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RNC Unanimously Elects Ken Mehlman Chairman
Republican National Committee ^ | January 19, 2005

Posted on 01/19/2005 1:23:27 PM PST by RWR8189


Contact: Brian Jones

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Remarks To Winter Meeting
RNC Unanimously Elects Jo Ann Davidson Co-Chairman
RNC Winter Meeting Press Kit

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) today unanimously elected Bush-Cheney ‘04 Campaign Manager Ken Mehlman as its new Chairman at the RNC Winter Meeting in Washington, DC.

In his acceptance speech, Mehlman presented four goals for his term as Chairman: “Enact and articulate our reform agenda. Deepen and broaden the GOP so we’re growing our party. Work to elect the best candidates in 2005, 2006 and 2008. Institutionalize the grassroots focus. If we can accomplish these four big goals, the Republican Party, the dominant party in America in 2002 and 2004, can cement our position for a generation. And in so doing, we will help accomplish great things for our nation,” said Mehlman.

Before his election as Chairman, Mehlman served as campaign manager for Bush-Cheney ‘04, where Michael Barone called him “the structural engineer who turned the plans into reality.” Mehlman served from 2001 to 2003 as White House Political Director. Charlie Cook said that under Mehlman’s watch, “the White House political office has reached the greatest prominence in this administration that it’s ever had.”

Mehlman was National Field Director for Bush-Cheney 2000, where he worked with the campaign leadership in all 50 states and the Republican National Committee to execute winning political plans and mobilize strong grassroots.

Before joining President Bush, Mehlman was Congresswoman Kay Granger’s (TX-12) Chief of Staff and Congressman Lamar Smith’s (TX-21) Legislative Director. He practiced environmental law in Washington and assisted campaigns in Massachusetts, Ohio, Virginia, Texas, and Georgia, as well as the 1992 and 1996 Presidential campaigns.

Mehlman is a graduate of Harvard Law School and received his undergraduate degree from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is a native of Baltimore, Maryland.

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1 posted on 01/19/2005 1:23:30 PM PST by RWR8189
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To: RWR8189

I just rec'd my 2005 RNC Sustaining Membership card in the mail even though I didn't send anything. Even if Mehlman is RNC Chair, I'm not returning my card.

2 posted on 01/19/2005 1:28:36 PM PST by lilylangtree (Veni, Vidi, Vici)
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To: RWR8189

he's a good man........always comes off very well. He is like a thin Karl Rove with hair

3 posted on 01/19/2005 1:28:44 PM PST by NorCalRepub
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To: RWR8189

In two years if he resigns to head up someone's presidential campaign you can bet the ranch that person will be the nominee.

4 posted on 01/19/2005 1:30:16 PM PST by bayourod (America, the greatest nation in history is a nation of immigrants. Immigrants are an asset.)
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To: All

He forgot to add

Destroy the enemy within

For those who "forgot" what Hanoi Kerry
did in the past and what he has done
in January 2005
read on and learn the truth.

Hanoi Kerry was still a USNR officer while he:
gave false hearsay testimony to Congress
negotiated with the enemy
helped the US lose a war
abetted in the deaths of millions
created a hostile environment for all servicemen

Hanoi Kerry Timeline of a traitor
includes FBI files

Harvard Crimson : Kerry refused order to destroy Viet Cong village

Published on Wednesday, February 18, 1970
John Kerry: A Navy Dove Runs for Congress

Crimson Staff Writer

"...One time Kerry was ordered to destroy a Viet Cong village
but disobeyed orders and suggested that the Navy Command
simply send in a Psychological Warfare team to be
friend the villagers with food, hospital supplies,
and better educational facilities."

Hanoi Kerry and War Crimes in Vietnam

He was in command of a Swift Boat
and ordered his men to do these things.
Listen to this 1971 audio clip in Kerry's own words.

LONG BEFORE THE '04 Election

Listen Here

Hanoi Kerry STILL goes unpunished.

U.S. Constitution Amendment XIV

Section 3. No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States,

shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.

But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

US GOP controlled Senate
Main Stream Right Wing Media

Hang your heads in shame!

You remain silent while Hanoi Kerry betrays our troops to our enemies.

So when you wake up in the morning,
and look in the mirror,
before you go to the US Senate,
or to the TV or Radio studios,
know that you did nothing to remove this traitor.

Well REAL Americans know what you did NOT do!

John Kerry's 2005 Mideast "Bash Bush Tour"

Kerry Criticizes Election Outcome At MLK Day Breakfast

Kerry Holding Mideast Talks with Chirac

Kerry to meet with French president Jan 14 '05

Kerry: Arabs frustrated by U.S. policies

Jan 13 05

Kerry bashes US policy in meeting w/ leader of foreign group opposed to US
(not ‘71 or ‘85 – Jan 12 05!)

"Former U.S. presidential candidate Senator John Kerry (D-MA), an election observer,
leaves the office of Mahmoud Abbas, in the West Bank city of Ramallah in this
January 10, 2005 file photo. Middle East countries are frustrated by U.S. policy in
Iraq and feel too little is being done to end violence there, U.S. Senator John Kerry
said on January 12, 2005 on a visit to the region. Kerry repeatedly criticized the
Bush administration's Iraq policy during his failed bid to win the U.S. presidency
from George W. Bush, who led the invasion to topple Saddam Hussein."

Hanoi Kerry is NOT a legitimate US Senator.

Never has been!

The traitor is doing the same thing he has always done.

Aiding the enemy!

Kerry Trashes Bush in Baghdad Jan 05

Kerry Meets With Syrian President Jan 05


Don't be like the Silent Majority in the 60's and 70's
Demand Kerry be ousted from the US Senate!

There is no need to impeach Hanoi Kerry from the US Senate

He is there illegally!

Kerry was an illegal candidate
and is an illegal US Senator per
US Constitution 14th Amendment Section 3

Contact the GOP controlled US Senate

Distribute these url's!


Full details on these url's!

There is a backup site
if the 1st url is unavailable.

5 posted on 01/19/2005 1:30:28 PM PST by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (The US Senate only has 99 legal Senators, and 1 illegal one. U.S. Constitution Amendment 14 Sec 3)
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To: NorCalRepub

If that is the guy I think it is he will be great. Good looking dark-haired guy.

6 posted on 01/19/2005 1:30:47 PM PST by justshutupandtakeit (Public Enemy #1, the RATmedia.)
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To: justshutupandtakeit

yeah he was in charge of Bush's campaign and he was on TV alot usually against McAwful or such. Thin long face like Kerry but dark brown hair......he seems to be a very strategic thinker and knows his numbers.....

7 posted on 01/19/2005 1:34:58 PM PST by NorCalRepub
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To: justshutupandtakeit
Mehlman Election
8 posted on 01/19/2005 1:35:46 PM PST by RWR8189 (Its Morning in America Again!)
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To: NorCalRepub

Ken will be great in this assignment.

He is bright and very nice.

I am sending in my membership.

He is the man

9 posted on 01/19/2005 1:42:14 PM PST by peekaboo
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To: RWR8189

They also elected the pro-abortion Davidson woman.

10 posted on 01/19/2005 2:36:15 PM PST by scory
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To: RWR8189

He and Rove were the driving forces that help win the election.

Anyone wanna take bet on how long it takes for someone to call him a RINO?

11 posted on 01/19/2005 2:36:36 PM PST by RKB-AFG (W 2004)
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To: RWR8189

What's compelling is that the Republicans will likely have a young man as their Chairman, Democrats will likely have an old guy (no offense to you boomers). Much contrary to what is portrayed on "tee vee" & MSM, republicans are the innovative, youthful & forward thinking, democrats are a tired old rehash of 60s rhethoric, hatred & hedonism.

12 posted on 01/19/2005 3:02:18 PM PST by I_like_good_things_too
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To: RWR8189

I have only one word for the new RNC chair: YEEEEAAAGH!

13 posted on 01/19/2005 3:03:38 PM PST by July 4th (A vacant lot cancelled out my vote for Bush.)
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Do I get odds?


-good Thames, G.J.P.(Jr.)

14 posted on 01/19/2005 3:30:28 PM PST by Do not dub me shapka broham (I'm strange, TOO! Just ask Arasina.)
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To: RWR8189

Go F & M.

Remember Kenny Duberstein?

15 posted on 01/19/2005 4:13:33 PM PST by CDB
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To: RWR8189

Mehlman stated, that his goals were to: “Enact and articulate our reform agenda. Deepen and broaden the GOP so we’re growing our party. Work to elect the best candidates in 2005, 2006 and 2008."

Since he is gay, and his co-chair is pro-abortion, I guess we know WHO he is trying to "reform"! We know that his idea of the "best" candidates are the ones who are pro-gay and pro-abortion. The very things that most republicans are against.

Tonkin said it, it is best to destroy your enemy from within. Sorry, folks, these nice people are our enemies.

16 posted on 01/25/2005 1:19:28 PM PST by tuckrdout (Forbidden fruit causes many jams)
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To: tuckrdout

I've only seen rumors about Mr. Mehlman's sexuality, but what I know for sure is that he did a great job of running Bush/Cheney '04 last year, and he seemed to have no problem running a campaign that opposed the gay agenda.

Even if he is homosexual, that does not mean that he supports gay marriage, I have never seen him make such statements.

17 posted on 01/25/2005 1:30:05 PM PST by RWR8189 (Its Morning in America Again!)
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