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Arafatís Billions
American Centre for Democracy ^ | July 23, 2004 | Rachel Ehrenfeld

Posted on 11/08/2004 10:46:23 AM PST by ijcr

The news about Yasser Arafat’s demise still proves to be premature. As long as the official Palestinian Authority daily Al Hayat Al Jadida calls for “a bloodless overthrow, which Yasser Arafat will execute against Arafat Yasser,” and most other Palestinian papers continue to support him, he is free to demonstrate that despite tottering under the combined effects of the failure of the Intifada against the Israelis, the Bush administration’s disgust, the United Nations envoy Terje Roed-Larsen’s reprimand, and even the growing resentment of a large portion of the Palestinian population, he is still the boss and no changes or agreements regarding the Palestinians can be made without him. He is determined to maintain control over the situation because he can — he holds the keys to the vault.

Never mind the protests against his and his cronies’ corruption, nepotism, and the growing violence and chaos in the territories, and never mind the concession Mr. Arafat had to make in removing his cousin, Musa Arafat, whom he just appointed to head the Gaza Security Forces. Yasser Arafat’s control of the stolen wealth of the PLO and the Palestinian Authority enables him to continue to call the shots and shoot down, yet again, the prospect of a viable Palestinian state.

Jawad Ghussein, who was the secretary general of the Palestinian National Fund until 1996, remarked on the telephone from London, “The billions Arafat has stolen over the years from the Palestinian people facilitated the corruption of the Palestinian leadership, and is the source of his power over them.” He went on to say that Mr. Arafat “took aid money and contributions that were earmarked for the Palestinian people, to his own account.” Mr. Ghussein was in a position to know: for 12 years, he had deposited $7.5 million to $8 million each month into Mr. Arafat’s personal bank account.

The International Monetary Fund report “Economic Performance and Reforms under Conflict Conditions,” released in September 2003 in Abu Dhabi, concluded that $900 million in P.A. revenues from 69 commercial enterprises belonging to the P.A. in the West Bank, Gaza and abroad, “disappeared” between 1995 and 2000.

The report also found that the 2003 budget for Arafat’s office, which totaled $74 million, was missing $34 million that Mr.Arafat had transferred to pay unidentified “organizations” and “individuals.”

Furthermore, the report revealed that at least 8% — $135 million — of the P.A.’s annual budget of $1.08 billion is being spent by Mr. Arafat at his sole discretion. However, the IMF report did not take into account Mr. Arafat’s control of 60% of the security-apparatus budget, which leaves him with at least additional $360 million a year to spend as he chooses.

This report was followed by news that in the period between July 2002 and September 2003 Mr. Arafat transferred $11.4 million to his wife, Suha’s French bank accounts. But recent information reveals that in 1996, Mrs. Arafat arrived in Buenos Aires with $30 million in cash that she invested in a business with other Palestinians.

As of August 2002, Mr. Arafat’s personal holdings also included $500 million of the PLO’s money; in all, his holdings were reported at that time, to total $1.3 billion.This money is enough to (a) feed 3 million Palestinians for 1 year, (b) buy 1,000 mobile intensive care units, (c) fund 10 hospitals for a decade, and (d) would still leave $585 million to fund other social projects.

Where does the money that Mr. Arafat steals, originate from? At least 60% of the P.A.’s budget comes from international aid contributions, of which the European Union is the largest donor.According to the Palestinian Ministry of Planning and International Corporation, individual E.U. member states have donated at least $1.3 billion to the P.A.

Altogether, aid from Europe — including E.U. donations — from 1998 to 2001, has totaled at least $4 billion. In total, 10% of the E.U.’s overseas aid has been donated to the Palestinians alone. In addition, on May 27, 2004, the English announced a £26.5 million aid package, to be transferred directly to the P.A.

Saudi contributions, until 2003, amounted to $15.4 million every two months. Last December, while attacks against Israel continued, America, Japan, the E.U., and Norway, joined by the Arab League countries and the IMF approved another $1.2 billion to the P.A. for the 2004 budget.

At the same time, the World Bank granted it $15 million, and the E.U. gave $40 million more in assistance to the PA for “reforms and emergency economic aid.” While America’s annual gift to the Palestinians increased from $100 million to $213 million. An additional $223 million was returned recently by Israel to the P.A. in sales taxes for the year 2003.

Last February, Congress was supposed to hold hearings about Mr. Arafat’s and the P.A.’s corruption, but at the last minute the hearings were cancelled. Had these hearings been held, the Palestinian people and the world could have learned about the extent of Mr. Arafat’s corruption of the political leadership as well as that of the Palestinian society.

Had that happened, it is conceivable that a few courageous reform-seeking Palestinians would have found the justification to finally overthrow Mr. Arafat and his corrupt regime. The demonstrations in Gaza and the West Bank may be signaling that Mr. Arafat’s days are numbered. But since he still holds the purse strings, it is unlikely that he will be overthrown anytime soon. Instead, his Fatah movement, assisted by Hezbollah is busy planning mega homicide bombing in Israel — one was foiled earlier this week.

In reaction to what seems like a timely opportunity for finally removing Mr.Arafat, Secretary of State Powell said, “We believe the correct path forward involves Mr. Arafat yielding power, real executive power, to a prime minister for that prime minister to do what is needed for the Palestinian community.” Is this all the secretary can say to encourage the desired regime-change?

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Extended News; Foreign Affairs
KEYWORDS: arafat; corruption; money; terrorism
An article in much more detail entitled "Where Does the Money Go? A Study of the Palestinian Authority".

American Center for Democracy

1 posted on 11/08/2004 10:46:23 AM PST by ijcr
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Comment #2 Removed by Moderator

To: ijcr

Guess Suha araRAT is sweating it out because she wants those billions to continue her lavish Parisian lifestyle.

3 posted on 11/08/2004 11:00:28 AM PST by lilylangtree (Veni, Vidi, Vici)
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To: ijcr

There was an article in Penthouse about how Arafat got his money. At that time he had a couple billion and this issue was published between 1980 and 1983...I was stationed in Germany at the time and happened to run across a copy in the barracks. Anyone got some old copies stacked in the garage?

He's been short-stopping the cash for quite a while. I wonder how much he really has.

4 posted on 11/08/2004 11:01:55 AM PST by edfrank_1998
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To: F15Eagle
[ since he was Egyptian, he likely had no other cause than to be a thorn in Israel's side. And stack up the dough. ]

Exactly.. There are no Pali's only Whatever'ians...

NO Pali language, NO pali dishes, NO Pali dances, NO Pali history, NO Pali culture, NO Pali music, NO Pali infrastructure, NO Pali Art, NO Pali Archetecture, NO Pali Currency, NO Pali WARS, for sure- NO Pali VICTORYS.. and last NO PALI.stein..WHY?..why indeed

5 posted on 11/08/2004 11:02:42 AM PST by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to included some fully orbed hyperbole....)
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To: ijcr
He's dead, isn't he?

I think he's been dead for days and they'd better get that camel-faced killer into a grave fast!

Even if he kicks and screams, pay no attention. You know how these muslims lie.

6 posted on 11/08/2004 11:02:44 AM PST by JesseHousman (Execute Mumia Abu-Jamal)
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To: ijcr
The French absolutely love this evil tyrant. Check out this story for a big hah-hah Arafat's wife Suha wants control

This would almost be funny if Yassir were not responsible for the cold blooded murder of 10,000 innocent Christians in Lebanon (Black Sept) and the horrendous Terrorist attack at the Olympics ,And Suha is right there shaking the Pom-poms

It makes me want to barf , the way the media portrays this turd yassir as some kind of legendary hero, henceforth I vow that when I announce a trip to the restroom or trench I will say "Excuse me i need to go take a Yassir"

7 posted on 11/08/2004 11:03:27 AM PST by Freesofar ( "Excuse me , I need to go take a Yassir, I'll be right back.")
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To: ijcr
"Arafat’s Billions"

Billions...that would explain Chirac's love for Arafat. And I thought he was just a tasteless bas***d. I guess he's a greedy tasteless bas***d.

8 posted on 11/08/2004 11:05:16 AM PST by CWOJackson
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To: CWOJackson

I'm still hopeful Arafat will be buried at sea. They should strap him in a wheelchair and push him overboard in the middle of the Med.

9 posted on 11/08/2004 11:12:19 AM PST by Eric in the Ozarks
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To: Eric in the Ozarks
They should strap him in a wheelchair and push him overboard in the middle of the Med.

First cut of his nuts and feed them to a pig, then shoot his knees full of birdshot, then wait a few hours, and only then put him overboard

10 posted on 11/08/2004 11:21:41 AM PST by Ancesthntr
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To: CWOJackson

Message to Suha/Yassar: "Turn over the money, or we'll unplug your life support"

11 posted on 11/08/2004 11:22:28 AM PST by princess leah (\)
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Comment #12 Removed by Moderator

To: JesseHousman
I think he's been dead for days and they'd better get that camel-faced killer into a grave fast!

where is dr. kervorkian when you need him?

13 posted on 11/08/2004 11:45:21 AM PST by mlocher (america is a sovereign state)
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