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Spanish investigators have discovered Atlantis's archaeological evidences...
Atlantis News's Agency (C.O.S.S.) ^ | 11-25-2004 | Antonio Beltrán Martinez

Posted on 11/25/2004 6:49:34 PM PST by Maria Fdez-Valmayor

Spanish investigators have discovered Atlantis's archaeological evidences...

Atlantis = Iberia. Atlantis in Gibraltar and Ibero-Morrocian. The Georgeo's theories

(I Part)

Extracts the Georgeo's theories an hipotesis. (Forum Atlantis-Rising 2001-2004)


Official website of the Georgeos's tehories (in spanish)

Spanish investigators have discovered archaeological evidences underneath the sea, near the coasts of Gibraltar, that could belong to the Atlantic civilization described by Plato with the name of Atlantis and that the Greek philosopher located exactly in front of the Columns of Hercules (Straits of Gibraltar), next to the region of Gadeira (Cadiz, Andalusia) and of the Atlas (Morocco).

The first findings were made in the summer of the 2003. A report with the preliminary results was made, they consulted to great experts of reputation the International as George F. Bass and Cemal Pulak and the report were sent to the authorities and competent organisms of Spain and to UNESCO.

It has spent a year, and still no scientific institution has shown interest to study the solid evidences discovered by the team of collaborating explorers of the investigator and escriptólogo Georgeos Diaz-Montexano, intellectual author of the theories that support these discoveries on the identification of the kingdom of the Atlantis with the Atlantic towns of the coasts of Iberia and Morocco.

It is the first time in all history that is discovered architectonic rest and metal devices under the sea in a location that agrees in a 100% with the descriptions offered by Plato on the geographic place where it was the island and the Acropolis of the Atlantis.

Some investigators protest to have found Atlantis in other places of the World like Jim Allen, that places in a so remote place of Gibraltar as mountains of Bolivia, whereas Robert Samarst now is conceited to have discovered the Atlantis near the coasts of Cyprus, but Sarmast has still not discovered nor a single archaeological evidence, the only thing that does since it initiated his expeditions is to show pretty drawings of virtual maps recreated by knoll computers and natural geologic formation that it interprets like rest of Atlantis buried by the marine bottom.

The Spanish investigator Georgeos Diaz-Montexano, the German Ulf Ritcher and the Dutch Jonas Berghman are the only investigators who defend with scientific rigor and adjusting to Plato's texts and many other authors of the antiquity the only possible location of Atlantis: the one that describes Plato, that is to say, near the Columns of Hercules (Gibraltar), Gadeira (Cadiz, Andalusie, Spain) and the Atlas (Morocco).

The Georgeos Diaz-Montexano's equipment of collaborator is the unique one who has shown the world submarine archaeological evidences that have been analyzed by the experts and they have still not been possible to recognize or to classify. These evidences are to depths that correspond with the old level of the sea of several thousands of years before the times of Solón and Plato.

It is paradoxical that the team of Spanish investigators has still not demanded the discovery of Atlantis, in spite of being those that more scientific evidences have and that nevertheless, Robert Sarmarst does not matter to him to affirm to the world that already has discovered Atlantis when the only thing that it has at the moment is not more than a few natural hills and formation - until it demonstrates to the opposite and a few virtual maps and recreations where it is reconstructed what Sarmast thinks that must have, but that not yet exists.

Robert Sarmast not yet has shown the world nor a single archaeological evidence that is solid and worthy to consider, whereas Georgeos Diaz-Montexano has shown to not one but several deposits with archaeological evidences "sui generis" that would have to be object of study between the scientists. Robert Sarmast has guided fundamentally by the speculations of the book pseudo-religious of Urantia, whereas Jonas Berghman, Ulf Ritcher, and in special, Georgeos Diaz-Montexano, prefers to guide itself by the scientific and philological study of the oldest manuscripts known Plato, and the scientific evidences contributed by geology, oceanography, the paleogeography, the sismology and archaeology.

Nevertheless, and against all logic, Robert Sarmast he is receiving, probably the greater advertising support at level the International that has never received a finder of Atlantis.

How can be explained these paradoxes?

Perhaps exists some false prejudice against the inhabitants of Spain and Morocco?

+ information and related links: (Abstract Atlantis in Andalusia. Atlantis in front of Gibraltar. Atlantis Iberian-Moroccian The Spanish newspapers and magazines recognize the investigations of Georgeos Diaz-Montexano.)

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To: ElkGroveDan

We'll probably find out someday that Plato was actually in a drunken stupor and merely referring to a floater he found in the public baths somewhere....

21 posted on 11/25/2004 7:35:21 PM PST by beezdotcom (I'm usually either right or wrong...)
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To: Knitting A Conundrum
My favorite picture of Atlantis:

Well, not really - it's Thomas Cole's Consummation of Empire. But a great painting, nonetheless.

22 posted on 11/25/2004 7:44:06 PM PST by John Locke
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To: ElkGroveDan
Is there a square inch of this planet that hasn't been postulated to be Atlantis?

...and even a few places in galaxies far far away....

23 posted on 11/25/2004 7:52:40 PM PST by eccentric (aka baldwidow)
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To: eccentric

Thats right, all the Art Bell fans know that. It's in Galaxy NGC 6822 < /sarcasm>

24 posted on 11/25/2004 8:00:22 PM PST by rdl6989 (4 More Years! 4 More Years!)
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To: Ptarmigan; All

I think Atlantis is in the Pegasus Galaxy..

25 posted on 11/25/2004 8:01:28 PM PST by KevinDavis (Let the meek inherit the Earth, the rest of us will explore the stars!)
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To: ElkGroveDan

Watches run backwards there and compass needles spin wildly in every direction.

26 posted on 11/25/2004 8:19:20 PM PST by BenLurkin (Big government is still a big problem.)
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To: Maria Fdez-Valmayor

ping for sunken Cadiz

27 posted on 11/25/2004 8:52:15 PM PST by Graymatter
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To: Ptarmigan; asgardshill

Naw, to get to Atlantis you have to go through the Stargate in Antartica to another galaxy...

28 posted on 11/25/2004 9:16:17 PM PST by patriciaruth (They are all Mike Spanns)
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To: KevinDavis

Pegasus Galaxy you say?

Can't remember anything any more..

29 posted on 11/25/2004 9:17:45 PM PST by patriciaruth (They are all Mike Spanns)
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To: Tealc

It seems that much of the stuff we see in movies comes true later. Or maybe I should say that a lot of the far out stuff has a little truth mixed in with the outrageous.

I amnot saying that there is a actual stargate like this one but there might a little truth in there somewhere. The stuff we heard about the mysterious discovery in the Antarica and the scientists getting sick there only fuels the speculation.

Maybe the producers in Hollywood are feed a little info from people who are in position to know. I personally think the public is being conditioned to accept E.T. and that it will have a tie in to the Bible.

30 posted on 11/26/2004 5:39:49 AM PST by winodog (We need to water the liberty tree)
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To: Graymatter

I would have to say "Cadith" or "Cadi" as most people from Cadiz call it...:o)

31 posted on 11/26/2004 7:35:00 AM PST by Abram
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To: Abram
>>would have to say "Cadith" or "Cadi"

Unfortunately I have never met anyone who's at all interested in hearing me talk about Cadiz, so it doesn't matter how I pronounce it. :(

32 posted on 11/26/2004 10:02:58 AM PST by Graymatter
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To: Tealc


33 posted on 11/26/2004 10:34:05 AM PST by Texas Chrystal (Don't mess with Texas)
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To: Graymatter

I lived several years in Barcelona (pronounced Barthelona)...Most people from Andalucia have a very pronounced "th" expression or cut off half their words like Cadi...

Beautiful area of the culture and history...

34 posted on 11/28/2004 7:33:57 AM PST by Abram
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To: blam; FairOpinion; Ernest_at_the_Beach; SunkenCiv; 24Karet; 3AngelaD; 4ConservativeJustices; ...
Iberians, Celts, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans...
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35 posted on 01/10/2005 11:18:40 AM PST by SunkenCiv (the US population in the year 2100 will exceed a billion, perhaps even three billion.)
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To: LibertarianInExile
I'm sorry, I don't know what they're saying. Does anyone here speak Jive?

LOL. I know what you mean. Maybe it's just poorly tranlated Spanish? My brain sure is having trouble with it.

36 posted on 01/10/2005 11:29:52 AM PST by fanfan (" The liberal party is not corrupt " Prime Minister Paul Martin)
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To: winodog

I personally think the public is being conditioned to accept E.T. and that it will have a tie in to the Bible.

Of course. The remaining government will use alien abduction as an explanation of the rapture. Where did those hundreds of thousands or millions of people go to one night? They were abducted by aliens. The gov gets to use it as a reason for a security lockdown and most people will choose to believe it (because the alternative, that we Christians were right all along and they were left behind, will be just too painful to contemplate)

37 posted on 01/10/2005 11:48:10 AM PST by John O (God Save America (Please))
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To: Maria Fdez-Valmayor

cadiz ping!

38 posted on 01/10/2005 12:07:14 PM PST by Graymatter (Happy New Year FR!)
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Just updating the GGG information, not sending a general distribution.

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39 posted on 03/28/2006 10:48:54 PM PST by SunkenCiv (Yes indeed, Civ updated his profile and links pages again, on Monday, March 6, 2006.)
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