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Lawrence O'Donnell calls Red states"welfare" states; urges Blue states to secede

Posted on 11/07/2004 2:17:10 PM PST by bushisdamanin04

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To: mystery-ak
Let the cities become independent city-nations so they can insulate themselves from America: and American food, American trade, American markets...and even American military protection.
41 posted on 11/07/2004 2:32:58 PM PST by CWOJackson
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To: sittnick
If someone told me that we would have local sovereignty over abortion and pornography and gun control and bureaucracy and tax policy, and in exchange I might not get prescription coverage in my Medicaid, I would take that deal in a Northeast Blue State Minute!!


Define "Northeast Blue State Minute"

42 posted on 11/07/2004 2:32:58 PM PST by AM2000
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To: bushisdamanin04

Pray for O'Donnell. He is clearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Although we don't know the reason--be it drug abuse, sexual identity confusion, addiction to gay porn--whatever the reason, let's hope he is able to pull through.

43 posted on 11/07/2004 2:33:04 PM PST by montag813
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To: bushisdamanin04

These people are so childish.

44 posted on 11/07/2004 2:33:25 PM PST by ncpatriot
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To: MizSterious
...bring 'em down to Oklahoma and let them call us rubes, rednecks, ignorant, and stupid. I cordially invite them. (And I hope they have good medical coverage. I'd hate to have the taxpayers pay for patching them up.)

It's starting already...

45 posted on 11/07/2004 2:34:31 PM PST by Libloather (SURPRISE! Effin' Kerry failed the American Election Test...)
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To: stinkerpot65
2. Bush, Cheny will be impeached, indicted.

Call me all the names you want, but this will at least be tried. Under the right circumstances, with the right coordination with the MSM, it may even get off the ground. Fortunately, the Constitution requires a 2/3 vote for conviction and removal from office. And there are not 22 RINOs in the Senate, even on a good day.

46 posted on 11/07/2004 2:35:13 PM PST by GoBucks2002
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To: CWOJackson
Yes, the county-by-county map -- which is now my wallpaper! -- demonstrates that. Most of California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington, and even New York, are ..... RED!
47 posted on 11/07/2004 2:35:42 PM PST by bushisdamanin04
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To: CWOJackson

Since Im in central Illinois, all red south of 1-80...I agree...

48 posted on 11/07/2004 2:36:00 PM PST by mystery-ak (This military family thanks America for re-electing our CinC)
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To: bushisdamanin04

What a crock of horse manure. He's equating a win for Kerry in the blue states with a sufficient number of votes to carry a call for secession in a nation that has an established precedent for dealing with seceding states.

On the other hand, a motion in the Congress to boot out states like Massachusetts might be perfectly legit.

49 posted on 11/07/2004 2:36:04 PM PST by Mr Ramsbotham (Laws against sodomy are honored in the breech.)
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To: bushisdamanin04

Let them secede and see who ends up providing them groceries at exorbitant prices.

50 posted on 11/07/2004 2:36:18 PM PST by TADSLOS (Right Wing Infidel since 1954)
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To: Jagdgewehr
They would lose big time. Leftists in this country are way behind the "private ownership of firearms" curve.

That would be an understatement.

51 posted on 11/07/2004 2:36:38 PM PST by Godebert
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To: Jagdgewehr

Yeah, but let's encourage their delusions. Then, maybe we can corner the b*st*rds from where they can't escape.

52 posted on 11/07/2004 2:39:07 PM PST by x1stcav (John Kerry was the only hero from Vietnam; the rest of us were war criminals.)
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To: stinkerpot65

In Washington, there are movements in ultra liberal counties, such as King County, to split the counties. The splits would essentially be along urban, liberal areas and the more conservative areas. This may come as a shock to O'Donnell and the DUmmies, but it is the liberals who so adamantly oppose these splits.

53 posted on 11/07/2004 2:40:37 PM PST by bushisdamanin04
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To: The Great Yazoo

Hey let them import their own food, from Mexico, South America, etc....HAHAHAHAHA What a bunch of non thinkers.

54 posted on 11/07/2004 2:41:55 PM PST by Kackikat
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To: bushisdamanin04

Red state want a tax cut Blue states want a tax increase. Why can't both get what they want? All we have to do is eliminate the tax deduction for state income taxes and real estate taxes and allow a deduction for driving to work.

55 posted on 11/07/2004 2:43:13 PM PST by Dave Burns
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To: stinkerpot65

Oh my GOD...holding sides...laughing soooo hard...gasping for air...

"Cut off all contact with Republican relatives"

This is RICH...this is cult-like mentality if I've ever heard it.

Seriously folks- did any of you ever realize there were this MANY of these folks out there? Truthfully, I didn't. Although I know they are entrenched in our colleges and our public schools...I had no CLUE so many people were like this. I feel like an idiot.

Come to think of it...I have some family in Burlington, Vermont. They are really kind and fun people. After a death in the family last summer we talked on the phone...and we made plans to get together for the funeral.
At the end of our chat the elction came up- my cousin asked who I was voting for- when I told him GWB, all the warmth left his voice. Further- none of them came to the funeral.

56 posted on 11/07/2004 2:43:57 PM PST by SE Mom (To Chirac: No blood for chocolate!)
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To: montag813

I seriously think he is. Pre-election, when he was on MSNBC and another guest stated that Danial Patrick M. would have supported Bush for reelection, O'Donnell interrupted and starting shouting and getting red as the proverbial beet. I thought he was going to have a stroke on national TV.

57 posted on 11/07/2004 2:45:33 PM PST by bushisdamanin04
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To: bushisdamanin04

O'Donnell's bile speaks for itself, but take a look at

'Blue states' tend somewhat to get less from the Feds than their red counterparts. Does getting a lot of Federal money make the recipient states skeptical of its value? Are the blue states simply more willing to bribe others to get their favorite sons into power?

Mean federal expenditure per dollar of federal taxes paid is $1.12.

01 - North Dakota 2.03
02 - New Mexico 1.89
03 - Mississippi 1.84
04 - Alaska 1.82
05 - West Virginia 1.74

25 - Kansas 1.14
26 - Vermont 1.12

41 - California 0.81
42 - New York 0.81
44 - Massachusetts 0.79
46 - Minnesota 0.46
47 - Nevada 0.73
48 - New Hampshire 0.68
49 - Connecticut 0.64
50 - New Jersey 0.52

58 posted on 11/07/2004 2:46:53 PM PST by hlmencken3 (Think good and it will be good!)
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To: Tribemike

Now O'Donnell's saying they ought to secede too? The first left-wing whacko I heard this from is Bob Beckles. Then I heard it from Geraldine Ferraro. After hearing this, I wrote friends and family an email, which included the following...

"Bob Beckles, democrat operative and spokesman said recently, after the election, that the red states might as well secede (personally, I LIKE the idea). Geraldine Ferraro (Ferrari = powerful, sexy, Italian sports car, and winner of many races; Ferraro = powerless democrat, past her prime and not particularly attractive, Italian poor sport, famous loser of races) said on Hannity and Colmes last night that if the red states seceded from the blue that they would lose all of the talented, enlightened people and would be left with nothing (or something very much to that effect). What a pompous, condescending, arrogant, conceited, bitch. Sounds like a mirror image of Kerry, although he is not a bitch (that merely describes his crazy-ass wife and his "little-bitch-of-a-running-mate-with-the-little-girlie-hands-as-described-by-Ann-Coulter" - John Edwards). NO WONDER THEY LOST BIG TIME."

59 posted on 11/07/2004 2:46:56 PM PST by DocH (Release ALL your Navy records AND your private journal Kerry!)
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To: bushisdamanin04

Don't worry blue states won't have to kick them out the Red states are already crying about it.,1413,200~29627~2518954,00.html

Very funny read.

60 posted on 11/07/2004 2:47:01 PM PST by Anti-Christ is Hillary (John Kerry - Flip Flop shock and awe)
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