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Islamist Threat to Public Schools in Columbia, South Carolina?
Anti-CAIR ^

Posted on 12/12/2004 6:25:43 PM PST by velocityguy

Islamist Threat to Public Schools in Columbia, South Carolina? On January 6, 2004, Anti-CAIR published a Press Release concerning Minhaj Arastu, the lead contact for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) chapter in Columbia, South Carolina.

Why are we revisiting this issue? It’s the result of a complaint Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) received from the parent of an Irmo High School, Columbia, SC student. Why is Irmo High School important? …Mijhaj Arastu is the teacher the parent is concerned about.

In his capacity of teacher at Irmo High School, Mr. Arastu:

1. Required the students to create a pamphlet which would teach people about Islam.

2. Spent an inordinate amount of time discussing the “5 pillars of Islam”.

3. Had an “Orthodox Christian” priest speak to the class…who informed the students that all religions are based on Islam.

4. Told students that the United States is a Judeo-Christian-Muslim” nation…according to the beliefs of the founding fathers.

5. According to the student, Arastu is a passionate Muslim and is the sponsor of the school Muslim student group and was instrumental in having a portion of the school library set aside for Muslim students to pray each day. (There are no such accommodations for other faiths.)

So…we have a CAIR officer, sponsoring the school’s Muslim student group, bringing in speakers who falsely claim that the founding fathers desired the fledgling United States to be a “Judeo-Christian-Muslim nation”…requiring students to create Muslim pamphlets…learning about the five pillars of Islam…

Just when do we Americans wake up to the threat of militant Islam in our public schools? When is “enough…enough”? What will it take to get parents, teachers, administrators, and the public incensed to the point where positive steps are taken to protect our children from the false indoctrination and perversions of radical Islamists?

We saw with our own eyes the evil of radical Islam on 9-11…we’re seeing militant Islam rear its filthy head in Europe on an almost daily basis…our soldiers are returning to our country in body bags as the result of militant Islamists hell-bent on earning a place in paradise by killing “infidels”…just why do we put up with militant Islam in the United States? At what point will the straw break…and what will happen when it does?

We invite our readers to read an excellent article by Dr. Daniel Pipes on the issue of Islamist influence in the public schools.The gist of Dr. Pipe’s article is that Islamists are deliberately targeting our school systems in an attempt to spread propaganda to students in the tenets of Islam.

Read his words carefully…you’ll never be able to say you weren’t warned

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To: The_Media_never_lie

that is why people like us that believe in common goals should fight these Islamic idiots aka 72 virgin seekers aka anti-infidels.

41 posted on 12/12/2004 7:31:04 PM PST by velocityguy
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To: velocityguy
you are suggesting that non-Muslims [...]allow these violent people of the moongod aka the 72 virgin seekers take over our Public Schools?

I didn't suggest that. But I fight my own fights, I don't use my children! Young children are impressionable and I would never consider allowing mine to be exposed to the kind of brain washing that is going on at Irmo High. It had been suggested that homeschooling would help by taking students (and money) out of the public school system. All I did was to suggest another alternative that would have the same effect, i.e. independent school education. That said, I'll do whatever I can to help stop the madness at Irmo High...

42 posted on 12/12/2004 7:36:11 PM PST by Former Fetus (aren't we all?)
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To: papertyger
I wish you had been a senior administrator in my children's public schools.

In that nihilistic, multicultarilist, liberal environment however, it would have been very hard for you to survive. I'm happy for you that you are in some other line of work. :)

Our school administrators have their work cut out for them. Sadly, the weasley ones probably have it easier than those with backbone.

43 posted on 12/12/2004 7:37:11 PM PST by The_Media_never_lie
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To: Former Fetus

Okay, that makes sense! But, I mean, look at these Islamic idiots, now they are corrupting the young brains....this is outright outrageous!

44 posted on 12/12/2004 7:39:50 PM PST by velocityguy
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To: velocityguy; SC Swamp Fox
Thanks for the ping, Swamp Fox.
Velocityguy, agreed, something must be done about this.

I know public schools are a necessity for some families.
I realize it takes two incomes, sometimes three to
just 'break even' these days.

I have home schooled my son from the time he could speak.
I became a stay at home dad to do this.
We are in our eighth year as teacher/student.

Home schooling is not for everyone.
Between annual dues to SCAIHS (South Carolina Association Independent Home Schools),
HSLDF (Home School Legal Defense Fund) and text/work books,
we spend close to $1500.00/child.

Peace of mind knowing my child is well educated in all
areas, politically aware, and most of all safe from
druggies, shootings, perverts, etc... priceless.

Oh, I get that question, about my son being "anti-social",
from liberal poofs all the time. Take five
minutes with my son and ask him any question and he'll
give a point by point reply of his views. I might add
that I guarantee you'll understand him.
Yet, he's not mouthy or rude.

As for Irmo High School, sorry for their loss.
For the Yellow Jackets will lose. That school district has the very
best of all that can be offered to students, physically and materially.
I have loads of friends that graduated from Irmo High.
Many are home schoolers these days.

Look into these links for more info on SCAIHS
Be sure to check out HSLDA for court reports and defenses across the nation.

These folks have a real grasp on what it takes to educate children today to be great citizens tomorrow. If you are thinking of home schooling in SC, feel free to FReepmail me with any questions. I don't know all but I usually know where the answers are located.

45 posted on 12/12/2004 7:46:26 PM PST by uncleshag (Send the Light - Merry Christmas!)
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To: velocityguy
this is outright outrageous!

I agree 1,000%!!! This is the time for brainstorming. What can we do? Off the top of my head, I'm considering writting to the school principal and to Gov. Sandford. What about the school board? We ought to demand they fire the teacher (secret ballot if they are chicken). How about the local churches? How can we let our outrage be known?

BTW, this may be a good time to resurect the idea of doing away with the Department of Education. If schools were run at the local level only, it is hard to imagine a school board that would approve of this indoctrination...specially around here in the Bible belt. So many things we can do, so very few people willing to try!

46 posted on 12/12/2004 7:48:07 PM PST by Former Fetus (aren't we all?)
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To: Jay777


47 posted on 12/12/2004 7:51:55 PM PST by EdReform (Free Republic - helping to keep our country a free republic. Thank you for your financial support!)
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To: The_Media_never_lie

I do sympathize with your quandary. However, I do not sympathize with the administrator's quandary.

Anyone who has to soil their knees to make next months bills has sold their souls.

48 posted on 12/12/2004 7:54:29 PM PST by papertyger
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To: Former Fetus

I am going to call the offices of -
1. ACLU,
2. FoxNews Carriers, BBC, CNN
3. Alliance Defense Fund,
4. Local churches in SC,
5. The school's principal and other administrators.

I do not know how legal things are handled in America. But these are the only places I know I can phone and mail written letters.

You guys in US should try to do something before these Islamists run you all over with their Talibanistic, Islamic ideologies by corrupting your kids.

Tell me, is there any other way I or my friends here in my school can contribute to this cause?

49 posted on 12/12/2004 7:55:17 PM PST by velocityguy
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To: velocityguy

Support vouchers so you can send your kids to christian schools.

50 posted on 12/12/2004 7:58:19 PM PST by Podkayne
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To: velocityguy; SC Swamp Fox

Any FReepers local to Columbia SC, freep mail me. I feel a FReep comin' on! Swampy, can you help me out with your ping list? I don't know who's local to Columbia.

51 posted on 12/12/2004 8:47:01 PM PST by PistolPaknMama (Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that -- Mark Twain)
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To: gitmo
In fact, I think I'll do just that. And it will be all true.

If you put this together, FReepmail me. I'm going to this school if I have to go alone. It's local to me.

52 posted on 12/12/2004 8:48:47 PM PST by PistolPaknMama (Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that -- Mark Twain)
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To: velocityguy

All true...but until the majority of Americans stop sending their kids to public schools, this will continue.

53 posted on 12/12/2004 8:51:52 PM PST by NewLand (I'm a Generation Jones'er and WE elected President Bush!)
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To: velocityguy

Sue the school system. That's how they managed to kick chrisitanity out.

54 posted on 12/12/2004 9:04:02 PM PST by TASMANIANRED (Free the Fallujah one)
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To: velocityguy

I don't know what country you are from, but I think it is most kind of you to want to help us. Private schools and home schooling are great solutions, but will not work for everyone. So, I think we have to fight the public schools on issues like this. I plan to send the Anti-CAIR article about this plus an email expressing my opinion to the following. (NOTE: For those without email addresses, I will call.)

Gerald Witt, Principal at Irmo High School:
phone 803-732-8100

Rush Limbaugh:

Bill O'Reilly of Fox News:

NOTE: For out-of-US emailers, Fox News has special email address:
To call Fox 1-888-369-4762

Sean Hannity: phone 1-800-941-7326 between 3:00PM and 6:00PM EST
or to email Sean Hannity:

Except for the school principal, these are all talk show hosts. If one of them would pick up on this story, it would have a HUGE effect. I would view ACLU as a court of last resort if the school doesn't stop what it's doing under this initial pressure.

55 posted on 12/12/2004 9:30:35 PM PST by unfortunately a bluestater
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To: unfortunately a bluestater
Thanks bluestater. Good idea.

Another talk show in South Carolina to e-mail:

Ralph Bristol Show, WORD Spartanburg, SC

This is from "The State" newspaper, courtesy Ralph Bristol's webpage.

Sanford to visit city with voucher program

Gov. Mark Sanford and several lawmakers are boarding a chartered plane today to visit Milwaukee, where low-income students can use vouchers to attend private schools.

The 24-hour trip is being sponsored by Illinois-based Legislative Education Action Drive, which advocates tuition tax credits for parents who want to send their children to private school or to another public school.

The S.C. team will visit several schools and meet with community leaders. Sanford and other tax credit supporters often say Milwaukee’s program is one of the nation’s most successful.

Sanford hopes to persuade S.C. lawmakers next year to pass tuition tax credits in his “Put Parents in Charge” bill. A version of the bill died in a House committee last spring. It likely will be one of the most controversial bills of the coming legislative session.

Many Democrats and some Republicans say it would drain money from the state budget.

Contributing: Staff writer Jennifer Talhelm

56 posted on 12/13/2004 1:22:22 AM PST by The_Media_never_lie
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To: PistolPaknMama; SC Swamp Fox
Here is a list of current recruitment centers for the religion of peace in S. Carolina. They have the whole state covered from end to end.

Afroamerican Islamic Umma Inc. (9/96) 1139 Copeland St # 125 Newburg, SC 29108 Phone: Masjid At Taqwa (9/96) 701 Russell St NE Orangeburg, SC 29115-6047 Phone: (803) 534-2281 Jihad ul Islam (9/96) 625 Manning Ave Sumter, SC 29150 Phone: Masjid Al-Muslimin 1929 Gervais St Columbia, SC 29201 Phone: 803-254-7542 Masjid As-Salaam (9/96) 5119 Monticello Rd Columbia, SC 29203 Phone: (803) 252-9477 Masjid Muhammad (9/96) 4000 Monticello Road Columbia, SC 29203 Phone: Charleston Muslim Center/Masjid Al-Jami Ar-Rashad (9/96) 1998 Hugo Ave Charleston, SC 29405 Phone: 803-554-1773 Islamic Society of Charleston/ Madinah Masjid (9/96) 195 Line St Charleston, SC 29403 Phone: (803) 722-3483 Islamic Association of Charleston (9/96) 2370 Otranto Rd Charleston, SC 29406 Phone: 803-722-4158 Notes: Postal Address: PO Box 21711, Charleston, SC 29413 ? Islamic Center of Florence (7/98) 1218 West Evans Street Florence, SC 29501 Phone: (843) 679 - 9113 Email: Notes: Serves 55 families in 40 mile radius of Florence. We have Notes: Quran classes every day, and Hadeeth discussions every week. Masjid Muhammad/Florence Masjid (3/96) 410 N. Coit St Florence, SC 29501 Phone: 803-669-9982 Conway Islamic Center (9/96) 1808 Race Path Ave Conway, SC 29526 Phone: (803) 397-0811 Islamic Society of Greenville (3/96) PO Box 25721, 2701 Wade Hampton Blvd Greenville, SC 29615 Phone: 864-292-2219 Phone: 864-292-1326 Muslim Center (3/96) 808 Geinsberg Dr Anderson, SC 29621 Phone: 864-766-0924 Masjid Muhammad (9/96) 1019 Arlington Ave, P.O.Box 10301 Rock Hill, SC 29731 Phone: (803) 328-5865 Masjid Al-Fatimah (7/98) 243 Flintlock Dr. York, SC 29745 Phone: (803) 684-4986

57 posted on 12/13/2004 2:37:27 AM PST by doosee
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To: velocityguy; Mo1; Howlin; Peach; BeforeISleep; kimmie7; 4integrity; BigSkyFreeper; RandallFlagg; ...
3. Had an “Orthodox Christian” priest speak to the class…who informed the students that all religions are based on Islam.

SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!

58 posted on 12/13/2004 3:59:52 AM PST by OXENinFLA
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thanks for the heads up ping.

59 posted on 12/13/2004 5:37:41 AM PST by cyn
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To: Peach

I had no idea about this, I don't think a lot of people know about this (even in the school's area). I live in Irmo, but I fall in a different school's area. There will be word spread about this.

60 posted on 12/13/2004 5:48:31 AM PST by looscnnn ("Live free or die; death is not the worst of evils" Gen. John Stark 1809)
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