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More trouble for Ward Churchill ^

Posted on 02/27/2005 7:37:24 AM PST by alienken

TROUBLE SPEAK Ward Churchill copied 'original' art piece Takes a swing at TV reporter who confronted him

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: February 26, 2005 1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2005

Professor Ward Churchill Adding to a growing list of allegations, controversial University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill appears to have violated copyright law by claiming a reknowned artist's work as his own.

Churchill, whose integrity has been challenged since news broke earlier last month of his paper blaming victims of 9-11 for the attacks, made an Indian-theme serigraph in 1981 called "Winter Attack" and printed 150 copies.

But one of the buyers, Duke Prentup, told Denver's CBS affiliate KCNC-TV of a stunning discovery he made last month while flipping through a book of illustrations by the late artist Thomas E. Mails.

The work signed by Churchill virtually is a mirror image of Mails' 1972 pen and ink sketch, "The Mystic Warriors of the Plains."

KCNC reporter Raj Chohan took a cameraman to Churchill's office Thursday to confront him with the revelation and received an angry response.

Artwork signed by Ward Churchill (KCNC-TV, Denver)

"Get that camera out of my face," Churchill said.

Chohan followed the professor down the hallway to his office, trying to show him Mails' piece and asking to explain why it "looks like you ripped it off."

Original artwork by Thomas Mails(KCNC-TV, Denver)

That prompted Churchill to take a swing at Chohan.

The reporter said: "Sir, that's assault, you can't do that. Can I ask you about this? It looks like you copied it."

Churchill: "I was just grabbed by the arm. And that [camera] gets out of my face."

Chohan: "Sir, we're allowed to take these pictures, this is a public space."

Churchill: "You're not allowed to grab me by the arm."

Chohan: "He didn't touch you sir, we've got it all on tape. Sir, this is called Winter Attack. It's a serigraph by you. It looks like it was copied from Thomas Mails artwork. Can we talk to you about that please?"

Churchill came out of his office several minutes later and agreed to talk, acknowledging his artwork is based on the Mails piece.

He insisted, however, he disclosed that during its initial release.

"It is an original art work by me, after Thomas Mails," Churchill said. "The fact that the purchaser was ignorant of the reality of what was perfectly publicly stated at the time the edition was printed is not my responsibility."

However, no credit was given to Mails on the artwork, and Churchill refused to provide documentation to back his claims.

Intellectual property attorney Jim Hubbell told the Denver station such documentation, if it exists, still would not protect Churchill from copyright infringement unless he had consent from Mails.

The son of the late Thomas Mails told KCNC the family retains the copyright.

"My father invested a great deal of himself in his work, and from that he developed a great fierceness in defending his work," Ryan Mails said. "I cannot imagine he would ever grant permission to anyone to copy one of his pieces."

Controversy erupted around Churchill last month, when one of his essays made it into the national spotlight.

Written shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks, it describes the thousands of American victims who died in the World Trade Center inferno as "little Eichmanns" – a reference to notorious Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann – who were perpetuating America's "mighty engine of profit." They were destroyed, he added, thanks to the "gallant sacrifices" of "combat teams" that successfully targeted the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon.

Churchill resigned his position as head of the Colorado University ethnic studies program but kept his $96,000 per year teaching post. He steadfastly has refused to apologize for his comments.

He's also come under fire for claiming an American Indian heritage, training terrorists, and meeting with Libya's Moammar Gadhafi in the 1980s when the U.S. had banned travel there.

In addition, he's accused of writing essays with passages "almost identical" to those of other authors.

The University of Colorado Regents is probing whether Churchill has violated tenure and expects to announce a decision in March.

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To: shezza
(Yes, Ward, but why are all your Indians left-handed in the piece?)

On the first day of this story that overlay was also done by a FReeper. I looked at it closely and never consciously noted the "left handed" aspect. Very good observation!

41 posted on 02/27/2005 8:57:29 AM PST by CitizenM
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To: chemainus
For Indians, this translates into dispossession of some 98 percent of our lands....

Uh huh ...

42 posted on 02/27/2005 9:04:25 AM PST by catpuppy
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To: alienken

He's going to be sorry he ever opened his snearing mouth!

43 posted on 02/27/2005 9:05:57 AM PST by MHT
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To: alienken

The Mails family should certainly sue this thief for stealing copyrighted work.

44 posted on 02/27/2005 9:09:40 AM PST by kittymyrib
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To: technomage
Yup, he led about it - but there was the proof - right these about whether he was grabbed. Churchill is a pathological liar.

You can safely conclude that he is lying about advising the purchaser of the painting of he fact that it was copied from another person's work

Churchill is a person of the lowest character, and it is amazing that he was able to stay in the academic system at Colorado for as long as he was. I blame the PC lefties who have taken over our Universities - once Churchill said "American Indian" and Oppression" their brains turned off, and he was no longer subject to any type of intellectual or character standard, he was instead given a carte blanche to disseminate his sickness among the most impressionable of our children that we put into his care.

If this were an isolated incident, we could shake our heads and be glad we aren't the regents at CU who have to clean up this mess. But, I think we can see, that this is not an isolated incident. Political correctness, no matter how absurd, as replaced critical thinking in almost all of our universities. While there are good professors at universities, unfortunately we also see characters such as Jay Silverman at Harvard University, and countless others I am sure you could name, have used standards designed by Diane Glompers to turn our colleges into fantasy playgrounds for the mentally damaged, a safe haven for the disturbed who could not survive if they had to meet any kind of real world standard.

I hope the entire higher educational community stops and thinks about how this happened. And uses it as a lesson to raise their standards, for their students' sake.

45 posted on 02/27/2005 9:12:29 AM PST by Fido969
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To: CitizenM

READ THIS and e-mail!!! A lady forwarded this reply from the Board of Regents to her after mailing from a FR post:

scroll all the way and please read

Fire the criminal...your excuses??? remember, reports are coming in
> now of his coercing students to buy him presents as payment to step in
> his are responsible for your own negligence in ignoring
> the charges you have received over the is full of choices
> ....hope you take care of yourselves instead of a true CRIMINAL
> Oh Please.
> It's not difficult to get rid of the guy without a bunch of lawsuits.
> All you have to do is close down his department. Zippo. If they
> eliminate the entire dept. they can cut him loose without selective
> dismissal charges. This is if you are as gutless as you
> seem....otherwise stand up and just fire him.
> Surely the University's budget is tight. Surely they have another
> dept. that really, really needs extra funding. Surely someone from the
> Board of Regents is bright enough to figure this out.


Good plan, actually there are several Regents bright enough and we are
looking into that. Jerry Rutledge

46 posted on 02/27/2005 9:15:45 AM PST by chemainus
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To: kittymyrib

PLEASE FREEP THEM ALL WITH THE CHARGES and Regents enabling;;;;;;;;

47 posted on 02/27/2005 9:18:16 AM PST by chemainus
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To: shezza
(Yes, Ward, but why are all your Indians left-handed in the piece?)

I am certain that if pressed he could create some sort of hate-filled psycho-babble rant to explain that he was seeking to show how the white man's original drawing when reflected showed the native American as evil, threatening and sinister.

48 posted on 02/27/2005 9:20:40 AM PST by catpuppy
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To: shezza
(Yes, Ward, but why are all your Indians left-handed in the piece?)

LOL. Further proof that Ward Churchill is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

49 posted on 02/27/2005 9:22:39 AM PST by Glenmerle
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To: alienken
Well, suprise, surprise... It's all unraveling for Ward.
50 posted on 02/27/2005 9:23:10 AM PST by daguberment (The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish....)
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To: Fast1

read 46 and 47 writing gets their attention...FREEP then pass it on

51 posted on 02/27/2005 9:24:23 AM PST by chemainus
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To: Glenmerle

Too bad the Mafia aren't as active as the Gotti era?
Anyone who denigrats the death of innocent human
beings deserves the wrath of the close
to a traitor or terrorist mind set as anyone on
the earth can be.... Jake

52 posted on 02/27/2005 9:28:44 AM PST by sanjacjake
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To: alienken
Churchill resigned his position as head of the Colorado University ethnic studies program but kept his $96,000 per year teaching post.

And people wonder why tuition is so high? This is why liberals want the government to subsidize higher education, why they insist that EVERYONE needs to (and no matter their economic situation, should be able to) go to whatever school they want. Because if they can get the government to force everyone to pay for a college education for everyone's kids, then the professors will be able to continue to make ridiculous salaries for doing essentially NOTHING.

Apologies to the handful of good college professors out there, but a lot of them have a pretty cushy lifestyle, and they don't do sh*t, contribute little if anything to society, and teach their students nothing of real value. And of course, there is never any objective evaluation of their performance, they just keep getting paid lots and lots of money. A college education is quickly becoming one of the most expensive yet useless things you can spend your money on.

53 posted on 02/27/2005 9:31:35 AM PST by Sicon
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To: river rat
Churchill should go down, and the entire Colorado Board of Regents should go with him, along with many administrators and department heads.

Boys, this college needs an enema!

54 posted on 02/27/2005 9:36:06 AM PST by Richard Kimball (It was a joke. You know, humor. Like the funny kind. Only different.)
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To: Fast1
I believe if the University of Colorado wants to redeem its tattered reputation, it will fire Churchill and tell him, "lets go to court". This would send a message to the parents who are paying the salaries of the people who work at the college that Mr. Churchill has gone too far. Mr. Churchill will not go to court. He will bluff and bluster, but he will soon realize that the few thing which he has kept hidden from the public although a strong irritant to his bruised ego, he knows the many other indiscretions and possible felonies which he has committed will come to the public domain. I do not believe he will want to withstand the withering examination.

My daughter who will enter college in about 18 months has gotten a flier form the University of Colorado, as well as many other colleges. She and I spoke and I told her that I would not subsidize the University of Colorado or a college administration which protectes the likes of Mr. Churchill. The University of Colorado is now well on the way to being marginalized precisely because they cry "tenure" and are willing to take our children and subject them the the type of buffoonery which Mr.Churchill represents. Mr. Churchill does not represent 1st Admendment causes. He represents Mr. Churchills causes,selling books, selling plagerized painting, selling the historical perversion of native Americans, and hubris. In being allowed to do this with the approval of the University of Colorado, it does put the University on trial. If these bright people who run the university fail to see what is obvious to us all, it will be the University of Colorado, not Mr. Churchill who will loose the most.

55 posted on 02/27/2005 9:48:21 AM PST by Texas Songwriter (p)
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To: Texas Songwriter
Agree. If they don't simply terminate him, effective immediately, no severance, no benefits, etc. one would have to ask - What impropriety, incompetence or other activity by a 'Professor' would warrant dismissal? If dismissal isn't in the cards in this case when would it ever be?
56 posted on 02/27/2005 9:52:30 AM PST by drt1
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To: Texas Songwriter

My daughter who will enter college in about 18 months has gotten a flier form the University of Colorado, as well as many other colleges. She and I spoke and I told her that I would not subsidize the University of Colorado or a college administration which protectes the likes of Mr. Churchill.

Good for you! Although my 'child' completed college a few years ago, I must say that the thought has occurred to me that, were I a parent in your situation today, I would love to see a website that ranks the colleges and universities across our nation, based on what level of nonsense the students are being taught and by what number of lunatics. Surely parents should know what they are exposing their children to, and what they are paying for, before they naively send their offspring into such a snakepit. Good luck to you and your daughter.

57 posted on 02/27/2005 9:55:15 AM PST by hardworking (-O-U)
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To: catpuppy
Well....of course, they had to be left-handed. A Leftist "painted" it. That was his subliminal message. LOL
58 posted on 02/27/2005 9:58:20 AM PST by CitizenM
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To: hardworking
Why not take a *very* short break from the Ward Churchill circus and sign this petition defending the academic freedom of Professor Hans Hoppe of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Hoppe is the professor who was disciplined by the administration for stating that gays are less likely to save money. This is an opportunity for freepers to do something constructive!

Sign here.

59 posted on 02/27/2005 10:02:40 AM PST by Captain Kirk
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To: austinmark

Everyone is forgetting the most egregious thing


60 posted on 02/27/2005 10:08:32 AM PST by cajungirl (freeps are my peeps.)
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