorist attacks on America:

September 5, 1972: Eight Palestinian "Black September" terrorists seized 11 Israeli athletes in the Olympic Village in Munich, West Germany. In a bungled rescue attempt by West German authorities, nine of the hostages and five terrorists were killed.
March 2, 1973: U.S. Ambassador to Sudan Cleo A. Noel and other diplomats were assassinated at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Khartoum by members of the Black September organization.
June 27, 1976: Members of the Baader-Meinhof Group and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine seized an Air France airliner and its 258 passengers. They forced the plane to land in Uganda, where on July 3 Israeli commandos successfully rescued the passengers.
November 4, 1979: After President Carter agreed to admit the Shah of Iran into the U.S., Iranian radicals seized the U.S. embassy in Tehran and took 66 American diplomats hostage. Thirteen hostages were soon released, but the remaining 53 were held until their release on January 20, 1981.
October 6, 1981: Soldiers who were secretly members of the Takfir Wal-Hajira sect attacked and killed Egyptian President Anwar Sadat during a troop review. September 14, 1982: Lebanese Prime Minister Bashir Gemayel was assassinated by a car bomb parked outside his party's Beirut headquarters.
April 18, 1983: Sixty-three people, including the CIA's Middle East director, were killed, and 120 were injured in a 400-pound suicide truck-bomb attack on the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
October 23, 1983: Simultaneous suicide truck-bomb attacks were made on American and French compounds in Beirut, Lebanon. A 12,000-pound bomb destroyed the U.S. compound, killing 242 Americans, while 58 French troops were killed when a 400-pound device destroyed a French base. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
March 16, 1984: The Islamic Jihad kidnapped and later murdered Political Officer William Buckley in Beirut, Lebanon. Other U.S. citizens not connected to the U.S. Government were seized over a succeeding 2-year period.
June 14, 1985: A Trans-World Airlines flight was hijacked en route to Rome from Athens by two Lebanese Hizballah terrorists and forced to fly to Beirut. The eight crew members and 145 passengers were held for 17 days, during which one American hostage, a U.S. Navy sailor, was murdered. After being flown twice to Algiers, the aircraft was returned to Beirut after Israel released 435 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners.
October 7, 1985: Four Palestinian Liberation Front terrorists seized the Italian cruise liner Achille Lauro in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, taking more than 700 hostages. One U.S. passenger was murdered before the Egyptian Government offered the terrorists safe haven in return for the hostages' freedom. Years later the leader of the hijackers would be discovered in Baghdad following the liberation of Iraq.
November 23, 1985: An EgyptAir airplane bound from Athens to Malta and carrying several U.S. citizens was hijacked by the Abu Nidal Group.
March 30, 1986: A Palestinian splinter group detonated a bomb as TWA Flight 840 approached Athens Airport, killing four U.S. citizens.
April 5, 1986: Two U.S. soldiers were killed, and 79 American servicemen were injured in a Libyan bomb attack on a nightclub in West Berlin, Germany. In retaliation, U.S. military jets bombed targets in and around Tripoli and Benghazi.
February 17, 1988: U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. W. Higgins was kidnapped and murdered by the Iranian-backed Hizballah group while serving with the United Nations Truce Supervisory Organization in southern Lebanon.
December 21, 1988: Pan American Airlines Flight 103 was blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland, by a bomb believed to have been placed on the aircraft in Frankfurt, West Germany, by Libyan terrorists. All 259 people on board were killed.
January 18-19, 1991: Iraqi agents planted bombs at the U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia's home residence and at the USIS library in Manila.
February 26, 1993: The World Trade Center in New York City was badly damaged when a car bomb planted by Islamic terrorists explodes in an underground garage. The bomb left six people dead and 1,000 injured. The men carrying out the attack were followers of Umar Abd al-Rahman, an Egyptian cleric who preached in the New York City area.
April 14, 1993: The Iraqi intelligence service attempted to assassinate former U.S. President George Bush during a visit to Kuwait. In retaliation, the U.S. launched a cruise missile attack 2 months later on the Iraqi capital Baghdad.
March 8, 1995: Two unidentified gunmen killed two U.S. diplomats and wounded a third in Karachi, Pakistan.
November 13, 1995: The Islamic Movement of Change planted a bomb in a Riyadh military compound that killed one U.S. citizen, several foreign national employees of the U.S. Government, and more than 40 others.
June 25, 1996: A fuel truck carrying a bomb exploded outside the U.S. military's Khobar Towers housing facility in Dhahran, killing 19 U.S. military personnel and wounding 515 persons, including 240 U.S. personnel. Several groups claimed responsibility for the attack.
February 23, 1997: A Palestinian gunman opened fire on tourists at an observation deck atop the Empire State Building in New York City, killing a Danish national and wounding visitors from the United States, Argentina, Switzerland, and France before turning the gun on himself. A handwritten note carried by the gunman claimed this was a punishment attack against the "enemies of Palestine."
August 7, 1998: A bomb exploded at the rear entrance of the U.S. embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, killing 12 U.S. citizens, 32 Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs), and 247 Kenyan citizens. About 5,000 Kenyans, six U.S. citizens, and 13 FSNs were injured. The U.S. embassy building sustained extensive structural damage. Almost simultaneously, a bomb detonated outside the U.S. embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, killing seven FSNs and three Tanzanian citizens, and injuring one U.S. citizen and 76 Tanzanians. The explosion caused major structural damage to the U.S. embassy facility. The U.S. Government held Usama Bin Ladin responsible.
October 12, 2000: In Aden, Yemen, a small dingy carrying explosives rammed the destroyer U.S.S. Cole, killing 17 sailors and injuring 39 others. Supporters of Usama Bin Ladin were suspected.
September 11, 2001: Two hijacked airliners crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Soon thereafter, the Pentagon was struck by a third hijacked plane. A fourth hijacked plane, suspected to be bound for a high-profile target in Washington, crashed into a field in southern Pennsylvania. More than 5,000 U.S. citizens and other nationals were killed as a result of these acts.


No one who witnessed 9/11 will ever forget for as long as they live the deeply shocking and gut-wrenching images of the WTC buildings as they burned and collapsed while TV commentators rattled off possible casualty numbers. For the first time in our country’s history we were attacked by our own airplanes hijacked by determined butchers who took control of the planes with box cutters. It wasn’t an attack on a military base in some foreign land it was an attack on two of America’s greatest symbols of greatness and the people who died there weren’t soldiers they were civilians and the brave firemen who went up to save them facing certain death to save them.

The jihadists have been knocking on our door for over thirty years and with rare exceptions our response has been to deal with the problem like it was an episode of Law & Order. In fact, it was the discovery phase of the ’93 WTC bombing trial that probably provided the 9/11 attackers details on the vulnerabilities they eventually exploited. It wasn’t until President Bush had “greatness thrust upon him” that the fight became a military matter. And if it weren’t for the brilliant planning of Tommy Franks the country would be a less safe place.

Enduring Freedom

In response to the attacks Franks put together a strategy for attacking the Taliban in Afghanistan that would be both dynamic and streamlined. He understood that sending in division after division of armor would yield the same results the Soviets had seen for over ten years. So he came up with a new plan: he would send in light infantry and teams of special operators from a variety of services; the campaign would be called Operation Enduring Freedom. The A Teams linked up with the Northern Alliance and using laser designators and predator drones they rained precision guided iron down on the Taliban time after time. Meanwhile, conventional forces augmented the campaign in the south and crushed the Taliban in due course scattering the remnants to the mountains of the border with Pakistan. They were later soundly defeated in Operation Anaconda. Boots were on the ground on October 17th 2001 and Franks met with local leaders in country on December 22, 2001. Due to his tactical strategy the casualties in Afghanistan were light and the victory was swift. Despite what the press said at the time the campaign did not become another Vietnam.

Iraqi Freedom

When President Bush had General Franks set his sights on Iraq it made perfect sense if you paid attention to President’s statement during a joint session of Congress on September 19, 2001, where he said, “and we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism.” There’s no bigger and more armed to the teeth country in the region that has an open door policy to jihadists than Iraq. Saddam had built a massive armed camp for over 12 years funded by European countries through the Oil-for-food scam. While the President did well by attempting to convince the UN to actually enforce numerous useless resolutions, including 1441 that called for “serious consequences” the hidden agendas of France, Germany, Russia, and corrupt officials at the UN (including Kofi Annan’s son) were entrenched. The money was just too tempting. The debate over Iraq grew to a fever pitch but what was lost to the likes of Michael Moore and the rabid left is that there already was a casus belli for Iraq. That happened way back in 1990 (a lifetime ago for the forgetful press) and the cease-fire was still in effect and each concurrent resolution had been triggered time and time again by Saddam with no response. When President Bush decided to go it alone with 48 coalition partners on March 19, 2003 the “rush to war” was finally over.

The “plan that wasn’t a plan” had a name (actually a number): OPLAN 1003 and it had been around since the Gulf War. Tommy Franks dusted it off and gutted it over the time he was commanding Operation Enduring Freedom and beyond; and what he came up with was a revolution in warfare. He would attack Iraq with less than a third of the force that was used in 1991 and he would use every trick he learned in his experience as a soldier as well as “lessons learned” in Afghanistan; including allowing the press to participate in the campaign on the ground with individual units. He planned a four phase operation with the final phase being “reconstruction”. Initially, there would be an air phase followed by a ground assault but events dictated that the contingency of simultaneous initiation was decided on.

So on March 19, 2001 Special Operations Forces systematically destroyed observation towers and moved to disable “Scud baskets” in the west and southwest to deprive the enemy of the ability to widen the conflict by targeting Israel. Two days later the Army’s V Corps and the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force as well as British troops crossed the berms and made their runs north. While the Marines and Brits isolated the southern oil fields and turned north the 3rd ID made a speed run to Baghdad that would shame Patton and the whole thing was live on TV. Eventually, the northern progression was “stalled” (as reported by the press) in a sandstorm but in reality the supply line was tightening and General Franks in another inspired move let the “operational pause” story get out. The Iraqi armor relaxed and condensed their vehicles. After a failed helicopter gunship assault on the Iraqis the air component put together a massive air assault and wiped out the Iraqi armor while it was standing still in zero visibility. The literally never saw it coming.

The press was quick to overshadow the success and point ominously at the potential “Fortress Baghdad” and the dire predictions of urban warfare but Franks had another gamble. He didn’t think the rest of the Iraqi armor was in Baghdad, he thought they were north of the city waiting for the 4th Infantry Division that was “scheduled” to sweep south from Turkey (but was never allowed egress). He was right and the proof was a courageous “Thunder Run” in to the heart of Baghdad by the 3rd ID. Reporters showed American armor flying down palm lined streets in to the city meeting little resistance. The run ended with reporters holed up in hotels gasping as American troops rolled in to Firdos Square where they eventually pulled down Saddam’s statue to the cheering of the Iraqi people. It was April 9, 2003. The media declared the war over but, as usual, they were wrong. Major combat operations lasted until May 2, 2003.

Phase IV Reconstruction

Phase IV of Operation Iraqi Freedom has become grist for the mill of the 4th Estate (which acts more like a 5th Column) and reconstruction has been presented as the quagmire the press was salivating for during the campaign. The press settled on the word “insurgency” to describe the daily attacks on Coalition forces and Iraqi civilians but that word implies a revolution against an established authority and fails to describe the variety of players in Iraq now. There are common criminals, foreign fighters seeking glory, former regime soldiers, terrorists, AQ types beheading the innocent, and others all seeking to fill the void left when Saddam was pulled out of a rathole and his two brutal sons were cut down hiding. No matter how much the media, European appeasers, Massachusetts candidates, and screaming leftists are dreaming of a day when they can control the fate of the Iraqi people (by abandoning them) they’ll never get a chance (or take the risk) to do what any one soldier did when he put his life before the life of an Iraqi and gave the jihadists the first shot; there’s a word for that and it’s called courage.

The sacrifice and courage of Americans doesn’t only extend to the field of battle, there are also civilians who are facing danger to rebuild these two weary countries, including 41 employees of the evil plundering Halliburton who gave their lives in Iraq. Many good things have happened in Iraq and Afghanistan while the media was busy running through the daily body count. Here’s a list of results in reconstruction in both countries:


In Iraq:

Restoring Essential Infrastructure:

Supporting Essential Health and Education Services:

Expanding Economic Opportunity:

Improving Government Efficiency and Accountability:

Humanitarian Assistance:

If all these good things happened in two war-torn countries how would you know? You wouldn’t if you relied on the main-stream media. Even though “if it bleeds it leads” holds true in most domestic news stories the opposite holds true in war-zones. When there’s nothing but blood and death it would stand to reason that the news would be good news, but of course that wouldn’t remove Bush from office and advance the media’s snobbish vision of America’s and the world’s future. The humanitarian aid and reconstruction in Afghanistan and Iraq is almost as important as killing bad guys but we may never see any network coverage of it because it would mean that reporters would have to leave their hotel rooms.

The Bush administration has made it clear to the American people, the civilians of Afghanistan and Iraq, and most importantly the bad guys that they’ve had over 30 years to get away with their barbarism but those days are over. We went after them in those two countries and made the lives of the peaceful people there better for the sacrifice. And those people are responding by becoming democratic and they will eventually repel the advances of the jihadists on their own in the future. It’s called victory against terrorism.

Election 2004

Much has been said about how this election compares to previous elections but most of the comparison is using the 2000 election as a model. That will prove to be a flawed analogy. 9/11 happened and the American people will not forget it no matter how much the press shoves poll after poll down their throats in an attempt to paint the race as “very close”. It’s not going to be close. The Democrats have picked a candidate with a wartime past because they know the War on Terrorism is the only issue the voters care about this time. What they didn’t count on is that their candidate’s war experience is largely fabricated, and the parts that are corroborated don’t show him fit to command. John Kerry would be a disaster for the War on Terror and the only folks cheering him on are the jihadists, the brain-dead up-to-their-eyeballs in massive Muslim slums of Europeans, and equally brain-dead Americans who would gladly roll over if confronted with jihadists in their midst. Thankfully, the Americans are the only ones we have to worry about and they’re not going to carry Kerry.

The Democrats have pulled out every trick in the book to win this election including: trying to ban books, movies, television ads, news shows; they’ve tried to use forged documents to smear the President, they’ve written hundreds of books deriding him and blaming him for everything from hurricanes to global warming; they’ve produced propaganda movies labeled “documentaries” which include veiled references that he knew about the 9/11 attacks beforehand and that he is in league with the Saudi Royal family; and they’ve generally used every conceivable opportunity to paint the leader of the free world in a time of war as something other than that. They’ve been trying to run Bush out of office and now they’re trying to sway an election while the eyes of the world are upon us at the most critical time in our nation’s history. But what they failed to consider is that all the while this very public meltdown was occurring they were helping the so-called undecided voters make up their mind. And it’s not going to go their way.

Looking back at previous elections three stand out. In 1944, America was three years from the most vicious attack on our country at Pearl Harbor and was a nation at war when FDR won an unprecedented fourth term that eventually caused the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution which prohibited the President to two terms in office. Bush like FDR is a wartime President, and like FDR he is campaigning on a “don’t change horses in midstream” approach in a time of war. And while it’s arguable that Bush is expanding entitlement like FDR that isn’t what is going to push Bush to victory. Bush will win because unlike FDR he isn’t facing war weariness and he’s not facing an opponent like Dewey who, as a Republican, was fighting federal expansion under the New Deal. John Kerry offers fiscal restraint about as effectively as McDonald’s sells healthy food. FDR won 54% of the popular vote and 432 electoral votes.

In 1964, LBJ ran in the shadow of JFK’s assassination and this is perhaps the best comparison to Bush’s election this year. Kennedy’s assassination touched every American in very personal ways and most people alive then can recall where they were when Kennedy was shot, similar to how most Americans now can recall where they were when the second plane hit the WTC. Furthermore, LBJ was well advised to continue to champion Kennedy’s Civil Rights Act which pushed him over the top but the shadow of the act has grown long in recent years and trends appear that black voters may be moving to the right (Maryland had a recent poll that put black voters 21% behind Bush) or at least support the President due to the same reasons most do in the post-9/11 world. But perhaps the most telling comparison of that election was the schism in the Republican Party created by Barry Goldwater who pulled away from the party’s east-coast blue-blood handlers. It didn’t help Goldwater that he was called an extremist when he said he would use “tactical nukes” in Vietnam and that he voted against the Civil Rights Act arguing that it was a matter for the states. Too many comparisons to the picture painted of Goldwater as an extremist matching Kerry’s truly mind-boggling flip-flops and malaprops in a very serious time; not to mention his being the candidate of choice for terrorists around the world. LBJ won 61% of the popular vote and 486 electoral votes.

In 1984, Ronald Reagan ran against Walter Mondale but in reality it was Mondale running against Reagan’s legacy and it was daunting. Reagan had humiliated Jimmy Carter, in 1980, and in so doing drove a stake in the heart of a depressed post-Vietnam era America with an abysmal economy and an ongoing hostage crisis in Iran. Furthermore, Reagan showed he could renew patriotism in America and created an optimism neglected for some time. Reagan won 50% of the popular vote and 489 electoral votes. And on the day of his inauguration the hostages were freed.

Reagan reinforced his positions in the ’84 campaign and continued to elevate his status as President who would pursue a vigorous agenda to end communism or what he called the “Evil Empire”. No President will ever come close to the commanding style of speech as Reagan but his themes resonate to this day. Bush couldn’t have called Iran, Iraq, and N. Korea the “Axis of Evil” if Reagan hadn’t called the Soviet Union the same first and then vanquished it in his second term. But the most regretful event in Reagan’s tenure was the attack on the Marine barracks in Beirut. He never forgave himself for the loss of those men and his administration never came up with a plan to combat the growing threat. And in 1986 Reagan bombed Libya in response to a bombing of a disco in West Berlin where American servicemen died. He didn’t ask the UN for permission he just did it. And he launched the first formal offensive against terrorism whether he knew it or not.

The Reagan years compare well to Bush’s first term because it’s the culmination of the other two elections mentioned. FDR was re-elected because of the war, LBJ was elected because of JFK’s assassination, Reagan was elected because of the hostage crisis, and re-elected because he had kept his promise to continue to aggressively destroy the scourge of communism. And thus President Bush is handed the mantle as a war time President touched by fate and given the same respect and support as those previous Presidents. Reagan won 58% of the popular vote and 525 electoral votes and he would have won Mondale’s state of Minnesota if he had managed to campaign there one time.

President Bush will win between 60 and 70% of the popular vote and 535 electoral votes. He will not win DC but then again who needs it? He will win because deep down inside most Americans know he’s the only guy willing and able to actually do something about the threats to our security. And all other issues are secondary. On this November 2, this libertarian will cast a vote for George W. Bush and I won’t be alone. God bless President Bush and God bless America.

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1 posted on 10/26/2004 11:59:23 PM PDT by nunya bidness
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To: nunya bidness

That's what I've been trying to tell you. LOL

2 posted on 10/27/2004 12:03:41 AM PDT by Jim Robinson
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To: nunya bidness

Great job!

3 posted on 10/27/2004 12:06:56 AM PDT by Jim Robinson
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To: Jim Robinson

Jim, you've got to be the fastest reader on the planet.

4 posted on 10/27/2004 12:07:55 AM PDT by nunya bidness (Reverse the curse.)
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To: Jim Robinson

Thanks. Now I've got to ping some folks and that'll take as long as I took to post it.

5 posted on 10/27/2004 12:09:13 AM PDT by nunya bidness (Reverse the curse.)
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To: nunya bidness
WOW and a hearty BRAVO! Well thought out and well written to boot.
6 posted on 10/27/2004 12:12:31 AM PDT by nopardons
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To: nunya bidness

Hey man, this was my senior thesis you ripped off!

7 posted on 10/27/2004 12:14:12 AM PDT by zarf (Toilet paper medicated with aloe is the greatest invention since the electric light!!)
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To: nopardons


8 posted on 10/27/2004 12:16:15 AM PDT by nunya bidness (Reverse the curse.)
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To: nunya bidness


9 posted on 10/27/2004 12:18:21 AM PDT by nopardons
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To: Jeff Head; Travis McGee; Texasforever; occutegirl; CWOJackson; Ragtime Cowgirl; backhoe; ...


10 posted on 10/27/2004 12:22:10 AM PDT by nunya bidness (Reverse the curse.)
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To: factmart

Ping. . .

11 posted on 10/27/2004 12:26:47 AM PDT by Flyer (Prosecute Vote Fraud! [68%])
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To: nunya bidness
President Bush will win between 60 and 70% of the popular vote

Since about mid-summer I have had my prediction at 68%.

12 posted on 10/27/2004 12:28:17 AM PDT by Flyer (Prosecute Vote Fraud! [68%])
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To: nunya bidness


13 posted on 10/27/2004 12:35:45 AM PDT by ladyinred (John Kerry is flipping off America!)
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To: Flyer
Since about mid-summer I have had my prediction at 68%.

We agree. Just don't let the RNC find out. It could hamper voter turnout. As if there was ever a doubt.

14 posted on 10/27/2004 12:39:13 AM PDT by nunya bidness (Reverse the curse.)
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To: nunya bidness

Don`t forget in that list of terrorist attacks, one of the first was the assasination of Robert Kennedy.

15 posted on 10/27/2004 12:41:03 AM PDT by Imaverygooddriver (I`m a very good driver and I approve this message.)
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To: ladyinred


16 posted on 10/27/2004 12:42:14 AM PDT by nunya bidness (Reverse the curse.)
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To: nunya bidness

this is being forwarded to all!

17 posted on 10/27/2004 12:57:16 AM PDT by alpha-8-25-02 (SAVED BY GRACE AND GRACE ALONE)
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To: alpha-8-25-02


18 posted on 10/27/2004 12:59:56 AM PDT by nunya bidness (Reverse the curse.)
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To: nunya bidness

Excellent. I will be sending it to all the "wobblies" I know!

19 posted on 10/27/2004 2:15:35 AM PDT by lainde (Heads up...We're coming and we've got tongue blades!!)
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To: nunya bidness

Thanks for the ping!

20 posted on 10/27/2004 7:44:27 AM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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