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Was JonBenet Murder an AIM Signature Crime?
Vanity | February 5, 2005 | Vanity

Posted on 02/05/2005 8:41:49 AM PST by Snapple

For some historical background link to

Don't blow me off too fast. I am pretty up to speed on my radical (alleged) Indian groups and their activities.

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To: BradyLS

You need to study about AIM. It attracts very violent, hate-fulled people.

AIM has different chapters and some are not so bad.

The organization is not a monolith.

Probably some AIM people are trying to help the Indians with legal issues.

Other people belong to AIM so that they can claim to be persecuted when they are arrested for selling drugs.

Others are leftists who hate the US. They don't care about Indians.

I don't know if these are really different organizations or just different faces of the same organization.

I don't trust anything to do with AIM.

181 posted on 02/06/2005 7:59:52 AM PST by Snapple
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To: nw_arizona_granny

According to another poster, the Fox News show Heartland with John Kasich said that Ward Churchill was fired once for sexual harrassment but got his job back when he sued.

I don't know. I didn't hear the program.

I am just going to say this, AIM people--at least these hard-core ones--can be violent. They have these men called Dog Soldiers (Lakota Sioux Dog Soldier clan) who cause trouble and violence on reservations.

Lee Hill also assaulted his wife with a glock pistol and threw her around.

The Indian paper "Indian Country Today" says that Ward Churchill is not an Indian and that he does not represent most Indians, who have sympathy for the victims of 9-11 and helped with relief work.

They don't like getting a bad reputation because of Ward Churchill.

The editors said that Ward Churchill spoke the other day while protected by his (AIM) security. I think that is the Dog Soldiers. They do security and enforcement for AIM.

AIM should not be enforcing anything since they are not a government.

182 posted on 02/06/2005 10:10:54 AM PST by Snapple
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To: Snapple
"I am only interested in evidence that meets the test of a courtroom."

Well I'm only interested in evidence I don't have to buy the tabloid to get.

183 posted on 02/06/2005 12:34:09 PM PST by bayourod (Unless we get over 40% of the Hispanic vote in 2008, President Hillary will take all your guns away.)
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To: Snapple

I was not making fun of anything. I just have my own theory, that is all. Are you sure you are responding to the right person?

184 posted on 02/06/2005 12:44:41 PM PST by Conservatrix ("He's a barf." --- Sophia T., Age 4, on John Sawed-Off Baldrick "I have a cunning plan" Kerry)
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To: nw_arizona_granny

Thanks for the ping.


185 posted on 02/07/2005 8:52:28 AM PST by Velveeta
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To: Snapple
First thought: You really need to /wear/ the tinfoil, not eat it. After all, you don't know what's in that stuff. It might be causing these hallucinations.

Second thought: Yet again, you referenced the "Lakota Sioux Dog Soldier Clan" in this post. There is NO Lakota Dog Soldier clan or society. If there were, I'd probably know more than half of the members, because I know an awful lot of Lakota folk. I've made a couple phone calls just to be certain of this, and no, there is no Lakota Dog Soldier Clan, nor is there a Lakota Dog Soldier Society. (For the record, I called people on multiple Lakota reservations, not just Pine Ridge.)

And now, I'm going to focus on this anti-tribal piece of fodder you've whipped out of your... well, you know.

AIM does not hate Mt. Rushmore. In fact, while there was a faction which bombed the visitor center, it was a faction which later got tossed out of AIM. You might be familiar with that faction, because they now are mostly people who comprise the group which calls itself Denver AIM. (Not Boulder AIM, because there is no such group.) The actual AIM groups which are out there do not hate Mt. Rushmore. Yes, they may laugh over the fact that the visitor center was bombed, because there is a general distrust of the government amongst many tribal groups (no surprise there; the most recently broken treaty was only a year ago, and the government still screws them over). But they wouldn't condone it.

Secondly, attacking or killing children is against one of the base principles which AIM was founded upon. The American Indian Movement was an organization that, in its infancy and now, wanted to protect tribal society for the future generations. They also wanted to make certain that the tribes were not wiped out by the federal government in the interrim. There is no person I can think of who is an actual member of AIM who would actually even remotely think of hurting a child. I admit that I do not know every single AIM member, but it's highly improbable at best.

Thirdly, it's quite a stretch to assume that someone would go and attack a child based on a name from an Osage book. By the by, the vast majority of the "old AIM members" that you accuse in this theory hate the Osages, and likely wouldn't have had any interest whatsoever in reading a book on Osage murders from the 1930's. In fact, it would be far more likely that, if they heard of that book, that they would cheer the murderer(s) on. But it's highly doubtful that they would attack someone because they happened to be named Ramsey, and even more improbable that they'd do it to their children.

Fourthly, you refer to these people as "card-carrying AIM". The only "cards" issued to AIM members are the ones which Russell Means sells on his website for pocket change (he makes a fortune on 'em, I understand, from foreigners who want to support the Indians). AIM does not issue membership cards. They probably should, just to prevent any further confusion about who's AIM and who isn't... but they don't.

Fifthly, AIM is not and has not been a terrorist organization. An example of a terrorist organization is Al-Queda, which instructs its membership to hate Americans and to kill them whenever possible. AIM does not instruct its members to hate or kill. There are no training camps to teach AIM members how to shoot at Americans, because they are not needed nor wanted.

Some members of AIM were involved in the Wounded Knee 1973 standoffs. Others have been accused of crimes. However, there are bad apples in any group, and one cannot blame an entire organization - or even a faction of an organization - for the act of one person. There are criminal Republicans, yet you don't see people saying that all of the Republicans steal, lie, cheat... oh, wait, the Democrats say that. Whoops. But you get my point - it's irrational to assume that AIM is a terrorist organization when they not only don't promote terrorist activities, but when they actively work against 'em. (And yes, they do work against them.)

Another point: AIM does not have a goal to damage the prestige of the FBI. In fact, many AIM members are trying to get the FBI to actually finish investigating cases that they have not completed. Furthermore, not all tribal folk are members of AIM, and many of them are quite comfortable with the FBI investigating crime on reservations.

The killer of two FBI agents at Pine Ridge, if you go by court records, is Leonard Peltier. Yes, Peltier was a member of AIM. But no, AIM did not kill those two agents. Peltier did, according to the courts. Nobody else has proven otherwise, including Peltier himself. This does not make AIM likely to have an agenda of killing people, nor does it mean that AIM would have killed a child.

Another thought: if anyone from AIM killed someone as a coup for AIM, it would have been spread around AIM. Something that's a "major coup" wouldn't have been able to have been kept quiet. That being the case, someone in AIM would've turned in the killer or killers, just the way that someone in AIM turned in Peltier when he was presumed to have killed two FBI agents. Since nobody has, I'd say that you're wrong, just on that count.

You obviously haven't studied AIM very well, either. They aren't as subtle of a group as you seem to think they are. Heck, they're lucky if they can organize well enough to stage a protest of a high school mascot, much less come to a conclusion to kill a kid because of a book.

What all of this says to me is that you had far too much time on your hands, you were busily chugging firewater, and you watch too much FBI Files on TV. But it doesn't give any remote possibility of being reality, not in the slightest.
186 posted on 02/15/2005 9:42:05 PM PST by Ladypixel (Not all Indian activists act like lefty Churchills... thank goodness!)
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To: Ladypixel

If you read the other posts on the thread, I explain that this criminal was a really sick, vicious indivudual, not an organization.

This was a sick individual who needed to justify his murder in terms of his ideology.

I have a lot more.

You need to look at all the things Lee Hill did after the killing to promote the propagands that a ring of highly-placed pedophiles was operating WITH FBI PROTECTION.
This is like the propaganda of Ward Hill and others that the FBI was protecting some vague killers at Pine Hill.}

That is the main thing you need to see--everything was orchestrated to promote this conspiracy theory.

I can't go into all of it right new, but there is substantioal evidence Hill and others were doing this.

When I read the Osage Indian Murders it sounded just like the Pine Ridge stories Ward Hill tells. Especially all the claims about people being murdered in ways that are made to appear accdiental.

When I read about the Osage, I saw the name John Ramsey. He was this infamous killer of Indians.

This name would be known to someone involved in AIM propaganda.

The signature on the vicious ransom note was "Victory! SBTC." The internet service for MT Rushmore (which AIM bombed) was

I think the killer left these little clues as a signature to his identification with AIM.

Now I agree that this does not mean that AIM as an arganization did this.

The reall evidence is to watch how Lee Hill used a variety of people to promote this absurd anti-FBI agenda--that the FBI was protecting a ring of highly-placed pedophiles.

For this you have to go back through the papers. It is very complicated. You have to look at the similarity of the propaganda themes.

187 posted on 02/16/2005 3:20:29 AM PST by Snapple
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To: Ladypixel

I accidently wrote "sounded just like the Pine Ridge stories Ward Hill tells. ."

Correct to read Ward Churchill, not Ward Hill.

Killing the child was not the main goal. The propaganda was the main goal.

I am not saying that the killer is an Indian at all. I am saying that the killer identifies with this very radical, anti-FBI, anarchistic AIM ideology.

Ward Churchill teaches it to a lot of kids. He writes it in books. Lee Hill and Churchill promote it. Neither of these people was raised in an Indian culture.

It doesn't bother me that you have to use mockery. This means you are afraid of what I am explaining.

188 posted on 02/16/2005 3:28:26 AM PST by Snapple
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To: Ladypixel

You write, "you had far too much time on your hands, you were busily chugging firewater, and you watch too much FBI Files on TV."

I have a very busy and successful life. I am also an expert on radical propaganda themes and the manipulation of media to prejudice people against minorities. I am a published writer.

I don't drink much at all. I don't watch about the FBI on TV. I researched the Osage Indian Murders FBI file. These are documents. These are interviews with Osage Indians and others to investigate the murders. The Osage were naturally afraid and secretly contacted the FBI via their lawyer. The FBI files are the words of the Osage and other people who were near to the murder investigation.

Ward Churchill has read it, too, I think. He plagiarized the story line and even used the term "reign of terror" that was used to describe the Osage murders.

The FBI file on the Osage is the subtext for AIM (Churchill/Hill); therefore, the name John Ramsey would mean a lot to Ward Churchill and others with his same anti-FBI agenda.

They have done nothing for Indians and are just hiding behind Indians who will suffer from their lies.

189 posted on 02/16/2005 3:40:00 AM PST by Snapple
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To: Ladypixel

This has some information about the history of the Osage Indian murders. I think this is important to understanding what the Lee Hill/Ward Churchill/Colorado AIM is up to.

190 posted on 02/19/2005 7:18:00 PM PST by Snapple
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To: ken21

This lady was Lee Hill's client. He made a big fuss that the FBI wouldn't help protect her from a gang of pedophiles so he had to hide her with a friend in AIM.

Then he had a reporter write about it. If you are really hiding someone, do you put it in the news?

191 posted on 02/19/2005 8:49:33 PM PST by Snapple
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To: Snapple

to be honest, i'm confused about this.

i had never in my wildest imagination connected aim to the ramseys.

however, if you are correct, i fear for you.

192 posted on 02/20/2005 7:33:48 AM PST by ken21 (the terrorists didn't blow up the new york times because the times supports them. (/s))
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To: ken21

I am not afraid and I am only gearing up. See this:

Ward Churchill is going straight down to Hell in flames.

193 posted on 02/20/2005 2:57:53 PM PST by Snapple
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To: Ladypixel

I'd appreciate your input. And pass this along.

You said AIM is not too smart. I am talking about Boulder/Denver AIM. That means Lee Hill and Ward Churchill.

They are not so dumb. But neither am I.

This is a HUGE FRAUD they have perpetrated.

Lee Hill at least had the sense to turn tail and head for the hills.

194 posted on 02/20/2005 3:04:04 PM PST by Snapple
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To: Snapple
I said this politely on the other thread at the end of my last post, and you promptly ignored it. I am now saying this without the attached politeness, and quite firmly in the hopes that it might, perhaps, penetrate this time.

Stop pinging me. I do not wish to have any more contact with you. I have no interest whatsoever in your absolutely ridiculous conspiracy theory, and you have deeply offended me with your ignorance and your insistance that you are correct when you're not. None of your theory has basis in reality, and I say this as someone who is intimately familiar with AIM and the Native American community.

I do not wish to speak with you, to read any more of this crap, or to have anything whatsoever to do with you. I don't have time for you or for this idiocy. Period. End of discussion. Go away. Don't bother responding to this, I won't be reading anything from you again. Goodbye.
195 posted on 02/20/2005 9:22:27 PM PST by Ladypixel (People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.)
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