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To: ArmedNReady
There is no separation between islam and radical islam.
Oh I assure you there is. I have no radical friends or relatives of any religion, but I have many Albanian muslim in-laws. They are divided over Iraq, Abortion, Briefs vs. Boxers, whatever, much as Americans are.

What tangible evidence can you present that islam is a "religion of peace"?
I'm an athiest, if you ask me, there is no religion of peace, but that's just my opinion and I'm cool with other people not sharing it. I'm not asking you to belive that Islam is a religion of peace, I'm just letting you know there are peaceful muslims and your sterotype is wrong. I found them in Albania, I havn't been anywhere else, so I can't tell you if they are elsewhere.

Other questions about Islam
Again, I'm not a Muslim. I know little about it.

Can you tell me why these "peaceful" muslims that you say exist do not act to stop the "radical" muslims?
Geez, I don't know. Maybe one day Albanians will invade Iraq and help bring democracy and peace right to the heart of the middle east. There pretty small though. Maybe if someone bigger invades Iraq they'll help out with say 71 troops, and increase it later to say 200. Wait a minuite! Does this count!

Listen, I'm just letting you know your stereotype is a little off, because... wait for it...

You forgot about Albania!
40 posted on 11/24/2004 8:27:21 AM PST by crail (Better lives have been lost on the gallows than have ever been enshrined in the halls of palaces.)
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To: crail

"'There is no separation between islam and radical islam.'

'Oh I assure you there is.'"

There is no separation. They pray in the same mosques, read the same koran, listen to the same clerics encourage them to kill, attend the same schools, make excuses for each others behavior, etc.

I asked you to provide tangible evidence that islam is a "religion of peace" but you were not able to provide any evidence, then stated that my stereotype was wrong. You state that you are not a muslim and know little about islam so I am not sure why you feel that you can make such a statement regarding my "sterotypes". There are muslims who will never murder anyone and who will never become suicide bombers just as there were many Germans in Nazi Germany that did not kill any Jews nor raise a gun to anyone. But when a group of people want acceptance by the world as a group, they must come to terms with the actions of members of their group and work to eliminate barbaric behavior. There is no such movement within islam. The actions of must muslims shows acceptance of radical islam if not outright support. There are a pitiful few muslims who speak out against radical islam and even fewer clerics who do so.

What if President Bush decided to overrun Europe? What if he sent troops to Europe, bombed the factories, destroyed the cities, destroyed the infrastructure, killed millions of innocent people? What if everyone in the US (and the world) knew that this was taking place? What if Congress and the American people said nothing and did nothing to stop this? Would anyone in the world not blame the American people for these actions? While it is far-fetched to think that something like this would happen, the American people would stop this from continuing to take place and would accept responsibility for the actions. Islam exists in a state of denial.

And you use the example of Albania sending troops to was this a mosque that sent these troops? Or was this the Islamic Republic of Albania that sent troops? Were they sent to fight islamic terrorists? Or were they sent to free Iraq? I would like to see their marching orders that say: "Go fight islamic terrorism".

47 posted on 11/24/2004 9:43:19 AM PST by ArmedNReady (Islam, the cancer on humanity.)
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