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To: calcowgirl
the ARCA Foundation, which relied on the R. J. Reynolds family fortune

Another key group.

38 posted on 10/30/2004 4:08:45 PM PDT by Fedora
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To: Fedora

John Kerry brings in former communist agent to slime Vietnam vets and smear Sinclair Broadcast Group
Desperate to silence the Vietnam vets who oppose his candidacy John Kerry asked William S. Lerach, heavy Democratic Party donor, political thug and enemy of the First Amendment, to deal with the situation.

True to form this high-powered lawyer (some would say extortionist) went to work by bringing in Fenton Communications. Lerach called a press conference where he used Fenton Communications to falsely charge Sinclair directors with "breaches of fiduciary duties".

Missing from the conference were any references or questions concerning Fentons. Perhaps no one, especially Lerach's media friends, wanted to draw attention to the company's communist sympathies and links.

The company was started by David Fenton, a Marxist-Leninist who has been on the payroll of the Soviet-backed Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola and the Soviet-Backed Maurice Bishop who tried to turn Grenada into another Cuba.

He was also on the payroll FMLN (Farabundo Marti Liberation Front), a pro-Soviet Marxist-Leninist terrorist group that murdered thousands of El Salvadorians. Never to turn away a dollar from any friend of the Soviet Union, our Mr Fenton cheerfully worked for the Soviet-supported Sandinistas who planned to turn Nicaragua into a Central American base for the Soviets.

That every one of these so-called clients were fanatical enemies of the US who wished for its destruction was just one more reason for the patriotic Mr Fenton to work for them. You see, Fenton hates the US with an equal if not surpassing passion.

In the sixties the liberty-loving Fenton supported the Viet Cong, including the systematic atrocities they committed. To demonstrate his belief in democratic values he actively supported the murderous conquest of South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Yep, our Mr Fenton is a real charmer.

Right up to the present, Fenton has been relentless in his support for America-hating organizations. He has become deeply involved with the CIP (Center for International Policy). This organization was set up in 1975 with the support of Orlando Letelier, human rights activist and KGB agent. Letelier, like Fenton, never concerned himself with communist human rights violations, particularly in Castro's Cuba.

The CIP has strong links to the Institute for Policy Studies, a Washington-based Marxist-Leninist group that acted as a front for the KGB during the Cold War.

The America-hating CIP's main function has been to act as a mouthpiece for Central and South American Marxist groups. It is also one of Castro's strongest defenders.

Since the war on terror the CIP and 'Fenton the Patriot' have come together and set up the IPIP (Iraq Policy Information Program). The aim of the IPIP is to deligitimise the liberation of Iraq and subvert the war on terror. After all, according to the CIP and Fenton the US is the real terrorist.

Naturally, these activities require money. And who is helping to fund these fifth columnists? Why George Soros and Theresa Heinz.

So why did John Kerry allow Lerach to put Fenton on the campaign's payroll. Well let me guess. If like Kerry and Lerach you despise and fear the First Amendment there is nothing like someone with Fenton's communist background and experience to help assassinate it and smear your enemies.

There is also the fact that Kerry and Lerach, as so many in the Kerry campaign, share, to varying degrees, Fenton's loathing for America and his distaste for his fellow Americans. Actually, that's not quite fair, to patriotic Americans. The only thing the odious likes of Fenton and Lerach have in common with these Americans is that they were born in America and speak with US accents — nothing else.

Fenton could very well be outraged at what I've written (lefties are particularly adept at faking outrage, especially when they've been exposed) and fervently deny that he was ever a communist agent.

Let me be clear on this point: if anyone takes money from Marxist terrorist groups or communist regimes in order to advance these groups or regimes' ideological and strategic interests they automatically become a communist agent.

Gerard Jackson is Brookes' economics editor

Monday 25 October 2004

39 posted on 10/30/2004 11:01:38 PM PDT by anglian
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