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Family tearfully fulfills Army soldier's last wishes (TAPS)
Inquirer ^ | Dec. 14, 2004 | Jennifer Moroz

Posted on 12/14/2004 5:13:55 PM PST by Former Military Chick

Army Spec. David Mahlenbrock had a special request should he die in the line of duty. In a letter to his fellow soldiers in July, the young combat engineer asked that Toby Keith's song "American Soldier" be played at his funeral.

It was a wish no one ever wanted to contemplate.

Army Spec. David Mahlenbrock’s brother Christopher, a 21-year-old reservist in Willow Grove, comforts Pennsauken friend Renee Skotnicki, 21, at Mahlenbrock’s funeral in Maple Shade.

Yesterday his family tearfully granted it.

Keith's song echoed through Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mahlenbrock's native Maple Shade, a sound track to the life that hundreds gathered to remember.

And I will always do my duty no matter what the price

I've counted up the cost, I know the sacrifice

Oh, and I don't want to die for you

But if dyin's asked of me

I'll bear that cross with honor

'Cause freedom don't come free.

The words couldn't drown out the heaving sobs that filled the Burlington County church as family, friends and strangers mourned the death of a young soldier, husband and father.

Mahlenbrock, 20, whose job was clearing routes to ensure the safe passage of fellow soldiers, died Dec. 3 when a bomb detonated near his humvee just outside Kirkuk, Iraq.

Yesterday, as Mahlenbrock's song played, his older brother, Christopher, 21, an Army reservist who helped carry the flag-draped coffin, wrapped his arm around younger brother Andrew, 16.

Mahlenbrock's 19-year-old widow, Melissa, cuddled his 11-week-old daughter, Kadence, bundled in tiny black clothes in honor of a father she'll never know.

In a music-filled ceremony punctuated by biblical readings, friends and relatives remembered a man who gave everything his all, from his days as a scrappy football player and wrestler at Maple Shade High School to a soldier fighting for his country. Mahlenbrock, who had joined the Army after graduating in 2002 and left for Iraq in January, planned a career in the military.

"Devotion... was written all over David's life," said the Rev. Carl E. Joecks, church pastor.

But Mahlenbrock, Joecks said, was most devoted to his wife, whom he met at age 14 and married last year. When she took a job at one point at the Bed Bath & Beyond in Cherry Hill, Mahlenbrock would walk or jog the seven-mile round trip just to be with her on her 30-minute lunch break.

When Mahlenbrock became a father in late September, he threw himself into that role with equal passion. When he returned home on leave to see Kadence, then about a week old, he couldn't put her down, Joecks said.

"He threw a lifetime of fatherly love into that two-week leave," the pastor said.

Mahlenbrock would never get to meet his half-brother, Darek, born three weeks ago.

Mahlenbrock always had an affect on those who met him, family and friends said. He would do crazy things just to get someone to crack a smile, Joecks said.

"I see the world in a different way," said Mahlenbrock's father, Russell, choking up at the microphone. "David has changed me from the inside out."

Christopher Mahlenbrock urged the teary crowd to spend time with their families at Christmas, let them know they are loved. "Because you don't know when they will leave, when they will be taken away from you," he said.

David Mahlenbrock knew the possibility of death was real. He wrote the July letter to his squad mates after a scare involving an explosive.

"If you are reading this, then I've died for our country," he wrote in the letter, supplied by Soldiers' Angels, a nonprofit organization devoted to providing aid and comfort to soldiers and their families. "I just hope it wasn't for nothing."

In it, he asked that his wife get a few special items, including a dog tag with the couple's picture and an American flag he kept in his left breast pocket. And he asked that "American Soldier" be played at his funeral.

It was a request taken seriously by Soldiers' Angels, which tried but failed to get country crooner Keith to sing at the service. Instead, it put out the word to radio stations across the country to play the song at 1 p.m. EST tomorrow, the day Mahlenbrock will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

"If you can't get to a radio station, then play it or sing it," said Patti Bader, founder of the group. "If all of America plays that song, that's what he wanted."

He also wanted bagpipes, which accompanied his casket as it was carried out of the church.

After the ceremony, Christopher Mahlenbrock, who works funeral honors detail as a reservist with the 656th Area Support Group in Willow Grove, led a salute to his brother. A white-gloved hand raised to his temple, he solemnly stood as the silver hearse carrying the casket drove away.

Burying a brother would be enough to scare many away from a wartime tour. But Mahlenbrock's brothers are even more resolute about pursuing careers in the military.

"I don't want to go over there. No one wants to go over there," Christopher Mahlenbrock said. "But I feel it's my duty to go, to understand what my brother went through."

Andrew said he still planned to serve four years in the Army, Navy or Air Force, then go to college and join the reserve.

"I feel even more now that I should go into it, do my duty... and get some payback," he said.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact staff writer Jennifer Moroz at 856-779-3810 or

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Listen to TAPS

Day is done, gone the sun, From the hills, from the lake, From the skies. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Go to sleep,
peaceful sleep, May the soldier or sailor, God keep. On the land or the deep, Safe in sleep.

Love, good night, Must thou go, When the day, And the night Need thee so? All is well. Speedeth all To their rest.

Fades the light; And afar Goeth day, And the stars Shineth bright, Fare thee well; Day has gone, Night is on.

Thanks and praise, For our days, 'Neath the sun, Neath the stars, 'Neath the sky, As we go, This we know, God is nigh.

(Note: there are no "official" words to Taps below are the most popular.)

1 posted on 12/14/2004 5:13:56 PM PST by Former Military Chick
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To: Former Military Chick


2 posted on 12/14/2004 5:19:41 PM PST by freecopper01
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To: Chieftain; Ragtime Cowgirl; gatorbait; GreyFriar; americanmother; The Mayor; Seadog Bytes; ...

fallen hero ping

3 posted on 12/14/2004 5:21:17 PM PST by Former Military Chick (For News All Military check out:
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To: Former Military Chick

God bless him.

And He will.

As my Aunt Nickie used to sat, "God is Lutheran."

4 posted on 12/14/2004 5:21:40 PM PST by patriciaruth (They are all Mike Spanns)
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To: MEG33; No Blue States; mystery-ak; boxerblues; Allegra; Eagle Eye; sdpatriot; Dog; DollyCali; ...

Thank you Army Spec. David Mahlenbrock, RIP.


5 posted on 12/14/2004 5:24:38 PM PST by TexKat (Just because you did not see it or read it, that does not mean it did or did not happen.)
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To: Former Military Chick

Excellent article. Duty and Honor. Something that some people will never understand. Thankyou Army Spec. David Mahlenbrock for your sacrifice. It will not be in vain.

6 posted on 12/14/2004 5:25:27 PM PST by crazyhorse691 (We won. We don't need to be forgiving. Let the heads roll!!!!!!!!!)
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To: Former Military Chick

Its times like these when I would like to take a Bullwhip to the likes of Michael Moore and Jane Fonda.

7 posted on 12/14/2004 5:33:26 PM PST by U S Army EOD (John Kerry, the mother of all flip floppers.I)
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To: Former Military Chick
IF NOT for HIM and MEN like HIM, our nation would never have been and would NOT now be.

You now walk with GOD young soldier and your many brethren who came before ye. I will see you soon.

8 posted on 12/14/2004 5:41:22 PM PST by PISANO (Never Forget 911!! & 911's 1st Heroes..... "Beamer, Glick, Bingham & Bennett.")
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To: Former Military Chick

"Some gave all..." is what I always remember at a soldier's funeral. Somehow it doesn't seem right that patriots suffer and die while traitors sit on their fat asses and complain.

9 posted on 12/14/2004 5:45:44 PM PST by caisson71
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To: caisson71


10 posted on 12/14/2004 5:51:10 PM PST by Diva Betsy Ross (I am not NOT PC.. And Proud of it!: Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!)
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To: Former Military Chick
Just this Sunday while on a job installing wireless equipment, I met a young man wearing dog tag's with a portrait of a Marine on them. I was curious and asked him about the tags and he told me it was in recognition of his older brother who was killed by an IED a few weeks ago.

Needless to say I was at a loss for words. Our young people are very precious and what made this encounter even more poignant, was this young man's stated desire to enlist and take his brother's place. We need to see this war on terror through to its completion, as quickly as possible, whatever it takes, in order to preserve the lives of our precious youth. Let's get it done and over with.

11 posted on 12/14/2004 5:58:09 PM PST by semaj (" their fruit you will know them.")
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12 posted on 12/14/2004 6:02:46 PM PST by sarasmom (McCarthy has been vindicated. When will Carter be vilified?)
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To: semaj
Incredibly powerful comment. Thank you.

And may this fine soldier rest in peace.

13 posted on 12/14/2004 6:18:01 PM PST by Coop (In memory of a true hero - Pat Tillman)
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To: Former Military Chick
Mahlenbrock's 19-year-old widow, Melissa, cuddled his 11-week-old daughter, Kadence.

I remember this family. They named the baby Kadence for military cadence.

I don't remember her full name, but I think Kadence is actually the middle name.

Does anyone else remember?

14 posted on 12/14/2004 6:25:32 PM PST by texasflower (Liberty can change habits. ~ President George W. Bush 10/08/04)
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To: Former Military Chick
The young people in this country continue to amaze me. The courage, the sense of duty, the sheer goodness - thank you soldier, thank you.
15 posted on 12/14/2004 6:36:52 PM PST by homeywhite
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To: Former Military Chick

A 1:00 Bump...God rest his soul- we will never forget.

16 posted on 12/15/2004 9:53:13 AM PST by Diva Betsy Ross (I am not NOT PC.. And Proud of it!: Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!)
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To: Diva Betsy Ross

Please see post #10 for the song.

17 posted on 12/15/2004 9:53:57 AM PST by Diva Betsy Ross (I am not NOT PC.. And Proud of it!: Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!)
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To: Former Military Chick

There are some songs that just get to me. Both of these do.

There is nothing more mournful than a battalion of soldiers singing Amazing Grace for a fallen comrade.

18 posted on 12/16/2004 7:25:54 AM PST by Eagle Eye ("Yeah? Now imagine that times 30 and in a small room.")
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To: texasflower

Hi, I'm Melissa's Cousin. The baby's first name is Kadence. As for her middle name, i can't remember what Melissa said it was. God bless.

19 posted on 02/12/2005 8:10:36 PM PST by armewife2000
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To: armewife2000

Well hello, Melissa's cousin! Welcome to FR.

Please tell your family how much we love them. I hope Melissa and baby Kadence are doing well.

The loss of David must be unbearable but for the pride you all must have in him.

I noticed in the article that his brother Christopher is assigned funeral honors detail. I can't imagine what that must have been like for him.

You tagline says armewife. You are a military wife also?

Good Bless you all and welcome to FR. Please make yourself at home here and jump right in.

Your family's sacrifice is very much appreciated here.

20 posted on 02/12/2005 9:46:45 PM PST by texasflower ("America's vital interests and our deepest beliefs are now one." President George W. Bush 01/20/05)
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