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FReeper Gunny Bob Has Reports Confirmed By CIA's Goss And FBI's Mueller

Posted on 02/17/2005 12:02:29 PM PST by GunnyBob

The Gunny strikes again.

In the spring of 2004, Bob Newman, aka Gunny Bob of the "Gunny Bob Show" on Newsradio 850 KOA and a frequent guest analyst on the FOX News Channel, stunned the world by reporting that North Korea was developing a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the United States.

In testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on 15 Febraury 2005, Porter Goss, the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), confirmed the Gunny's report.

And three years after the Gunny began reporting FBI surveillance of al Qaeda cells within the United States, FBI Director Robert Mueller, also in testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on 15 February 2005, confirmed the Gunny's reports.

Gunny Bob's reports included details on precisely where and what types of targets the al Qaeda reconnaissance cells were collecting intelligence on, including potential targets in Houston, Los Angeles, Alaska and Philadelphia.

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To: Brit_Guy

You silly English king! To quote a Frenchman in 932AD England, "Your mother was a hampster and your father smelled of elderberries!"

If you knew anything about my background, you would, of course, have realized vanity was not at work. Because I have broken so many stories and made so many accurate predictions in the WoT, and because those stories and predictions are oftentimes not covered by the mainstream media/not made by anyone else, I oftentimes am accused of making stuff up. That's why when the directors of the FBI and CIA come out on the same day and confirm two of the 58 stories I have broken/predictions I have made, I post it.

Now go boil your bottom or I will taunt you a second time.

21 posted on 02/17/2005 3:10:07 PM PST by GunnyBob
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To: Sir Gawain

Unless you live in Colorado and listen to AM talk radio, or watch FOX News Channel, there's no reason why you would have heard of me.

Besides, getting through on the phone to my show usually takes hours; so many callers, you see. ;-)

22 posted on 02/17/2005 3:21:11 PM PST by GunnyBob
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To: GunnyBob


If you did five minutes worth of investigation on Google or Amazon you would find Woolsey endorsing Jayna Davis. Why do you need me to do your investigating for you?

Davis actually is quoted in the book as saying something like (paraphrase):

The world owes a debt of gratitude to Jayna Davis for uncovering the truth about OKC.

Google Jayna Davis.
Look at the Amazon editorial write-ups and free reading pages for The Third Terrorists.

23 posted on 02/17/2005 8:34:22 PM PST by Peach (The Clintons pardoned more terrorists than they ever captured or killed.)
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To: Peach

You do my investigating for me? Are you on crack? I wasn't the one who brought up this Davis person. You are the conspiracy theorist, not me.

Oh, and Woolsey says he has no evidence at all that Iraq carried out the OKC bombing.


24 posted on 02/17/2005 8:58:29 PM PST by GunnyBob
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To: GunnyBob
You are the one who asked for evidence that Woolsey endorsed Jayna Davis and her book The Third Terrorist.

I have told you that 2 minutes worth of googling would provide that evidence for you.

And you're misstating Woolsey's position about Iraq and Al Qaeda which can be found here:

Educate yourself a little before you embarrass yourself further.
25 posted on 02/17/2005 9:10:02 PM PST by Peach (The Clintons pardoned more terrorists than they ever captured or killed.)
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To: GunnyBob

Oh, and because you sound rather lazy, here's Woolsey's endorsement of Davis and her book and investigative work into the OKC bombing:

Maybe you're the one on crack.

26 posted on 02/17/2005 9:11:32 PM PST by Peach (The Clintons pardoned more terrorists than they ever captured or killed.)
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To: Gothmog

Thought you may be interested in this.

27 posted on 02/17/2005 9:11:43 PM PST by Diva Betsy Ross (Just say no to the ACLU!)
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To: GunnyBob

And just because I was in the mood, here's the stuff on the relationship between OBL and Saddam. You know, the same relationship that Old Media keeps telling us doesn't exist:

The 90's:

Saddam's Fingerprints on NY Bombing
June 28, 1993. The Wall Street Journal. Laurie Mylroie

The Clinton Justice Department's indictment against OBL in federal court which mentions the terrorist's connections to Iraq.
November 4, 1998. The federal indictment

Iraq and AQ agree to cooperate. The federal indictment against OBL working in concert with Iraq and Iran is mentioned.
November 1998. The New York Times

Saddam reaching out to OBL
January 1, 1999. Newsweek

ABC news reports on the Osama/Saddam connections
January 14, 1999. ABC News

Osama and Saddam Work Together
January 27, 1999. Laurie Mylroie interview. She is a former Clinton terrorism czar.

Western Nightmare: Saddam and OBL versus the World. Iraq recruited OBL.
February 6, 1999. The Guardian,12469,798270,00.html

Saddam's Link to OBL
February 6, 1999. The Guardian

Saddam offered asylum to bin Laden
February 13, 1999. AP

Son of Saddam coordinates with OBL.
Iraqi Special Ops coordinates with Bin Laden's terrorist activities.
August 6, 1999. Yossef Bodansky, National Press Club


The Iraqis, who for several years paid smaller groups to do their dirty work, were quick to discover the advantages of Al-Qaeda.
September 19, 2001. Jane's.

Bin Laden met Iraqi Agent.
September 28, 2001. The Miami Herald.

German investigators link Iraq to anthrax attack.
October 26, 2001. Anova.

Saddam behind first WTC attack.
October 18, 2001. Laurie Mylroie, Clinton anti-terrorism czar. PBS.

Hijacker given anthrax by Iraq
October 27, 2001. The Times.


Salman Pak. Satellite discussion about the terror camps in Iraq.
January 7, 2002. Aviation Weekly.

Intercepted call links Saddam to AQ.
February 7, 2002. The Telegraph

Report linking anthrax and 9/11 hijackers is probed.
March 23, 2002. The New York Times.

Osama met with Saddam in Iraq.
March 23, 2002. The Times of India

Militia Defector says Baghdad trained Al Qaeda fighters in chemical weapons.
July 14, 2002. The Sunday Times.

September 11 Victims Sue Iraq.
September 4, 2002. BBC.

Families sue Iraq over 9/11. Thousands of 9/11 victims and family members sue Iraq based on evidence that Iraq knew the attacks were coming, approved the attacks, and supported Al Qaeda for a decade. The lawsuit also notes Iraq's involvement in the first WTC attack.
September 5, 2002. CBS.

Gephardt says lots of intelligence links OBL and Saddam.
October 6, 2002. Newsmax.


Colin Powell: Iraq and Al Qaeda were partners for years.
February 5, 2003. Colin Powell interview on CNN.

Freeper Republic Strategist's list of links between AQ and Iraq.
February 7, 2003

Saddam and OBL Make a Pact.
February 10, 2003. The New Yorker.

Australia PM has lots of information regarding Iraq/AQ connections.
March 14, 2003

Spain links 9/11 suspect to Baghdad.
March 16, 2003. The Observer.,6903,915142,00.html

The AQ connection to Iraq
April 12, 2003. The Weekly Standard

Saddam's regime linked to several religious extremist groups.
April 17, 2003. The Daily Telegraph.

More evidence. Newspaper finds documents in Baghdad which directly prove the links between OBL and Saddam. The paperwork details meetings and when and where they occurred. Also found documents that Russia passed on to Iraq detailing private conversations between Blair and Italy's Berlusconi.
April 27, 2003. The Telegraph.

Wolfowitz Says Saddam behind 9/11 Attacks:
June 1, 2003. Newsweek.

Oil for Food Scandal Ties Iraq and Al Qaeda.
June 20, 2003. Forward Magazine.

A judge sees the documents linking OBL and Saddam.
June 25, 2003. The Tennessean.

The Al Qaeda Connection.
July 11, 2003. The Weekly Standard.

List of newspaper articles written in the 90's which mention the world's concern regarding the growing relationship between OBL and Saddam.
July 14, 2003. FrontPage Magazine.

Growing Evidence of Saddam and Al Qaeda Link.
July 16, 2003. FrontPage Magazine.

What the administration said. And what they didn't use, but could have regarding the relationship between OBL and Saddam.
The Iraqi regime paid Zawahiri $300,000 in '98 when his Islamic jihad merged with Al Qaeda.
September 1, 2003. The Weekly Standard.

Free Republic Thread that mentions books on this topic. Former CIA Director James Woolsey and other notables recommend these books as well.
September 6, 2003.

Memo shows Iraq and Iraq contacted OBL.
September 12, 2003. The Washington Times.

Vice President Cheney lectures Russert on Iraq/911 Link
Al Qaeda sent personnel to Baghdad to get training for terrorist activities. He mentions Iraq's involvement in the first WTC bombing in 1993.
September 15, 2003. Interview.

Iraq and terrorism - no doubt about it. Specific names of Al Qaeda terrorists working in and with Iraq
September 19, 2003. National Review.

Iraq and AQ: A Federal Judge's Point of View
September 20, 2003

Mohammed's Account links Iraq to 9/11 and first WTC attack:
September 22, 2003. Newsweek.

Richard Miniter details the names and specific connections including the Iraqi who was involved in the first WTC bombing and lived in Iraq.
September 25, 2003. Richard Minister

Saddam's Terror Ties that Critics Ignore.
October 21, 2003. The National Review.

Osama's Best Friend: The Further Connections Between Al Qaeda and Saddam.
November 3, 2003. The Weekly Standard

Stephen Hayes book, The Intel Links OBL and Saddam.
November 15, 2003. The Weekly Standard.,2933,103176,00.html

The media certainly were pushing Iraq as being connected to AQ and possibly behind 9/11 shortly after September 11, 2001. A compilation of media comments and articles:
November 17, 2003

Case Closed.
November 24, 2003. The Weekly Standard

The Terrorist behind 9/11 was trained by Saddam
December 14, 2003. The Telegraph.

The Clinton View of Iraq/AQ Ties.
December 29, 2003. The Weekly Standard.


Saddam behind anthrax attacks?
January 1, 2004. Accuracy in Media.

Tape Shows General Wesley Clark linking Iraq and AQ
January 12, 2004. The New York Times.

Saddam's Ambassador to Al Qaeda.
February 23, 2004, The Weekly Standard.

Article details the number of terrorists who have attacked America in the past and taken refuge in Iraq. Loaded with interesting bullet points.
March 14, 2004. Scripps Howard News Service via NewsMax.

James Woolsey, former CIA Director, links Iraq and AQ. See also Posts #34 and #35.
March 23, 2004. CNN Interview

Less than two months before 9/11/01, the state-controlled Iraqi newspaper “Al-Nasiriya” carried a column headlined, “American, an Obsession called Osama Bin Ladin.” (July 21, 2001)

In the piece, Baath Party writer Naeem Abd Muhalhal predicted that bin Laden would attack the US “with the seriousness of the Bedouin of the desert about the way he will try to bomb the Pentagon after he destroys the White House.”

The same state-approved column also insisted that bin Laden “will strike America on the arm that is already hurting,” and that the US “will curse the memory of Frank Sinatra every time he hears his songs” – an apparent reference to the Sinatra classic, “New York, New York”.
March 28, 2004, NewsMax

Al Qaeda's Poison Gas
April 29,2 004. The Wall Street Journal

Saddam Linked to 9/11.
May 11, 2004. FrontPage Magazine. Laurie Mylroie, Clinton's anti-terrorism czar.

Bush says Zarqawi killed Berg. Cites Saddam ties.
May 15, 2004. Reuters.

The Connections. Detailed.
May 28, 2004. The Weekly Standard.

Saddam's role in 9/11.
May 29, 2004. A Freeper book.

Clinton mentioned how AQ was developing a relationship with Iraq. Also see Post #5.
June 1, 2004. The Miami Herald.

Read into the Congressional Record regarding the ties between OBL and Saddam. (Part 1)
June 1, 2004

More read into the Congressional Record (Part 2).
June 1, 2004

More read into the Congressional Record (Part 3).
June 1, 2004

More read into the Congressional Record (Part 4).
June 1, 2004

Exploring the links between 9/11 and Iraq.
June 2, 2004.

New Iraqi Chief Links 9/11 to Saddam.
June 2, 2004. NewsMax.

Pre-Bush Timeline of Saddam/OBL Ties
June 12, 2004. Freeper Blackrain4xmas research

Cheney claims Iraq/AQ connections
June 14, 2004. Associated Press

Britain insists that AQ was in Iraq pre war.
June 17, 2004. MiddleEast Online.

Cheney says definite ties between Iraq/AQ and outraged at NYT Misleading Headline.
June 17, 2004. CNBC Capitol Report via Drudge

How the Networks Pretend to Ignore their own Reporting from the 1990's.
June 17, 2004. Media Research Center

There was a link between OBL and Saddam.
June 20, 2004. The Sunday Telegraph.

9/11 Commission says prominent member of AQ served in Iraq's militia.
June 20, 2004. Reuters.

9/11 Commission reaffirms Bush administration view of Iraq/AQ ties.
June 21, 2004. RNC.

How Saddam collaborated with Osama bin Laden. Interview with Stephen Hayes with excellent information.
June 23, 2004. FrontPage Magazine.

The Clinton Administration first linked Saddam and OBL.
June 25, 2004. The Washington Times.

Documents Shows Iraq Intel Agents Met with OBL.
June 25, 2004. Associated Press.

More evidence of Iraq/AQ relationship.
June 25, 2004. New York Times.

Putin warned President Bush after 9/11 that Saddam Hussein planned to attack America.
June 28, 2004. Media Research Center.

Freeper blog (Windsofchange) and links to 9/11 Commission report with specific references to the ways in which Iraq/AQ were connected and worked together.
July 11, 2004.

Long List of Clinton Administration Officials who Believed There was an AQ/Iraq connection.
July 12, 2004. NewsMax.

Gore, Cohen, Clinton linked AQ and Saddam.
July 15, 2004. The Daily Texan.

Gore, Cohen, Clinton linked AQ and Saddam.
July 15, 2004. The Daily Texan.

What the Senate Intelligence Report REALLY said about the connections between Iraq and Al Qaeda.
July 22, 2004. The Weekly Standard.

The 9/11 Commission found specific connections between Iraq and AQ. Specific names and dates are given from the report.
July 22, 2004. The Daily Standard.

The 9/11 Commission and Iraq/AQ Connections.
July 26, 2004. The Weekly Standard.

Clinton feared Iraq gave AQ chemical weapons in Sudan under a cooperative agreement they had.
July 2004. 9/11 Commission

Information about Shakir, the Iraqi who met with AQ at a pre-9/11 planning meeting. Also information about the Iraqi who mixed the chemicals for the bomb of the first WTC bombing.
August 2, 2004. The Weekly Standard.

Specific quotes from 9/11 Commission Report regarding links between AQ and Iraq.
July 30, 2004.

Contact between OBL and Saddam are beyond dispute.
August 18, 2004. The Washington Times.

List of CIA and various Reports regarding Iraq's support for terrorists, terrorism and AQ.
September 16, 2004. The Weekly Standard.

Kerry disputing 9/11 Commission and Senate Intelligence Reports. Actual page numbers and quotes within article of what the Reports DID say regarding the connections.
September 20, 2004. The Weekly Standard.

Fox News reports that Saddam may have used Oil for Food money to fund Al Qaeda.
September 20, 2004. Fox News Channel.,2933,132682,00.html

Both the Senate Intelligence Committee Report and the 9/11 Commission documented the links and relationship between AQ and Iraq.
October 5, 2005. The Weekly Standard.

Osama bin Laden was considered an Iraqi Intelligence asset.
October 14, 2004. National Review.

Senate Intelligence Report says Zarqawi operated out of Saddam controlled territory - Baghdad.
October 20, 2004. The Weekly Standard.

It looks like the 9/11 Commission got an important detail wrong. Shakir probably DID work the Iraqi Fedayeen and he had documents on him when arrested that linked him to the 1993 WTC bombing. And he drove the 9/11 hijackers to a planning meeting.
October 23, 2004. The Hoover Institute.

Saddam was the ATM to Al Qaeda.
November 16, 2004. The Weekly Standard.

CIA Agent Scheuer USED to believe there was an Iraq/AQ link. Now he just wants face time on television and is pretending there was never a link.
November 23, 2004. The Weekly Standard.

Oil for Food Scandal may have funded 9/11.
December 4, 2004. NewsMax quotes The Weekly Standard.

Iraqi Intelligence officers planted a sleeper cell (at least one) in the United States. The man is now under arrest and Iraqi agents are cooperating.
December 22, 2004. CBS.

(anthrax connections to Iraq and Freeper research)

9/11 Hijacker sought treatment for red hands (anthrax).
October 11, 2001. Palm Beach Post.

Tabloid Editor rented apartment to two 9/11 hijackers. The tabloid lost a worker to anthrax.
October 15, 2001. Miami Herald.

Hijackers linked to anthrax.
October 15, 2001. St. Petersburg Times.

9/11 Hijackers treated for anthrax.
March 23, 2002. The New York Times.

Remember Anthrax?
April 20, 2002. The Weekly Standard.
9/24/01. ABC.

Hijacker treated for anthrax.
May 9, 2002. The Wall Street Journal.

Atta tried to buy a cropduster.
June 6, 2002. ABC.

Analysis of anthrax letters.
June 19, 2002. Instapundit.

Freeper My Identity research on anthrax letters. Post #44.

The silica used in the anthrax attacks traced to Iraq.
October 28, 2002. The Washington Post.

Freeper Backhoe's list of links.
February 2, 2003

Freeper Republican Strategist list of links.
February 24, 2003.

Freeper polemikos list of links to investigations regarding anthrax.
December 26, 2003.

Evidence Iraq behind anthrax attacks.
January 1, 2004. Accuracy in Media

Freeper Christie's list of links. Great chart.
September 26, 2004.

28 posted on 02/17/2005 9:15:41 PM PST by Peach (The Clintons pardoned more terrorists than they ever captured or killed.)
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To: Peach

You are clearly a crack head. I never said anything about al Qaeda, OBL and Saddam being connected or not connected in this string, so sober up.

Oh, you might want to check my bio. I am the CT guy who, on his website, has all sorts of links showing Saddam's links to terrorism. My bio is below so that you won't live in ignorance any longer. See, you live in the theoretical world where you base your opinions only on what you agree with in the media. You wouldn't know a terrorist if one bit you in the ankle. I shall eagerly await your matching bio.

One of the world’s most respected authorities on terrorism, guerrilla warfare, special operations, survival and security, Bob Newman has been asked to testify before Congress on matters relating to the war on terror and homeland security, and has been commended for his work by mayors, governors, senators, congressional representatives and generals, including Gen. Richard B. Myers, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He has given briefings and presentations on terrorism at the Maritime Security Council’s International Maritime Security Summit, China Shipping 2004, Intersec Security Exposition, TOC-Asia (Terminal Operations Conference--Asia), U.S. Air Force Academy, US oil & gas industry, and to various business organizations, as well as an assortment of government (foreign & domestic), media, civic, and private entities, and to professional sports organizations. A terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and tactics consultant to one of the largest metropolitan police departments in the United States, he is also the Director of International Security & Counterterrorism Services for The GeoScope Group, which provides Vulnerability Assessment Teams from the world’s most elite law enforcement agencies, intelligence organizations and military special operations units.

The host of the “Gunny Bob Show” (Newsradio 850 KOA), host of “Inhuman Newman’s Anger-Management Hour” on 630 KHOW, host and producer of the “Global Positioning Statement” (a daily war-on-terror briefing heard on Clear Channel stations from coast to coast) and Clear Channel, Inc.’s award-winning military science & terrorism analyst, Mr. Newman’s hard-hitting, insightful analysis & commentary on terrorism, homeland security, guerrilla warfare and military science has resulted in his appearances on such television programs as “The O’Reilly Factor,” “On the Record” with Greta van Susteren, “War Zone” with Geraldo Rivera, “FOX News Live,” “FOX News Sunday” and “Big Story Weekend” with Rita Cosby, “War on Terror: The Hunt for the Killers” with Linda Vester and Laurie Dhue, “The Big Story” with John Gibson, “The FOX Report” with Shepard Smith, ABC’s “World News Tonight,” and several others. He has been interviewed on MSNBC by Ron Reagan Jr. and Monica Crowley, and has appeared on CNN, the “Today” show (interviewed by Matt Lauer), “Talkback Live,” “Catherine Crier Live,” “Montel Williams,” “Cochran & Company,” and radio stations from coast to coast, as well as in Europe and Australia.

In October of 2002, Mr. Newman was the counterterrorism consultant for an investigative report on terrorism and homeland security for CBS. In July of 2003, Newsweek’s World Wide Web edition published an extensive interview with Mr. Newman on the guerrilla war in Iraq. In January of 2004, Mr. Newman accepted the position of military science & terrorism columnist for The Denver Daily News. Mr. Newman is a popular political columnist for Frontiers of Freedom and Men’s News Daily. The Chicago Tribune repeatedly consulted Mr. Newman in 2004 about interrogation techniques, the Geneva Conventions, and myriad aspects of subjects relating to Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

Mr. Newman is well known for his uncanny ability to precisely predict the nature and location (by country) of terrorist attacks months, even years in advance, as well as anti-terrorist operations carried out by the U.S. Department of Defense and/or Central Intelligence Agency, and events relating to standard DoD operations, such as Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is also the most successful investigative journalist covering the war on terror. The 58 accurate predictions and assessments, and stories he has broken since October 2001 (more than all other military science and terrorism analysts in the media combined) have made him one of the most sought-after terrorism experts in the world.

Mr. Newman won a national-level 2002 Edward R. Murrow Award for investigative reporting on terrorism and homeland security, and won a 2001 Associated Press/Colorado Broadcasters Association Award, also for investigative reporting on terrorism and homeland security. In 2003, “Redmond & Newman” won a Colorado Broadcasters Association Award of Excellence. He is also a frequent consultant to the BBC on terrorism, interrogations and guerrilla warfare, was selected by Westword as the “Best Military Expert” in that publication’s 2002 “Best of Denver” competition, and is a recipient of the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps’ Leadership Writing Award.

The author of 1,500+ magazine articles that have appeared in dozens of publications, as well as 20 non-fiction books, including the very popular Guerrillas in the Mist: A Battlefield Guide to Clandestine Warfare (a required textbook for Dr. Woody Farrar’s “Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare” course at Virginia Tech), Marine Special Warfare & Elite Unit Tactics, and Wilderness Wayfinding: How to Survive in the Wilderness as You Travel (a text and reference in Marquette University’s Voyageurs Program), his first novel, Trenches & Hard-Points (a Gulf War novel), was released in October 2002. A correspondent for the Cybercast News Service, Mr. Newman’s investigative reports on everything from terrorism to medicine are known for their depth and insight. He has reported on the admitted war crimes and treason of John Forbes Kerry, the attacks of 9-11, all aspects of homeland security, US military actions around the world (Afghanistan, the Philippines, the Korean Peninsula, Iraq, Liberia, etc.), al Qaeda’s global operations (in Europe, Asia, Africa, the United States, et al), the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse scandal, the 2004 presidential election, special operations conducted by the CIA’s Special Activities Division (SAD), suspected domestic terrorist Eric Robert Rudolph, Andrew Cunanan (who murdered fashion designer Gianni Versace), Zimbabwe dictator and mass-murderer Robert Mugabe, the Iranian-Syrian link to Hezbollah, Yasser Arafat’s Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Hamas, Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army terrorist group, Thailand’s burgeoning Muslim terrorist threat, the Abu Sayyaf Group, super-secret US special operations Task Force 121, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Jemaah Islamiyah, Libyan dictator Moammar Ghadafi, the Peruvian Maoist terrorist group Sendero Luminoso (“Shining Path”), the Corsican National Liberation Front, the ricin attacks on the White House and Senate, John Kerry’s support of the government of North Vietnam, Gen. Wesley Clark’s firing by Secretary of Defense William Cohen, the Philippines Marxist terrorist group known as the New Peoples Army, Saudi Arabia’s terrorist insurgency, security at the Olympic Games in Greece, the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, Islamic terrorism in Thailand, the Colombian narco-terrorist groups known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and National Liberation Front (NLF), Mad Cow Disease, media bias, accused sexual predator Kobe Bryant, former warlord and Liberian President Charles Taylor, the armored bulldozer attack on the Colorado town of Granby in June 2004, the Beslan (Russia) school massacre, the 2004 US elections, the 2004 tsunamis, controversial University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill, and many more subjects.

In November of 2001, Mr. Newman was the panel moderator for President George W. Bush’s “Lessons of Liberty” initiative at the Denver campus of Jones Knowledge, Inc. In July of 2003, he was the panel moderator for the US Department of State’s International Visitors Program during a visit by African journalists to Colorado to discuss post 9-11 interaction between the United States and Africa. In March of 2004, Mr. Newman was the panel moderator and host of “365 Days of War: What’s Next?”, a special broadcast on 630 KHOW that featured expert panelists from around the country who discussed with a live audience the war in Iraq and the future of the war on terror. Mr. Newman is also a popular guest instructor at Metropolitan State College in Denver, where he lectures on political science, history, culture, Islam, Judaism and terrorism.

On 11 September 2004, Dave Kopel of the Rocky Mountain News, who is also an associate policy analyst for the Cato Institute and a columnist for National Review Online, said: “In the Colorado media, KOA evening radio host Bob Newman is virtually alone in presenting a sophisticated understanding of military science.”

A federally certified hostage survival instructor, Mr. Newman is a decorated, retired parachute- and combatant-diver qualified United States Marine with extensive, global operational experience in reconnaissance, special operations, counterterrorism, counterguerrilla warfare, and wilderness survival, and is a ground combat veteran.

29 posted on 02/17/2005 9:59:56 PM PST by GunnyBob
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To: GunnyBob

Hey Gunny Bob. Hope you are feeling better. We've missed not having you each evening on KOA over the past few days while you've been out recovering from being under the weather. See you soon. Semper Fi!

30 posted on 02/17/2005 11:22:13 PM PST by ajolympian2004
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To: GunnyBob
The link for Gunny Bob on the 850 am KOA website:

This site is a goldmine of information.

31 posted on 02/17/2005 11:26:32 PM PST by ajolympian2004
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To: GunnyBob

The ricin attacks on the White House and Senate? Don't you mean the anthrax attacks?

And you can predict in advance where terrorist attacks are going to occur? You sure missed 9/11.

You sound like a self promoter. You're also rude. And that you didn't know about Woolsey and OKC and Jayna Davis makes me worry about just how much you really know.

32 posted on 02/18/2005 4:42:02 AM PST by Peach (The Clintons pardoned more terrorists than they ever captured or killed.)
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To: GunnyBob
See, you live in the theoretical world where you base your opinions only on what you agree with in the media.

And reading comprehension is your friend. As I said previously, the reason I gave the links is that the Old Media doesn't believe in the connections, not because they DO believe in the connections. Sheesh. Buy a clue. Also, although I didn't want to demean your web site, I did think your own list of connections was a little, how shall we say, wanting.

33 posted on 02/18/2005 5:08:31 AM PST by Peach (The Clintons pardoned more terrorists than they ever captured or killed.)
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To: GunnyBob

GunnyBob, can you send me an autographed 8x10 glossy picture of you? You sound like a real hero!

34 posted on 02/18/2005 5:31:58 AM PST by OwenKellogg
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To: Peach

Still awaiting your matching bio.

If you want to live in the conspiracy theorist world, that's OK with me. Black helicopters and all. The NWO. The boogeyman. As I said, kooks like you are great callers to my shows.

35 posted on 02/18/2005 6:31:47 AM PST by GunnyBob
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To: Peach

And since Google is your soul means of research, try googling "ricin, white house and senate." The attacks will pop up.

Amateurs such as yourself who think that, because you have Google, you are CT pros, make those of us who really are laugh. You have no clue, Peach, but what's funny is how you think you do.

Again, as soon as your list of quals matches mine, I will buy you a house.

36 posted on 02/18/2005 6:35:50 AM PST by GunnyBob
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To: OwenKellogg

Son, note the word "hero" is nowhere in my bio. My bio is what it is. If you are jealous, sorry.

37 posted on 02/18/2005 6:37:04 AM PST by GunnyBob
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To: ajolympian2004

Thanks! I will be back Monday. I've missed the shows, too!

38 posted on 02/18/2005 6:37:48 AM PST by GunnyBob
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To: Peach

Oh, I was part of a study group in the 1980s that specifically predicted attacks on certain high-value structures with airliners that had been hijacked. Our findings were ignored by the ignorant. So, no, I didn't miss 9-11. In fact, my team predicted just such an attack many years earler.

Sorry. I know that will upset you in your safe little world where Google is your god.

39 posted on 02/18/2005 6:40:32 AM PST by GunnyBob
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To: GunnyBob
Your own bio left out your crack usage. Will there be an update? I can't see how you are so quick to call a freeper a crack head unless the pipes are a'calling you yourself.

And she's right. Your hubris preceeds you so much you've tripped over it and fell on your face. Just an observation.

40 posted on 02/18/2005 6:41:04 AM PST by bvw
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