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Dutchman suspected of aiding Saddam in war crimes is arrested ^

Posted on 12/07/2004 9:34:36 PM PST by

A MAN suspected of helping former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein commit war crimes and genocide by supplying him with materials for chemical weapons, has been arrested by the Netherlands authorities.

Prosecutors said the 62-year-old man, identified as Frans van Anraat by Dutch television, was arrested at his Amsterdam home on Monday as he prepared to leave the Netherlands.

"According to the United Nations, the Dutchman is one of the most important middlemen in Iraq’s acquisition of chemical material," Dutch prosecutors said in a statement. "The man is suspected of supplying thousands of tonnes of raw materials for chemical weapons between 1984 and 1988."

The chemicals could be used to produce mustard and nerve gasses. Iraq used the weapons in the 1980-1988 war against Iran and against the Kurdish population in northern Iraq, including in the notorious attack on the town of Halabja in 1988, in which an estimated 5,000 people were killed, prosecutors said.

The man is suspected of complicity in war crimes and genocide. He will be brought before a judge later this week.

UN officials confirmed that the UN inspection agency for Iraq, UNMOVIC, and its predecessor agency, UNSCOM, had collected a detailed dossier on Mr van Anraat showing him to be an important middleman in supplying Iraq with chemical materials. However, they said these files had been kept confidential and they could not now discuss their content for fear of undermining the case against him.

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1 posted on 12/07/2004 9:34:36 PM PST by
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To: Cindy; Alamo-Girl; Peach


2 posted on 12/08/2004 7:26:57 PM PST by piasa (Attitude Adjustments Offered Here Free of Charge)
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To: piasa

Thanks piasa.

3 posted on 12/08/2004 7:35:27 PM PST by Cindy
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To: Cindy; Alamo-Girl; Howlin; Shermy; Fedora
By the way... have you seen this?

MARCH 19, 2004 : (LIBYA : CHEMICAL WEAPONS : OPCW INSPECTORS FIND TONS OF MUSTARD GAS & PRECURSORS FOR SARIN) Inspectors from the OPCW complete their inventory of Libya's chemical weapons stockpiles. They report having found more than 20 tons of mustard gas and enough material to produce thousands of tons of Sarin nerve gas. They also report having witnessed the destruction of 3,500 empty aerial bombs built for the delivery of chemical payloads. -- "Inspectors Verify Libya's Weapons Stash," Associated Press, 22 March 2004,

4 posted on 12/08/2004 8:25:01 PM PST by piasa (Attitude Adjustments Offered Here Free of Charge)
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To: piasa

Don't remember seeing that--thanks!

5 posted on 12/08/2004 8:32:36 PM PST by Fedora
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To: Fedora

Check this out too - amazing how the hubbub over Iraq has totally wallpapered over all this information, even though it's certainly a part of Iraq's story as well:

6 posted on 12/08/2004 8:39:22 PM PST by piasa (Attitude Adjustments Offered Here Free of Charge)
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To: piasa

Jeepers. Thanks for the ping!

7 posted on 12/08/2004 8:59:30 PM PST by Alamo-Girl
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To: piasa

Thanks Piasa.

8 posted on 12/08/2004 9:12:41 PM PST by Cindy
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To: piasa

Thanks for that link! The article by Timmerman mentioned a few times there looks important.

9 posted on 12/08/2004 9:52:50 PM PST by Fedora
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To: piasa

A Dutchman helping veddy interesting. As more and more information comes out, the left is going to look like the lying fools they are.

10 posted on 12/08/2004 10:51:23 PM PST by Peach (The Clintons pardoned more terrorists and international criminals than they ever captured or killed)
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My Comments on Mr. Van Anraat

I am an Iraqi Citizen and i am proud to admit that i have known the van
Anraat's since 1992, when i came back to Iraq in March 1992, i was
at the prestigious Baghdad International School, where i was enrolled
in the
Tenth Grade.

It is there where i met Mr. Van Anraats son, who is one of my dearest
friends, they are a very sophisticated family and i am appalled by his
arrest. He should be released at once. Mr. Van Anraat is not guilty and
this personal grudge against him is nonesense.

Kurds are the real Terrorists and Shiites, they seems to be taking over
beautiful country and that is why as you can all witness the savage
acts that are far more notorious and outrageous than any Chemical

I ask you, dont the Kurds massacre hundreds of people in Kirkuk daily,
rape and kill Turkomans and Sunni Muslims and persecute Jews?
They are trying to establish themselves and they are so Anti-Semitic

Kurds assumed power in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iraq and all
is now in the Ministry is Corruption, they hire incompetent people, and
can investigate at the Iraqi Embassy in Canada, they hired an 18 year
Kurish girl who hasnt even completed High School as a Counsellor. and
90% of
Iraqi Diplomats are Kurds now and they dont even speak Arabic.

Kurds dont belong in Iraq, they should move back to Persia/Iran and
start a
country there. or take Sulymaniah and Dohuk and seperate, only Semitic
people and Europeans are to live in Iraq. Mesopotamia is not for people
marry their cousins and are uneducated and incompetent to hold power in
country that contributed largely to civilization.

The same goes to Shiites who are either Persians or Immigrants from the
Indian Sub-Continent.
for more go to and see the true facts.

Also, Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and today there is
corruption and killings and mass murders and genocide that what Saddam
committed in 30 years. Todays atrocities are equalled to Auchwitz and
are committed by Kurds and Shiites.
They bomb Mosques, kidnap Journalists and they move to places like
to blame Sunnis for it. Their hatred towards Israel and Jews is evident
Iraqi Political Figure Mr. Mithal Alusi ( a Sunni-Arab) visited the
State of
Israel last year, he came back to Iraq only to find hundreds of Shiites
Kurds trying to Assasinate him, they then Killed his two sons.

Also, now that One suicide bomber attacked Shiites in Hilla ( A city in
Babylon) Shiites attacked the Jordanian Embassy and they were led by
Terrorist and Guerilla leader A. Al Chalabi.

The World and the media seem to ignore the fact that Christians, Jews
Sunnis are targeted daily and are mistreated and these latter groups
daily oppressions be it rape, personal attack and are shunned from
power in
their own land that they created and have lived in for thousands of

And Sunni's , Christians and Jews assumed power since Iraq gained
Independence from being a British Mandate in 1921. and developed it
into a
secular civilized State only to witness a bunch of demngogous people (
and Shiites) to occupy and try and invade and Rape Iraq.

the International community is responsible for everything that is
and i hope that the Courts in the Netherlands help and fight for Mr.Van
Anraat, so that justice prevails.

The only reason why Kurds were attacked in the 1980's is because they
started a war against Iraq and everything Iraq did was in Self Defence.
We are a ram amidst a jungle of savage beasts that try to devour our
Iraq and Israel are the only two states in the Middle
that are constant targets of plots to destroy these two secular and
Civilized States.

Kurds are so corrupt and they are trying to take over the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Oil and Ministry of Finance in the New

I will conclude and say that Iraqi civilians are killed daily and
cities are
being wiped and women terrorized, even clubs, bars and hairdressers are
being attacked, and owners of liquor shops, is that democracy? is that
freedom? perhaps during the Saddam era we didnt have Freedom of Speech,
we enjoyed the freedom to go out at night and live life according to
liking. Women can go out and return safely home at 3:00 a.m plus they
obliged to wear a Veil. and Shiites and Kurds are trying to impose
Medeval Islamic laws in Iraq. I say that they should go elsewhere or we
should seperate as three independent States. Dohuk and Sulymaniah for
Kerbala and najaf for Shiites and the land of Mesopotamia and all the
between those two rivers is for the rest of us who want peace and a

Please help Mr.Van Anraat and fight for Democracy and fight for Europe.
because Shiite and Kurdish Terrorism will spread to europe. by the way,
Terrorist organizations like 'Ansaar Al Sunna' meaning Supporters of
are Kurish Shiites, they only wish to destroy the rest of us and

Also The current attacks on the Jordanian Embassy in Iraq are all
fabrications led by Al Chalabi and his terrorist militias, Why should
apologize for one persons act, and until now no official investigations
been conducted to see who actually did it, it could be an Iranian? or
Iraqi that is trying to start a civil war.

Why hasnt Iran been convicted of war crimes, at least during Saddams
Kurds and Shiites were represented in Parliament and they held
positions in power, wheras in Iran, Kurds arent allowed to speak
and Sunnis arent permitted to work in government offices nor are non

You can investigate the corruption that is taking place in Iraq now,
Zibari's reign as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq, all he
highlights is
the 'Kurdish issue' as if Iraq is a Kurdish State. and uch corruption
taken place like the Dean of the Diplomatic Institute hired his wife a
Moroccan citizen as an Iraqi Diplomat. Such acts were never possible
Saddams time. I am not a Saddam Supporter but merely like to display
truth and not hide certain aspects and highlight others.

There were more Sunnis and Christians killed in Iraq than Kurds or

11 posted on 03/19/2005 1:42:04 AM PST by mriraq
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To: mriraq

Who cares about Muslims, Christians, or Jews? I want to know about the Yazidis. Won't someone please think of the Yazidis?

12 posted on 03/19/2005 3:00:17 AM PST by Caesar Soze
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To: Caesar Soze

i could send you an article on them what do u wanna know? send me an email to and ill tell you what you wanna know

13 posted on 08/20/2005 10:06:09 AM PDT by mriraq
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To: mriraq

That has to be the biggest pile of bigotted, lame Baathist propaganda since Comical Ali denied US troops were in Baghdad... while it was obvious they were right behind him.

14 posted on 06/18/2009 11:12:26 PM PDT by piasa (Attitude adjustments offered here free of charge)
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Yeah. Meth will do that to you.

15 posted on 06/19/2009 12:07:26 AM PDT by Grizzled Bear ("Does not play well with others.")
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