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Why do urban centers vote Democrat, and rural Republican?
11-03 | M. Peach

Posted on 11/03/2004 6:23:56 PM PST by M. Peach

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To: BunnySlippers

"Some others join in to be obnoxious."

I hear what you say - It is cocktail hour in most parts - and I'm sure you can tell which ones have knocked back a few. I think some just try to be funny and say stupid things.

They only demean themselves -

151 posted on 11/03/2004 7:19:35 PM PST by M. Peach (eschew obfuscation)
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To: error99


152 posted on 11/03/2004 7:20:43 PM PST by fourscore (Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness)
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To: Born to Conserve
And, why didn't the liberals follow them? It is more expensive to live out side the cities, and the parasites cannot follow their hosts easily.

The parasites don't have to follow, they just expand the city limits and re-absorb the escaped hosts via annexation.

153 posted on 11/03/2004 7:21:25 PM PST by Spirochete
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To: faithincowboys
"If black voters voted like normal Americans,...

That is likely one of the most blatant racist comments that I have ever seen posted on

I grew up in a city, and I have lived as a minority myself, big time. The problems with urban voters are in my view are not black vs. white.

The issues have to do with Class and affluence.

154 posted on 11/03/2004 7:21:31 PM PST by Radix (My Tag Line just woke up from a bad John Kerry won the White House dream!)
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To: PattonReincarnated
Did you forget your smiley faces? It came across as totally ignorant. If you meant otherwise (a joke?) it was not apparent. Look at some of the responses we see on this thread. As far as I am concerned, I am doing what I can as a conservative in a big city (Los Angeles).

If I can't get support from the red states on this site, where can I find it?

155 posted on 11/03/2004 7:23:31 PM PST by BunnySlippers ("F" Stands for FLIP-FLOP ...)
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To: M. Peach

For most people, voting is hereditary. That is, if they vote at all, they vote as their parents did.

The Democrats, early in their history, deliberately set out too take control of the political machinery of large cities. That has been a pillar of the party's existence since its inception. Martin van Buren built the first Democrat coalition of the South and New York.

Later, the Democrats tightened their grip on Boston and New York by means of using their existing urban machines to co-opt large numbers of Irish immigrants (c.f. Boss Tweed, Tammany Hall) into the party. It's the same in Boston.

In the mid-west, the German, Scandinavian and other immigrants that settled the area departed from countries with traditions of monarchy and aristocracy, and carried that notion of social organization with them to the New World.

In postbellum America, freed slaves travelled to many cities looking for jobs and opportunity. They were a solid Republican constituency, until the Democrats won them over with the civil rights acts of the mid-20th century.

Finally, media consumption is far higher in cities than in rural creas, and television and major urban newspapers are overwhelmingly liberal.

156 posted on 11/03/2004 7:25:08 PM PST by IStillBelieve (G.W. Bush '04: Biggest popular vote victory in history!)
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To: M. Peach

That's easy. Residents of rural areas, recognize bull poo poo by sight, sound or smell. Politicians can't sh*t them.

157 posted on 11/03/2004 7:25:08 PM PST by F.J. Mitchell (.Let's not replace a Daschele with a Specter, just because his little ass fits the same chair.)
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To: Our man in washington

Very good answer.

Urban areas also seem to provide ample audience to support the narcissist. Since they don't really produce much of value on their own, they need more external economic support from those who will pay for the narcissist's "superiority". i.e. A farmer / miner / lumberjack will likely not be willing to spend hard-earned money on a piece of art, where a city-dweller would be much more likely to.

158 posted on 11/03/2004 7:25:55 PM PST by TChris (You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.)
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To: M. Peach

This might sound funny, but I think it starts with distraction. There are so many other things to do than to go to church, so many other priorities than family, church and community. Without those things, work friends become the primary influence on the person's life, and so their liberalism tends to rub off on the impressionable. There are exceptions (we live in the DC suburbs,) but they tend to be people who tenaciously stick to church, and especially homeschoolers. Most of the rest are liberal.
It is interesting to me to compare. For example, as an adult I have lived in rural Ohio and Cleveland, outside Binghamton, NY, in rural WV and Clarksburg, WV (a small city) and in 2 DC suburbs. In the country, people take time for talking, for family, cooking and crafts. They spend time just talking in a relaxed way, and enjoying each other. In the cities, people tend to go from event to event, only relaxing to some extent, and then usually with entertainment (TV, movies...) It is a hectic, stressful way of life, filled with much motion and perhaps not much meaning, unless the person sticks to church, or creates artificial meaning (like save the whales.)
Not everyone is like that, but many are, and it might explain some of the differences.

159 posted on 11/03/2004 7:26:42 PM PST by HomeschoolGenealogistMom
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To: BunnySlippers
Oh, cool your jets BS. While one of the biggest groups of Freepers might come from urban California, they still probably amount to ~0.0001% of that urban areas population. In case you hadn't noticed, nearly ALL of the significant major urban COASTAL California areas voted 'Rat. If you'd parsed that a little better you'd note the coastal caveat. I'm in one, I should know. You need to chill...
160 posted on 11/03/2004 7:26:50 PM PST by Axenolith (This space for rent.)
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To: M. Peach

Lifestyle, people who live in urban areas are part of a cog, they are interdepent, their life is about being part of the collective, they cannot survive independently. The are comfortable with the collectivism, interdependency, and fear being alone. Individualism to them is meaningless so therefore they don't value it. (They claim they do but even their supposed acts of "self expression" end up being terribly conformist).

Whereas rural people tend live independent lives, they are comfortable being on their own, and they value individualism greatly.

161 posted on 11/03/2004 7:27:57 PM PST by Truthsearcher
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To: Billthedrill

My thoughts exactly.

162 posted on 11/03/2004 7:28:42 PM PST by MichiganCheese (All Your Blue States Are Belong To Us)
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To: M. Peach
LOL! You forgot to mention that damned rap music.

We might have to commission a study on this topic. Is rap music an effect of lead poisoning or is rap music a cause of brain damage? If it is the latter it may poke a hole in my thesis or at a minimum I may have to expand the causes of brain damage.

Disclosure Statement: For those who lack a dry sense of humor I am only joking.

163 posted on 11/03/2004 7:29:33 PM PST by PattonReincarnated (They say only 10% of Muslims are extremists - that's only 100,000,000+ people)
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To: Axenolith
I'm in one, I should know.
164 posted on 11/03/2004 7:30:30 PM PST by BunnySlippers ("F" Stands for FLIP-FLOP ...)
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To: Axenolith
I'm in one, I should know.

So why are you so clueless?

165 posted on 11/03/2004 7:31:03 PM PST by BunnySlippers ("F" Stands for FLIP-FLOP ...)
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To: johnandre

Very interesting analysis, BUMP

166 posted on 11/03/2004 7:31:10 PM PST by Nowhere Man (We have enough youth, how about a Fountain of Smart?)
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To: Radix

Here is my rationale:

This is my definition of a normal American-- "Somewhat moderate, not a surrogate voter for the Democrat party machine."

This isn't a racist statement, this is a real statement. I regret the fact that the monolithic African American vote is a symptom of group pathology not ideology.

167 posted on 11/03/2004 7:31:35 PM PST by faithincowboys
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To: ottothedog

It is high crime areas.......union areas

168 posted on 11/03/2004 7:32:24 PM PST by showme_the_Glory (No more rhyming, and I mean it! ..Anybody got a peanut.....)
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To: M. Peach
Urban centers are populated by filthy rich and the just plain filthy. For quite different reasons and agendas, they vote en masse for democrats.
169 posted on 11/03/2004 7:32:24 PM PST by cynicom (<p)
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To: M. Peach; hemi dawg; Miztiki; HuntsvilleTxVeteran

(deep breath)

I've been saying this for years on these forums.

Densely populated areas pretty much require liberal thinking, even to the point of welcoming big government.

Live an unnatural existence, and you will come to think unnatural thoughts.

How much government do you think we would need--how much taxes--how many laws, how many police, if it were just you and five or six of your neighbors living in all of America?

I do believe government increases exponentially with density of population.

And that such growth of government is necessary with evey increase in population density--i.e,, it is not a question of whether densely populated areas should have big government: the only question is how big.

In dense populations, you get accustomed to taking turns, deferring your judgment to that of the government, and to sharing space, time, noise, smells, shoving.

It was no accident that what came to be America was born in North America during the 18th century--the colonists had a huge continent to exploit--and if some government didn't like it, they could always move away and take what they needed from nature (and/or native populations)--that is what freedom is: self-reliance.

Having experienced such freedom, it was natural for the colonists to tell Britain to shove it.

I do not think America would ever have happened if The Thirteen Colonies had had a population of 300 million people living an industrialized urban existence in 1776.

170 posted on 11/03/2004 7:33:33 PM PST by Age of Reason
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To: annyokie

AFSCME keeps their unionized workers in line.

171 posted on 11/03/2004 7:34:35 PM PST by Ciexyz (Bush still rules. The sun shines over America.)
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To: M. Peach
Democrats have successfully fine-tuned a system of scaring black voters to the polls with under-the-radar flyers, recorded phone calls and other messages basically telling them they will be lynched if they vote Republican. They have brainwashed a large portion of their community into believing that all Republicans are racists who want a return of Jim Crow laws, segregated schools, and even slavery. This time around it was "don't let them take your vote away again." They also round up all the street drunks, homeless people, people in halfway houses, etc. and give them free cigarettes and McDonald's coupons in return for a Democratic vote. They station union thugs at the urban polling places to chase away any Republican poll watchers or stray Republican voters. They get votes cast for dead people and people who have moved away. They recruit cronies to run the polling places who are loyal to the machine and will keep their mouths shut while they do all these shenanigans.

In Philadelphia, they have put polling places in taverns, funeral homes, barbershops, private homes, and even union halls. They allow all sorts of electioneering inside the polls in violation of the law. They make sure everyone knows "how they are supposed to vote." It is no accident that the city voted 81% for Kerry.

172 posted on 11/03/2004 7:35:42 PM PST by Dems_R_Losers (Proud Reagan Alumna!)
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To: PattonReincarnated
The 19th century brought the shift from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy. In this shift, people massed in cities that provided easy access to labor, skills, resources and markets that drove the industrial economy. The influx of people to cities in search of jobs required the creation of large quantities of new housing. The vast majority of this housing was built at the turn of the last century and used lead-based paint. Quite simply, many children growing up in cities grew up eating lead-based paint when they were teething. Additionally, the industries in the urban centers produced toxic waste and pollution. The combination of lead-based paint, toxic waste and pollution lead to a vast proportion of urban populations being brain damaged.

Hmmm, interesting take. The idea of lead leading to the downfall of Rome has been bandied about, they used lead to make utensils, bowls, and even plumbing. If you take a look at the periodic table of the elements, the symbol for lead is "Pb" meaning "plumbum" (IIRC, I need a Latin scholar here) which is Latin for lead, I learned that in junior high almost 25 years ago. The world "plumber" derives from that since again, lead was used for pipes in Rome and even later eras. Maybe you're on to something.
173 posted on 11/03/2004 7:36:13 PM PST by Nowhere Man (We have enough youth, how about a Fountain of Smart?)
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To: Ciexyz

Sure. LOL

174 posted on 11/03/2004 7:37:21 PM PST by annyokie (Can you say MANDATE, democrats?)
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To: M. Peach

I'll give you a clue: it's related to a word that starts with R and the word isn't "religion."

175 posted on 11/03/2004 7:38:19 PM PST by Malleus Dei ("Communists are just Democrats with less patience.")
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To: PattonReincarnated
The Democrat appeasers and the Race-Baiting-Black-Hating Poverty Pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the cause of the brain damage.

Which produces in all their numbed minions a love for the ghetto.

So they glorify it with Rap Music(?).

And try to bring the White kids down to their level of thirdworldness so they can live in luxury with their $1000 suits which they buy with the shakedown money they get from Corporations because it is easier to pay the blackmail (yes blackmail) than fight the lies of Racists Political Hacks.

The worst racists are the above mentioned Poverty Pimps.

176 posted on 11/03/2004 7:38:33 PM PST by Syncro
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To: BunnySlippers
A Theory,
Urban folk are like a school of bait fish. As long as they stay in the school they are safe. They tolerate crime as a nuisance and are only picked off when they stray from the school. In cities only the criminals are armed. In the country we treat crime as more than a nuisance as we're more apt to call the police to take care of the body after we defend our self and family than to tolerate it. For us terrorism is more than a nuisance; we know that its likely that more densely populated urban areas will be targeted but we also know that it will be our sons an daughters that will put their lives on the line to clean up the mess.

City dwellers go out every day knowing that crime is rampant but the odds are it will effect someone else and as long as they stay with the school life will be good.
177 posted on 11/03/2004 7:39:21 PM PST by hawgwalker
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To: Diva Betsy Ross
The truth. Union members and "African American" voters.

That is not exactly un-so, but the problem is really more about affluence. People flock to urban areas because of needs, financial and else (such as health care.)

Affluent people are essentially dependent for their affluence on the toil of others.

There are shared interests in keeping certain paradigms in place. Unfortunately, for many inner city persons the education possibilities are lacking. Hillary (for example) and the Dems are such blatant liars concerning education that it simply makes me want to hurl when I see them speak of such matters. They are liars of the highest order.

The Democrats are as always only interested in maintaining the plantation! They are the benevolent massas and they own the media machine for the time being.

Urban voters are delusional. They think that perpetuating the welfare state is in their best interests. A concern and even a cursory consideration of and for posterity would logicaly shatter that sort of myth.

Big Government is the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to Western Civilization. This is why the (currently Muslim) hordes are wreaking destruction upon our way of life. The effects are quite noticeable in Europe already, but the tidal wave of immigration and government largesse and social programs are soon to be unmistakable in the USA as well.

178 posted on 11/03/2004 7:39:22 PM PST by Radix (My Tag Line just woke up from a bad John Kerry won the White House dream!)
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To: M. Peach

It's the water.

179 posted on 11/03/2004 7:41:18 PM PST by ladyinred (Congratulations President Bush! Four more years!)
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To: M. Peach

If you really want to get a feel for big city politics read "Plunkett of Tammany Hall".

I really don't think it's that much of a racial thing as I do fraternal thing.

I read that..."When George Plunkett dies in 1924 he was eulogized this way;" He understood that in politics honesty doesn't matter, efficiency doesn't matter, progressive vision doesn't matter. What does matter is the chance for a better job, a better price of wheat, better business conditions. Plunkett's legacy is to that practicality."

180 posted on 11/03/2004 7:42:03 PM PST by Ramcat (Thank You American Veterans)
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To: BunnySlippers
I was approaching the subject with the intent of exploring the differences in red and blue areas. Some others join in to be obnixious.

The underlying impression I get is that you're defensive of conservatives in urban coastal California because at some level you can't or won't accept the fact that unless a sea change occurs, relatively soon, the urban coastal areas of California will become relatively hostile and unliveable to people with our values.

Can you make money, get a nice house and live in relative safety their now? Sure, but for how long? I myself just got approximately $100-200 of new taxes slathered on this year and am just recently denied the opportunity to own a type of firearm I desired. People with income over a million just got tagged with a 1% tax boost to facilitate a load of mental health goodies. Heck, if that was my income, I'd move out of spite.

I'm willing to bet that the minute a significant economic downturn occurs in California, the predominantly 'Rat voting masses will lay into those with income and assets with such a vengence that they will either leave in droves or try to split the state (the latter, not likely to succeed).

No one on this thread is talking trash about urban conservatives. They're talking about an environment that encourages liberals and is designed to parasitize or drive out conservatives.

181 posted on 11/03/2004 7:42:05 PM PST by Axenolith (This space for rent.)
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To: M. Peach

The handout crowd lives in cities.

182 posted on 11/03/2004 7:42:35 PM PST by snooker (Bush 2004 --- stay with the strong horse)
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To: M. Peach
In cases like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, I think you see a high Democratic turnout because of the Democrats who use the election systems within the cities to abjectly manufacture the necessary votes to win their state. This happens every election in Pennsylvania and Michigan, for sure, and most likely Illinois as well.

On the other hand, I think the smarmy, elitist, self-centered liberal types tend to flock to high population-density areas, and this reflects how those areas vote. Other than us four Republicans, not a single person in my office has ANY clue whatsoever as to why they lost, other than "maybe it was an evil DIEBOLD plan!!!"

What we NEED to learn from this is that we NEED to put poll-watchers at EVERY precinct that we suspect will be used to "manufacture" votes. If the Democratic city officials kick us out, we NEED to get the State troopers in immediately - the State Attorney's office, or the FBI if they are uncooperative. We *can* crush voter fraud, if enough of us take the time to watch the Democrat machinery like HAWKS.

183 posted on 11/03/2004 7:43:10 PM PST by detsaoT (insert hot-button issue here.)
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To: M. Peach

A very relevant question:

1. High density urban residents tend to rent more often than own. Home ownership tends to foster conservative interests.

2. Impovershed people tend to be crowded in dense areas (Public Housing, for instance) and vote for those who support their welfare safety net.

3. The old neighborhoods or ghettos of large cities, are home to specific ethnic groups and tradition bounds them to vote for one specific party, usually Democrats.

4. Urban workers (government or blue collar) in inner city areas are union members, which back Democrats as a rule.

184 posted on 11/03/2004 7:44:43 PM PST by eagle11 (The smartest people are Conservative. Some, who live by inserfing others, call themselves Liberals.)
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To: M. Peach
Most big cities are populated with poor people who can't afford to move to the suburbs and a few elites who tend to be liberal. The suburbs are populated with hardworking families and stay-at-home moms who tend to be conservative.

The low income city dwellers have their hands out expecting the government to pay for their food, housing and medicine. The suburbanites work hard to support themselves and resent paying taxes to support the freeloaders.

185 posted on 11/03/2004 7:44:46 PM PST by jamaly
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To: BunnySlippers

Rather than resort to ad hominem, why don't you go back and demonstrate where I'm wrong?

186 posted on 11/03/2004 7:46:40 PM PST by Axenolith (This space for rent.)
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To: 82Marine89

Patently false. Those of us in urban areas feel the pinch just as strongly.

187 posted on 11/03/2004 7:46:44 PM PST by Melas
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To: M. Peach

Vote fraud. Entrenched democrat machines. Union thugs. MSM is source for news. Lastly "meal ticket" voters.

188 posted on 11/03/2004 7:47:31 PM PST by Pajamajan (It's morning again in America!)
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To: annyokie

As a former union member (from a prior job), I still get AFSCME mail. Their phone tree sent me at least five phone messages and an equal number of campaign brochures for Kerry (the Hope and Vote campaign). Their organizers are quite effective.

189 posted on 11/03/2004 7:47:56 PM PST by Ciexyz (Bush still rules. The sun shines over America.)
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To: M. Peach
On another note, are there any steps we can take on state level to help counteract the dramatic effect inner-city votes have on the State electoral tally?

I am honestly thinking that it's high time we return to apportioning electors based solely on which candidate captures a majority of the State's congressional districts. This would ensure that the mega-cities like New York don't disproportionately affect the outcome of their electoral vote - Philadelphia would be given equal weight as its surrounding counties. Heck, with a system like this at play, we may even stand a chance of winning California!!

What do y'all think about something like this? I think this is closer to the way our country was originally designed to run, in any case. Anyone recall when we started apportioning electors based on the popular vote tally? (If memory serves, it was 191x-ish - Afaik, this is decided on the State level, not in the Constitution, but I could be wrong)

(And frankly, I can't see any states approving measures like this anytime soon. It's mostly wishful classical-Republican thinking on my part at this point...)

190 posted on 11/03/2004 7:49:24 PM PST by detsaoT (insert hot-button issue here.)
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To: M. Peach

Smog and noise messes up their senses?

191 posted on 11/03/2004 7:51:53 PM PST by Dawgreg (Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.)
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To: Ciexyz

I was a former member of the AFL-CIO and I got spammed by them for years. I feel your pain.

192 posted on 11/03/2004 7:52:21 PM PST by annyokie (Can you say MANDATE, democrats?)
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To: M. Peach
In the 1960's, there was much more diversity in urban areas.
Then, with their "War on Poverty", the Democrats decided to build large government housing complexes in urban areas & destroy sub-par neighborhoods & housing.

This was called "Urban Renewal".  The Democrats segregated the minorities into these cramped, high population areas in the name of "fighting Poverty".  
Then all minorities had nice government housing & they were also neatly tucked into high population Majority-Minority voting areas.

The Democrats & Unions quickly moved in to "protect" the minorities & provide them with new Government largess-food stamps, rent subsidies, outreach programs, minimun wage laws, etc.


Now you have the poor urban areas concentrated in the big cities & segregated from the Democrat elite limousine liberals who pretend to protect minorities!

The Democrats need to keep them segregated in these areas to protect their voting base.

193 posted on 11/03/2004 7:53:43 PM PST by jrushing (Democrats=National Socialist Workers Party)
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To: hosepipe
Public schools for the masses in big cities is mass production.

You've hit the nail on the head. One reason there are so many red-zoners on the outskirts of major cities: thirty years of federal-court-ordered forced bussing. People who didn't want their children bussed moved into neighboring counties, out of the reach of the dictatorial judges. After awhile, these 'exurban' areas became seen as great places to raise a family, and young people planning families moved there from the start.

194 posted on 11/03/2004 7:58:33 PM PST by valkyrieanne (card-carrying South Park Republican)
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To: shaggy eel

I'm glad you posted this - I may find out why Iowa wasn't defined as Democrat or Republican in the run up to voting. I thought of it as midwest, a lot more rural than urban and wondered why it wasn't either Party's territory. Earlier today I saw the votes for Republican easily outweighed Democrat... but I'm still not sure why it couldn't be predicted sooner.""

They had the results earlier in Iowa than they had them in Ohio. Since Ohio was the big prize, exposing the results of N Mex and Iowa would have taken the suspense out of the results of Ohio and kept sKerry in the game longer. As it was, Iowa, N Mex, AND Nevada all went for BUSH, along with Ohio. The media just didn't want to give out the little prizes while they were hoping that Ohio would go to sKerry. Even today, they were trying to redo simple math with the statistics of Ohio.

Gotta love how Dan Rather pissed in Ed Bradley's beard over the math of the Provisional ballots in Ohio. Ed pointed out the math probabilities of having the provisional ballots making up the difference sKerry needed, and said it couldn't happen. Rather snidely commented that Ed Bradley wasn't a "mathematicion", and Ed spoke right up and said "I used to be a math teacher". Rather just pushed the remark aside, embarrassing Ed Bradley.
I would love to be a fly on the wall at CBS to have heard what Ed had to say to Rather after the show. Rather needs to be blistered for treating Ed in that manner. While I don't watch 60 minutes any more for their strong bias, I still think Ed Bradley is a class act. Newer reporters cannot hold a candle to him.

195 posted on 11/03/2004 8:02:13 PM PST by ridesthemiles (ridesthemiles)
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To: Spirochete
The parasites don't have to follow, they just expand the city limits and re-absorb the escaped hosts via annexation.

It depends on the state. St. Louis City, for instance, is deep navy blue (81% for Kerry this election), but only has about 350,000 people.

Neighboring St. Louis and St. Charles County between them have about 1.5 million people. The city is always whining about forcing the neighboring counties into one big megalopolis, but guess what - our state constitution mandates a vote. Since the population differences are so skewed, something like that would never pass, at least not here. Of course, if a city can annex without a vote, then that state has far worse problems.

196 posted on 11/03/2004 8:02:57 PM PST by valkyrieanne (card-carrying South Park Republican)
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To: Chaguito

Because urban folk think meat comes out of a plastic wrapper. Think about it.""

And milk comes from the grocery store in a plastic jug. They never seem to connect the cow to the event.

197 posted on 11/03/2004 8:03:43 PM PST by ridesthemiles (ridesthemiles)
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To: ottothedog

Here's an interesting crime stat I noticed:

Fredericksburg, Virginia is 50 miles from either Washington, DC or Richmond, VA. It is a city of 19,200 people.

It is also completely in charge of the liberals (most likely thanks to Mary Washington College). It went for Gore in 2000 and Kerry in the recent election.

Fredericksburg's crime index = 382.2 (higher means more crime, US average = 330.6)

Now, let's look at Manassas, Virginia, a city solidly in charge of conservatives that went for Bush in 2000 and Bush in the recent election. Manassas, Virginia is a city of 35.135 people and is 20 miles from Washington, DC.

Manassas's crime index = 277.3 (higher means more crime)

Another data point is that it recently came out in the local Fredericskburg paper that Fredericksburg's teen pregnancy rate is SIGNIFICANTLY above the surrounding counties of Spotsylvania and Stafford. If I recall correctly, it's almost double.

Based on that, the only conclusion that I can come to is that liberalism and social pathology go together like flies on crap.

198 posted on 11/03/2004 8:09:33 PM PST by brianl703 (Border crossing is a misdemeanor. So is drunk driving. Which do we have more checkpoints for?)
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To: TXBubba

You forgot to mention that rural dwellers tend to be the most stuck up, cliquish people on the face of the earth. I lived in a tiny East Texas town for almost 10 years, and never did fit in. Moved back to my element, Dallas, and was amazed at how friendly the people are.

199 posted on 11/03/2004 8:10:02 PM PST by Melas
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To: TypeZoNegative

The biggest source of racism in this country is the Irish, and their ingrained hatred for the blacks. That is why the biggest pits of racial animosity are northern Irish dominated areas.

We saw this in the Boston School-Busing riots.

We see it still in my city in Irish dominated Kensington and Grays Ferry which are the most extreme anti-black areas.

200 posted on 11/03/2004 8:11:15 PM PST by Hermann the Cherusker
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