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Honor student plotted mother's murder, police say (Kept an online journal)
Anchorage Daily News ^ | November 26, 2004 | Peter Porco

Posted on 11/28/2004 7:40:46 PM PST by Zechariah11

By PETER PORCO Anchorage Daily News November 26, 2004

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Sixteen-year-old Rachelle A. Waterman would appear to be any parent's ideal child - an honor student, an athlete, a gifted singer. But for months, she planned her mother's murder with two of her former boyfriends who are eight years her senior, according to Alaska State Troopers.

Two weekends ago on Southeast's Prince of Wales Island, their plot ended in the death of 48-year-old Lauri Waterman of Craig, according to court papers.

Lauri Waterman, a teacher's aide and community activist, was killed by one of the men using a blunt object, the papers say. Her body was burned when the men torched her van off a remote logging road.

Rachelle Waterman and the two 24-year-olds, Brian James Radel of Thorne Bay and Jason Allen Arrant of Klawock, have been charged with first-degree murder.

Craig, a city of about 1,200 on the west side of Prince of Wales, has been stunned.

"Everyone is pretty much in disbelief," said Capt. Kurt Ludwig, captain of the troopers' Ketchikan detachment. "The family is pretty prominent."

Carl "Doc" Waterman, a 60-year-old real estate agent, is president of the Craig School Board. Lauri Waterman, a special education aide, was on the library and Little League boards, according to Sara Altland, the School Board's secretary-treasurer.

Rachelle Waterman plays the clarinet, sings in the honor choir and represented her city at a music festival in Haines. The teenager pulled A's at Craig High School and has competed in the Academic Decathlon. She played basketball and volleyball.

The weekend her mother was killed, Nov. 13 and 14, Rachelle Waterman and her team were playing in Anchorage at the state volleyball tournament.

The timing of the tournament played a key role in the crime, troopers said. Carl Waterman also was out of town that weekend. The plotters felt the time was right to abduct Lauri Waterman, Sgt. Randy McPherron of the Alaska Bureau of Investigation said.

Troopers said Arrant and Radel have been friends since childhood.

"This had been plotted for months," McPherron said. "She made the initial solicitation for the murder (to Arrant) sometime in the summer. After she enlisted the aid of Arrant, Arrant talked to Radel."

Troopers said they are trying to uncover a motive. But Rachelle Waterman kept an online journal for most of this year. She wrote that her mother thought she was fat and grounded her without food.

"My mom finally gave me back the right to eat but wants to send me to fat camp this summer," says her entry for May 12. "... I agree I'm chunky but if she sends me off I'll be the skinny girl and get sat apon. That part wouldn't be funny, but overall it's quite amusing. Silly mother."

On Nov. 14, the day she learned the plot to kill her mother had succeeded, she wrote: "Well back from Anchorage and it was an okay trip. I got kinda sick but oh well. Did shopping, played v-ball ... I got these incredibly awesome boots that go up to my knees, I absolutely love them. will post pic later."

The three conspirators have admitted their actions, according to the court papers. Radel was arrested on Nov. 18, and the other two on Nov. 19.

"This is a big surprise to everybody," said Ronald Erickson, superintendent of the Craig School District. "We all need to hold judgment until we know why it happened."

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption
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To: Revel
Very pretty. . .not fat. . .interesting choice of neck-wear. Her eyes seem to show her, already 'lost'.

I do wonder; after a mind has been tainted with Wicca; is one retrievable?

Am wondering if this girl - post mortem - has any remorse. . or even just a little guilt?

21 posted on 11/28/2004 8:37:47 PM PST by cricket (I)
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To: Zechariah11

Seems they were trying to take her back, but Satan obviously wouldn't let go...

22 posted on 11/28/2004 8:46:18 PM PST by Frank_2001
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To: cricket

Google her name. There are articles out there that have a lot more info. One of them mentions her crying, but she is probably only doing so because she knows her life is over.

Her father is sticking with her, but I can't imagine how hard that must be for him. Her bail was set lower than her two friends who carried out the murder.

From her blog...her favorite color is black. I guess that goes in with the wicca stuff. She was talented and Cute, but when you mix that with evil I guess it comes out deadly just the same. And yes I noticed in the top photo. There you can almost sense an evil presence.

23 posted on 11/28/2004 8:50:49 PM PST by Revel
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To: Zechariah11
a teacher's aide and community activist,

Where I'm from, that is a code word for left-winger.

24 posted on 11/28/2004 9:00:24 PM PST by PAR35
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To: Zechariah11

this whole family was disfunctional for a long time before the murder it sounds like.Mom wants to send her daughter to a fat camp and from the pics it doesnt even look like shes 125 pounds?Then to ground her for getting a B+ it sounds like the daughter inherited her moms personality disorder.This is sad all the way around hopwfully all three involved get sentenced to death so none of them have a chance of getting paroled even if you are sentenced to life without the possibility of parole you can be paroled.Like susan smith is up for parole in 2023 or something like that even though her sentence is life without possibilty and if this kid gets out after 25 years if people thinks shes evil now her disposition will be 100 times worse after 25 years in a cage! I just hope the proscuter isnt a wussy ass lib that abhors the death penalty.

25 posted on 11/28/2004 9:11:52 PM PST by freepatriot32 (
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To: cricket

From her blog:

Current Mood: cramping
Current Music: Like a Virgin- Marilyn Manson

Monday, September 13th, 2004
8:42 pm
Ever feel completely alone? All the people who you care about and you thought cared about you just leave and you're....just alone...nobody to connect with, nobody to comfort you when you find out you might die, nobody...nothing....

Ode to Suicide

Pain consumes my body,
eating away like lye.
Tearing at my flesh,
no more tears left to cry.

Nobody loves me,
nobody cares.
Why continue on?
I want out of these snares.

Relief and release,
is what you bring to me.
No more matters to cry for,
I can finally be free.

wow I suck amazingly at poetry.

Current Mood: depressed
Current Music: Rasmus- In My Life

Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
12:32 pm
they hold the key to my chamber
locked within it's depths.
never to see the sunlight,
and contemplating death.
starving more than one way
soul and body combine,
the pain curses through
sending chills up the spine.
will I live to see the stars?
the sunrise once more?
or will I wither and rot
my heart gone forevermore.

Current Mood: depressed
Current Music: Lifehouse (don't know name of song)

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

Got roped into doing a solo for the x-mas concert so I'm looking at music for that, and band concert tomorrow (small one, in school for the high school and parents and stuff)

oh and I now have pure benzoic acid. Unfortunately it's not leathal

that is all, I leave you and and may see you again, we'll see, will be looking up stuff on that benzoic acid

Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
12:29 pm
well I'm grounded, last ngiht my mom went psycho bitch on me and cast me out. So I went to crash at someone's house then she freaked uot, wanted me home incase I told someone. Wee for loving parental units

I even got to fly...down the stairs....

Current Mood: sore
Current Music: Catch Me While I'm Sleeping- Pink

Friday, June 4th, 2004

Incredibly creepyness= my mother actually being...kind. I really does scare me. She actually gave me a slight compliment and didn't get pissed when she found out I got a C in math for last quarter (though she wants me to take that year of math over again because of that C, but i refuse). To top it all off, she actulaly made me pancakes from the left over batter of my brother and father. I think pod people have taken my mother and replaced her with a pod person. I'm not complaining though, I kinda hope the pod person stays. It's just creepy, either that or she's been popping her vicadin again. Either way *shrug* whatever. I suppose that's it....I should find something productive to do as that I am at work...even though there's nothing to do. There's only so many times you can fold a shirt.

And so much more. Some of it I would not dare post here:

It is obvious that she was really messed up. It is no wonder the police would have suspected her.

26 posted on 11/28/2004 9:12:35 PM PST by Revel
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To: Revel
(from website called Geeklife)

... Rachelle Waterman had posted to an online journal dating back to February. In the journals, which she titled "My crappy life, the inside look of an insane person." She says she lives in Hell, Alaska, details conflicts with her mother and writes about a desire to commit violent acts against herself and others, KRBD reported.

One of her last entries was posted Nov. 14, hours after troopers say Arrant told her her mother had been killed. In the entry, she writes about her trip to Anchorage and having purchased some new boots, KRBD reported.

27 posted on 11/28/2004 9:13:18 PM PST by Zechariah11
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To: PAR35

LOL----community activists are usually suspect with me as are anything with the words"peace" and "justice".

28 posted on 11/28/2004 9:15:45 PM PST by Mears
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To: freepatriot32

It sounded like she was diagnosed with some kind of contagous skin desease and bipolar disorder from one of her entrys.

Well enough of reading this darkness. I think you are right. Something was not right with her mother as well, but not deserving of death. The godless liberals have caused so much sickness in our society.

29 posted on 11/28/2004 9:19:07 PM PST by Revel
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To: Zechariah11

Look at the entry for Saturday April 17th. It is not suitable for posting here. And it is shocking for a Girl her age.

30 posted on 11/28/2004 9:23:06 PM PST by Revel
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To: Zechariah11

Scratch my last post. It seems it was not actually her words.
Something called a live journel updater. How sick.

31 posted on 11/28/2004 9:27:10 PM PST by Revel
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To: Revel
Thanks for 'more of the story'. . .

Strange about the eyes though. . .

The difference seems to be the quality of the 'light' and from what/where it reflects.

'Loving eyes' reflecting 'good'. . .reach out and embrace/share. . .in the second case; the energy of the light seems not to reflect out from the eyes. . .but rather seem more like a vacuum. . .a 'sucking up' of light; drawing it in. .holding it; in the eyes. . .

. . .but of course, not making ANY judgments about 'light'; eyes. .evil. . .incarnate. . .wicca; NO . . .nothing. . .

32 posted on 11/28/2004 9:31:09 PM PST by cricket (I)
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To: Revel
Much of what she wrote there seemed to be her own thoughts. Here is another from an earlier post:
33 posted on 11/28/2004 9:36:41 PM PST by Zechariah11
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To: Windsong

Spent Thanksgiving in Montana, saw this bumpersticker:

"Sorry I missed church today, but I was busy studying witchcraft and becoming a lesbian" (this was in a granola based funky little boutique in downtown Missoula)I had tears I was laughing so hard..

Kinda funny that I clicked on this thread and stumbled into this conversation...


34 posted on 11/28/2004 9:39:46 PM PST by Mama Shawna
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To: Mama Shawna
You might enjoy this comment from someone on her blog:

i mean really WHAT THE HELL!You are defently SOme Messed up in the HEAD little Gothical FREAK!! who has NOTHING now...besides the chance to rot behind bars AND then Rot in Hell and I hope to GOD you go through both with the Thought of YOU DID IT ALL TO YOUR SELF...and i bet you dont even feel sorry do you? lol maybe sorry you and Fu*ked up boyfriends got cought...Well you Had it Commin didnt get ANYTHING outta it...everyone else felt the pain and you just didnt care...your messed up Eaxtrmly...did you EVER stop and think about how many ppl you were going to hurt doing this?How could you look at your mom every single day for FOUR months Knowing that as soon as you got the perfect chance to kill her you were going to..MY GOD it makes me SICK your mom was my softball coach.i loved her So much and you know what THis year im going to play my heart out For her!!and all the sh*t about your mom being So damn abusiuve.?lol common on little girl i dont believe that for a minute just wanted Some more Attention?? well you got it now...hope you like Bitches...cause lol your gone be somebody's Bitch now...your a sick little girl...and your gona learn...your not such a BADASS anymore...Shoot you never were just another FreAk ass WanA be PuNk Goth...LoL i wish i could just LAUGH in your Face you sick FrEAk

35 posted on 11/28/2004 9:50:52 PM PST by Zechariah11
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To: Zechariah11

36 posted on 11/28/2004 9:52:04 PM PST by Sally II
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To: Zechariah11

That was one of the creepiest things Ive ever read online and I didnt even get to the entries in this sick kids journals where she ever talked about her moms murder! I was wading through all the terrible things the others were posting to her for heavens sake. I had to leave it was making me ill.

37 posted on 11/28/2004 10:25:33 PM PST by suzyq5558 (This space is reserved for the next round of liberal silliness.)
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To: Revel

I don't find it so reminds me of the attitude of the Littleton murderers.....all about me and my feelings and about hate and bitterness and darkness.....

38 posted on 11/28/2004 10:30:02 PM PST by cherry
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To: Zechariah11

If she/he/it doesn't need the affirmation then why an expression of it, to wit "good work." Consistency isn't their strong suit.

39 posted on 11/28/2004 11:50:04 PM PST by HiTech RedNeck
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To: Zechariah11

Hmmm. Note to self. Do not keep journal if I plan to murder someone.

40 posted on 11/28/2004 11:53:56 PM PST by Experiment 6-2-6 (Meega, Nala Kweesta! Give A+BERT (snakeoil) his name back! Help him, JimRob, you're his only hope...)
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