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Letter left on Theo Van Gogh's body - A call to destroy America and all "unbelievers"
Militant Muslim ^ | November 6, 2004 | Beila Rabinowitz

Posted on 11/16/2004 4:52:07 AM PST by Gritty

Translations of ' martyrdom letter ' carried by killer - Death threat letter to cabinet minister Geert Wilders
November 5, 2004

MIM: Below is the english translation of the letter which was stuck into the body of Theo Van Gogh with knife . Beneath that letter is the one which was found on the terrorist who killed him and hoped to be shot and martyred. Today the NRC Handelsblad published an 'open letter' which the killer had written to Geert Wilders a member of the Dutch cabinet. The original text and translation are also to be found below:

The letter can be seen as a "Jihad Manifesto" since the killer refers to himself as the "Emir van de Muhajideen"

These writings show conclusively that the Islamists are living in a parallel universe . This letter should be a wake up call for all of us to see that militant Islamist killers are dwelling among us. In the following days MIM will publish translations of articles which will explain the phenomenon of how such an Islamist who went to Dutch schools was able to fester and infect Dutch society with his deadly poison. After the killing 8 other Muslims living in Holland were arrested. A statistical study of percentage of potentially lethal Muslims in Holland shows that there are 50,000 militant Islamists presently at large.


MIM: In an unprecedented move these letters were published by the NRC Handelsblad - the Dutch version of the Wall Street Journal.



Open letter to Hirshi Ali

In the name of Allah - the BeNeficent - the Merciful

Peace and Blessings from the head of the Holy Warriors - the laughing killer Mohammed Rasoeloe Allah -(Sala Allaho alahie wa Sallam) his family and his companions who will steadfastly accompany him till on the Day of Judgement .

There is no agression except for agression against agressors.

The following:

Peace and blessings on those who follow the Leader .

This is an open letter on a fundamentalist unbeliever,Ayaan Hirsi Ali. from the Thaghoet Party VVD.

Dear Mrs Hirshi Ali,

Since your appearence in the Dutch political arena you have been constantly busy criticising Muslims and terrorising Islam with your statements. You are hereby not the first and not the last and also won't be the last to have joined the crusade against Islam.

With your attacks you have not only turned your back on the Truth, but you are also marching along the ranks of the soldiers of evil. U are not putting your hostility towards Islam under chairs and benches and therefore your masters have rewarded you with a seat in parliament. They have found in you an ally who gives them all the "powder" so that they dont have to dirty their own hands. It appears that you are blinded by your burning unbelief and in your rage you are not able to see that your are just an instrument of the real enemies of Islam.

You are being used by all the enemies of Islam to siphon all kinds of hostilities towards the most noble person (Mohammed Rasoeloe Alla).

Mrs. Hirshi Ali, I don't blame you for all of this, as a soldier of evil you are just doing your work.

The fact that you so openly spill out your evil is not because of you yourself, but the Islamic Ummah. She has as her task to resist injustice and has let evil go on and has been blissfully asleep. All of your hostility towards Islam is therefore the fault of the Islamic Ummah.

This letter is Insha Allah (God willing) an attempt to stop your evil and silence you forever.These writings will Inshallah cause your mask to fall off.

I would first like to begin by your recently launched proposal to screen Muslims regarding their ideology on job applications.

Your proposal is very interesting, even more because the implementation of has brought out the rotten face of your political masters (when of course it was honestly tested on them and they openly make their ideology known).

It is a fact that Dutch politics is dominated by many Jews and is a product of the Talmudic Schools, as is also the case with your colleagues in your political party.

Seeing as that you always propagate "the hand on one's own chest" we would first like to test this proposal on you yourself. The same politics which through it's policies has joined in the terrorism against Islam and Muslims.

I would very much like to put to you the following question:

What do you think about the fact that van Aartsen and their ideological counterparts see non Jews as not being human?

Baba Mezie 114a -114b :Only Jews are people ("Only you are called (the) people") Also see Kerithoth 6b under the sub heading ("Oil of annointing") and Berkath 56a in which Gentile (non Jews) are called women animals ( "female donkeys")

Ybamoth 92a : All Gentile children are animals

What do you think of the fact that the Mayor of Amsterdam is at the helm of and ideologie whereby Jews have to lie to non Jews? Baba Kamma 113a : Jews may use lies ("listen") to mislead gentiles .

What do you think of the fact that you are part of a government that supports a State which pleads for genocide ?

Sofarim 15, line 10 (Minor Tarcctates): This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tod shebe goyim herog) ("Even the best gentiles must be killed")

Seeing as that you are a champion of equal rights, you should, (after this knowledge has come to you) plead with your Jewish masters to reject the teachings of the Talmud. You will most likely make it a point to deliver the same plea to the Jewish community in the Netherlands.

Your appearances reveal your lack of courage now and then when you are asking for attention for your struggle. You even had the cowardice to ask Islamic children in school to choose between their creator and the constitution.

You immediately used the answer of these pure young souls to justify the arguments behind your crusade. With these hostilities you have unleashed a boomerang effect and you know that it is only a question of time until this boomerang will seal your fate.

You have the chances now, misses Hirshi Ali, once and for all to carve your own notch in the pages.

There is but one certainty in our entire existence, and that is that everything comes to an end.

A child who comes into this world and fills the universe with his first cries of life, will finally leave this world with a death rattle .

A blade of grass which can stick out of the dark earth and is touched by the sunlight and fed by falling rain , will finally rot into dust and disappear.

Death, Mrs. Hirshi Ali , is a shared theme of everything that exists. You, I and the rest of creation cannot get loose from this truth.

There will come a Day when one soul will not be able to help another soul. A Day of horrible tortures and painful tribulations which will go together with with the terrible cries being pressed out of the lungs of the unjust .Cries. Mrs. Hirshi Ali, which will cause chills to run up someones spine, and cause the hair on their head to stand straight up. People will appear to be drunk with (with fear) even though they arent drunk. On that Great Day the atmosphere will be filled with FEAR.

When the sun will be rolled up.

When the stars fall.

And when the mountains will be moved.

And when the beasts of burden will be left behind.

And when the sea will be brought to a boil.

And when all souls will be united.

And when the girl who was buried alive will be questioned.

About every sin for which she was killed.

When the pages will be flung open.

And the sky will be dripping .

And the heavens will be dripping.

An when the Djahim (Hell) will be set aflame.

And when Paradise will be brought closer by.

Then the soul will know what it has performed. (81:1-14)

On that day man will flee from his brother .

And the mother from the father.

And the woman from her children.

And everyone of them on that Day shall have an occupation which is enough for them.

Faces (of the unbelievers) will be covered with dust on that Day.

And they will be ringed in darkness.

These are the sinful unbelievers .(80:34-42)

Of course you as an unbelieving extremist dont believe in the scene which is described above. For you this is just a fictitious dramatic piece out of a Book like many. And yet, Mrs.Hirsi Ali, I would bet on my life that you will break into a SWEAT OF FEAR when you read this.

You, as unbelieving fundamentalist, of course dont believe in a Higher Power who runs the universe.

You dont believe in your heart, with with you repudiate the truth, that you must knock and ask this Higher Power for permission .

You dont believe that your tongue with with you reject this Higher Power is subservient to his laws.

U dont believe that this Higher Power grants life and Death.

If you really believed in all of this , then you would not find the following challenge a problem.

I challenge you with this letter to proof that you are right : You dont have to do much for that :

Mrs. Hirshi Ali :Wishes Death if you are really convinced that you are right.

If you accept this challenge, you will know that my Master, the Most high, has exposed you as a bearer of lies.

"If you wish death, then you are being truthful". But those who never wish to die, because of what their hands (and sins) have brought forth".

And Allah is the all knowing over the purveyors of lies .(2:94-95).

To prevent myself of having to the same wish coming to me as I wish for you, I shall wish this wish for you:

Mijn Rabb (master) give us death to give us happiness with martyrdom.Allahoemma Amien.

Mrs.Hirshi Ali and the rest of you extremist unbelievers.Islam has withstood many enemies and persecutions throughout History. Whenever pressure was put on Islam is it only a fire which fans the flames of belief. Islam like an extinct plant,which has been formed into a diamond through years of high temperatures and pressure.An extinct plant which was formed over the trials of time into the strongest precious stone on earth. A hard stone upon which will defeat any attempts to break it to pieces.


You and your friend know full well that the present day Islamic youth are raw diamonds that need to be polished, so that they can diffuse the light of Truth. Your intellectual terrorism will not prevent this, on the contrary, it will hasten this.

Islam will be victorious through the blood of the martyrs .They will spread it's light in every dark corner of this earth and it will drive evil with the sword if necessary back into it's dark hole.

This struggle which has burst forth is different then those of the past. The unbeliving fundamentalist have started it and Inshallah the true believers will end it.

There will be no mercy shown to the purveyors of injustice, only the sword will be lifted against hem.No discussions, no demonstrations, no petitions: on DEATH will separate the Truth from the Lies.

Verse: Be warned that the death that you are trying to prevent will surely find you, afterwards you will be taken back to the All Knowing and He will tell you what you attempted to do". (62:8).

And as a great Prophet once said :

"And I surely know that you, O Pharoah, will be destoyed". (17:102).

So will we use the same names and send this out ahead of us, so that the heavens and the stars will receive this news and this will be spread as a tidal wave throughout all the corners of the universe.

"I surely know that you, O America, will be destroyed ".

"I surely know that you O Europe, will be destroyed"

"I surely know that you O Holland will be destroyed"

"I surely know that you, O Hirshi Ali will be destroyed"

"I surely know that you, O unbelieving fundamentalists, will be destroyed "

Hasboena Allah wa ni3ma alwakeel.

Ni3ma al alMawla wa Ni3ma anNaseer.

Saifu Deen alMuwahhied


MIM translation :

"The suspects farewell letter : This is the actual letter that the killer who is suspected of the murder of Theo Van Gogh had with him ...


Drenched in blood these are my final words...

Pierced by bullets...

As I had hoped...

I am leaving a message behind...

For you ...the fighter ....

The tree of Tawheed is waiting...

And longing for your blood....

Take up the challenge....

And Allah will help you overcome....

He gives you the garden...

In place of this earthly rubble....

To the enemy I also have something to say...

You will certainly try to resist ...

But even if you go on a Tour of the world...

Death is Lurking right behind you ...

The Horsemen of DEATH are at your heels...

And the streets will be covered red with Blood ...

To the hypocrites I say will end with this :

Wish for DEATH or else keep quiet ...and sit...

Dear brothers and sisters I am nearing the end...

But with this my story is not ended....



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KEYWORDS: globaljihad; jihadineurope; koranimals; letters; netherlands; theovangogh
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1 posted on 11/16/2004 4:52:07 AM PST by Gritty
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To: Gritty; All
Islam, a Religion of Peace® ? Click this picture:

2 posted on 11/16/2004 4:55:48 AM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: Thud

For your information, the rantings of Van Gogh's murderer.

3 posted on 11/16/2004 5:12:57 AM PST by Dark Wing
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To: Dark Wing

so when we going to do something about them.... besides type on the computer screen...

4 posted on 11/16/2004 5:15:16 AM PST by Gibtx (pajamahadeen call to arms.....)
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To: Gibtx
But have we named the enemy? Is it muslims...or is it Islam itself...or is it Allah (Satan)? other words, are muslims redeemable?

5 posted on 11/16/2004 5:27:24 AM PST by weenie ("A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants." -- Churchill)
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To: Gritty
Islam will be victorious through the blood of the martyrs

I'm becoming very annoyed with the Islamicists' confusion of the word "murderer" with the word "martyr.

6 posted on 11/16/2004 5:32:58 AM PST by syriacus (Did Kerry's scare tactics, about folks catching the flu, keep the elderly Democrats from voting?)
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To: Gritty
And Allah will help you overcome....

He gives you the garden...

In place of this earthly rubble....

The garden's gotta be gettin' a little crowded right about now, and knowing how muslims operate, I suspect it's already trashed up.

7 posted on 11/16/2004 5:37:39 AM PST by TADSLOS (Right Wing Infidel since 1954)
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To: Gritty

It never fails to disturb matter how hard I try to view Islam as a religion of "peace". Why would God (Allah) talk like this? Preach hatred and death???

(shakes head)

8 posted on 11/16/2004 5:39:53 AM PST by hpfisher (The Truth shall reign!)
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To: Gritty


What did we (in America) learn from September 11, 2001 and the deaths of 3,000 people. I am tempted to admit: Absolutely Nothing !!!

Among the many unlearned lessons of the Day-Which-Will-Live-In-Infamy-II, the necessity to control our borders, the need for a patriotic renewal and the importance of combating multiculturalism -- the most significant is the NATURE of Islam. You will note that I do not say militant Islam, or radical Islam, or Islamic extremism or any other such weasel words – but just Islam. Period, end of argument !!!

Every one of the hijackers who flew airliners into the World Trade Center and Pentagon were professing and practicing Muslims, as is Osama bin Laden. The Al Qaeda terrorist network, is based in Muslim countries and supported financially by the so called pious Muslim leadership of Saudi Arabia !!!

The overwhelming majority of Muslim religious authorities who have spoken out on the subject, including those at the main mosque in Mecca and Egypt’s prestigious Al Azar University, either endorse or rationalize acts of terrorism. On a day when Americans were incinerated or buried under tons of rubble, Muslims from Nigeria to Indonesia, celebrated wildly in the streets !!!

Sept. 11 was just one more chapter in a 1400-year jihad. Every day, the World Trade Center massacre is reenacted on a smaller scale somewhere in the world. Jewish women and children are burned alive in a bus in Israel. A missionary is beheaded in the Philippines, gunmen shoot up a church in Pakistan, deliberately firing into the prostrate bodies of women who were trying to shield their children !!!

Ancient monasteries and convents were destroyed in Kosovo. Women are sentenced to death for adultery in Nigeria, Hindus are murdered in the Kashmir. In Denmark, the Muslim community there has put a $30,000 bounty on the heads of Jews and those who support Israel. Nuns are beheaded in Baghdad, Christians in Sudan are forced into slavery, hundreds of parents and children are murdered in a Russian school, and in Britain, Islam openly states it is going to take over not only the UK, but the entire world -- and the beat goes on... and on... and on !!!

Genocide in the Sudan, ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, religious persecution in Saudi Arabia, calls for another holocaust in mosques from Mecca to Gaza, the imposition of Islamic law in Nigeria, forced conversions in Indonesia, synagogues burned in France, Jews attacked across Europe – these are everyday events, as the Third World and much of the First slowly turns Islamic green. Eeeeyuch !!!

Sadly our leaders, from President Bush on down, insist on peddling the absolute absurdity that "Islam Is A Religion Of Peace" – a creed of kindness and benevolence tragically and inexplicably corrupted by a few misguided fanatics. Bovine Feces, George W. (pull your stupid head out of your ass) !!!

Why is the leadership of the West so reluctant to confront manifest reality? The reason lies partly with our absurd foreign policy. We have declared certain Muslim nations to be our loyal allies – including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan. Good grief... we surely would NOT want to "offeeeeeennnnnd" these dear and loving friends by saying something unflattering about their bloody, butcher-based, dark ages, moon god murder cult !!!

Americans are naturally benevolent. Most of us are taught from childhood that religion is good (and it does not matter which religion). As long as little Johnny believes in God and goodness, it’s inconsequential whether he lights candles, wears a skull cap to services or prays in the direction of Mecca. Yes, that's what most Americans are taught !!!

However... this works with every religion except Islam !!!

Consider the following: Of the three major western religions one was started by a lawgiver who helped to free slaves; one by a man of peace; the last one by a man who loved war and having sex with children. Mohammed not only led men into battle, he enjoyed marrying girls as young as six years old (yes, it's in the Koran) !!!

The essence of Mohammed's message is sick and thoroughly disgusting. A holy war where you slaughter your enemies, while at the same time encouraging followers to have sex with the children they capture (as he did) "for the glory of Allah." He even advised his followers to negotiate false peace treaties in order to lull their enemies, before they suddenly beheaded them !!!

For almost 1,400 years, that has been the reality of Islam. Within a century after the death of Mohammed, Islam spread throughout the Middle East and across North Africa. It overran the Iberian peninsula and was finally stopped in southern France. It spread eastward as far as the southern Philippines. It was not propagated by fresh-faced young men knocking on doors and announcing: “Hello. I’m from your local mosque. Have you considered the Koran?” It was and is spread by force – conversion by the sword or death -- and this murder cult method is still in practice today !!!

Some will respond that all religions go through periods of violence, usually in their infancy. Christianity had its crusades and Inquisition, its forced conversions and expulsions. The evil committed in the name of Christ happened centuries ago. But the evil committed in the name of the murder cult prophet is going on right now, even as you read these words !!!

Of 22 present conflicts in the Third World, 20 involve Muslims versus someone else. Coincidence? In his brilliant book, "Clash of Cultures and the Remaking of World Order," Samuel Huntington speaks of Islam’s "bloody borders" therein !!!

There is no Methodist Jihad, no Jewish Hasidic holy warriors, no Buddhist monk wanting to have 72 firm breasted virgins and 12 beautiful young boys waiting for him in Buddhist paradise after a suicide bombing, no Hindu Holy men plotting to blow up people and property, no Southern Baptist beheaders, and no Mormon elders preaching the annihilation of members of other faiths !!!

Islam is a religion of war and warriors – the perfect vessel for fanatics, the violence-prone, the envious and the haters of all stripes. This is the main reason why Islam is making so many converts among the formerly peaceable denizens of our prison system !!!

Still... much of the West is addicted to a fairy-tale version of Islam. Christian and Jewish clergy fall all over themselves to have interfaith services with imams. Representatives of Muslim groups are invited to the White House. The president signs a Ramadan declaration. In California, public schools ask children to role-play at being Muslims. Our universities take CAREFULLY SELECTED verses from the Koran and present them as the essence of the faith. All that’s needed is a Muslim character on “Sesame Street.” Look – it’s the Jihad Monster !!!

This perspective engenders a fatally false sense of security. Imagine, in 1940, Winston Churchill taking to the airwaves to announce “Nazism is an ideology of peace which, regrettably, has been perverted by a few fanatics like Hitler and Goebbels. But most storm troopers and SS men are fine fellows – your friends and neighbors.” Yeah... sure !!!

For the first thousand years of its history – from the death of Mohammad to the 17th. century decline of the Ottoman empire, Islam was an expansionist force. For the next 300 years, as the West rose to preeminence, Islam receded. For the past four decades – fueled by Arab oil wealth, a surplus population in the Middle East, the waning of the West and the rise of more virulent strains of the faith (Shiism, Wahhabism, Sunni fundamentalism) – Islam is expanding once more !!!

Due to Muslim immigration and aggressive proselytizing, Islam is being exported to the West. Muslim populations are burgeoning throughout Western Europe. (In southern France, there are more mosques than churches.) In Judeo-Christian America, Islam is the fastest growing religion. It is also spreading down the coast of West Africa, through the Balkans (after Serbia, Macedonia is the next target) and up from Mindanao in the Philippines. And now we tearfully observe the bloody Islamofascist murder of Theo Van Gogh !!!

Wherever it comes, Islam brings its delightful customs – child marriages, female circumcisions, rabid hatred toward Christians, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and every other non-muslim, terrorism and support for terrorism and a virulent intolerance of other faiths as it invades the local population !!!

We currently see this happening... right now... today,,, in Hamtramk, Michigan... where the ignorant city councel has purposely given Muslims permission to pollute the entire city with high-powered loud speaker screechings from the top of their mosques, from morning to night, six times a day, seven days a week, as they scream Muslim chants to glorify their pagan moon god Allah, and his child molesting, head chopping prophet, Mohammud (may he rot in hell). And the ACLU backs them 100%, threatening to sue anyone who dares to complain !!!

Yes, yes... the ACLU... the American Civil Liberties Union... but in reality it's the Arabic Communist Lucifer Union, championing their "cleave unto" plan of action against Judeo-Christian America. And then they further defend it by saying... "Hey, it's no different then when you disgustingly filthy, pig fat polluted, less than human Infidels ring your damned evil church bells on Sunday morning." !!!

So am I suggesting we declare war on over 1 million billion Muslims? The question is moot – Islam has declared war on the rest of the human race. When one side knows it’s at war and the other thinks peace and brotherhood prevail, guess who wins???

Ultimately, it is not about Jews in Israel, or Orthodox Serbs in Kosovo, or Hindus in Kashmir, Buddhists in Thailand, or Maronite Catholics in Lebanon, Taoists in China, or Christians in Sudan, Nigeria and Russia... but ALL OF US. As Ben Franklin would have it – Either we will "hang" together, or surely we shall all "hang" separately (now swap "be decapitated" for "hang" to properly update Mr. Franklin) !!!

So... have you loved a filthy, scum-sucking, Islamofascist Muzzle-em murderer today? Why not? What? You refuse to convert to Islam and follow the insanely murderous teachings of the Koran?

Sheeesh... obviously you are just another sub-human Infidel who's name will be on the list for bloody decapitation by a friendly and pieceful Islamofascist Muzzle-em murderer... and you won't get 72 virgins when you enter Islamic Hell either !!!

9 posted on 11/16/2004 5:40:21 AM PST by GeekDejure ( LOL = Liberals Obey Lucifer !!!)
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To: backhoe

ahhh... more from the religion of peace.

10 posted on 11/16/2004 5:41:31 AM PST by fhlh (democRats Lie, period, end of story.)
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To: Gritty
I keep thinking of the scene in the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark" or some similar movie where an Arabic warrior threatened Harrison Ford for several minutes with a flashy display of expert swordsmanship.

After watching the theatrics of his foe, Harrison Ford suddenly pulled out a pistol and shot the Arab dead on the spot. It was one of the funniest scenes of the movie.

11 posted on 11/16/2004 5:44:24 AM PST by LurkedLongEnough (Is there any such thing as a rhetorical question?)
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To: Gibtx
so when we going to do something about them.... besides type on the computer screen...
I think nothing will be done until we are hit hard again on our soil. Then we, like the Dutch, may be awakened to "necessities". :-(
12 posted on 11/16/2004 5:45:00 AM PST by Tunehead54 (Repeal the 22nd Amendment!)
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To: Gritty

MOST people I know believe in God in some form or another. We simply do not believe in the pagan moongod that Islam worships.....

13 posted on 11/16/2004 6:06:00 AM PST by buffyt (Mutilated bodies on Fallujah's streets today paint a harrowing picture of 8 months of rebel rule.)
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To: weenie

I agree 100% that their Allah is Satan. I have been coming to that conclusion lately. It is designed to divide all people on earth. Who else but Satan would come up with a "religion" that would cause the whole world to want to kill each other. Islam = satanic.

14 posted on 11/16/2004 6:07:38 AM PST by buffyt (Mutilated bodies on Fallujah's streets today paint a harrowing picture of 8 months of rebel rule.)
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To: buffyt

Europe better wake up. How quickly they have forgotton.

15 posted on 11/16/2004 6:09:23 AM PST by bonfire
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To: buffyt
I was in an argument with a muslim and he said but what is good and what is evil?

...and I said

Good = Truth/Love

Evil = Lies/Hatred

He emailed me back and said, "f**k you."

16 posted on 11/16/2004 6:11:35 AM PST by weenie ("A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants." -- Churchill)
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To: Gritty

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah-blah. Kill infidels. Blah-blah.

17 posted on 11/16/2004 6:12:14 AM PST by AmericanChef
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To: weenie
But have we named the enemy? Is it muslims...or is it Islam itself...or is it Allah (Satan)? other words, are muslims redeemable?

I don't think so, but some aluminum cans and bottles are.

18 posted on 11/16/2004 6:28:50 AM PST by 8mmMauser
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To: weenie
... are muslims redeemable?

There are some Muslims who have turned to Jesus, so Muslims are redeemable. But, it is a difficult process as it is with any strong cult, especially one which controls vast swaths of earthly real estate and cultures.

The problem is getting through the brainwashing, threats and cultural bondage imposed on it's adherents. It is an easy religion to enter but a very difficult religion to leave. It can cost you your life as well as complete ostracism from all your family and society in general. The blindness of Satan's deception is exceedingly strong in this theology as it encompasses all major spheres of human life - social, familial, theological, political, judicial.

The final arbiter of the sword is never far from the hands of Muslim believers and fanatics.

19 posted on 11/16/2004 6:29:08 AM PST by Gritty ("These people donít want to change our society, they want to destroy it"-Dutch Parlimentary Leader)
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To: Gritty
The problem is getting through the brainwashing, threats and cultural bondage imposed on it's adherents.

What you say is true.

I can't see how we can defend ourselves against the issue of Islam until we have a clear plan of action...

Do we undertake to deprogram muslims with a massive campaign while at the same time waging physical war against its soldiers or do we do what we are doing now and that is ultimately putting out fires...

It seems to me that right now we are fighting a battle but losing the war.

20 posted on 11/16/2004 6:35:24 AM PST by weenie ("A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants." -- Churchill)
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